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The Number of Failures Before Success [Infographic]

How Many Times Should You Try? [Infographic]

In a society where the one thing constantly celebrated and harped on is success, sometimes we forget the failures that come along with every “person of the year” cover story. Today’s infographic highlights some of the failures experienced by world-renowned individuals: Breaking it down, Steven Spielberg was rejected by the University of Southern California Film... Read More »

How to Find Purpose After a Hard Fall in Life


Last week a course participant shared with me that she just had a hard fall in life. She recently lost her baby, left her job, and has been working on her startup in the past year which has not taken off in the way she wanted. She asked me if I have any... Read More »

How to Deal with Disillusionment as You Grow Older

Man on the cliff

“How do I deal with disillusionment as I grow older? Disillusionment in the sense that I now perceive the world to be a rather cold and harsh place, filled with people who only mind their own interests. This is in stark contrast with what I used to see the world as:... Read More »

The Emotional Journey of Creating Anything Great [Infographic]

The Emotional Journey of Creating Anything Great [Infographic]

Are you working on something now and feeling the pain of the creation process? Today’s infographic shares the emotional journey that most people go through when trying to create something GREAT: Here are the phases of this journey: This is the best idea ever!! — When you just concocted an idea and you’re excited... Read More »

I’m Depressed about My Lack of Progress. What Should I Do?

Depressed man sitting in the tunnel

“Hi Celes, I often feel depressed and regretful about my lack of progress in life. Honestly I am angry and bitter about it. This creates a lot of anxiety for me and I think it’s a big source of my procrastination. What can I do about this?” ~ X Dearest X, I’m really sorry to hear that you’re... Read More »

The Toddler Strategy

Toddler crying

A while back I read this interesting piece on Seth Godin’s blog about the toddler strategy. He says most people don’t get too upset with what a 2-year-old says to them. That’s because a 2-year-old is just a toddler, with little understanding of the world, just forming his/her first experiences of life. A 2-year-old may say something... Read More »