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Do you stress eat?
Do you eat in response to emotions like anxiety and boredom?

You are not alone. Hear my story…

Celestine ChuaHi, I’m Celes, founder of Personal Excellence. Since I was an adolescent, I was a heavy emotional eater. By emotional eating, I mean eating in response to my emotions. I would eat whenever I felt stressed, anxious, annoyed, angry, tired, bored, or even… happy. My eating often had nothing to do with hunger, but my unhappiness and whimsical fancies.

My emotional eating ranged from manageable to terrible. I would binge crazily, then try to control my eating the next day, only to binge crazily again within a matter of half a day or at night. Not only that, I also binged on terrible food–french fries, ice cream, cookies, cake, chocolates, and so on. It was terrible. For years, I fluctuated between explainable binge behaviors and desires to restrict food. 

Fast Food: Burgers and Fries

Burgers and fries–part of my binge eating routine

My emotional eating behavior took its roots from my childhood. My parents and I live in a high-context Asian culture, whereby we don’t express our intents through words–we express them through actions and symbolism. While some people use gifts or hugs to express their love, my parents’ way of expressing their love was through… food.

So what do they do? They would buy food day-in and day-out, regardless of whether my brother and I were hungry. They would ask me questions like “Are you hungry? Do you need me to cook for you? Do you need me to buy food?” multiple times throughout the day, even when I already had my meal. They continue to do these actions even today.

In a way I can understand why my parents did (and still do) that, because they grew up during post-war times when food was a scarcity. Being able to eat then was a luxury, not a right. So they always ensure that I am well fed because they care for me and they want the best for me. This I truly appreciate and love them for.

Hands grabbing empty bowl

My parents use food to express their love for me because food used to be a scarcity

But this high never lasted. It wouldn’t be long before I felt unhappy again, since my original problem (whatever made me feel stressed/sad/angry/etc.) was not resolved. I would feel even worse this time because not only was my problem not resolved, I had to now face the problem of having just overeaten, hence jeopardizing my diet/weight loss plan. I would then eat even further, stuffing myself with food, to the point where my stomach really hurt. Then I would stop, because I simply couldn’t physically go on any longer. That was how bad my stress eating was.

Woman bingeing

A typical scene of how I would be at night–alone with a pile of food in my room

Many times I would go on diets to lose weight but fail, because my emotional eating kept getting in the way. It got to the point where I felt really sick and tired of my yo-yo dieting and binge eating behavior. There were times, in my darkest moments of all, when I cried to myself because I felt so pathetic for being unable to work through something as basic as eating.

Then, things changed. When I was in my mid-20s, I swore to myself that I was going to resolve my eating issues, once and for all.

I worked through my eating issues, one step at a time. First, I gained consciousness of my erratic behavior. Then, I broke down my eating patterns to understand what were my emotional eating triggers. Subsequently, I drilled into my triggers to break my emotional eating patterns.

It wasn’t easy, I tell you. Many times I failed. Many times I went right back into my binge eating routine. Start off the day on a good note, eat well for breakfast and lunch, but overeat when it came to dinner. I would then eat excessively after that and head right to sleep because I was so ashamed of facing myself.

Shame and despair

Shame–and sorrow

But I didn’t give up. I never gave up. I would get right back to tackling my emotional eating behavior the next day. I did this day-in and day-out, for weeks, months, even years.

Today, I have finally overcome my emotional eating problem. I no longer eat in response to stress, anxiety, annoyance, anger, tiredness, boredom, or even peer pressure. I no longer have a love-hate, yo-yo relationship with food. I simply eat as and when I need to eat, and I eat incredibly healthily–I only pick the healthiest choices for my body, which includes salads, grilled over fried options, and low-to-non-fat food over fatty food.

Mushroom and chickpeas salad

Salads — one of my meal staples today. I love salads because they are fresh, nutritious, and low in calories.

As a result, I have lost all the excess pounds I have gained (as a result of my emotional eating) to be my ideal weight today. My complexion has improved. And I’m happier than I’ve ever been.

