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Conducting a live class of Blogging Success Program Workshop

“Celes is full of energy and passion. This workshop exceeded my expectations – It feels as if I’m attending an executive workshop! It is really very good for self-improvement, knowing yourself, exploring and unlocking talents within. I felt the self-discovery, emphasis on prioritization and experience sharing were very good!” — Pamela Yeo, 38

Hi! I’m Celestine Chua, life coach and founder of Personal Excellence. If you’re looking for a speaker or trainer for your upcoming event, I’d love to work with you. Please read on to assess if we’d be a right fit for each other.

My Background

“Speaker (Celes) draws on her own experience as well as those of other participants. Highly applicable tips, shows you how they relate to real situations. The key things that are good are the energetic speaker, how the speaker cares about listening and understanding/helping to evaluate individual’s situation and her giving useful suggestions.” — Kristi, 29

Here is my professional background at a glance:

  1. Strongly-Rated Speaker. I’ve been speaking professionally for 6 years and trained thousands of participants. Organizations I’ve worked with include Wharton Business School, Dove, JobsCentral, Ministry of Defence (Singapore), NUS Global Alumni Network, National Library Board, Great Eastern Life, de Baak (leading training institute in Holland), People’s Association, Kimberly Clark (Hong Kong), and Singapore Institute of Management. I’ve experience speaking keynotes to large audiences (~800 attendees), being a conference panelist, and working hands-on in workshops of 20-45 pax. My events are consistently highly rated by participants.
  2. Opinion Leader in Self-Development. I run Personal Excellence, the leading authority platform for people to achieve excellence in life. It is one of the top personal development blogs in the world with over a million pageviews a month, with international readers from over 200 countries/territories. My insights on personal growth have helped hundred thousands of people break through their limiting beliefs and elevate their lives to the next level.
  3. Frequent Media Coverage. I’m regularly featured in the media, with over 70 interviews / features to date in print, TV and online media to date, including CNN, Cosmopolitan, Business Insider, CBS Business Network, and Channel News Asia. Here is one of my TV interviews sharing tips on goal achievement:
    YouTube Video Preview: Celestine Chua on Channel News Asia, AM LIVE!
  4. Profiled in MediaCorp’s Documentary. In 2013, I was handpicked as one of 16 inspiring women and the only life coach and speaker to be featured in MediaCorp’s documentary Soul Sisters. MediaCorp is the largest TV and media broadcaster in Singapore. (Click to watch my featured episode.)
  5. Experienced Life Coach. I have worked directly with thousands of individuals worldwide, from as young as 11 to 60, to achieve excellence in their life, business, relationships, health, and personal goals. I’ve been named one of the Top 30 Coaches in the World by Coaching Gurus International in 2010, alongside renowned coaches like Anthony Robbins.
  6. Corporate & Academic Background. Before I started Personal Excellence, I managed billion-dollar brands for 2 years at a Fortune 100 company (P&G). Previously I studied Business Administration in National University of Singapore — one of the top business schools in Asia — and was a Dean’s Lister every academic year. I graduated as the top student in my cohort in Marketing and was awarded as the Most Outstanding Student in Year 3 Modules.

My Speaking/Training Style

Dove Camera Confidence Workshop: Interacting with participants

“Splendid and wonderful. The trainer, Celes, is able to bring ideas across in an interactive manner. The key things I felt are good are the lessons learned and the methods of teaching. Will I recommend this workshop to others? Of course! — Alwyn Wong, 27

From my years of training, I have found that participants learn best when

  1. They’re in a comfortable and trusted environment,
  2. The training is conducted with a good mix of content, exercises, and activities,
  3. The training is conducted in a fun and engaging manner, and
  4. The trainer is someone they can trust and connect with.

Consequently, these are the 4 elements I integrate in every event for maximum learning experience. For conferences/keynotes where the sharing is one-way, I focus on connecting with my audience through personal stories, an authentic voice, and a strong message that resonates with their hearts to move them into action.

Delivery-wise, you can expect the following in my engagements:

  • Dynamic Energy. As a speaker and an individual, I’m known to have a dynamic energy and natural passion that I bring to my training and speeches. I do a lot of sharing and interaction with the audience, overall creating a fun environment for learning. Many participants regularly describe my training as “full of energy,” “inspiring,” “uplifting,” and “engaging.”
  • Authentic voice. I connect with my audience through authenticity. I’m honest to my true self; I do not project a persona, speak “down” to my audience nor create any “hierarchy” between them and myself. This in turn creates the space for participants to open up their real selves to the group too.
  • Personal Stories. I often use personal stories, both from my life and my clients’, to convey ideas. These stories include case studies, day-to-day experiences, and personal life examples. Stories have been consistently proven as excellent tool for audience to relate and to communicate ideas to others.
  • Light Humor. I’ve found that humor is a great way to energize participants and help them open up. As such, I often inject light-hearted comments and jokes at choice moments to keep the atmosphere light and engage the audience. I believe it’s when the participants have fun that they get their best learning.

