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3 Worst Foods On the Planet: Are You Eating Them?

Potato Chips

This is a guest post by Alexander Heyne of Modern Health Monk. There are three food groups lurking in your pantry that are foiling your entire plans to lose weight, improve your health, or get a little bit more muscular. The scary thing is that they’re…


Ask Celes – My Father Just Passed Away and It Seems Pointless that He Isn’t Around Anymore. What Should I Do?

Ask Celes

Hi Celes! First, I wanted to congratulate you on your engagement! I am not sure if you remember me, but I used to participate all the time in your 30DLBL and 30BBM runs. I want to thank you for all you have contributed. Though you may…


Beautiful Advice from a Divorced Man after 16 Years of Marriage

Divorce contract

Lately I came across this insightful post by a divorced man (Gerald Rogers) sharing his advice on making marriages work, after his own 16-year marriage failed. Given that I’m getting married soon, and while I know my relationship/marriage with Ken will be forever, it’s still…


Are You Focusing on the Black Dot?

Black dot

Back in school, I had a history teacher whom I really hated. (But that’s not what today’s post is about.) I remember an analogy he shared during a lesson (it wasn’t even his idea too; it was one of his student’s) which stuck with me….


My (Future) Father-in-Law Just Started Using Facebook

Samsung Galaxy S4

This is my new endeavor to share my personal life through casual, lifestyle updates. While these posts will not be massive like my usual pieces, you can still expect a personal development lesson or two with each post. I’ll continue to write content-rich pieces alongside these…