A photo of me while in Hong Kong

One of my recent photos while in Hong Kong in 2013. I’m a lot slimmer than I used to be, having worked through my emotional eating issues.

While I’m in the best place I’ve ever been in my eating habits, I wish there was someone to help me work through my eating issues before. It was so sickening to have spent years stuffing myself every other day. So many years spent feeling helpless because I didn’t want to binge/stress eat yet I couldn’t help myself.

As such, I have specially designed an intensive, four-module program to help all emotional and stress eaters out there to overcome their emotional and stress eating. I consider the best program out there on emotional eating because it tackles emotional eating from the root level. This is your one-stop solution to overcome emotional eating and a program you cannot miss if you are serious about living a healthy life, free of bad eating habits and food struggles.

I call this…

How to Stop Stress Eating Program
Since your EE program, I’ve been on a wonderful journey of healing and wholeness. In less than two weeks since completing your program, I am down 17 pounds and loving my new way of eating whole, fresh foods. Thank you!
~ Lisa H, How to Stop Stress Eating Program User
I can’t thank you enough Celes — this has turned my life around. Having now completed all 4 modules, I now have a much better relationship with food and eating. I have not overeaten or binge ate for 12 weeks now!!
~ Faye, How to Stop Stress Eating Program User
Eye-opening. I am not sure what I expected when I took up this program, but I certainly did not expect to dig as deep into my ‘self’ as I did. This course took me from being in the forest trying to see all the trees to stepping outside for a clear view.
~ Nancy, How to Stop Stress Eating Program User

3 Reasons This Is Your One-Stop Solution To Overcome Stress Eating

  • Addresses the root cause of emotional eating. Have you ever tried to control your emotional eating by controlling your physical actions, such as hiding or locking away food, controlling your eating, or even disciplining yourself? These actions merely suppress the surface symptoms, not the root cause. My program is not about symptomatic resolution—it digs deep into the root causes of emotional eating (e.g., Why do you emotional eat? What drives your erratic eating patterns? How can you reverse them?), which in turn solves the problem—for good.
  • Holistically resolves your emotional eating at the four levels of your existence: EmotionalMentalSpiritual, and Physical, leading to a total resolution of the problem. Most methods out there only tackle emotional eating at the physical level and/or emotional level. Even then they don’t completely resolve it at those levels. My program is based on a holistic four-level framework which I designed yourself which will eradicate your emotional eating forever.
  • Designed by a past, severe overeater who has since overcame emotional eating. As I have already shared, I used to be a severe emotional eater. I have designed this program with stress/emotional eaters like you in mind to help you overcome your stress/emotional eating problem for life. It is based on the concrete strategies that work and which have directly eliminated my emotional eating problem.

What You’ll Get

How to Stop Stress Eating Program
  • Four-module program. The 4-pillar framework will be taught through four video modules conducted by me, where each module covers each pillar of emotional eating, how it applies in your life, and how to permanently resolve it.
  • Multiple formats for easy usage. You can either study the module through the video recording or listen to the audio podcast. The audio version will allow you to utilize the program even while you are out and about, such as jogging, driving to work, and commuting.
  • Activity worksheets to help you get the best out of the course.
  • Renewed relationship with yourself, food, and other areas of your life
    • Within the first module (Emotional),  you will achieve ahas about yourself, your relationship with food, and how it relates to the other areas of your life (since food and eating are often intertwined with other things in life).
    • By the second module (Mental), you will begin to understand the drivers behind your seemingly harmless, yet unnecessary, eating habits, which often spiral out of control by the end of the day or week.
    • By the third module (Spiritual), you will reach a place in your soul so deep that you never even knew that it existed inside you. You will realize the deepest reasons behind why you eat (unnecessarily), and why you could never seem to permanently control it no matter what you do, and why things will change from this day onward.
    • By the fourth and last module (Physical), you will come full circle to your issue of emotional eating. You will cultivate new eating habits and finally restore your relationship with food and eating to the way it should have always been—one of neutrality.
  • A life-long solution to emotional eating—something which many never get even after decades of battling with the problem.

