Why We Should Be Like Tim

We live in a world where we are continuously pushed to be more like others. Where we are made to tightly fit into a mold from young. Where we are expected to conform through rigid systems and societal pressures, and get beaten down when we don’t.

In this day and age, perhaps it pays to be like Tim:

Tim Doesn't Give a Shit

(Image: MollyBlue)


How to be like Tim:

  1. Stop trying to please. Other people’s anger and unhappiness are not your problem. Let go and learn to focus on your emotions instead. Read: How to Be Happy
  2. Stop comparing. You can use others as benchmarks to become better, but don’t stress yourself out when you don’t achieve X or Y. You have your natural talents and it is your role to discover and harness them, not to copy others and fit yourself into a mold. A goldfish’s natural talent is to swim just as a bird’s natural talent is to fly. When you insist on subjecting yourself to others’ paths and achievements, you can never unleash your own true ability. Read: Why You Should Stop Comparing (and How to Do So)
  3. Recognize your own worth and unique place in this world. You are perfect. You are beautiful. You are complete. You cannot be replaced. You have your own unique path. Recognize it. OWN IT.
  4. Don’t let society tell you what you should do. We have people telling us that we should be bankers and lawyers and what not, but we are the ones who will be living with these careers for the rest of our lives, not them. Some of us have government propaganda convincing us to take on certain career paths, yet we are the ones who live with the consequences when said industries go bust. Even though people can bombard us with opinions on what we should do, who we should be, they can never control our minds. Own your thoughts. Determine your path. Don’t let others dictate what you should do.
  5. There will always be nonsense people in this world. After almost 10 years of running PE and coming into contact with hundreds of thousands of people, I’ve come to realize that there will always be negative critics and angry people who pay no regard to your feelings. There will always be people who dehumanize others, who bulldoze their anger into your face, who shame others without regard of their feelings, and who expects you to make them happy.

    Your goal here isn’t to let these folks run you down. Your goal is to create your boundaries, recognize your worth, and stand tall on your ground while removing them from your life. The faster you get rid of the naysayers and angry vessels in your life, the faster you can soar and embark on your unique path. Read: 8 Tips to Tackle Naysayers and 5 Tips to Deal with Negative Criticism

Sending big hugs your way as you soar into the sky like Tim. 🙂

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