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Be a Better Me in 30 Days Guidebook
The whole experience was far beyond my expectations, and I was expecting a lot. I have made huge strides in overcoming my negative traits.
Amazing. Even though it’s just been 30 days, a lot has happened. I’ve gained more confidence, patience and understanding for myself and others.
30BBM was one of a kind experience – rich, beautiful, liberating, and inspiring.
I have gained invaluable insight into how I work as a person. Even better, I’ve experienced first hand how I can turn things around. The “Discover Your Ideal Self” task was monumental.
…The best part was when two separate family members, who had no idea I was doing 30BBM, commented how much I have changed. That they noticed a [positive] change proves that 30BBM really works.
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Be a Better Me in 30 Days GuidebookBe a Better Me in 30 Days™ (otherwise known as 30BBM) is an intensive character transformation program to help you become a better YOU in just 30 days.

30BBM is packed with 30 high impact tasks to be done one per day, from unrooting your undesired traits, embodying your ideal traits, upholding virtues, switching limiting thoughts, exploring your annoyances, working on forgiveness, and many more. Each task has been specially created and designed to trigger deep realizations to aid you in evolving into your highest self. You will be doing some really deep, serious, inner work in the 30 days ahead – which will undoubtedly transform you into a better, more conscious, more aligned person – both to yourself and to others around you. 

What’s more, the program itself has unlimited re-do value – I have intentionally designed all the tasks to be timeless in nature. This means you can do it again and again, once every 3-6 months, and learn something new each time. Don’t just hear it from me though – read what past participants have to say!

The 30BBM Program comes with the following to help you in your character transformation journey:

Be a Better Me in 30 Days Guidebook and Workbook

  • 30-day Character Transformation Program that will make you a better person by your definition – for life.
  • 233-page Comprehensive Guidebook that will guide you through 30BBM – every step of the way (the book on the left).
  • 107-page Activity Workbook with detailed templates to guide you through each individual task (the book on the right).  This is a separate activity book on top of your 30BBM guidebook. In the workbook, you’ll get:
    • Detailed templates for all the 30 days’ tasks
    • Reflection logs to jot down your findings and thoughts for each day
30BBM Guidebook

The cover art for the guidebook. Like 30DLBL Program, you will get a 233-page comprehensive 30BBM Guidebook that will guide you through your 30BBM journey.

30BBM Workbook

This is your 107-page 30BBM Workbook with templates for every day’s task (where applicable). This is a separate book on top of your 30BBM guidebook. Inside, you’ll find detailed templates for all of the 30 days’ tasks and daily reflection logs to jot down your findings and thoughts.

30BBM Guidebook + Workbook

Both the guidebook and the workbook will come with your 30BBM purchase. Together, you’ll have the core materials required to embark on your 30BBM journey.

30BBM Guidebook: Introduction to 30BBM

A sneak peek at what is inside the guidebook. This is the introduction section, where you will find the briefing for your 30-day character transformation journey ahead.

30BBM Workbook: My 30 BBM Overview Sheet

This is the overview sheet in the Workbook for you to keep track of all your 30BBM tasks.

30BBM Guidebook: Assess Yourself

How do you rate yourself on a scale of 1-10? 30BBM starts off by getting you to do a self-assessment. Taking a hard look at yourself, rating how you are today against your ideal self, and identifying the areas to be worked on.

30BBM Guidebook: Explore an Undesired Trait

In 30BBM, you will be doing a deep exploration of your undesired traits – starting from Day 2. This is akin to a mental surgery whereby you will be purging out the unwanted impurities in your consciousness so you can make way for the new you.

30BBM Workbook: My Undesired Traits

This is the workbook template for your self-assessment task. You will be identifying your undesired traits and selecting your top 3 undesired traits, so you can work on addressing them, one at a time, on Days 2-4.

30BBM Guidebook: Discover Your Ideal Self

What is your ideal self like? In Day 5, you will be uncovering your ideal self, via connecting with your higher self through a beautiful meditation and deep visualization exercise. This image of your ideal self will essentially be the person you are to grow into as you enter your next phase in life.

