People Skills


10 Rules of a Great Conversationalist

Are you a good conversationalist? What makes someone a good conversationalist? Being a good conversationalist is important be it in business, social situations, or dating. Over…
Bored body language

10 Tips to Improve Your Body Language

Are you aware of your body language when communicating with others? Are you conscious of your body posture, gestures, facial expressions, and eye movements? Are…
The Constructive Criticism Manifesto

[Manifesto] Constructive Criticism Manifesto

How do you provide criticism? Do you critique people in a curt and blunt manner, or are you able to provide criticism that is both useful and tactful? Here's a manifesto on how to provide constructive criticism. :) Besides the article, the material above is also available...
Holding flowers in hand

How to Be Patient

“Dear Celes, all my life, I have struggled with patience.  Now as I am getting older and having more experiences in my life, I am finding…
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