A Sneak Peek of What You Will Be Getting…

Here’s a preview of the first 12 minutes of the six-and-a-half-hour course (spanning four modules):

Testimonials from Fellow Emotional Eaters Who Did the Program…

This emotional eating program originally started off as a group coaching course. Through the course, many participants received deep breakthroughs for emotional eating problems which they had battling with for many decades of their lives. Many of them walked away with the bulk, if not all, of their emotional eating issues resolved and a renewed set of eating habits.

Don’t just take my word for it. Check out the testimonials of fellow emotional eaters who have taken this program:

Down 17 pounds and loving my new way of eating whole, fresh foods!”

LOVED IT! Celes was very clear and easy to follow… Material was excellent and engaging. I found Celes’ viewpoints invaluable and very helpful in helping me to truly identify the emotions and the varying levels. Helped me to see that they are not necessarily only how I would view them but that there is much more to be gained by digging deeper.

This program is full of revelations and real tools for eradicating emotional eating once and for all. Having overcome these challenges personally, Celes serves as a great inspiration and presenter. The meager monetary investment in this coursework, has undoubtedly saved me hundreds of dollars in drawn out counseling sessions, as Celes’s instruction is focused and deep.

Celes, thank you from the bottom of a very grateful heart for this amazing program. I have learned more here than over the past 40 years. This program has helped me understand so much more about myself and unrealized destructive patterns. It has given me great hope for my future as I continue to change the feelings, thoughts and messages that I process about myself and my food/eating habits. I can’t thank you enough, Celes!!!

~ Lisa H, 51, past emotional eater who faced emotional eating since she was a kid

*Update from Lisa, two weeks after completing the program:

Hi Celes!!

Since your EE program, I am on a wonderful journey of healing and wholeness.  I have since joined a 12 Step program and have been abstinent from sugar, flour and wheat since August 1st.  As of Sept 1st, I am down 17 pounds and loving my new way of eating whole, fresh and tasty foods while monitoring any mental and emotional triggers. I have been exploring the pillars in detail while working through my food addiction. I’ll have to update you as I go through them since I’m doing ALOT of journaling these days.

Again, thanks so much for all you have given me!  May the Lord richly bless you! Stay in Touch!

Peace and Love,

“I was using food as a substitute for so many things. Not anymore.”

I am a happy soul and have always joked that it’s because I have three awesome things to look forward to every day: breakfast, lunch, dinner! Eating food made me ecstatic in the past. But I gradually realized that I had taken my health for granted, and I would save both money and years of my life if I was able to understand exactly why I always found it hard to say no to food.

The EE course was very useful to my life. I didn’t realize that I was using food as a substitute for so many things, including love and excitement. Doing Module 1 alone  made me realize that I have areas that I need to address in order to eliminate unwanted side effects (one of which is emotional eating). I really, really appreciated going through the 3-step process to correcting a mis-belief (covered in Module 2), because I can use this process for non-eating-related issues as well.

I have learned so much not only about understanding and managing my EE tendencies, but also a surprising lot about myself. Especially during Module 3 as we dug to the root of our spiritual self, I found a lot of of baggage that had been weighing me down absolutely without my knowing. I also learned how this spiritual baggage had been causing me to reach out for food as a form of physical comfort/punishment.

It was very strange and scary, but also very helpful. Now I feel braver in speaking to myself and telling myself the truth, something that I had been subconsciously avoiding before. I also found it entirely surprising that EE is “supported” by multiple pillars (not just emotional) and eliminating the problem is not just a matter of controlling physical cravings. Girls my age (early 20s) often state that they are on this or that new fad diet, but just as often, they end up falling off such diets and proving that these are only temporary solutions and they are not getting to the root of why they need to go on such diets in the first place.

[Thanks to the program,] I have also opened my mind to ways of communicating more openly with my parents. I always thought my mom would be impossible to reason with in terms of food but I have started the process of communicating more openly with her about EE and she has been surprisingly receptive. I would definitely recommend this program to others!

