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Want to Eliminate Procrastination and Take Consistent, Non-Stop Action?

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Anti-Procrastination Program
 By far the most powerful resource on beating procrastination and taking real action that I have ever come across. ”
~ Matt Leyva, Anti-Procrastination Course participant
The results were extraordinary. Since starting your class, I have been getting so much more done.
~ Diana Diehl, Anti-Procrastination Course participant
Before the course even ended, I began making enormous progress! My productivity went through the roof, in every area.
~ Craig Scott, Anti-Procrastination Course participant
…the best thing is after the first week, I just went out there and bought the property that I’ve been eyeing for two years.
~ Alyssa Chong, Anti-Procrastination Course Participant
 Thanks to your course, I found a new job which pays me 40% higher than what I currently earn a month. Before, I was procrastinating and not doing much about my career. Thank you Celes. 
~ Alex Kwek, Anti-Procrastination Course Participant

The Only Course/Program You Need To Eliminate Procrastination

When was the last time you jeopardized or almost jeopardized your goals due to your procrastination? When was the last time you scrambled madly at the last minute to meet a deadline because you were “busy” procrastinating in the days/weeks prior?

If procrastination tends to happen to you, you are not alone. Every day, ten thousands of people procrastinate in different areas of their lives. From putting off exercising, to neglecting their diet, to surfing Facebook, to procrastinating on pursuing their passion, to not studying, procrastination creates many short- and long-term issues.

Celestine Chua Hi, I’m Celes, life coach and founder of Personal Excellence, one of the top personal development blogs in the world. Having worked with thousands of people in my coaching and workshops, I’d personally describe procrastination as a termite — while deadly and erosive, its deadliness is not apparent at first sight. That’s because procrastination creates many issues that are not immediately visible but become a huge issue over time. These problems include dreams that are wasted away, goals that are eroded from being put off, and years (sometimes decades) of life destroyed that could have been put to good use.


Termites — essentially what procrastination is like. It’s deadly, erosive, and eats away your goals and dreams over time. (Image ©)

Myself, I used to be a heavy procrastinator

  • In school, I would put off studying for exams, studying only at the very last minute, or sometimes not studying at all. With assignments and projects, I would put off doing them because I hated doing them. I regularly spaced out during class, sometimes even skipping school altogether.
  • During school vacations, when my friends were busy getting vacation jobs, I deliberately avoided doing so because I wanted to relax. I thought it was stupid to work during the holidays because I would have the rest of my life to work. I scoffed at the notion of being a hard worker.
  • In health and fitness, I wanted to lose weight but I kept playing lip service to exercising and eating right, instead skipping exercise sessions and eating junk regularly.
  • I also procrastinated on my goal of finding a partner even though deep down, I wanted to be in a relationship.

Such procrastination behavior would leave me scrambling (and very stressed out) whenever there were deadlines. Not only that, it would also negatively impact my goals. For example, studying at the last minute for my exams left me with a lousy grade since I didn’t have time to study everything. Having lousier results affected the junior college I could enter and also the kind of opportunities I got in school (students with better grades were naturally given special attention, put on special tracks).

But the worst thing was my long-term, Quadrant 2 goals that I kept neglecting since they would never become urgent. Because such goals like exercising, eating healthy, achieving my ideal body, finding love, etc. were “dream” goals that were very difficult to achieve or required a lot of work, I would keep procrastinating on them. The problem is that such goals never become too urgent until it’s too late, such as irreversible health problems for not eating healthily, being too settled into a career to pursue one’s passion, being too old to start a family of one’s own, etc.

From Heavy Procrastinator to Super Motivated

Then, things changed. Starting from my late teens, I became a natural go-getter.

During my university years, I studied in NUS Business School, one of the top business schools in Asia. I was in the Dean’s List (an honorary roll for top performers) every academic year and eventually graduated as the top student in my specialization of Marketing. During my graduation, I was awarded with two gold medals — Chettiar’s Temple Medal and Ban Hin Leong Gold Medal — honors bestowed to the most outstanding student.