30BBM Workbook: My Ideal Self

Workbook template for Day 5’s task. After you “meet” your ideal self, you will be selecting the 5 ideal traits that represent him/her. This is the person you are going to grow into in the next few weeks/months!!

30BBM Guidebook: Positive Traits List

Positive traits list with 186 possible positive traits you can take on for your ideal self (and many more not captured in the list). There is literally no end to the number of traits we can grow into!

30BBM Guidebook: Create Your Character Board

Do you have a character board? Creating your character board is an all-time favorite task among 30BBM participants! L. Linall, Jr. puts it best- “Visualization and belief in a pattern of reality activates the creative power of realization.”. This is where you create a physical (or digital) board to celebrate your ideal self – and as a foreshadowing of the person you are about to become!

30BBM Guidebook: Your Ideal Traits

You didn’t think that you are going to identify your ideal traits and not be embodying them, did you?? 30BBM is a holistic program of theory, planning, AND action-taking. You will be working to embody each of your 5 ideal traits in the 2nd week of the program!

30BBM Guidebook: Get a Role Model

Do you have a role model? Having a role model is important because it helps us to discover what’s possible – and stretch us to reach greater heights. This task is to get you to identify a role model who deeply inspires you. For those who already have a role model, you are to review if your current role model is a still a match for you – and if not, to identify a new one.

30BBM Guidebook: Reflect on Criticism

Receiving criticisms is part and parcel of life. We should not try to deflect criticisms, but learn to distill learnings from them. In one of the 30BBM tasks, you will reflect on a past criticism you receive and use it to become a better person.

30BBM Guidebook: Appreciate Yourself

30BBM Workbook: Appreciating Myself

Appreciating others is important, and so is appreciating yourself. Do you give yourself credit for all the things you’ve done in life so far? On Day 16, your task is to identify things you love about yourself – and then, to write a letter of appreciation to yourself.

30BBM Guidebook: Evaluate Yourself in Your Roles

All of us play different roles to different people in our lives, and you are no different. On a scale of 1-10, how do you rate yourself in your 3 most important roles? You will be doing a detailed evaluation on Day 20, and then working to improve yourself in those roles on Day 21.

30BBM Guidebook: Shames and Vulnerabilities

All of us have shames and vulnerabilities hidden inside us – and it’s extremely important to acknowledge them as part of
(a) becoming the person we are meant to be and (b) gaining a hold over the problem, such that we can then fix it. On Day 23 of 30BBM, you will be acknowledging a shame or vulnerability which you have been keeping locked up inside you.

30BBM Guidebook: Forgiveness and Letting Go

Is there something in your past you have still not let go of? When one is unable to let go of something, it’s because there is something he/she is still blaming him/herself for. You will look into that on Day 25.

30BBM Guidebook: Limiting Thoughts

Being a better person requires you to constantly evaluate your thoughts, removing limiting ones, and put in place new, empowering thoughts. This will be one of the very important tasks you’ll be doing in 30BBM.

30BBM Guidebook: The Nature of Complaining

Complaining tends to divert your attention to the bad parts of your life, rather than the good parts. You will be identifying the things you tend to complain about, after which you will go on a day without complaining.

30BBM Guidebook: Write a Letter of Commitment

As one of the final tasks of 30BBM, you will be writing a letter of commitment to yourself – as a reminder of the person you want to grow into, and as a pledge to commit to your character development.

30BBM Logo

Get ready to be a better YOU in 30 days!

This has been an amazing experience in many ways.

Even though it’s just been 30 days, I feel that a lot has happened. And that is because the tasks have really demanded action from us. I’ve definitely gained more confidence in myself, more patience and understanding both for me and others. I feel that many great insights have emerged and will continue to do so as I continue with 30BBM. It’s amazing to see that in just 30 days we CAN make a big difference in our lives if we just choose to do so.

– Maria O

The experience itself has been extremely eye-opening – it allowed me to challenge what I perceived were my own personal limits, and to move well beyond those limits.

