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Singapore PE Readers Meetup on 27 Oct, 2012 [CLOSED]


Hi everyone!! 😀 During the last Singapore PE Readers Meetup in June this year, I casually swung the idea of having a Halloween Meetup for PE readers. Much to my surprise, a number of attendees actually expressed interest. Fast forward four months later, and Halloween is creeping up on us. So... Read More »

Catch me on 938LIVE this Monday, 2-3pm! (Aug 27, 2012)


Hey everyone! 🙂 Just a quick announcement that I’ll be on 938LIVE (a news radio station in Singapore) this Monday, 27 Aug 2012, 2-3pm (Singapore time)! I’ll be on the segment “Slice of Life”, a self-improvement and motivational show hosted by Eugene Loh. The topic I’ll be covering will be bucket... Read More »

When Life Gives a Happy Ending

Happy ending

Have you ever been in a situation where you are perplexed, deeply conflicted, and unsure of what to do? Have you ever been in a time of great uncertainty where it seems that every path before you is sub-optimal and not something you would want to take? A Reader Dilemma... Read More »