Most Outstanding Student in Bachelor of Business Administration Program

Being awarded with Chettiar’s Temple Medal and Ban Hin Leong Gold Medal for being the most outstanding student in the cohort

Top Marketing Student Award in Bachelor of Business Administration Program

Graduated as the top Marketing student in my cohort (thereby receiving the Daimler Chrysler Prize)

Celes' NUS graduation

With my parents on my graduation day, with my scroll and awards

Quitting My Job to Pursue My Passion

When I discovered my passion to help others grow, it didn’t take long before I quit my corporate job to start my personal development blog/business — without any experience in professional coaching/blogging. I was only 24 then — an age which most would consider premature to pursue one’s passion.

Through consistent action-taking, it was only MONTHS before my business, Personal Excellence, took off.

  • Today, PE is one of the top personal development blogs in the world, with over 1.1 million pageviews every month (we are on track to hit 1.2 million pageviews in this month alone!).
  • I’ve coached/trained over thousands of individuals to personal success and have been named as one of the top 30 coaches in the world by Coaching Gurus International.
  • To date, I’ve received over 80 media coverage including CNN, Channel News Asia, Channel 8, and Asia One. [Watch my CNA interviews here, here, and here.]
  • I’ve been profiled in a special documentary by Mediacorp (largest broadcasting station in Singapore) called Soul Sisters, featuring inspiring women in Singapore. (Incidentally you can see me conducting Anti-Procrastination Course during the episode!)
Screenshot of PE in 2015

Personal Excellence (the blog you’re reading now), which I started in 2008 and have been running ever since

One Million Pageviews in 2011

Personal Excellence hitting one million pageviews a month in October 2011, making it one of the top personal development blogs in the world today

Channel News Asia, AM LIVE!: Celestine Chua with Yvonne Yong and Steven Chia

Me on Channel News Asia to speak on making new year resolutions stick, among some 80 media coverage I’ve received over the years

Taking Action in All Other Goals

It doesn’t end there. In my 3 years of massive action taking, I’ve realized all my Quadrant 2 goals, all before hitting 30. These goals include:

  • Achieving my ideal weight. I’ve tackled my eating issues, prioritized healthy eating, made fitness a staple in my life, and am finally at my ideal weight.
  • Traveling. In mid-2011, I packed my bags and went on a seven-month travel; subsequently in 2013, I continued traveling to more countries. Over the course of the two years, I spent nearly 50% of my time traveling, and visited 20 different cities spanning across Europe, United States, Asia, India, and South Africa.
  • Building my passive-income business, hence helping me achieve financial freedom.
  • Building a location-free business which allows me to work anywhere in the world without having to be in Singapore (where I live) — and why I’m also able to travel freely
  • Finding my soulmate, my ideal partner for life (and subsequently getting married in May 2014)

What is This? Discipline? Motivation?

Now, maybe you’re thinking, “Sure Celes, you’ve a high level of discipline and self-motivation. Me, I’m not disciplined nor motivated. I get started with something and then give up shortly after that. I don’t have the discipline nor willpower to follow through.” This is actually what many tell me.

Right? Well, WRONG.

  1. My continuous action taking has nothing to do with discipline. Since university years, I have considered myself to be the most undisciplined person on earth. After all, discipline is about forcing yourself to do what you don’t feel like doing—and I don’t believe in forcing myself to do things that I don’t want to do. And I don’t believe you should either.
  2. Neither am I naturally motivated. Like I shared earlier, I used to be highly unmotivated about my life, from studying, to working, to healthy eating, to exercising, to finding love. I was not born with naturally high motivation unlike what some would think.

The reason for my natural “ability” to take action is because I have created a foolproof system to tackle procrastination. There is a common pattern to procrastination, and removing its roots will lead to natural action-taking. That’s why I’m able to take action NATURALLY and seemingly EFFORTLESSLY. That’s why procrastination has NO place in my life–in the event it surfaces, I simply tackle it and it dissipates right away.

The thing is that it can be the same for you too. You can stop procrastinating just like I have.

Imagine being able to do anything you want, whenever you want. Imagine…

  • … exercising any moment you want to.
  • … studying whenever it’s time to hit the books, without any self-resistance.
  • … working when deadlines call for it rather than putting things to the last minute.
  • … taking due action to write that book / work on your blog / start your business / work on your goal every single day without putting things off.
  • … never procrastinating ever again.

How much can you achieve in such a life? How accomplished will you be? How fulfilling will your life be? I say you will, without a doubt, be more accomplished and fulfilled than anyone else you know, because rather than waste time tackling a low-level issue like procrastination every few hours a day, you are making big waves with your consistent action.