“This workshop is very informative and there is so much to learn from the very nice and approachable speaker (Celes). She has a lot of experience and information to share and creates an informal environment which puts us at ease so that we could listen to and participate fully in her workshop. Personally, I enjoyed the whole session & learnt a lot of useful tips.” — Kim Piew, 39, IT Sales

Content-wise, you can expect the following:

  • In-depth, Quality Content: My content consists of frameworks created by myself to help my audience get from A (where they are now) to B (where they want to be). These are based on my years of experience training thousands of people and creating content that has impacted millions worldwide.
    For example, with procrastination, I use an inside-out, situational analysis approach that focuses on understanding your procrastination roots and tackling them from within. This has created dramatic results for my clients and course participants that stick even years after the coaching/training.
  • Mix of Content, Exercises, and Activities (for Workshops). It is said that people remember over 90% of what is taught when there is engagement and sharing — significantly more than standard lecture-style teaching, which is only 20%. As such, I always incorporate exercises, activities, and participant sharing in every content segment, to ensure maximum takeaway. Participants consistently feedback about the great mix of content and exercises in my workshops.
  • Real-world Relevance. A speech/workshop that is purely theory and principles can be very dry and difficult to understand. Hence, I bridge my content to my audience by using real-life case studies (before and after), simple examples, and real world events (if applicable), so they can easily understand the relevance the tips have on their lives.
  • Focus on Action-ability. Last but not least, as a coach, my end focus is, “What will create the maximum results for my audience?” As such, I have a heavy focus on application, practicality, and immediate next steps, so that participants can immediately take what they have learned and create real results in their lives.

In addition to the above, I’ll work with you closely to understand your audience’s profile so that I can customize my content and delivery accordingly to them.

Topics I Speak On

Entrepreneurial sharing session at National Library (Workshop)

“It’s such a life-changing and uplifting experience. The whole workshop provides the much needed resources, tools, information, and support I very much needed. I like Celes’ genuine, authentic, and friendly approach which helps provide the kind of trusted and deep connection we need as participants especially when we share our innermost personal sharing. I commend Celes for her great job in delivering an impactful workshop.” — Nureliza, 34

The topic areas I speak most often on are (1) personal development, (2) blogging and social media, and (3) entrepreneurship. My material and style work best with a growth-conscious audience, ages between 18 and 50.

1. Workshops (Interactive Learning, Min. 3 hours)

Many of my workshops are customized solutions based on client needs. Here are evergreen topics I cover:

  • Academic Excellence
    • Motivational, Goal Setting, Planning
    • 7 Habits of Straight-A Students
  • Productivity / Time Management
    • How to Overcome Procrastination
    • How to be the Master of Your Time
    • Rules of Super Productive People
  • Personal Excellence
    • How to Achieve Any Goal with Success
    • How to Achieve 10/10 Self-Confidence
    • How to Succeed in New Year’s Resolutions
    • How to Find Your Life Purpose
    • How to Stop Analysis Paralysis and Make (Great) Decisions Quickly
    • How to Stop Stress Eating
  • Communication Skills / Relationships
    • How to Make Small Talk
    • EQ: Build Winning Relationships and Connections
    • How to Network Your Way To Success
    • Keys of Successful Public Speaking / Presentation
  • Custom solutions possible. Contact me with details of your needs.

Conducting a workshop with JobsCentral

For each topic, I’m able to create a learning experience from min. 3 hours to 2 days long, depending on your budget and needs. The longer the duration; the more elaboration, activities, and exercises I can cover with the participants; the deeper we can go in their transformation. My preference is to create deep and long lasting change.

For maximum learning experience, I recommend an audience size of 10 to 45 pax.

2. Keynote Speeches (Message address, 18 min to 1 hour)

Keynotes are message addresses to deliver a core message and set the tone and stage for the event. The audience size can range anywhere from 50 to 10,000 people.

I’m able to create a keynote in the domains of personal development, living your dreams, and pursuing your passion. Below are examples of keynotes I can deliver:

  • Master Your Destiny. “This is too risky; you shouldn’t do this.” “This doesn’t sound like a good idea; let it go.” How many times have we been advised against pursuing our goals and dreams, when we express the desire to do so? For many of us, we are surrounded by naysayers — discouraging people who want us to live the “safe” life and settle for “regularity.” In this keynote, learn how forgo naysayers, forge your own life path, and master your destiny.
  • Passion or Money? Should you choose a lucrative career that you don’t love or pursue a passion that pays much lesser? This is a dilemma that many face at some point in their life. I share my story of how I left my brand management career to pursue my true passion and subsequently create my business based on my passion today. I also share advice on this proverbial question of “Passion or Money?” and how one can create a path that’s aligned with both passion and money.
  • Entrepreneurship with No Experience. How does one start a business without experience? How can entrepreneurship start if you do not have access to Silicon Valley networks, business incubation resources, or money? I share my experience of how I started my personal development business without any professional experience in coaching, training, and blogging and with zero start-up capital, and transformed it into one of the top personal development platforms in the world today. I share advice and tips on how anyone can start their way to their successful business — even if they don’t have any experience right now.

