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Hi! I hope we can all support each other during this challenge!

I want to earn as much as possible, so I set my goal at $1,000,000 (£600,000). Plus setting my intention of $1,000,000 puts me into the feeling of already having that money, which lets the universe know I'm ready to receive it.

I have three websites to make money from, and I'd like to increase the revenue on all of them. I'm also a fashion designer and a musician (vocals/piano/guitar). My ultimate goal is to make music my main source of income, with passive income coming from my blogs and my clothing line as a side project.

1. My blog
My main blog has mostly articles about ethical beauty, fashion, and veganism. I have adsense and Chitika ads implemented on the site, adsense for Feeds on the RSS Feed, and affiliate links. I have an idea for an eBook as well.

2. My cosplay site/blog
My cosplay site used to just be a place to show off the costumes I've made, but I realised I could probably attract more visitors and just make it a generally more interesting site if I turned it into a blog too. So it only has 2 articles now, but I have lots more ideas. The site also gets a lot of traffic since it has like 50 pages or something and has been around for 2 years, so I decided to put adsense on all the pages. I also have a YouTube channel attached to the site that I'd like to eventually make more money from (one of my videos has adsense on it, but I'd like to make it a partner if possible). I'm also considering adding a store to the site.

3. Clothing/accessories line
I used to have an Etsy store, now I've decided to move to my own domain because the fees there are killing me. I have the website set up with all my products but figuring out the shopping cart, especially shipping charges, has been kind of tricky since I don't have a postal scale yet. I use the eShop plugin for wordpress, and it's admittedly proven to be less than user friendly. The good thing is, though, once I move to the city next month I'll have way more opportunities to sell the stuff I make in person and not just online.

4. music
This is my long term project. I've done lots of work on my skills and songs but I've found it tricky to make money doing it where I live now because I live in the country and don't have a car (required to get to most gigs). When I move to London I'll be able to play way more gigs, go to more auditions, and network more easily. I'm looking forward to it!


I earned a little on adsense since starting this challenge! £0.02, yay! :D

To do list:
- finish setting up store website
- sell excess belongings on eBay or wherever to prepare for moving next month
- update my blogs more often! like 2-3 times a week


Earnings to date: £0.02

Mar 14, 2011 at 8:06 am
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Cosplay, awesome. For our brick and mortar store that is one of the products we want to sell. Tell me what do you think the desire is for doing Cosplay is, is it the creativity of an individual, is it showing off in some sort of performance? What are the most important and most affordable items?
Apr 5, 2011 at 9:42 am
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