Well, you can be that natural go-getter and top achiever. I’m excited to share with you the Anti-Procrastination Program, my one-stop program to eliminate procrastination. It is my no-nonsense program to eliminate procrastination and unleash that top-achiever, go-getter in you! Get ready to bust procrastination, skyrocket your productivity and turn into yourself into an output-churning machine!

Why Anti-Procrastination Program is The Only Resource You Need to Stop Procrastination


Anti-Procrastination Program (APP)

Other Programs

Who’s Teaching?

  • Life coach who has helped ten thousands of people to break through personal barriers and achieve their highest results
  • Established authority and founder of one of the top personal development blogs, worldwide
  • One of the Top 30 Coaches in the World (Coaching Gurus International)
  • Self-claimed “guru” with no supporting credential

You Get

  • Your complete solution to eliminate procrastination. No up-selling; no “intermediate” or “advanced” course. This is the only program I’ll ever have on overcoming procrastination.
  • Holistic solution that tackles procrastination at its root
  • Theory translating into practical tips, with step-by-step actions
  • Generic tips, from using a to-do list, to using a timer, to self-discipline, to “Just do it!” Sorry, no.
  • Piecemeal advice that works for some but not others
  • High-level fluff with no real-life examples to back up
  • Subsequent up-selling to product X or coaching package Y for more bloated advice

How is this Content Derived?

  • Proven strategies from six years of life coaching. Real people, real results.
  • Someone who used to be deeply unmotivated, and has–using the very strategies here–made the shift to effortless motivation, subsequently achieving all her personal goals: studies, career, passion, relationships, weight loss, etc.
  • Based on 1-2 ad-hoc circumstances in author’s life
  • High-level theory regurgitated from other self-help books/sites

You Get

  • Eliminate the roots behind your procrastination, leading to effortless actionfor life
  • Concrete action taken toward your goalsProven change include
    • A lady who lost 7 lbs (3.2 kg) in 2 weeks
    • A professional who completed 20% of his qualification in 4 weeks of Anti-Procrastination Program (APP) when the first 20% took 3 years!
    • An illustrator who now consistently works on his blog and drawing goals daily when he was procrastinating for months prior
    • An unmotivated man who discovered his all-new passion for life and has since taken massive action to build his business (in photography)
    • An unhappy corporate employee who has since discovered his ideal career and switched to a new job within two months of the course ending (with a 40% pay increment)
    • An overworked career mom, overwhelmed in life; in just eight weeks, she discovered her business vision, completed new certifications, and kick-started her business with new customers!
  • Your results can easily be more, depending on your actions
  • “Feel-good” factor
  • Inspiration to take action for 1-2 days, then slumping back into procrastination thereafter

And the Value?

  • Powerful frameworks that my clients have paid thousands for and received many times more value in return
  • Bloated course with weak content
  • Free bonuses that you don’t need at all
  • Interviews with “experts” you’ve never heard of

This is For YOU If…

  • You recognize that procrastination is a huge time-waster, and it’s better to nip it in the butt right away.
  • You’re not interested in quick fixes (none of the “Just do it! Use a self-timer!” tips please), but rather, tackling procrastination at its root.
  • You know you have it in you to achieve whatever you want in life, and eliminating procrastination will achieve just that.
  • You are generally motivated and productive, but you sometimes fall into slumps that make you utterly unproductive / OR / You consider yourself highly lazy and unmotivated, and you want a kick to move you in the right direction. This program deals with deep root causes and universal/timeless frameworks, and will work for anyone with any procrastination tendencies.
  • You have tried different resources, programs, courses, etc. to eliminate procrastination, but nothing seems to stick.
  • You want a complete, holistic system to help you eliminate procrastination and take effortless action.

This is NOT For You If…

  • You just want some superficial tips to combat procrastination.
  • You want a quick-fix, “life hack” solution. The real, permanent changes in life do not come from “hacks,” but working on the deep root causes and addressing them.
  • You don’t plan to watch the materials after getting them. I can’t help you if you can’t even watch the very materials provided in multiple formats (video, audio, slides) for your convenient usage. Sorry.

