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Profile Picture: Celestine ChuaAre you facing a dilemma? Have a goal that you need help in? Need to pick my brain on something?

Hi, I’m Celestine Chua, life coach and founder of Personal Excellence. I’ve been coaching others to break through personal limits and live their best lives since 2008. In my past 10 years of coaching, I have helped my clients

  • Discover their life purpose and direction
  • Identify the best career that fits their passion and skills
  • Do a career switch and achieve over 40% pay rise
  • Stop procrastination
  • Refine their business strategies; Kickstart their business
  • Find their soulmate
  • Break out of toxic/negative relationships
  • Remove past baggage or overcome fears
  • Achieve weight loss goals; Break out of yo-yo dieting
  • Remove stress and anxiety
  • Quit negative habits (smoking, binge eating)

A coaching call is not a miracle pill. It’s not something that you book and get “sudden transformation” or miracle ahas after an hour. Think of it as a discovery process, where we slowly peel the layers of the onion, one by one. Such discovery is most effective when you have an experienced coach — someone who truly cares about helping you succeed — supporting you. During the call, I’ll work with you to break down your problem or goal and help you define your best plan to break through this problem and progress to your next level in life.

I’ve compiled a list of commonly asked questions below. To book a call, simply scroll to the bottom of the page!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a goal you are working on, a coaching call can help you set new targets, break out of blind spots, and 10X your performance. If you are facing a problem, a coaching call can help you define your problem, identify solutions, and discover the best path forward. If you lack clarity or focus, a coaching call can help you gain clarity and move full speed ahead.

Common topics that clients have consulted me on include (but are not limited to):

  • Dating/Love
  • Marriage decision
  • Family conflicts
  • Career switch
  • Discovering ideal career
  • Productivity / Time management
  • Weight loss
  • Stop stress eating
  • Starting an online business
  • Growing an online business
  • Stress management
  • Anger management
  • Building confidence
  • Discovering life purpose
  • Academic excellence

* The above is a partial list and is not exhaustive.

Simply identify a topic you want to work on, and book the call. I recommend one main topic/issue for the session. We need time to dig into each question and peel away the layers for meaningful change. You can book multiple calls for different topics or for a longer discussion on the same topic.

When you book a call, you will be asked to 

  1. Select your desired date/time,
  2. Key in your details,
  3. Key in your question/topic, and
  4. Select your desired call method (see next question).

I will call you during the appointment time, so please stand by your selected call method. During the call, we will work to break down your problem and identify next steps. For a 1-hour call, we will spend…

  • 20 minutes to break down the problem,
  • 25 minutes discussing options,
  • 10 minutes to identify next steps, and
  • 5 minutes for wrap up.

This is a rough guide — it depends on the topic and your individual situation. Again, remember that a coaching call is not a miracle pill — it takes time to uncover a problem, especially if you’ve been dealing with the issue for a while. I’ll do my best to give you maximum value in the one-hour call, and identify several next steps to work on. If the time is not enough, I will let you know!

When you book the call, you can select whether to have the call over Skype or a direct line (like your mobile phone or landline). I will call you during the appointment time from Skype. If you choose to do the call via a direct line, there will be no webcam/video. There are no in-person meetups.

In general, most of my clients are between their 20s and 40s, though I have worked with clients in their 50s and 60s, and teens. There is no age limit in who can book a call — it’s more important to have the right mindset and attitude.

In terms of occupation, my clients come from all walks of life. I’ve worked with clients who work in consulting, investment banking, training, coaching, IT, writing, online business, teaching, law, medicine, science and research, and administration. I’ve also had clients who are freelancers and business owners. I have had clients who are married, single, attached, widowed, or divorced.

The topics they seek coaching on can be anything, such as finding their life direction, finding love, improving their career, losing weight, removing fears or past baggage, building confidence, quitting smoking, starting a new business, dealing with stress, dealing with anger, or just working on a goal in general. My clients are equally distributed in gender. In general, female clients tend to ask for help on inner-self and relationship topics, while male clients tend to consult on career/business/goal-driven topics, though the opposite can happen.

As you can see, there is no “typical client.” Everyone is different, everyone has a unique background. My job is to help you deconstruct your problem/goal and help you figure out the best plan to tackle the issue.

  1. Please stand by your Skype or phone (depending on which you chose) a few minutes before our appointment time. Check that the timezone is correct. I will call you during our appointment time. 
  2. Have a pen and paper ready to take notes.
  3. If you choose Skype, please (a) test your headset before our call, (b) ensure that you have a strong internet connection, and (c) take the call in a quiet room. A wired LAN line will deliver the best connection; if you don’t have a LAN connection, please stay near your wireless router for best connectivity. If you choose direct line, please be at a place with strong reception. The call will not be extended due to unexpected disruptions.

Any rescheduling must be made at least 48 hours in advance. Only one rescheduling per call.

The 1-1 calls can only be booked one week into the future. If you’d like to book a call two weeks from now, simply check back one week later! Meaning if it’s Dec 1 now and you want to book in mid-Dec, simply check back a week before that.

There are times when the booking calendar will be grayed out with no options for selection. That means all the slots are taken. If so, please check back 1-2 weeks later.

For confidentiality reasons, there will be no recording. Out of the thousands of calls I’ve had, only three clients asked about recordings, and they realized (after the calls) that there is no need to have a recording because the value lies in the self-discovery and next steps identified from the call rather than precisely what is discussed.

As this is a specialized service, there are no discounts or special pricing. Coaching calls are not for everyone but for those ready to take the next step in their growth.

Whether you sign up for a coaching call or not, you are welcome to peruse my free articles, podcasts, and videos. I have dedicated years of my life to create a comprehensive set of free content for everyone, and many readers find them more helpful than the paid stuff out there.

