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8 Tips to be Empathetic to Others

Back view of two friends walking through a field

What is empathy? It is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another person. The ability to put yourself in other’s shoes, and try to relate and understand where they are coming from, even if the situation is not familiar to you. Earlier this week I was sharing... Read More »

How to Deal with Backstabbers [Video]

How to Deal with Backstabbers? [Celes.TV]

Today, I address reader Mel’s question on how to deal with backstabbers. Watch below!! And I’m giving away a Happiness Mug; watch till the end for details! This is the first of my Ask Celes video series. While I used to do “Ask Celes” via articles, I’m taking it to the video format... Read More »

How Do I Encourage My Friends and Family to Grow?

Man with arms outstretched

Hi Celes! First of all, I’d like to thank you for the great posts on PE; I’ve experienced tremendous growth in the past few months. My question is, how can I encourage my friends to become more conscious human beings, just as I have? I feel like there is so... Read More »

How to Deal with Friends/Relatives Who Borrow Money

Money notes

“How do you deal with friends borrowing money? I lent money to a friend last January but he hasn’t paid up. I am usually strict with money matters but I made an exception for him as I knew he really needed the money. Recently, another friend is requesting me to... Read More »

Cooped Up Indoors? Get a Life with These 7 Tips

Guy working

Have you been working all day long in the office? Spending your weekday nights and weekends living vicariously through drama series? Feel like you are wasting your life away? Time to get a life. A while back, I was invited on Kiss 92 to do a four-week series on work-life balance.... Read More »

Backstabber Guide: 8 Tips to Deal with Backstabbers

How to Deal with Backstabbers

Recently I learned that a good “friend” backstabbed me by badmouthing me in a pretty malicious way. It wasn’t your innocuous, everyday gossip — it consisted of pretty vindictive statements which cast doubt on my character. When I heard it, I was furious, of course. What kind of a “friend”... Read More »

What To Do When You Have Been Betrayed by a Friend

Shattered glass

“How should we react when we find out that a friend betrayed us? How do I turn my anger into something positive instead but without being on the losing end? I was promised a great opportunity by a friend but found out that she secretly offered it to someone else... Read More »