What You’ll Learn / Achieve

  • Understand your root reasons for procrastination, and tackle them permanently, such that they’ll never surface again in your life
  • Learn to tap into your inspiration such that you’ll be naturally motivated all the time, without having to force/discipline yourself to take action. This happens right away in Module 1.
  • Uncover your procrastination beliefs keeping you from action, and correct them into action-taking beliefs. Get ready to do this in Module 2!
  • Create your power action plan. What’s the use of talk without action? In Modules 3–4, you will create your power action plan–using my five-step goal-achievement framework–that guides you to achieve results in any goal
  • Create your “procrastination-proof” environment where you take action 100% of the time. You do this in Module 5.
  • Create your productivity ritual, a routine of daily activities that energizes you, syncs you with your natural flow, and keeps you motivated every single day, such that procrastination no longer becomes an issue. This happens in Module 6.
  • Be the master of your time. Are you always “too busy” and “having not enough time?” Guess what–all of us have the same 24 hours a day, just like Mother Theresa, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, and top achievers of the world. Learn to manage your 24 hours a day to achieve the maximum results. Module 7 is where this happens.
  • Switch from procrastination to effortless action! Throughout the program, you’ll learn frameworks, strategies, and specific tips to break through your procrastination and take action. The end result is natural, effortless action-taking, NOT a state where you have to constantly discipline and force yourself to act!

What You’ll Get

Anti-Procrastination Program: Complete Set
  • One-stop program where you will learn the key principles and strategies to eliminate procrastination for life.
  • Video recordings of the 8 modules, conducted with over 20 live participants! (Meaning dynamic lectures with active participant sharing and Q&A.) You’ve receive eight modules of video lectures, which is 14 hours of hard content in total!
  • Audio podcast of the 8 modules which you can listen to whenever you jog, commute, drive, iron your clothes, before you sleep, etc.!
  • Slide handouts (pdf) of all 8 modules to review in your own time
  • Lifetime, 24/7 access to the members portal, where you can view the video lectures any time you want, wherever you are!

Sneak Peek of What You Will Be Getting…

Here’s a preview of the first 14 minutes of the 14-hour course (spanning eight modules):

(If you can’t see the video above, watch it here:

Some Testimonials from Past Participants…

“I moved forward by 20% in my qualification after 4 weeks, when my first 20% took 3 years to complete!”

Before taking Celes’ course, I was in the middle of pursuing a professional qualification to attain professional status in my field. This qualification typically takes about 2 to 3 years to complete. It was part of my grand plan to eventually set up my business. However, after nearly 3 years, I had completed only 20% of my professional course work — due to procrastination. Any excuse to take action, made with best intentions even, ran into days, weeks and before I knew it, years.

After taking Celes’ course, I began making enormous progress — even before the course ended! My productivity in life went through the roof, in every area:

  • After only the first module, I left with profound realizations and my heart was singing as I completed the module’s homework.
  • Every week (module), I made new self discoveries, gained more direction in my life and achieved more of my milestones as I went along.
  • By Week 4 (Module 4), I had started tackling my qualification course work.
  • By Week 6 (Module 6), I was moving along with my eventual plan of setting up my business when it is not even due for the next few years.
  • By Week 8 (Module 8), I was 40% complete in my qualification course work. I had moved forward a further 20% in my qualification after just 4 weeks, when my first 20% took 3 years to complete!

My qualification will be complete before end of next year and that means I will have completed the remaining 80% in just over 1 year. 20% to 100% in one year! This is just amazing progress. The funniest thing is, it’s not even hard work. It’s just consistent, positive effort… and I’m enjoying it, enjoying life!

For years, I’ve read books, tried hypnotherapy, and engaged a coach to overcome procrastination. I even went to see “expert Doctors and Professors” talk about procrastination. Each time, I would leave with more weight added to my shoulders. This course has made all the difference for me.

On a personal level, I just want to say a really heart-felt thank-you to you Celes, for the difference that your course has made to my life. I will never forget the positive results gained and your warm but professional teaching methods. I now feel for myself what it is like for “those people” who are super productive, successful and happy! I would read articles and books and feel envious but still constantly search for something that would make me live my life like them. Now I feel like I am living my life as it should have always been lived.

Thank you Celes, I have recommend this course to two of my good friends and will continue to recommend it to others! The price [for the product] can be more I think, like nearer to $1,000! More than that even…I mean, what price can someone put on such profound life changes? 🙂 ”

~ Craig Scott, UK, Anti-Procrastination Course Participant

“I found a new job 2 months after taking your course — and it pays 40% higher than what I currently earn!”