 “I’ve learnt much… With faith of a mustard seed, I can move mountains! The things I felt are good are the writing of goals, the action plans and renewing our mind. It is refreshing… to once again begin anew :)” — Wanxin, 18

3. Talks (Experience sharing, 1 hour)

Experience sharing talks to share my personal story and life tips. Samples of talks I’ve given before:

  • My Entrepreneurship Story (Starting my business and building it up from scratch)
  • How I Built a Million Pageview Blog from Nothing (Sharing my lessons from blogging and building a top blog)
  • Lessons I Learned as a Dean’s Lister (Sharing my lessons as a student and in life, after graduation — best for student audience)

4. Conference Panelist

Wharton Marketing Conference

Panelist at the Wharton Marketing Conference to share my expertise on blogging and online marketing

For conferences, I’m able to contribute to topics related to personal development, blogging / social media, entrepreneurship, and women. I’ve spoken at conferences such as the Wharton Annual Marketing Conference, PR & Media China Congress, and Youth Marketing Asia before on blogging as a marketing and brand building tool and how to leverage on social media for maximum success.


Conducting "How to Write Winning Resumes" workshop with JobsCentral

Here are some testimonials from past participants:

“It’s such a life-changing and uplifting experience. The whole workshop provides the much needed resources, tools, information, and support I very much needed. I like Celes’ genuine, authentic, and friendly approach which helps provide the kind of trusted and deep connection we need as participants especially when we share our innermost personal sharing. I commend Celes for her great job in delivering an impactful workshop.” — Nureliza, 34

“I’ve benefited from the workshop — learned to do a lot of reflection and to see myself in a positive light. From the workshop, it is comforting to know that I’m not alone, many others also feel the same negativity about themselves. Celes is very positive and open to share all her personal experiences to inspire us. Very encouraging trainer.” — Pauline, 37

“Speaker (Celes) draws on her own experience as well as those of other participants. Highly applicable tips, shows you how they relate to real situations. The key things that are good are the energetic speaker, how the speaker cares about listening and understanding/helping to evaluate individual’s situation and her giving useful suggestions.” — Kristi, 29

“The workshop is enriching and motivating to move on in my career path. I learned to find out what I want and what I should do to achieve (it). The key things I felt are good are the motivation, the sharing of experiences and information and the non-judgmental atmosphere.” — Corrine, 24, Commercial Executive

“I finally feel free from all the doubts and fear and I feel motivated! 😀 The speaker was engaging and good in ensuring the program was a mixture of fun and learning. 🙂 Overall, the program has helped me in believing in myself more and to have the strength in mind to achieve my goals and dreams. Everything that was taught was great, including the videos shown and the stories told that had meaningful lessons for us! I enjoyed myself very much!! Thank you so much!! :)” — Wan Nur Nadiah, 18

“A truly eye-opening and enriching experience. It made me realise how much I have been living in a cloud of negativity and the importance of embracing my beautiful self. =) Loved the workshop and had a wonderful trainer/speaker like Celestine who helped me to see my true self. =)” — Kiran, 28

“I like this workshop very much. Celes is very friendly, humble, and ready to share her own experience. She is very well-prepared, resourceful, and supportive throughout the workshop. I have learned to embrace myself project the beauty and confidence from within.

The key things I liked about the workshop are (a) the camaraderie and the sharing session between the participants, (b) the eye opening self-confidence attitude, and (c) that we’re not alone, that everyone has their own insecurities. Thank you Celes.” — Irene, 30

“(The workshop) makes me realize my potential and confidence I have. To believe in myself and just go for it! I CAN DO IT! I feel like a person reborn! You have built the confidence in me!“ — Nurhafizah, 18

“I really enjoyed and like today’s workshop! It’s really beneficial to me in terms of knowing what kind of people I work/deal with and how I should go about managing or reaching out to them. To add on, the fellow course participants are engaging… and there is a lot of interaction and discussion. The key things I felt are good are the content of the workshop and the in-class participation and interaction.” — Shuwei, 26

My Location

I’m based in Singapore but am open to overseas engagement. I’ve spoken to audiences in US, Europe, and Hong Kong before. Travel and accommodation should be covered in the engagement budget. Training venue should be provided by your organization.

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