Recipe: Veggie Wrap

Recipe: Veggie Vegan Wrap

After my fast, one of my meals has been my delicious, veggie wrap – a recipe that meets all my needs for (a) convenient meal preparation (b) healthy eating, complete with raw ingredients (c) low calorie food. In today’s article, I’ll show you how to easily make your healthy veggie wrap – in just 10 minutes or less!

5 Reasons To Make Your Veggie Wraps

  1. Having control over your ingredients. You get to put only the stuff you like, and exclude those that you don’t. That also means choosing only the healthiest and most nutritious of all ingredients out there.
  2. Get to put as much ingredients as you desire. I always ask for more veggies when I order Veggie Delite Wrap at Subway, and sometimes the staff respond by putting a few more strips of lettuce. -_- I found that somewhat sad, as it’s not like vegetables cost a lot anyway – There’s no reason why their staff should be scrimping on such requests. Plus with it being positioned as a healthy food chain, you’d think that they’d want to encourage customers to have more vegetables. Now that I make my wraps, I put as much vegetables as I want, and it’s delicious eating all the raw veggie goodness.
  3. Low cost. The nicer wraps with more ingredient choices can be found in salad bars, but those are usually quite pricey – about $10 with each wrap. Making your own wrap costs only about $1-2/wrap actually (in base ingredients). That’s a lot of instant savings.
  4. Convenience. It’s very simple to make. Like I mentioned above, you can make one in just 10 minutes flat – or even less.
  5. A meal made with love. There’s nothing quite like eating a home-made meal, made with goodness and love. And knowing that all the ingredients are raw, healthy and nutritionally rich makes every bite just so much richer and fuller.

3 Key Ingredients

1. The Wrap

This is the “skin” to wrap the main ingredients. They should be at least 8″ in diameter – the bigger the better, so you can put more stuff inside your wrap. You can either buy this from the supermarket or make your own.

I bought mine from NTUC (see below) – it’s Chapatti, or the indian flatbread. It’s not exactly intended to be eaten as a wrap, but it works all the same. Tried making my wrap skin before but it was a disaster, so I’ll just stick to ready made ones for now. Also, the plus point is it’s just 120 calories/piece!

Chapatti - Ideal as a wrap

2. Fillings to put inside the wrap

It’s up to you on what you want to put inside the wrap – this is where you are free to pick your favorite food! This is why I love preparing my meals so much – I can determine exactly what to have in each meal.

I vary my ingredients but they’re always a mix of 4-5 raw vegetables and 1 fruit. Here’s a list of possible options (the ones in asterik* are my choice favorites):

  • Raw vegetables (pick 4-5 of them):
    • Lettuce* (I consider this a staple ingredient for every wrap, like in salads)
    • Button mushroom* (slices)
    • Carrot* (slices)
    • Corn* (remove from cob)
    • Red/Green Pepper* (capsicum)
    • Black olives*
    • Tomato (slices)
    • Alfalfa sprouts
  • Fruits (pick 1-2 of them):
    • Orange* (slices)
    • Grapes*
    • Apple (slices)
    • Banana (slices)
    • Pear
    • Strawberry
  • Raw nuts (Optional – pick 1):
    • Walnut
    • Cashew
    • Pecan

3. Dressing

Pick whatever dressing you like. Mine is tomato sauce.

If you are vegan, check that the dressings do not have dairy/eggs in them. Most dressings have some milk/egg component.

How to Make Your Delicious Veggie Wrap: 3 Simple Steps

Step 1: Prepare your wrap

    • Remove your wrap from the fridge and thaw it. This takes only a few minutes.
    • Once it’s thawed (you’ll know when it becomes soft and “flimsy”), heat it up on your saucepan (no oil required).

Heating the wrap

    • Flip to the other side when you see the dough fluffing up – after about 30 seconds to a min, depending on your wrap. The wrap below is all ready to be flipped over!

Ready to flip over the wrap now!

  • Remove it from the pan when you’re done with both sides

If you have a small wrap, use a rolling pin to press out the dough, so it becomes larger. I do that to mine and easily get a wrap that’s 130% its original size. Do it after it’s thawed and before you heat it.

Step 2: Fill the wrap with your fillings

Rather than prepare the ingredients each time I make a wrap, I find it a lot more convenient to prepare everything in advance and put them in air-tight plastic containers. Then when it’s time to make a wrap, I just remove the boxes from the refrigerator, line them up (like an assembly line), and fill my wrap. It’s a lot more effective and saves lots of time. The quantities below can last for a good 10-15 wraps!

My Veggie Vegan Wrap Assembly Line

From left to right – Button mushrooms, Carrot, Green pepper, Corn, Grapes, Lettuce. Plus tomato sauce for dressing at the end.

Putting the mushrooms first

First up – Button mushrooms (my favorite)

Adding green pepper, carrots, corn

Then, adding the other ingredients – Carrot, green pepper and corn

Topping up with tomato sauce

Next – grapes, and then tomato sauce. Put your sauce/dressing before putting the lettuce – I learned this from watching the Subway folks make the sandwiches. This way, the sauce gets mixed with the ingredients, and you get a richer taste.

Final ingredient

Lettuce – Last but not least – your lettuce! I love eating lettuce, so I put a lot of it

Your Veggie Vegan Wrap

And you’re all done! :mrgreen:

Step 3: Tuck in your delicious veggie wrap!

You can either wrap it up or eat it like a burrito – mine always ends up as a burrito because I pack it with so much lettuce!

I can’t stress how good it tastes. Whenever I eat my wraps, I feel like I’m up in heaven. Same for my other home cooked meals. Eating out just can’t compare to the warmth of home made meals.

Tuck in and enjoy! 🙂

Recipe: Veggie Vegan Wrap

Veggie Vegan Wrap

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