Ever since I made the decision to pursue my passion full-time, I have dedicated my life to helping others in the world to be their best self and live their best lives.

Personal Excellence is where I spend a huge amount of my time and energy, unconditionally writing free personal excellence articles and ebooks to help you live more consciously, achieve your highest potential and live your best life. On average, I spend at least 40 hours / week running, writing, maintaining and marketing the blog, making this a full-time job. I’ve also been financing the site independently since my journey in 2008.

If any point you have found my work to have helped and positive influenced you in one way or another, please consider supporting me via the following ways below. Everything you do will go a long way in supporting me and my work, as well as the overall vision of helping others live their best life. Apart from my personal finances, everything I earn is channeled back into pursuing my purpose to help others grow.

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In the years of blogging and writing hundreds of articles, I’ve released various high-value products to help you live your best life.

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  • Personal Excellence Courses: Here are my premium courses targeting different areas of personal development, from life transformation, to character transformation, to achieving a 10/10 self-esteem, to eliminating procrastination, and more. If you think my articles provide in-depth solutions, wait till you take these courses — they go so deep in a way my articles don’t and really tackle your issues at the very root.
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