The best part was when two separate family members, who had no idea I was doing 30BBM, commented on how much I have changed over the last little while. The first noticed that I was much more talkative now and “had really come out of my shell”. The second commented on how assertive I have become, and how proud they were of me for it.

Both of these were traits I was trying to overcome as part of 30BBM, as I have always been extremely shy, quiet and passive. The fact that they noticed a change proves that 30BBM has really worked for me.

– Kimberly

The whole experience was far beyond my expectations, and I was expecting a lot. As a teacher and a small time leader, I take my hat off to you.

From this program, (1) I have learned to use a lot of powerful tools and learned how to face my fears and overcome them. (2) Made huge strides in overcoming negative traits such as procrastination, lack of focus, and discipline. It is truly amazing to me to see that I have begun to earnestly be organized, disciplined, focused, purposeful, and a better friend and family member. (3) I am truly striving towards my ideal self and embodying ideal traits. (4) The best of all- I have learned to transmit solid questions and needs rather than negative-nervous energy.

AND, I do not see this as a done. I am so looking forward to evaluating and seeing myself step up the ladder and become a better me.

– Claire R

30BBM brought a lot of positive consequences for me, but I think the most important was the realisation that the personal growth is unstoppable and continues in every minute. I gained more courage to actively engage in relationships and I got the boost for personal growth in general– I had to wipe the dust off myself!

I’d say the most challenging (and the most rewarding) was the task of attaining feedback from others. It made me dare, open up, approach and ask my very important and sincere others about me (and I’m a person who just dreads receiving criticism!). I’ve decided to ask these questions about myself at the end of every year!

A big thank you, Celes!!! 

– Vanja

The 30BBM has been too awesome for words! I was taken by surprise at how hands on it was. I have gained invaluable insight into how I work as a person. Even better, I’ve experienced first hand how I can turn things around. I’ve basically learned a new way of being and I am going to commit myself to continuing on in a BBM way!

One of the best things about 30BBM is that it gives you even doses of reflection and action. I’m used to self help stuff being sort of like one big lecture – this is what you’re doing wrong, here’s that moment in your childhood that sealed your fate, etc and so on. 30BBM never lets you sit on your information which was great! It also challenged us to come up with our own action plans given what we learned, which was genius I think.

The “Discover Your Ideal Self” task was monumental because I chose (my) ideal and I think it’s an absolute winner. So, instead of just seeing an awesome TED talk and thinking “Gosh, how do I do that?!” I got to work on it for myself. The opportunity? Priceless.

Thank you all so much for this amazing experience! Thank you, Celes for sharing your brilliance with us all!

– Krys

30BBM was one of a kind experience for me– rich, beautiful, liberating, touching, inspiring.

In this one month I realized better what I need to gain and to do in order to become a better person. I’ve seen that from the beginning of the challenge my relation with my boss has improved, I’m more relaxed in his presence and also I’m able to communicate much better with my friends, colleagues and new people. I’ve been more courageous and confident than usual in several situations and much, much more inspired and happy in the last weeks, no matter what was around me.

I loved how 30BBM allowed each one of us to work on our own issues and how it challenged us – pushing out of our comfort zone and making us to act and do things, directly and even without realizing it.

Tasks I benefited from the most: (1) The days of embodying ideal traits were truly inspiring. For me this meant finally learning how to live day after day in the spirit of my values. (2) The day of roles helped me to make a plan for improving each role in my life and helped me to see the bigger picture. (3) The day of sharing a shame or vulnerability was truly, truly special and one of a kind… I can’t say how much it helped me that day, how liberating it had felt for me and how much peace, understanding, compassion and freedom I`ve gained from it – thank you from all my heart for it! 

– Andreea

This has been my first online personal development course. Identifying where I am now, looking at where I want to be and the steps to get there is a simple, logical yet powerful method of personal change.