“ Before the course, I was procrastinating on finding a new job (and I didn’t know why). I was in a job which I no longer felt fulfilled by, and because my job was demanding and always required overtime, I had gradually given up personal time, health and relationships.  I felt negative, beaten by circumstances due to mistakes made earlier in life, and felt stuck in my job due to financial commitments. When I joined the course, I was only aiming to look for another job with proper work hours.


Through the course, I realized why I was procrastinating before — I had yet to discover my WHY and had unaddressed inner resistances — and the course has helped me tackle them one by one.  I have gotten in touch with my inner self and discovered my ideal career that will drive me — it is in a totally different industry and to bring new-found value to man. This goes beyond just looking for the “next job” with “better work hours.” I’ve already begun researching and finding relevant jobs and have been sending in my resume, whereas before I had been delaying on this for over a year!

Through the course, I’ve learned a systematic and easy-to-follow framework for tackling procrastination, which includes: uncovering my inner desires, uncovering (and addressing) inner resistances, setting my ESPER action plan, creating a physical and sociological workflow environment, and how to manage my energy and time for maximum results. This course may be about overcoming procrastination (and Celes has nailed it perfectly), but the tools she has provided do so much more than that — they guide us into living a highly productive and purpose-filled life!

Celes’ course has to shift my paradigm and change the way I see the world. She doesn’t give direct answers; she helps us uncover hidden truths within ourselves (which is so much more powerful) and in that process, she ‘teaches’ us to be our own teachers. My psychology and mindset have been altered, and I can only see great days ahead.

I will definitely recommend this course to others — this is a life-changing course! ”

~ Alex Kwek, Singapore, Anti-Procrastination Course Participant

*Update from Alex, 2 months after completing the program:

“ Hi Celes, I would like to share an update and good news with you!

Next year, I’ll be taking on a new job which pays 40% higher than what I currently earn every month. Given that my current role is a high-level position in a top company, my current pay is great. And 40% on top of that is simply amazing. (This amounts to over $17,000 USD increment in my annual pay! My investment in your course has basically paid itself 40 times over.)

Man in suit drawing a chart

This is a testimonial on achieving unbelievable results after just 2 months of taking your Anti-Procrastination Course. While taking action on the goals I set during the course, I started looking out for jobs through various channels, specifically looking for another job with a significantly higher salary. I thought there is really nothing to lose to aim high. In the worst case, I’ll just continue looking.

I am pleasantly surprised when after two months, I found and landed this job.

Thank you Celes! With this email, I also wish that other participants and future participants of your course benefit immensely like I did. This course is indeed life-changing. =) ”

~ Alex Kwek

“I discovered my vision for my business, signed up for my qualification course, and am now at my healthiest!”

 Before the course started, I was overwhelmed with everything happening in my life… working full time in a corporate organization, bored with my day job, full-time mum to 2 kids, and on my own most of the time as my husband works two jobs and late nights. I found myself disappointed and beaten… I love dancing, was teaching a Zumba class on the side and wanted to achieve my best at teaching it and inject happiness and fun in peoples’ lives.

In the very first module, when we built our desire and discovered our WHY, my vision started to form and the last piece of the puzzle emerged… a new goal was BORN!! To become a Health and Wellness coach where I combine my love for dancing and (healthy) food, and share it with the world. This goal has become my major goal now — before the course, it was hidden deep in me but it emerged after Module 1!

Throughout the course, I accomplished important steps to start this journey. While I am still working in my day job, I’ve taken the biggest step: signing up for my first health and wellness qualification course… one of many certificates I will be taking to improve my expertise. In terms of health, I’m at my healthiest now: I drink green smoothies every morning, eat healthily, and exercise at least 3 times a week. I am launching my second Zumba class next month and have accomplished two more certifications in teaching Zumba specialties.

Farah with her Zumba class participants

Farah with her Zumba class participants

Celes is very professional in her work. Her content is very deep and detailed with excellent coaching skills. What I really appreciate is how her course has been tailored weekly to the participants’ needs which in fact a lot of work for an 8-module course. It is not just putting together a set template but adjusting it based on others’ input and Celes judgment’ on how to take the course forward. I raise my hat to that!!

