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Man feeling stressed at his work desk: Dealing with Digital Burnout

6 Tips to Deal with Digital Burnout

Recently some readers told me that they have been feeling overwhelmed by the flood of information online these days. I feel the same. This is why…
Waving goodbye

Returning to Facebook

Believe it or not, I recently contemplated returning to Facebook, though for a different reason than most may think. Review of why I deleted Facebook…
Waving goodbye

Life Without Facebook: An Update

It's been a week since I've nuked my Facebook account, and everything's going great so far. In case you've missed my earlier post on why I deleted Facebook, read it here first: Deleting Facebook From My Life. Like I mentioned in my first post, I'm not a standard Facebook user (with almost 5,000 friends in my personal account and 2 fan pages...
Waving goodbye

Deleting Facebook From My Life

It's official - I've deleted my Facebook profile and Facebook pages. I'm removing Facebook from my life from today onwards. At the point of deletion, my personal profile had almost 5,000 friends (5,000 friends is the limit) and my 2 pages had 3,300+ likes (Personal-Excellence) and 200 likes (TSOPE). This came after a long period of being...
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