Send a Question to PE Podcast

Have a question, message for me? Now you can with the voice recording option below! 😀

  • Please use a headset microphone for best quality. You will get to review your message before you send it. (You are welcome to still send a message even if you don’t have a headset mic, by the way!)
  • Share a bit about you! Let me know your name, where you’re from, and how long you’ve been reading PE. Give some background to your question too.
  • Keep your overall recording to under a minute. Every message is cut off at the 1.5 minute mark so please review before sending to ensure your question has been fully captured. (I’ve received questions that are cut off and couldn’t feature them as a result.)
  • Only 1 question a month please! Please ensure your question hasn’t been covered on the show before.
  • Please include your name and email address in the form when submitting your message.
  • Any promotional, disrespectful, or negative messages will be deleted.

I review voice recordings weekly to answer them on the show. Whether your question gets picked or not, please keep listening as I will eventually cover a similar topic at one point! 🙂

*Note that by sending this recording, you are permitting it to be used on the show.