Without hesitation, I recommend Celes to everyone who needs a guiding hand to succeed in any area in their lives. She is a special lady and I am very glad to have met her online. My next wish is to meet her in person.)

~ Farah Miri-Meziane, England, Anti-Procrastination Course Participant

 “After the first week, I went out there and bought the property that I’ve been eyeing for quite some time.”

“ I gained a lot from the Anti-Procrastination Course. I’ve cleared a lot of my backlog tasks at work. Relationships with my subordinates improved as we get lesser tension due to the backlogs. 

But the best thing I’ve done is after the first week, I went out there and bought the property that I’ve been eyeing for quite some time. I’ve been property hunting for two whole years and missed a lot of good deals because I was afraid to make a move. Then I finally understood that I had let fear of the property market condition overtake my passion in real estate investment.

I have learned the reason for my procrastination on a lot of my goals all this year. Right now the path seems clear for me without the cloud of procrastination blocking my view. The best thing I like about this course is that the exercise and assignments of the course really makes me go out there and do what I need to do and stop procrastinating.

I just wanna say thank you, Celes. ”

~ Alyssa Chong, Malaysia, Anti-Procrastination Course Participant

“I’m now taking action every day!”

Before taking the course, I was procrastinating on exercising and eating healthily. Not only that, I had bouts of emotional eating from time to time. Before this happened, I was actually a very avid cyclist and triathlete. I loved hiking, trekking and climbing mountains! So when I joined this course, my initial intention was to figure why I was experiencing these procrastination. A deeper part of me wanted to know why I wasn’t enjoying these activities anymore — activities I used to enjoy.

Through this course, I realized that part of the reason for my procrastination was that I had not discovered my WHY for my goals. From as early as Module 1, I’ve discovered my WHY: to touch people with the beauty of our planet and its diverse life-forms so that we may better appreciate each and every inhabitant, human, animal or tree. This is not just a WHY for my goal, but the WHY for my LIFE — my life purpose. As a result, I’ve also discovered my passion in photography which I want to turn into my full-time career.

Since then, I’ve been taking action every day on my goals! Now, I schedule nature photoshoots almost every weekend and even on weekdays. My pictures are getting better and better and people are commenting on my pictures. =)

Participant Boon Kiat's Wildlife Photography

Some amazing photos that Boon Kiat took DURING the course!

I’ve been spending the past few weekends photographing in nature, and moving forward I’ll be taking part in nature photography competitions (I’ve already identified three), join a photography workshop to improve my skills (I’ve already signed up for one that’s starting next month), turn my passion into a business, and embark on an Africa trip next year to volunteer for a wildlife conservation project. When I return, I’ll be launching my first photo exhibition and use that to raise funds for the wildlife!

Celes is an AMAZING and EXCELLENT life coach who genuinely cares for our personal development. I am feel very blessed to have chanced upon her blog which led me to this course. She is a real life-saver whom I am really grateful to for having touched my life. Through this course, I’ve gained clarity on my life directiongained an increased sense of self-esteem and self-confidence, and learned to take concrete action and set a concrete plan, along with milestones and action steps.

For anyone dealing with procrastination issues or just living a more fulfilling life, I HIGHLY recommend this course. I have benefited much from it and the value I got from it far exceeds the price I paid. ”

~ Boon Kiat, Singapore, Anti-Procrastination Course Participant

“I’d attended classes by others before and felt cheated. Celes’ course is totally different.

“ I was very dubious before signing up, being a skeptical person by nature. However, I’d spent my life suffering from this debilitating mental syndrome–and feeling bad about myself because of it.  Having read some very promising articles on Personal Excellence, I decided to take the risk. 

I had actually anticipated being disappointed or hearing the same old saws I’d heard over a lifetime of criticism from myself and others.  That’s a negative approach, I know, but it’s well-founded on experience.  I’d attended a few self-help classes through other providers and felt cheated. Either they were crystal-blue-persuader-we-are-all-shining-stars-let’s-sing-kumbaya sharing circles, or they were fast talking, self-promoting hucksters out to brainwash you into spending half your life savings to join their courses to save your life.  Or they were just poor quality.

Still, I know that participation often yields more tangible results than just reading a self-help book, so I took the plunge.