Through 30BBM, my heart has opened up – I don’t feel wary of other people now! The most transformational aspects of this course for me have been – the day of kindness/emotional generosity, letting go, looking at annoyances and realising what is in the way of me going out there and earning money writing. The character board is a wonderful reminder of what kind of person I am becoming.

– Hanna

This has been a life changing experience. I’ve learned it can all lead to a difference if we just act, not tomorrow, not next week, not next month but TODAY.

The biggest thing I feel is great about 30BBM is that it teaches us to view the world in unimaginable ways we would never believe possible before. It shows us how to challenge ourselves, never give up, do what we can even if it comes out wrong, etc.

I benefited the most from the task on vulnerabilities because it was a huge liberating task. Also the character board because I can stare at it each morning and remember just what I want. There is also the appreciation days that allowed us to speak the feelings we’ve been harboring for some time to a special somebody.

Thank you Celes for this wonderful experience.

– Fufu

[Through 30BBM] I’ve been able to get closer to myself and have been able to get a better perspective towards my life…..I’ve reached out more to people who matter a lot to me and have realized how pouring out your heart on paper sets you free.

I had once shared a close bond with a friend back in my home country, after marriage I left for some other country and had lost connection with her…..but through one of the 30BBM tasks, seldom a week passes without at least talking once to her.

The days of appreciation hold a close place in my heart too as they both produced results that I’m simply more in love with myself and those around me.

Every one of the tasks wove me into the magic that Celes intended for us. Thank you. The barren depths of my life have been seeded into a serene colony of beautiful greens that will eventually color my life with the flowers of successful self growth.

– Arti

30BBM has been incredibly rewarding for me. I gained a lot, most importantly the insight that I am the only one responsible for my actions and by actively choosing to be a better meI can get really get there. I also learned that this requires getting to know myself better and listening to my own voice and that it all starts with baby steps.

I liked the appreciation task a lot, because showing emotional generosity is still somewhat hard for me and every time I have to muster up enough courage to step out of my comfort zone to tell others my feelings for them. I found out that this is because of an underlying fear of being rejected by the people I love most and it felt incredibly good and rewarding to find out that the opposite is true.

Another task I really liked was “right a past wrong”. Until I apologized to my friend and reestablished the contact I didn’t realize that the issue was always on my mind and consuming energy.

I’m so happy that I found Personal Excellence and I got the chance to do this awesome program! Thank you so much! 

– Hiru
  • What are the benefits I will get from doing 30BBM?

    Below are some of the many things you will work on in 30BBM:

    • Become a better person – One that you will be proud of. If I were to ask you to rate yourself on a scale of 1-10, what score would you give yourself? Would you rate it a 10? Why/Why not? No matter how good you are, there is always room to be a better person. Through 30BBM, you will work towards the 10/10 version of yourself.
    • Weed out undesired traits. Do you have any traits which you don’t like? For example: Procrastination. Laziness. Pessimism. Clumsiness. Carelessness. Forgetfulness. Tardiness. Impatience. Low self-confidence. Abrasiveness. Obsessiveness. Complaining. Self-victimizing. Etc. Does any of these sound familiar to you? During 30BBM, you will explore your negative traits and weed them out, one at a time.
    • Build new, desired traits. All of us have an ideal version of ourselves we want to work toward. Same for you too. What traits do you want to cultivate? Compassion? Assertiveness? Responsibility? Resilience? Courage? Self-Belief? Sharpness? Wisdom? Wittiness? Femininity? Masculinity? Diligence? Through 30BBM, you will work on embodying your ideal traits.
    • (Re-)Discover yourself. (Re-)Discovering who you are, on a whole new level. Connecting with your inner self. Knowing why you behave the way you do. Understanding the motivations behind your actions. Such self-reflection is needed for you to improve and become better.
    • Cultivate timeless virtues. There are universal values that connect us as humans. These values include Compassion, Gratitude, Love, Kindness, Truth, Authenticity, Generosity, Positivity, Growth, and more. You will reacquaint with some of these values and practice applying them to others.
    • Be a better person… to OTHERS. You live in a world where there are other people, and where you play important roles to those people. In 30BBM, you will work on improving yourself in your roles to others.
    • Be connected with your inner world. 30BBM has many deep, provoking tasks that require you to really connect DEEP inside with your inner self, work on annoyances, shames, past wrongs and grievances, and emerge as a new, internally-aligned person.
All of the above is covered in 30BBM — and more.
  • What is the difference between 30DLBL and 30BBM?

