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The Emotional Journey of Creating Anything Great [Infographic]

The Emotional Journey of Creating Anything Great [Infographic]

Are you working on something now and feeling the pain of the creation process? Today’s infographic shares the emotional journey that most people go through when trying to create something GREAT: Here are the phases of this journey: This is the best idea ever!! — When you just concocted an idea and you’re excited by this new goal This...

My 2016 in Review: Simplifying, Setting the Right Foundations

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Hey everyone! Following tradition, today I’m excited to share with you my year end review for 2016. My objectives are to let you know what I’ve been up to, share my plans for the new year, and hopefully inspire you to do the same. As we usher in the new year, I hope you can make time to review...

Are You Emotionally Generous?


“There is a wonderful mythical law of nature that the three things we crave most in life – happiness, freedom, and peace of mind — are always attained by giving them to someone else.” – Peyton Conway March How generous are you with your emotions? Do you praise people often? Do you praise others at all? Do...

How to Choose Your Battles and Win the Big War

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A while back, I met this guy who was weirdly negative and filled with contempt for others. Even though he is highly successful by conventional terms — he has built successful businesses and is a multi-millionaire — he kept putting people down with every other statement made. For example, after knowing that I coach and blog, he began to put down...

How to Stop Analysis Paralysis and Make Great Decisions Quickly

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How are you when it comes to decision making? Do you spend a long time thinking over every single thing? Are you often afraid to make the wrong move? Do you feel the need to analyze every option? Do you sometimes miss perfectly good opportunities or waste time due to your meticulousness? If so, congratulations — you “suffer”...

‘I’m a Fraud’ – 7 Tips to Overcome the Impostor Syndrome

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During a recent run of my Anti-Procrastination Course, I was working with participants to uncover their inner resistances. A participant shared this belief, “I’m a fraud.” Even though she wants to build her coaching practice and host retreats worldwide, there are times when she procrastinates because she feels unconfident about what she’s trying to do. She says, “[I feel as...