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Why I Used to Hate My Feet

Feet covered with flowers

Have you ever had a body part that you hated? A body part that people kept criticizing, even though it’s simply a natural part of your body? I used to hate my feet when I was younger. The reason was because of my feet size. They are larger than the... Read More »

The Day I Flew (My Paragliding Experience in Cape Town!)

Celes Paragliding in Cape Town, off Lion's Head

Hi everyone!! 😀 Today, I’m excited to share my paragliding experience when I was in Cape Town last year! This post is LONG overdue, given that I’ve been meaning to write it before I got engaged, married, and all! (Speaking of which, I have yet to share my wedding photos and... Read More »

I’m Married!!

Ken Soh and Celestine Chua, married

I’m actually on vacation now, so I’m just popping in quickly to announce that after exactly 11 months from Ken’s proposal (on June 25, 2013), we’re finally married!!! 😀 Us with our marriage certificate; that’s my parents on the right and Ken’s on the left! 🙂 Our wedding took place at Shangri-La hotel... Read More »