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Are You Planting the Seeds for Your Future?

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Last week I was researching a software tool for my business. Imagine my surprise when the CEO responded to my inquiry: “Celes, you probably don’t remember but you coached me during some of my tough times. You and Tony Robbins helped me…

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Our Unique Path in Life

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Do you tend to compare yourself to others? Do you constantly feel pressured to conform to certain standards, to fit yourself in a perfect mold as told by society? Today’s episode is about our unique path in life. Click below…

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What is Your Impact on the World?

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As a person in this world, it’s easy to think that we don’t matter. But all of us have an impact on others by virtue of our existence. Even if you’re just quieting living out your life, you still impact others…

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In a world where we are increasingly connected, I feel oddly disconnected. While we have Facebook that connects us with people, I feel that social media has become a tool for low-level messages and knee-jerk reactions. Facebook today tends to showcase…

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