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How to Build an Edge: Develop Your Talent Stack

Talent Stack

Talent stack is a concept created by Scott Adams, creator of the Dilbert comic. It’s the idea that you can combine normal skills until you have the right kind to be extraordinary. An example is Scott. He’s not the best artist — there are better artists than him. He’s not much... Read More »

The Power of Little Changes

Graph: Significant difference from taking a little action over time

A while back I saw this video which shows the aging of a computer-generated human model from a small kid to elderly in under 5 minutes. Titled “Danielle,” you can check out the video here: As you watch, notice how the second-by-second changes aren’t significant at all? For example, when you watch any part of the video... Read More »

Have You Seen this Lady Before? (The Market Leader Effect)

Overexposed model:

For the past month, Ken has been telling me about this stock image model who seems to appear everywhere. He would point out her ads whenever we chance by them (for example, there’s this storage solutions ad near our home with her in it; she’s also in Teamviewer ads, and we use Teamviewer), but I... Read More »

The Importance of Upgrading Your Tools

Old typewriter

In Skills Development, I shared the importance of developing our skills to achieve maximum results. Similarly, it’s important to have the best tools to achieve the best results. By tools, I mean whatever software or equipment you use for your work. For a blogger it includes your laptop and your mobile device. For a... Read More »

7 Tips to Choose Your Battles and Fight for What Matters

Choose your battles

A few months ago, I met this guy who kept criticizing me and other people. Even though he is highly successful by conventional terms — he is a multi-millionaire and has built successful businesses — he kept putting people down with every comment. Thrown off by his behavior, I didn’t retaliate but acted... Read More »

How to Stop Analysis Paralysis: 8 Important Tips

Analysis Paralysis

Analysis paralysis is the state of over-thinking about a decision, to the point that a choice never gets made. You face analysis paralysis when you… are overwhelmed by the available options, over-complicate the decision when it’s supposed to be quite simple, feel compelled to pick the “right” choice, thereby delaying any decision until... Read More »

What to Do When You Feel Uninspired

Woman bored

“Hi Celes, life is the result of the emotions you feel from moment to moment (resulting in the connectedness to a wonderful life). What do you do when there are the moments where it feels ‘dry’?” — Michel “How do you deal with loss of motivation?” — Charu I firmly... Read More »