25 Random Things About Me

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This is a Meme that has been going around Facebook. 🙂 Initially I ignored it, then I thought that it will be a fun way to let you readers find out some random trinkets about me. 😀

  1. Favorite drinks. My preferred beverages are either plain water or fruit/vegetable smoothies. I don’t drink coffee at all – I just do not like the idea of having stimulant (caffeine) in my body. I also stopped drinking sodas years ago as part of a healthier lifestyle.
  2. Cycling. I don’t know how to cycle. Ever since I was young, my parents have kept me from anything remotely dangerous, which includes bicycles. Usually people around me are quite shocked when I tell them I don’t know how to cycle, which is considered a very basic skill! I made a couple of attempts to pick up cycling after I grew up but never kept at it since there hasn’t been a need to learn it.
  3. Ice skating goal. The reason why I want to learn rollerblading is because I want to be a veteran ice skater – I really admire the skill, grace and elegance of ice skaters.
  4. Family. My immediate family consists of my dad, my mom, and my elder brother who is 2 years older than me. I’ve been living with them all my life – it’s Asian tradition that you stay with your family until you get married/get up your own family.
  5. Short-sighted. I’m short-sighted, with -3.75 and -2.75 myopia in left and right eyes respectively.
  6. Height. I’m 5′ 7″ (170+cm), which is quite tall for an Asian girl (the average Singapore girl is 5′ 3″ or 160cm). Growing up, I was usually one of the taller girls in my primary and secondary school classes. This meant I would be sitting toward the back of the class and standing at the back during assemblies. Sitting at the back allowed me to multi-task (finishing assignments so I didn’t need to bring them home or making plans for my websites since I owned a network of sites back then).
  7. Talking speed. I’ve been repeatedly told all my life that I talk really fast. I’d like to think that I’ve slowed down considerably over the years, though people still tell me I talk fast. When I’m excited, my speed increases by 2-3x.
  8. Hair. I had short hair up till when I was 18. My mom didn’t want to let me to have long hair, because she said it’s not conducive for Singapore’s tropical climate. As a kid, I hated it and felt oppressed whenever she forced me to get my hair cut. Because I always had short hair, I never thought much about getting long hair until I hit 18. That was when I realized was just an illogical subconscious conditioning and decided to break out of it. Today, my hair is long and extends beyond my shoulders.
  9. Nickname. I got the nickname ‘kawaii’ among my friends since 5 years ago. Kawaii means cute in Japanese.
  10. Waitressing. For a long time even till today, I have a deep seated wish to try waitressing, just for a week or two. I think it’s fun to be in the front line, interact with customers, and serve others. I also think waitressing is a challenging job which will stretch and make one grow.
  11. Sleeping. I’m quite a light sleeper. Unless I’m exhausted and tired, I usually wake up quite easily in the presence of disturbances.
  12. My mini bolster. I have a mini bolster nicknamed ‘Elmo’ which has been with me ever since I was born. Every night, I would go to sleep having it covering my ear. I did this up till I was 26 – Today I no longer have that.
  13. Braces. I wore braces for 1.5 years when I was 20-22. It took me a long while to make the decision since I didn’t want to have a ‘metal mouth’ for two years. In the end I resolved the situation by going ceramic braces (tooth colored kind). I couldn’t be happier that I got my braces done when I did.
  14. Idealism. Being an idealist, I love anything that uphold idealistic themes of good vs. evil, forces of light vs. dark, with the good eventually triumphing over evil in the end. This is evident from my favorite movies, shows, games, etc.
  15. Video gaming. Growing up with an elder brother of 2 years got me exposed to the world of video games. I played a lot of consoles games before from all kinds of different genres. I ended up becoming a more avid gamer than him! We started out from the 8-bit Micro Genius when I was 8 (it was 1992 then!), to 16-bit Sega Genius, then 32-bit Sega Saturn, Dreamcast, Playstation, and eventually Playstation 2. I gradually stopped playing a couple of years back. My all time favorite genre is definitely RPGs for their engaging storylines and depth of plots (Final Fantasy!). I would say the idealistic themes advocated in RPGs/games helped shape the idealist in me (see #14).
  16. Favorite shows. My all time favorite movies typically belong to the romantic comedy (#15) and superhero genres (see #16). Some of them are Ever After, Anastasia (watched this over 10 times!), Click, The Lion King, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, X-men, Spiderman, and generally the Marvel movies. Memento is a really smart show worth checking out too. My favorite dramas through the years are Buffy, Angel, Charmed (up till season 5, the seasons afterward pretty much went downhill), Prison Break and Heroes (season 1). Joss Whedon’s Buffy and Angel are easily two of the best dramas in its time. Today, I don’t watch TV anymore. Read: 10 Reasons You Should Stop Watching TV
  17. Mass media. I don’t read the news. The mass media features content that vibrates at low levels of fear, desire and pride, so engaging in them lowers my consciousness. I figure if something is important enough, it will eventually reach me through my friends. In a way, people around me act as quality filters for what’s worth knowing and what’s not. If I want to watch TV shows, I’ll get the syndicated content where I don’t need to be viewing ads.
  18. Memory. I’ve quite a sharp memory. There are times when I can recall events dated years ago, right down to specificity in terms of the exact word-for-word conversations that transpired, where it took place, what people were wearing, how the situation unfolded, and so on.
  19. Visual (Spatial) learner. I’m more of an visual person than audio person. I grasp and remember things better with visuals and imagery than with sounds.
  20. Songs. When I listen to songs, I listen to the tune, rather than lyrics. As a result, my likes/dislikes toward music are based on the former than latter. I’m also not conscious of the lyrics of many of the songs I like unless I make a point to listen.
  21. Graphic design. I picked up web and graphic designing skills by myself when I was young (14-15). In fact, I ran my own freelance graphic designing business for about a year when I was studying in university (I briefly mentioned this in my story growing up). Eventually I stopped when I graduated, since it would be too busy to straddle across two jobs.
  22. Cold hands/feet. My hands and feet get cold very easily. They’re the first to get cold when I’m in a cold place.
  23. Birthmark. I have a black mole about 7~8mm in diameter on the side of the second finger on my left hand. It’s a birthmark I had since young and I’ve been told by various people that it’s a lucky mole (based on Chinese and Buddhist beliefs).
  24. Religion. I don’t conform to a religion. I was born Buddhist (my family is Buddhist), but I eventually shed away any attachments to a religion. Today, I open myself to different things and go with whatever works. I prefer to align with higher, universal values of truth, compassion and love, rather than restrict myself to a certain school of thought.
  25. Connectivity. Given the work I do, I’m very wired into the internet. I can’t imagine staying in a place where there is no internet access. That would be terrible!


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