Preparing for My Wedding

Tying of Wedding Gown

After getting engaged last month, one thing which had been boggling my mind was whether to have a wedding (celebration) or not.

While I mentioned a beach wedding in my last post, I couldn’t help but wonder if a wedding was an extravagance which could be saved and the money, put to better use. Personally I’m quite thrifty and low-key, so having a wedding or not really doesn’t make much of an emotional difference to me. Ken (my fiance) is the person I want to be for the rest of my life, that one I know for sure. A wedding does not add on nor take away from that fact. It’s the same for Ken as well; he’s perfectly fine even if we have our solemnization without a celebration event.


However, two days ago, while I was talking with Ken, I realized that while weddings nowadays tend to be showy extravaganzas and/or cookie-cutter ceremonies, our wedding doesn’t have to be like that. As long as we are clear on the intention of our wedding and we plan our wedding around that objective, it can be a truly authentic and beautiful event.

And for me, two reasons that will make me want to have a wedding are firstly, to share Ken’s and my joy with the world, and secondly, to perhaps inspire others in their love lives; that no matter how jaded they may be in love, true love does exist and Ken and I are living proof of that.

For example, after posting the proposal post, I was really touched by your responses. Some of you told me that my story with Ken has inspired you to believe in love (again). Some of you told me that you were moved to tears (literally) from watching the proposal video. Some of  you told me that my story with Ken is living proof that true, romantic love does exist, and that just as we have found our “one”, perhaps you will find your special someone one day too.

Balloons flying away as we hugged

One of the dramatic moments of Ken’s proposal to me last month.
Read his proposal to me here: The Day I Was Proposed To

I was pleasantly surprised by your kind words, for I didn’t think that my simple post detailing me being proposed to would elicit any special response. I just wrote it because some of you requested to know how he proposed and I thought it would be nice to share his sweet intent. I guess perhaps a part of our love story or my journey with love resonated with you guys, and hence why you guys felt so strongly for me/us. To know that our story has inspired some of you, even in the smallest way–that’s really heartwarming.

(Speaking of our story, I have yet to share how Ken and I met and got attached yet! Perhaps one day, in the near future? 😉 Update: It’s up now!! Read: How to Find My Soulmate in Life (series) )


If sharing our proposal story can bring such joy and inspiration to you guys, then I don’t see why I should adopt an enclosed mindset with regards to our relationship. (I have remained pretty tight-lipped about our relationship to date–in fact Ken was at my last PE readers meetup but I didn’t even introduce him as my boyfriend then!) Maybe it’s time for me to open up about my relationship and other aspects of my life with you guys. Having a wedding celebration would be a positive step in this direction.

My hope is that by openly sharing our love with the world by way of a wedding celebration event or otherwise, we can inspire others. Perhaps we can inject hope into others that just as we have found our “one”, you can one day find your special someone too. 🙂 God knows that I had been jaded about the prospects of meeting Mr. Right before (even though I was still largely positive about life and love); it would be a matter of time before I would find the one for me. 🙂 And I hope you guys do so too, one day. 🙂

Date: 25 May, 2014

During my last post I said we were thinking of having the wedding on December 25, 2013 (six months away) or June 25, 2014 (one year away). We are probably going ahead with June 25, 2014 as it will give us more leeway in planning.

Update Oct ’13: We decided to go with May 25 (next year) as our wedding date as (a) the date has significance to us, being 5×5 (25) 5 (May) (b) it’s a Sunday which makes it more convenient for planning than a weekday.

Wedding Planner

There’s no way Ken and I will be going down into the nitty gritty coordination of the wedding as we usually have our hands full with many other things. We are going to need the help of a wedding planner; we have a good idea of the overall direction of our wedding and we just need someone to help us with the coordination, logistics, and executional details!

If you have recommendations on wedding planners, feel free to let me know via [email removed].

We eventually decided to do the wedding planning ourselves and find that it will be much more fun and meaningful to work through this as a couple. Special thanks to reader Sam (Chong) who stepped forward and offered to be our wedding planner for free; that’s SO sweet of you and we’re really grateful!

Will You Be Able To Attend?

No matter who you are or which part of the world you are from (Singapore or otherwise), I would love for you to attend!


I’m not sure any of you non-locals will be ready to fly to Singapore for the event though; if you are, I will seriously be more than happy to have you at the wedding. Take it as a chance to take a break and tour Singapore/South East Asia! 😀

Same for those of you locals in Singapore; if you are able to attend, I would love for you to be there.

Just let me know of your interest in the comments section so I can get a gauge of who’s interested. 🙂

I’ll be putting up the official RSVP post in November or December. Not all RSVPs will be guaranteed a seat for obvious reasons (we’ll only be having an exclusive guest list of 100 people in TOTAL including family, personal friends, and people we’ve known our entire life), but I’ll definitely do my best to have as many long-time supporters on board as possible.

Opening Up My Life To You

By the way, this post marks the start of an experimental series where I open up more of my personal life and share my raw thoughts on the blog.

If you prefer not to read these posts, then just skip them. I figure if I want to develop a deeper connection with you guys, then it’s time that I develop a more uncensored approach towards my writing. This will include sharing my real-time thoughts and updates in life with you.

Thanks so much for all your support guys; I really appreciate it. 🙂 For those of you taking the Anti-Procrastination Program, see you for the final module later today! 🙂


Image: Wedding gown

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