No problem – I love to hear from you. Please reach me via the contact form here.

Client Testimonials

Celes is the best coach I have seen, no motherhood statements, no bluffs. She is a very authentic and genuine coach. She is able to steer me to focus on the right issue, she never makes any judgment, and the calls are professionally conducted. Celes, Thank you so much for drawing me to the issue. I felt lighter after Tuesday's session.
PH, 44
Managing Director of an SME
Eight years ago, you coached me during some of my tough times. You and Tony Robbins helped me tremendously. After our calls, I left my job, freed myself from all baggage, started traveling... then started building a product... which led to founding my current company. So a very positive impact from all the mentoring... You helped me do the limitless. 🙂
Testimonial: Deep Arora
Deep Arora, 42
CEO of Invanto
Dear Celes, I had followed your blog on a few occasions but little did I expect that someday I would engage your services. Well, I am glad that I did. You came into my life at the most crucial moment.

I recall a night when I almost had a nervous breakdown because the negativity got so overwhelming. While I lay in bed, desperate to get myself out of this, I remembered what you had said in one of our sessions, "You have a good head over your shoulders." That confidence snapped me out of the limitations that I was told about myself and revived me.

I got up from my sorry state and did the dumping exercise that you had suggested. After that, I affirmed and meditated. All of a sudden, it became clearer to me as for why I was confused and had struggled so much. The most important realization was that there is nothing wrong with me and I have a good head over my shoulders. I was right on track.

Thank you for helping me realize I have power over my situations.
T, 35
Celes, I took part in your first Soulmate Journey course. I recently got attached and will be getting married next year. Thanks for your coaching as I feel blessed to have found my soulmate cum hubby-to-be. Thank you!
Testimonial: Anonymous
C, 37
Next month I'll be taking on a new job which pays 40% higher than what I currently earn in a top MNC. This is a testimony of the unbelievable results just after two months of taking your Anti-Procrastination Course. Thank you! =)
Alex K, 30s
IT Consultant
For years, I’ve read books, tried hypnotherapy, and engaged a coach to overcome procrastination. I even went to see ‘expert Doctors and Professors.’ Each time, I would leave with more weight added to my shoulders. Your course has made all the difference for me.
Testimonial: Craig Scott
Craig Scott, Late 30s
Managing Consultant
Hi Celes, I just got engaged — so very happy! Me and S are getting married next year. She’s great and we’re really good together. She’s big into nature and doing things outdoors which I’m sure you’ll remember is what I really like – but don’t do enough. Thanks for being a top-notch coach.
JW, 30s
For some unknown reason, Celes made it very easy for me to open up about myself. I have been very reserved all my life. I wasn't willing to tell anybody (even my friends) my personal life. Celes is the first person on earth whom I confided in so completely. She was willing to answer me anything I asked, which makes me think that she is really into helping a person to improve in every aspect.

Most importantly, after the 1st call, I was able to tell what my life purpose is. Before the coaching sessions, I couldn't tell what I love in my job. Worse, I couldn't tell what I should do in my life. In a word, I had zero idea about my life, except that I wanted to CHANGE. Mission impossible made possible. After that, everything fell into place. Words are not sufficient to describe my gratitude to her. Celes is the most professional coach I have ever seen.
K, 34
You cannot believe this Celes, I've been a reader of your blog since the first 100 days you started PE in 2008. I know you could help me because I read all your articles. But the whole point is that reading doesn't mean that you'd act on it. I'm a good example of that. But still I knew that you'd push me to do something about it. But yeah, you pushed me beyond what I expected. 🙂

Since your course, I've been very busy. I completed my first triathlon. I raised money for the UK Refugee Agency. I have more energy to work, don't have Monday blues. I didn't even have to find a new job; instead an amazing opportunity came my way. I find it difficult to explain the glow in my soul. Thank you Celes for showing the way. 🙂
Testimonial: Anu Itty
Anu Itty, 30s
Before coaching I was haphazardly trying to achieve several vague goals in my life. I was making little headway because I had no clear plan or schedule about how to achieve them. Celes has given me a complete system for achieving any goal I want. I’m now seeing more progress now in my fitness goal than I have in the past three years trying to do it alone. I’ve been learning about self-development for years but my coaching experience has been more influential and eye-opening than any book or motivational tape could be. Thank you.
Participant Matt Leyva
Matt Leyva, 27
Hey Celestine, how are you? I'm just letting you know that I'm now doing what I want to do. I made it happen. I drove 4,000 km from Whistler to L Ventana Mexico, I'm staying in a tent at a campground by the beach. I'm shooting photos of clients kiteboarding every day and getting paid to do it. Feeling pretty blessed at the moment. I just wanted to say thank you. 🙂
Testimonial: Mark Hall
Mark Hall, 44
Hi Celes, just want to personally say a BIG Thank You! I have gained a lot and would not have done / achieved so much without your guidance. Celes is a great coach who not only willingly and openly shares information and knowledge, but also takes the effort and concern in my progress. Not only does she ask clear, mind-probing questions, she also guides me in thinking ahead for future action plans. This is the beginning of my journey with L3Hub (my business) and it will always be a part of it. Thank you so much, Celes!
Testimonial: Corrine Lin
Corrine Lin, 29
Founder of L3Hub

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  • Calls can only be booked one week into the future
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    • Follow-up bookings: $150 USD per call

Update: I’m not taking anymore new clients for the first quarter of 2018. If you are a recent client (booked in 2017) and would like to book a follow-up call, please reach me via the same email address when you made the first booking to make a separate arrangement. Thank you!

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