Be a Better Me in 30 Days Challenge (May 2012) [Sign Ups Closed]

Be a Better Me in 30 Days Program

Want to be a better person this coming month of May? Ready to evolve into your ideal self? Do you want to be the YOU on YOUR own terms??

If so, join us in the May Live Run for Be a Better Me in 30 Days Challenge! 😀


Introducing: Be a Better Me in 30 Days Program

30BBM is a character transformation challenge where you work on yourself, your character, and your personality—thereby creating a better you at the end of the 30 days.

Below are some of the many things you will be working on in the upcoming 30BBM:

  • Become a better person – One that you will be proud of. If I were to ask you to rate yourself on a scale of 1-10, what score would you give yourself? Would you rate it a 10? Why/Why not? No matter how good you are, there is always room to be a better person. Through 30BBM, you will work towards the 10/10 version of yourself.
  • Weed out undesired traits. Do you have any traits which you don’t like? For example: Procrastination. Laziness. Pessimism. Clumsiness. Carelessness. Forgetfulness. Tardiness. Impatience. Low self-confidence. Abrasiveness. Obsessiveness. Complaining. Self-victimizing. Etc. Does any of these sound familiar to you? During 30BBM, you will explore your negative traits and weed them out, one at a time.
  • Build new, desired traits. All of us have an ideal version of ourselves we want to work toward. Same for you too. What traits do you want to cultivate? Compassion? Assertiveness? Responsibility? Resilience? Courage? Self-Belief? Sharpness? Wisdom? Wittiness? Femininity? Masculinity? Diligence? Through 30BBM, you will work on embodying your ideal traits.
  • (Re-)Discover yourself. (Re-)Discovering who you are, on a whole new level. Connecting with your inner self. Knowing why you behave the way you do. Understanding the motivations behind your actions. Such self-reflection is needed for you to improve and become better.
  • Cultivate timeless virtues. There are universal values that connect us as humans. These values include Compassion, Gratitude, Love, Kindness, Truth, Authenticity, Generosity, Positivity, Growth, and more. You will reacquaint with some of these values and practice applying them to others.
  • Be a better person… to OTHERS. You live in a world where there are other people, and where you play important roles to those people. In 30BBM, you will work on improving yourself in your roles to others.
  • Be connected with your inner world. 30BBM has many deep, provoking tasks that require you to really connect DEEP inside with your inner self, work on annoyances, shames, past wrongs and grievances, and emerge as a new, internally-aligned person.

And many more character development tasks!

May 2012 30BBM Challenge

To celebrate the new launch of 30BBM Program, I’m conducting a May Live Run, where participants from around the world will get to do the program TOGETHER, as a group – in a private, exclusive forum. This is going to be the first ever official live run for the new 30BBM Program.

All past live runs for all PE challenges have always generated explosive effects – and this one is going to be no different!

How to Sign Up – 2 Simple Steps!

  1. Register for your account in PE Forums. The challenge will take place in the forums. (If you already have an account, skip this step)
  2. Reply to this post with the following info:
    1. Your transaction ID. (Check the confirmation email you received along with your purchase of 30BBM. It’s stated inside the email). If you have not gotten your copy of 30BBM yet, get it now! We will be using both the 30BBM Guidebook and Workbook during the course. More information: Be a Better Me in 30 Days Program
    2. The first 4 characters of the paypal account you used to purchase 30BBM. Meaning if your PP account is helloworld at gmail dot com, then write “hell” (umm ok…).
    3. Your forum username. So I can give you access to the private forums for the May run!

And you are done! 😀 I’ll verify your information and give you the access within 12 hours (usually within a few hours). Once that is done, I’ll reply to your comment here.

You can also head straight to the forums and check periodically to see if you are able to view the threads inside the 30BBM May forum.


After Gaining Access

After you get access to the May run, here are the next steps!

  1. Check into the 30BBM May forums.
  2. Introduce yourself to everyone inside!
  3. Read the first 2 chapters of 30BBM Guidebook to get a headstart. (“Introduction to 30BBM” and “Your 30BBM Workbook”)
  4. Read the 7 Tips To Make 30BBM a Success For Everyone
  5. Bookmark the 30BBM May forums and get ready for Day 0’s prework, which will be going up on April 30! 😀

Get Ready To Be a Better You in May!

That’s it, and let’s get rocking in the 30 days ahead! 😀 Can’t wait to kick off the first *official* members run for 30BBM!

Any questions? Post them here!

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