    30DLBL and 30BBM are completely different programs that target 2 different areas of personal growth. None of the tasks in 30DLBL can be found in 30BBM, and vice versa. I’ve designed them to be mutually exclusive while complementary to each other.

    30DLBL is Live a Better Life in 30 Days, a life transformation program where you work on living a better life in just 30 days. All the tasks are designed to elevate the trajectory of your life now – if it’s stagnant, 30DLBL will kickstart your growth momentum; if it’s progressing steadily, 30DLBL push it to the next level.

    In 30DLBL, you will find yourself working on a series of crucial life development tasks like assessing the 11 major areas of your life via the life wheel (Day 1), designing your ideal life (Day 2), creating your life map for the next 1, 3, 5 years (Day 3), creating your vision board (Day 4), creating your action plan (Day 5), evaluating your routines (Day 9), tackling a frustration (Day 10), identifying your values (Day 15), discovering your life purpose (Day 16), creating your success network (Day 19), cultivating a new habit (Day 23), expanding your comfort zone (Day 24), and many more.

    30BBM is Be a Better Me in 30 Days Program, a character transformation program that helps you to be a better person, both to yourself and to others around you, in just 30 days. “Better person” here refers to your definition of what it takes to be a better individual. All the tasks are designed around character development.

    In 30BBM, you will find yourself working on a multitude of important character improvement tasks like discovering your ideal self (Day 5), embodying your ideal traits – one at a time (Days 7-11), appreciating yourself (Day 16), getting feedback from others (Day 17), reflecting on a criticism (Day 18), getting advice (Day 19), evaluating your roles to others (Day 20), addressing a shame or vulnerability (Day 23), letting go of a past grievance (Day 25), recognizing your limiting thoughts (Day 26), and many more.

    Both programs cover different areas of personal development that, when combined, enable you to become the highest person you are meant to be and live the best life you are meant to live.

  • Is it sufficient for me to do just one program?

    Since they are completely different programs that deliver completely different benefits, you should most definitely get both to get the best benefits.

  • Do I need to do 30DLBL or 30BBM first before doing the other?

    Not at all. I have designed the programs to be completely stand alone. You can do 30DLBL or 30BBM without having to do the other first. Both are complementary programs that work well alone but give you the best results when you complete both.

  • Which program should I do first—30DLBL or 30BBM?

    That depends on what you need most right now.

    Do you feel like you could do with a little boost in your life now – and you want to jump start your life to the next level? Or are you more interested in working on your personality so as to be the highest person you can ever be? If it’s the former, then 30DLBL is the way to go. If it’s the latter, then 30BBM is your answer.

    If you have never done 30DLBL or 30BBM before and you are open to doing either, I’ll recommend to go with 30DLBL first, because it is a holistic life development program. Then, continue on with 30BBM after that. Whichever program you pick to do first, it will be a transformational experience. You can always start on the next program after you have finished one.

  • Do you have a special bundle price for both products?

    Yes, as both programs work best together and are meant to be sister programs, I’ve created a special bundle price if you get both — also as an incentive to get you working on your growth. You’ll see this special offer when you scroll down to the end.

  • How many times should one do 30BBM? / How often should one do 30BBM?

    There is unlimited value in 30BBM, for it’s designed to be a timeless program to be done again and again, with unique insights to be taken away each time. 30BBM is not meant as a one-off, where you do it once and declare yourself “done”. You don’t just shower, exercise, or go to school once and declare yourself done, do you? It’s the same with 30BBM. I recommend doing it once every six months to a year. The months of January (start of the year), June (mid-year review) and/or December (end of the year) are great periods to do the program.

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