This course was neither saccharine nor pushy. The contents and results were extraordinary. I was pleasantly and productively surprised.  Celes’ material was well-organized, straightforward, logical, and instructional without hand-waving promises of success. In fact, the simplicity and practicality of her approach reduced my lifelong issue of procrastination from a mountain to a molehill. She is very respectful of class members, repeats questions and answers, reinforces important points clearly, and acknowledges participation in a supportive manner. Her style of delivery was genuine and appeared effortless, making it easier to absorb the material on a meaningful level. (Believe me when I say I am a tough customer and resistant to any gaps in logic or faulty examples.)

Through this course, I learned that I am not intrinsically lazy and that procrastination is not my normal milieu–that it is a symptom.  I learned the deep-seated causes of procrastination, which are the true obstacles that I need to overcome. Celes offered practical steps to change behavior.  These steps are flexible and allow me to customize them in ways that are suited to my personality and habits.

I would highly recommend this course to others. It was an eye opener for me.

~ Diana Diehl, USA, Anti-Procrastination Course Participant

* The key procrastination area Diana was working on in the AP course was her writing. Diana has since COMPLETED her writing project (a children’s book) which is now getting published. She is now working on her next writing project!

“Most powerful resource on beating procrastination I have come across.”

 The course was amazing. Procrastination had been a huge problem all throughout my life.  I have always had many goals I wanted to pursue but when it came to taking action I usually found myself putting things off. Part of the reason was because of overwhelm; another reason was because I felt I would likely procrastinate again later on, so I thought, what’s the point of acting if I am going to give up anyway?

This has changed after taking Celes’ course. Now, I am more productive on my goals than ever beforeI’m taking massive action and I’m enjoying the work more than I ever have in the past. I’m consistently making progress each day toward my goals, whereas before, I was putting off related tasks for months. Specifically, I’ve been (1) studying drawing books/videos every day that I had wanted to do for months, (2) improving my drawing skills, (3) practicing drawing every day, and (4) writing a new article series which I think will be some of the best I have ever written. It’s exciting and I feel proud of myself.

Participant Matt's drawings

Some of Matt’s amazing drawings since the course

I like that the course was focused on permanent solutions to a deep-rooted problem like procrastination. It wasn’t at all about how to make to-do lists, how to organize your calendar, or how to use a tickler file.  Right from the beginning Celes helped all participants search for the root cause of procrastination in each of us. Celes’ course has helped me to see that there are deeper root causes behind procrastination that I never realized before.  I understand now how I can increase my motivation for a goal, get rid of any fears I have about achieving it, set milestones I know I will be able to reach, and create an action plan that doesn’t bind me but instead inspires me.

One important thing I have learned is procrastination is just a symptom, not the problem. If you keep telling yourself, “I need to stop procrastinating,” you are focusing on the wrong thing! I used to do this and I would run in circles and end up feeling almost helpless. With this course, I’ve learnt how to improve my motivation level towards my goals permanently as well as proper tools and strategies to actually take action and accomplish them. The course was both practical and focused on actual results, and not just about ra-ra inspiration.

Now, I have all the tools to consistently take action and achieve my goals with greater speed than ever before.

Celes was a fantastic coach throughout the course–I cannot say enough about her! She’s an incredibly intelligent and genuine person. I already knew for a fact that she is a high-achieving individual so she is exactly the right person to be teaching this course.  You could really tell she was energetic and passionate during the seminar and the success of each student was extremely important to  her.

I would absolutely recommend this course to others. In fact, this course is great for both procrastinators AND people who don’t really procrastinate and just want to get more done — its great strategies will help you to be more productive and efficient than you already are. Celes has created by far the most powerful resource on beating procrastination and taking real action that I have ever come across.

~ Matt Leyva, USA, Anti-Procrastination Course Participant

Stop Procrastinating. Take Action. Now.

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Imagine being able to act whenever you want and take consistent action on your most important goals (such as achieving your ideal weight, starting your new business, making that much-needed career shift, improving your eating habits, increasing your wealth, finding your soulmate, etc.), and never be weighed down by procrastination issues again.

Such is a result that can’t be quantified in any monetary terms, and this program is very modestly priced for its immense value. To quote participant Craig Scott,

I have recommend this course to two of my good friends and will continue to recommend it to others! The price for the product can be more I think, like nearer to $1,000! More than that even…I mean, what price can someone put on such profound life changes? 🙂

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