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56 Most Inspirational Songs of All Time

Most Inspirational Songs of All Time

“Hi Celes, thank you for this post on movies. A great way to discover great inspirational movies. If I may request, can we have a post for list of most inspiring songs?” ~ Rajesh G You may have experienced this before: you feel down or frustrated about something. You catch a tune from the radio and you start to sing along. Somehow, after listening and singing, you feel energized and…

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20 Amazing Commercials to Inspire the Greatness in You

Inspiring Commercials

Do you watch TV? If you do, you would have seen countless commercial clips in between TV segments, where companies frantically advertise their products and services in 15-45 seconds, hoping to grab your attention and get you to buy their stuff. Personally, I don’t watch TV for 2 main reasons: (1) most syndicated programs today tend to be quite low consciousness (targeting feelings of jealousy, greed,…

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Healthy Living Challenge, Jan 2015

Healthy Living Challenge

This is the overview page for 14-Day Healthy Living Challenge where hundreds of participants from around the world work together to improve on their diet and fitness in January 2015. While the challenge is over, you can still do the tasks in your own time! Scroll below for all the challenge tasks and posts. Here are all the posts for Healthy Living Challenge (Jan 2015 run): Introduction / Announcement: 14-Day Healthy Living Challenge (244…

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Bucket List Ideas: 101 Things To Do Before You Die

Bucket List Ideas: Things to Do Before You Die

“Every man dies — Not every man really lives.” ~ William Ross “The only people who fear death are those with regrets.” ~ Author Unknown A few days ago, I was surfing online when I came across someone’s bucket list. It inspired me to create my own list and write an article about it at the same time. What’s a Bucket List? If you haven’t…

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15-Day Affirmation Challenge

Affirmation Challenge

This is the overview page of the 15-Day Affirmation Challenge where hundreds of participants around the world gather to practice positive affirmations for 15 days, in July 2014. The challenge is now over, but you can do the tasks in your own time. Visit the overview page for all Affirmation Challenge tasks and posts. Here are all the posts for Affirmation Challenge: Introduction / Announcement: 15-Day Affirmation Challenge (467 official participants! See: Participant list) Day 1 [New Beginning] | 78 Comments…

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How I Found My Soulmate, Part 1: My Journey in Love

Engagement shoot: Ken giving me a piggyback ride in the forest-park

This is part 1 of my love series where I share my love journey, how I met my soulmate (Ken Soh), and how to attract authentic love into your life. So many of you have been asking me, since I got attached (and subsequently engaged), how I got to know my then-boyfriend and now-fiance, Ken Soh. Some of you requested to know how we got together,…

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14-Day Gratitude Challenge

Gratitude challenge

This is the overview page for the 14-Day Gratitude Challenge in August 2013. The challenge is over but you can still do the tasks in your own time! Scroll below for all the Gratitude Challenge tasks and posts. Introduction / Announcement: 14-Day Gratitude Challenge (Over 200 official participants! See: Participant list) Day 0: Start a Gratitude Journal Day 1: Write 10 Things You are Grateful For Day 2: Give Thanks for…

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