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The Emotional Journey of Creating Anything Great [Infographic]

The Emotional Journey of Creating Anything Great [Infographic]

Are you working on something now and feeling the pain of the creation process? Today’s infographic shares the emotional journey that most people go through when trying to create something GREAT: Here are the phases of this journey: This is the best idea ever!! — When you just concocted an idea and you’re excited... Read More »

Why I Used to Hate My Feet

Feet covered with flowers

Have you ever had a body part that you hated? A body part that people kept criticizing, even though it’s simply a natural part of your body? I used to hate my feet when I was younger. The reason was because of my feet size. They are larger than the... Read More »

Why I Deleted My Facebook Page with 20,800 Likes

Celestine Chua Facebook Page

Hi everyone! Last month (Oct 2016) I deleted my verified Facebook page with 20,800+ likes. To be precise, I deactivated it, but the page is as good as gone now. Today I share the reasons why. The truth is that Facebook hasn’t been adding value to me as a business owner for a while.... Read More »

New Layout, New Beginning

PE New Layout - 2016 (Screenshot)

Hi everyone! 😀 First off, sorry for the slow updates lately. I’ve been busy working on a number of things, many of which are meant to lay out the foundation for a better path ahead with PE. Today I’m super excited to unveil one of the things I have been working... Read More »

What is Your Impact on the World?

Silhouette of a man, before a sunrise

As a person in this world, it’s easy to think that we don’t matter. But all of us have an impact on others by virtue of our existence. Even if you’re just quieting living out your life, you still impact others based on what you do or don’t do. Take for... Read More »