5 Harsh Truths About Blogging (And 6 Tips If You Want to Start a Blog/Online Business) [PEP010]

Today’s episode is one that you must listen if you have intentions to start your blog, online business, YouTube channel, or basically any online venture be it now or in the future.

After seeing all the “make money online” and “start your online business” marketing and hype that people are throwing out there, I decided to create this to share some of the realities of running an online business that most (if not all) do not talk about today, or at best very scantly touch on as they paint a very fancy picture of the riches and freedom to be gained online.

This episode is longer than usual but that’s because it’s packed full of insider tips. In short, the online marketing / blogging / “start your online business” / “lifestyle design” circuit has become more like a Ponzi scheme, and I share many tips to put you on the right track. If you have no intentions of starting a blog / online business / YouTube channel / etc., then this episode won’t be relevant to you — simply skip it. But if you know any friend/family member who is planning to enter the online arena, please, share this podcast with them. You may well save them many, many months of pain, time wasted, and running around in circles!

In this episode of The PE Podcast, learn

  • 5 harsh truths about blogging / starting your online business
  • My 6 crucial tips for those of you who wish to start a blog / online business (or are already blogging)
  • The saturation of the online space and what that means for you as a potential blogger / online business owner
  • Why you should be skeptical about fancy claims about the online world, including supposed riches, quick traffic gains, and snazzy pictures of people seemingly earning good money online, etc.
  • The evolution of the web from 1990s to early 2000s, to mid-2000s and late 2000s, and to present stage 2010s 
  • The real nature and setup of many successful internet businesses today that you don’t see as a layman visitor
  • The difference between “barriers to entry” and “barriers to success” online, and why you should be concerned with the latter
  • The invisible “competitive edges” that online businesses today have (i.e., why it’s naive or unrealistic to expect quick results online)
  • The reality and nature of the technical work that will come as a result of running an online business—and how starting a simple blog is totally different from running a full-fledged online business
  • A list of the many technical tasks that I do at PE every month (but aren’t visible/obvious)
  • The reality of online noise—negative comments and spam—and examples of the kind of noise I deal with (and examples of hate mail I receive, here and here)
  • Underappreciation and the problem of being taken for granted as an online content creator
  • Long-term vs. Short-term: my recommendation on the kind of mindset to adopt as you venture online
  • My 3 tips for creating a solid plan for your online success
  • Why you should be cautious about the online marketing / “make money online” / “start your online business” space/trainers/gurus, and my recommendations for free resources for blogging
  • The importance of experimenting and doing lousy work vs. waiting
  • Possible loneliness from running an online business and my tips for that

Listen to the episode here:

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