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How to Build an Edge: Develop Your Talent Stack

Talent Stack

Talent stack is a concept created by Scott Adams, creator of the Dilbert comic. It’s the idea that you can combine normal skills until you have the right kind to be extraordinary. An example is Scott. He’s not the best artist — there are better artists than him. He’s not much... Read More »

Level Up in Your Work and Life

Level up!

Many times in the pursuit of our goals, we hit brick walls that stop us from advancing. This is especially so when what we are trying to achieve is bigger than what we are capable of accomplishing at the point. To achieve a state where we become bigger than our problems,... Read More »

10,000 Hours To Develop Talent

10,000 Hours

In the book Outliers: The Story of Success, Malcolm Gladwell studied the “outliers” — i.e., the most successful people of the world, including sportsmen, business people, musicians and scientists, to understand key factors behind their success. He found the key denominator to all their success isn’t natural aptitude as many like... Read More »

Skills Development

Man Climbing Mountain

Have you ever tried to achieve a goal but achieved mediocre results? Have you ever seen other people achieve their goals effortlessly and wonder how they do that? This is where skills development comes in. In this post, I share more about skills development, why it’s an important part of goal... Read More »

Why Do Some People Have Innate Talent? It’s Not Fair!

Girl drawing

“Hello Celes! I read your talent article and have a question. I mean, when I listen to voices like Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and Christina Aguilera, they must have an innate gift. Why are there are no other singers like them? I don’t know what to believe about talent, if... Read More »

How to Turn Your Weakness into a Strength


Hi Celes, my resolution for this day is to turn my weakness into a strength. Do you have any idea how to start ? Thank you. ~ irazhane Any weakness can be turned into a strength. Likewise, any skill you have can also be turned into an expertise. It all boils... Read More »