My Birth Story: Breastfeeding and Skin-to-Skin Post-Birth

My Birth Story

This is part 2 of my birth series, where I share my pregnancy journey and my birth story. If you’ve not read part 1 yet,…
Buchup Week 1


Some of you may have noticed that updates at PE have been slow of late. There have been lots that I want to share, but…
How To Say No

How To Say No To Others

“I find it a challenge to say no to people and often, I end up with too many commitments than I’m comfortable with. However, if…
Sad girl, walking away with her teddy bear

Nobody Loves Me

Have you ever felt this way before? That nobody loves you? If so, you’re not alone. I’ve felt that nobody loves me before, and in…
How To be Productive, Not Busy

How To Be Productive, Not Busy

It is so easy to be busy rather than productive in today’s world. With so many notifications and things screaming for attention, oftentimes, we could…
Girl alone in the forest, with a road before her

You’re not alone

Have you ever felt like you’re alone sometimes? That you’re facing life’s struggles but you’re going through so much pain alone? That no one seems…
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