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What I Learned From Growing Up in a Shaming Culture

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I was recently in this business meeting where this director openly shamed his subordinate in front of a group of people: in quite a nasty way too. He basically tore his subordinate apart and ripped him into shreds, criticizing him for having low awareness about what he himself (the director)... Read More »

5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Exam Performance

Exam Hall

This is a guest post by Daniel Wong. In this survey of more than 1300 participants, 96% said they feel anxious about exams. This high percentage isn’t surprising, but it still raises questions about whether the education system is overly competitive and stressful. I firmly believe that education should be... Read More »

How Students Can Overcome Their Fear Of Failure


This is a guest post by Daniel Wong of Living Large. “Put your notes away. It’s time to take the test,” says your teacher. You feel paralyzed by fear. Your stomach tightens. Your palms get sweaty. As your teacher places the test paper on your table, your mind goes blank. Sound... Read More »

5 Things To Note for Your Next Presentation

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This is a guest post by Benjamin Loh. Most of us procrastinate. Be it for that big project deadline, impending examination, exercising or even… the dreaded taxes. We try to keep it off our mental enclaves for as long as we can until it dawns upon us that time suddenly... Read More »

20 Words to Stop Misspelling Today

Spelling Bee Contest

Reading comments online, I notice that there are people who write flawlessly, while there are people with spelling and grammar mistakes littered all over their writing. While there is no prize for the best speller, fundamental spelling mistakes in your writing can distract the reader and create a negative first... Read More »