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PEP 002: How to Deal with Depression When It Comes to Our Goals?

Depressed man sitting in the tunnel

PE reader Jessica wants to know how to deal with depression when it comes to our goals. Have you feel depressed when it comes to working to your goals? You’re not alone. I share 3 simple tips to get out of your funk and stay out of it.


Is It Realistic to Believe ‘Chase Your Passion and Money Will Follow’? (The Passion, Market, Skills Framework)

Money notes

“Hi Celes, is it realistic to believe ‘chase your passion and the money will follow’? I don’t know what my passion is yet, but having worked more than my fair share of high paying professional jobs, I’m convinced that while it is very important…


Introducing: The Personal Excellence Podcast!

Personal Excellence Podcast

Hi everyone! 😀 Today I’m super excited to announce the launch of the Personal Excellence Podcast! So for years, I’ve been writing articles at PE and creating content for all of you, but I’ve never created a podcast — until…


PEP 001: Welcome to the Personal Excellence Podcast!

Personal Excellence Podcast

Hi everyone! Welcome to the first ever episode of the Personal Excellence Podcast! In this introduction episode, I share why I’ve created this podcast and what you can expect in the episodes ahead.


Are Looks Important in a Marriage Decision?

Guy smiling at his date, at a bar

“Hi Celes, I’ve read your soulmate series on how you met Ken. Can I ask you a question: Would you have married him if you weren’t PHYSICALLY attracted to him? Personally I’ve encountered good/nice/okay guys who have expressed their interest, but I [rejected them…


Getting Burnt Out by the Internet? 7 Tips to Deal with Digital Burnout


Today I was at the beach. It was a refreshing feeling, seeing the waves and blue sea and hearing the calming waves. While I was there, it made me think about how much of the real world, nature we’re missing…