~ Jodi, early 20s, past emotional eater who was raised in the culture of food

“Eye-opening. I didn’t expect it to go this deep.

“I am not sure what I expected when I signed up for the emotional eating program, but I certainly did not expect to dig as deep into myself as I did. It was eye-opening. The revelations were so simple, and yet ‘covered’ under so much protective ‘armor’ (be it years, emotional walls, or weight…).

The most poignant and jarring module for me was the spiritual pillar (covered in Module 3 of the course). It gave me a much needed kick in the ‘pants’ (a.k.a childhood baggage/past history – that NO LONGER applied…).

I learned what triggers my (over-)eating, my feelings of past hurts that I held onto till this day (40-50 years later…) why/how I was using my ‘fat suit’ as protection… I could go on… but that’s just MY story – everyone no doubt has their own worthy tale to unfold.

This course took me from being in the forest trying to see all the trees to stepping outside for a clear view. Celes — as always — is ever present, balanced between compassionate and steadfast, and sweetly relentless in digging for root causes. Not only would I recommend this course, I would recommend any course given by Celes! (Spoken from experience, as this is my fourth webinar with Celes – not one regretted!) ~ Nancy L. ”

~ Nancy Lopez, 50, past emotional eater who was raised in a household where food was a centerpiece

Best course for anyone with emotional eating.”

The course was incredible! Celes helped me to understand the real root causes of my overeating problems. I saw that I was looking to food to fill a need beyond just hunger. By addressing the real issue I feel like I better understand my eating habits now and know how to improve them.

Through this course, I learned to look within and understand why I had a problem with overeating and poor eating habits. I saw how to not only address what I need to understand in order to improve my eating habits but I also learned how I can address a negative self image that may cause me to gain weight back after losing it (a major problem I have had in the past). I liked that Celes helped me look at issues that might seem unusual or esoteric bu are truly the root causes of emotional eating. The information in this course can’t be found anywhere else and can definitely help anyone with emotional eating problems.

Celes was fantastic as always. Hearing how to overcome overeating from someone who has already overcome that issue herself might have been one of the most compelling reasons to take the course. She is very passionate and knowledgeable about the issue and it shows.

I will definitely recommend this course to others. This is the absolute best course for anyone with emotional eating, overeating, or has a habit of eating unhealthily. With this course, you can now get to the root cause of your erroneous eating habits and eliminate them forever. ”

~ Matt Leyva, 28, past emotional eater who used to eat in response to boredom, frustration, or out of escapism

“I have not overeaten or binge ate for 12 weeks now!!”

After first week of the program…

I have just completed module 1 and found that it has brought up issues that I have to deal with. There are lots and lots of situations where I emotionally eat but I have struggled in identifying what my emotional voids are -– but I’m going to do some more thinking and research because I really do believe that this is the way forward for me!!

One really big realization for me today is — “Why do i emotionally eat when it actually makes me feel bad?? Do I get some kind of pleasure from making myself despise myself??”

After second week of the program…

I have just completed module 2 of the emotional eating program. It makes so much sense to me. The last week has been the healthiest I have been eating for a long time. Not overeating has not been as hard as I thought it would be – I just have to think how much worse I will feel if I do overeat. I am looking forward to further investigating my beliefs around food and eating over the next week. I have particularly found completing the daily journal really helpful too. Thank you Celes!!

After third week of the program…

WOW – have just completed module 3 of the emotional eating program. I have never paid any attention to my spiritual self but after doing the module realize that it holds one of the most important keys to my emotional eating. I spent quite a long time crying when identifying certain issues but what I find so inspiring is that Celes is helping me to move on from this state.

I realize things can be different -– I can be different –- it is all within my control. I choose how I feel. Thank you for producing this program Celes. I’m looking forward to module 4. I’m also really pleased that I have not emotional ate for over two weeks now. 😀

After fourth week of the program…

Hi Celes. I would just like to thank you for providing this emotional eating programme. I first stumbled upon your website in January 2013 when i was at a very low point regarding my emotional eating. I have been an emotional eater since I can remember (goes back to childhood) and I am now 40!!

