Hi! I’m Celestine Chua, founder of Personal Excellence. 🙂 If you have an upcoming event or conference, I’d love to contribute and share my experiences. Please read on to assess if we would be a right fit for each other.

My Background

Dove Camera Confidence Workshop: Interacting with participants

Led the Dove Camera Confidence Workshop in their Camera Confidence campaign

Here is my professional background at a glance:

  1. Founder of a Leading Personal Development Blog. I run Personal Excellence, one of the top personal development blogs online with over a million pageviews a month and international readers from over 200 countries/territories. My insights on personal growth have helped hundreds of thousands of people push through their personal barriers and elevate their lives to a higher level.
  2. Media Coverage. I’m regularly featured in the media with over 70 interviews/features to date in print, TV and online media to date, including CNN, Business Insider, CBS Business Network, Channel News Asia, and Cosmopolitan. You can check out my media coverage here.
  3. Profiled in Documentary. I was handpicked as one of 16 inspiring women and the only life coach and speaker to be featured in MediaCorp’s documentary Soul Sisters. MediaCorp is the largest TV and media broadcaster in Singapore. Watch the feature here.
  4. Experienced Life Coach. I have worked directly with tens of thousands of individuals worldwide, from as young as 11 to 60, to achieve excellence in their life, business, relationships, health, and personal goals.
  5. Well-Rated Speaker. I’ve been spoken to crowds ranging from small groups to hundreds of attendees, from small talks to conferences. Organizations I’ve worked with include Wharton Business School, Dove, JobsCentral, Ministry of Defence (Singapore), NUS Global Alumni Network, National Library Board, Great Eastern Life, de Baak (leading training institute in Holland), People’s Association, Kimberly Clark (Hong Kong), and Singapore Institute of Management.

I do not claim myself to be a guru or someone who knows it all. I’m here to share my experience and grow together with my audience. I focus on experience sharing and do not regurgitate self-help material or conduct cookie-cutter trainings.

Topics I Speak On

Entrepreneurial sharing session at National Library (Workshop)

The topic areas I speak most often on are (1) personal development, (2) blogging, and (3) digital entrepreneurship. I speak from my experience, speak with an authentic voice, and focus on sharing personal stories and examples. My style is best with a growth-conscious audience, aged between 18 and 60. My articles are a good indicator of the kind of things I can speak about and the kind of messages I share.


Here are some feedback from past attendees:

“It’s such a life-changing and uplifting experience. I like Celes’ genuine, authentic, and friendly approach which helps provide the kind of trusted and deep connection we need as participants especially when we share our innermost personal sharing. I commend Celes for her great job in delivering an impactful event.” ~ Nureliza, 34

“I’ve benefited from this talk — learned to do a lot of reflection and to see myself in a positive light. It is comforting to know that I’m not alone, many others also feel the same negativity about themselves. Celes is very positive and open to share all her personal experiences to inspire us. Very encouraging speaker.” ~ Pauline, 37

“Splendid and wonderful. The trainer, Celes, is able to bring ideas across in an interactive manner. The key things I felt are good are the lessons learned and the methods of teaching. Will I recommend this to others? Of course!” ~ Alwyn Wong, 27

“Speaker (Celes) draws on her own experience as well as those of other participants. Highly applicable tips, shows you how they relate to real situations. The key things that are good are the energetic speaker, how the speaker cares about listening and understanding/helping to evaluate individual’s situation and her giving useful suggestions.” ~ Kristi, 29

“Enriching and motivating to move on in my career path. I learned to find out what I want and what I should do to achieve (it). The key things I felt are good are the motivation, the sharing of experiences and information and the non-judgmental atmosphere.” ~ Corrine, 24, Commercial Executive

“A truly eye-opening and enriching experience. It made me realise how much I have been living in a cloud of negativity and the importance of embracing my beautiful self. =) Loved it and had a wonderful speaker like Celestine who helped me to see my true self. =)” ~ Kiran, 28

“I like this workshop very much. Celes is very friendly, humble, and ready to share her own experience. She is very well-prepared, resourceful, and supportive throughout the event. I have learned to embrace myself project the beauty and confidence from within. The key things I liked are (a) the camaraderie and the sharing session between the participants, (b) the eye opening self-confidence attitude, and (c) that we’re not alone, that everyone has their own insecurities. Thank you Celes.” ~ Irene, 30

“Celes is full of energy and passion. This workshop exceeded my expectations – It feels as if I’m attending an executive workshop! It is really very good for self-improvement, knowing yourself, exploring and unlocking talents within. I felt the self-discovery, emphasis on prioritization and experience sharing were very good!” ~ Pamela Yeo, 38

“I really enjoyed and like today’s workshop! It’s really beneficial to me in terms of knowing what kind of people I work/deal with and how I should go about managing or reaching out to them. To add on, the fellow course participants are engaging… and there is a lot of interaction and discussion. The key things I felt are good are the content and the in-class participation and interaction.” ~ Shuwei, 26


I’m constantly traveling across Asia and Europe and do not have a fixed location. I recommend to reach out to me using the form below to see if there is a fit, before we see if there is an opportunity to move things further.

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