Is It Too Late to Pursue My Dreams? [Celes.TV]

Is It Too Late to Pursue My Dreams?

Hey everyone! 😀 Today I’m excited to address reader Marie-Anne’s question on whether it’s too late to pursue her dreams. While Marie-Anne is 60, many people…
How To Deal with Backstabbers? [Celes.TV]

How to Deal with Backstabbers

Today, I address reader Mel’s question on how to deal with backstabbers. Watch above! And I’m giving away a Happiness Mug; watch till the end for details!…
Reading Hate Messages [Celes.TV]

Reading Hate Messages

Have you received a nasty email or message before? How did you feel after receiving it? Running a public blog means that I receive hate…
My Vision Board for 2014 (and beyond)

How to Create Your Vision Board

Do you have a vision board? A vision board is a powerful tool that’s meant as a real-life visualization of your goals. I LOVE vision…
Fast typing on a keyboard

Speed Up Your Typing with a Text-Substitution App

Want to increase your typing speed by 100%... 300%... 500%... or even 1000% and beyond? Well, now you can, in a way that's easier than you may think! :) Learn how to do just that in the video below. Special thanks to Ken for introducing me to Texter two months ago. :)
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