Having now completed all 4 modules, I can now say I have a much better relationship with food and eating. I have not overeaten or binge ate for 12 weeks now!!

I don’t feel that I can thank you enough Celes –- this has turned my life around. I am now meditating everyday (after following your 21-day habit article) and I have started the process of looking at my life purpose. I don’t think this would have happened had I not come to terms with and dealt with my emotional eating issues. THANK YOU x

~ Faye, 40, past emotional eater since childhood

Less than 0.1% the Cost of an Eating Disorder Treatment (with LASTING Results)

For the serious emotional eaters, you might be aware about eating disorder facilities, which treat people with eating disorders like binge eating, bulimia, and anorexia. There, they have specialists like psychiatrists, nutritionists, and physicians, who will tend to you and monitor your progress on a daily to weekly basis.

The cost of an eating disorder treatment on average is about $30,000 a month on average. Many patients require three or more months of treatment. That’s nearly $100,000 of good money.

Let’s say you are able (and willing) to fork out that amount of money for an eating disorder treatment.

Let’s say you proceed to undertake such a treatment. Would you then permanently resolve your emotional eating issue?

While these treatments have their merits, especially for those people who have serious food issues, they don’t necessarily create lasting change. Many patients need years of follow-up care after treatment. Some check back into the eating disorder facility after several weeks, months or years, because they have “slipped” and need to be guided back on track.

If you want to truly resolve emotional eating once and for all, you should strive to achieve a state where you naturally do not overeat nor think about eating when you are not hungry, just like a non-smoker feels nothing when he/she sees a pack of cigarettes lying next to him/her. This is what it means to have truly resolved emotional eating. Many courses and programs, unfortunately, do not help you to achieve this state.

My How to Stop Stress Eating Program doesn’t just “fix” emotional/stress eating–it resolves it from the rootOnce you get this program, you don’t need to any other program or course on emotional/stress eating. This is the one and only program/material you need to resolve your emotional/stress eating issues—for good.

End Your Emotional Eating, Starting Today.

Are you serious about living a healthy life? Do you want to put your emotional eating, stress eating, and food struggles behind you?

Because if you do, this program is right for you.

This program originally started off as a four-week group coaching course which cost $238 USD. By getting this program today, you will have access to the slides, worksheets, video recordings, and audio podcasts–the exact same materials the course participants used to overcome their emotional eating. Not only that, you will have access to a 24/7 members portal where you can self-administer this course anytime you want, anywhere you are in the world.

The best thing is, you can get this program and all its materials today at ONLY $238 $69.95 USD, which is over 70% off the entire course fee. $69.95 is the price for 3 average restaurant meals in a city. By eating healthily starting from today, you will already save hundreds, if not thousands, every year from not eating excessively. Not to mention all the weight loss and diet programs you see that seem good in theory but don’t tackle the issue of emotional eating at its root.

And who can forget the time and emotional AND mental energy you save from not binge eating anymore? That is PRICELESS. NO amount of money can compare to the peace of mind and the renewed, healthy relationship you will now get with food. I spent over a decade of my life battling with food and emotional eating, and trust me when I say I wished there was such a program to aid me when I was going through my darkest moments with emotional eating. The great thing now is that you don’t need to go through emotional eating yourself — you have me. I’ve put together my tried-and-proven solutions in emotional eating and created this one-stop program to help you to stop stress eating… for life.

No more binge eating. No more erratic eating urges. No more yo-yo dieting and beating yourself up by stuffing yourself with food. Put emotional eating behind you and remove yourself from this vicious cycle with food. Get How to Stop Stress Eating Program today and live a life that is free from food struggles. Restore your relationship with food to the way it should have been all along—one of neutrality, without binds, love, hate, or emotions.

Download How to Stop Stress Eating Program!

(Note that this is an e-program, not a physical product. You will be sent the link to access the 24/7 members portal and download the video recordings, audio podcasts, and pdf slides right after making payment.)