1-1 Life Coaching

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“A life coach does for the rest of your life what a personal trainer does for your health and fitness.” ~ Elaine MacDonald

Is there anything stopping you from
living your best life?

  • Passion. You aren’t following your passion. You spend every day doing things you dislike.
  • Business development. You wish to start your business but you don’t know how. OR You’re currently running a business and it’s doing well, but you wish to achieve greater results, faster.
  • Relationships. You feel you can get so much more out of your relationships. Your current relationships weigh you down than lift you up.
  • Goals and Dreams. You haven’t been pursuing your goals. You want to start living your highest life and realize your biggest goals and dreams.
  • Confidence. You aren’t always the most confident about yourself, and you realize this sabotages you sometimes.
  • Career. You’re under-performing vs. your own expectations. You feel you’re capable of so much more, but you just aren’t for some reason.
  • Purpose. You want to discover your life purpose. You want a life with more meaning and direction.
  • Overall Life. You’re overall okay with your life, but you don’t just want okay – you want a massive life. Somehow, somewhere, you know you can do so much more than what you’re doing now.

If any of the above applies to you, I’m here to help. :)

Hi, I’m Celestine Chua, life coach and founder of Personal Excellence. Since starting PE in 2008,  I have coached/trained thousands around the world to help them achieve excellence in their careers, business, life, relationships, health and life. In 2010, I was named one of the Top 30 Coaches in the World by Coaching Gurus International, alongside renowned coaches like Anthony Robbins. In 2013, I was profiled in MediaCorp’s documentary, Soul Sisters, about inspiring women in Singapore. I’ve been featured over 70 times in media, including CNN, Business Insider, CBS Business Network, Channel News Asia, and Asia One.

Today, PE is one of the top personal development blogs in the world, with hundred thousands of visitors each month.

Featured in MediaCorp’s documentary, Soul Sisters

On Channel News Asia, one of the top news network in Asia Pacific

Back on Channel News Asia again as a repeat guest sharing tips as a life coach

Celestine Chua on Good Morning Singapore!

On Good Morning Singapore! on Channel 8, one of the most popular TV channels in Singapore

Media feature

Some of many media channels I’ve been featured on before

How My Coaching Works

Lest you think that I’m here to tell you what to do and give you “sage” advice, you’re wrong. Unlike other coaches, I don’t tell you what to do or don’t do. Neither do I claim to have the answers to your problems. That’s because all the answers you need in life lie inside you, RIGHT NOW. I’m simply here, as your conduit, to help guide the answers out of you.

And that’s the essence of my coaching: I help YOU to be the best you and to achieve your highest ultimate potential in life, through YOUR own power — power which you’ve always had all along and lies deep inside you. This is probably the highest way you can grow; to connect with your inner self and uncover your personal power from within. My role here is to help you cut the BS, connect with your inner power, such that you can then flourish in your goals — whatever they may be.

“The coaching by Celes exceeded my expectations. I had eurekas almost every week! I got my life, which was eluding me for years, back. What I feel are the best things about her coaching are her Socrates coaching method, her genuine energy and dedication to see you through. It’s amazing that, she is right all long – the answers are all within ourselves.” ~ Stevens, Assistant Manager, 30

“While I entered the sessions with few expectations, my expectations were far exceeded. Celes was able to get me go beyond in the obvious in seeing what my passions were. Like a good coach should do, she did not provide answers, but guided me professionally to discover my own path. As a result, she got me to view things out of the box, from a different perspective.” ~ Larry Kahn, 58 (Larry has since moved on to pursue his passion by joining Peace Corps, a non-profit, and has been serving them for the past 4 years.)

Contrary to what some may think, coaching is not (just) about resolving “issues” or “problems.” You may be interested to know that many of my clients don’t come to me with “problems”; rather, they come to me with goals and dreams they want to achieve, after which we work on making them happen–in spades. In fact, many of my clients are very smart, talented individuals (some directors and business owners) who recognize that having a coach enables them to achieve even greater results and quicker than working alone!

After all, many world-class talents from Tiger Woods (top golfer who has won 18 World Golf Championships), to Mariah Carey (world singing legend), to Michael Jordan (world renowned legendary basketball player) have coaches, even though they already have the talent, the right attitude, and passion for success. And that’s perhaps why they are able to achieve the breakthrough results in their life, again and again, and ultimately become legendary winners in their fields.

Coaching is for anyone who wants to grow and break through to his/her next level in life. If you’re someone who is wants to achieve your peak potential and realize your grandest goals and dreams, coaching is for you.

Are We Right for Each Other?

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I’m absolutely passionate about YOUR success and helping you to achieve YOUR maximum results. Hence, I’m very specific about who I work with, as I want to ensure WE have the best working relationship together that creates the maximum results for you and gives you the most positive experience. Believe it or not, I’ve rejected potential clients before because I didn’t feel they would be a good fit. I don’t want to waste your time if you aren’t going to be compatible with my coaching. I want to make sure YOU get the best results for your investment.

You should only sign up for my coaching if

  • You recognize that the answers lie in you, not me. You’ll find that for most of our calls, I do very little talking. I’ll usually be asking questions to elicit the questions in you while you do the sharing. That’s because the answers you need are in you, not me. I’m simply your conduit to your inner magic.
  • You are ready to put in the due work. I’ve had clients who signed up for coaching but were silently using it as a crutch to avoid working on their problems. It’s not common, but it does happen. To get the best results, you need to take action and do the due work (there’ll be homework after each session that leads to our next session). Otherwise, you’ll only be wasting your money, your time, and my time. I don’t want that. I want you to win.
  • You understand that coaching is a process, not a miracle pill. Many of our life circumstances/problems aren’t created overnight; in fact, often times they are due to issues that were left unaddressed years if not decades ago. Know that the coaching is a process that doesn’t lead to binary results but rather, opens up new possibilities. By removing haste in your expectations, this is when the real magic happens.

My Coaching is NOT For You If…

  • You expect results right away in the first or first few sessions. While I’ve clients who experience deep emotional shifts in just our first call, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Don’t sign up for my coaching if you think you’ll achieve nirvana after our 1-2 sessions or earn a million dollars after a month. This is a process. Everyone starts from different places, and it’s more important that we focus on moving you forward vs. getting hung up on a particular X result when this result has never manifested all this while.
  • You think that I have all the solutions and answers. My role here isn’t to dispense you advice on what to do. Unlike what other coaches do, I do not serve as your advisor — rather, I’m here as an objective agent to support and GUIDE you to discover your answers from within. That’s because ALL the answers you need in life are INSIDE you. I’m merely here to help you discover and reconnect with your true self.
  • You have certain expectations on how the coaching should unfold. Do not come with expectations that you’ll say, discover your life purpose by the 4th session or that the sessions will create “magic” in your life. Doing so will only do the sessions and yourself injustice. Come with an open mind; this will help the coaching to unfold organically to unveil your real power.
  • You are not willing to commit to the HW (homework) and curriculum. As I mentioned above, the sessions will (often) come with HW that leads into the next session. If you think the sessions are only about us talking without anything to do after, or if you’re not willing to commit to the work needed to create your life transformations, then coaching isn’t for you.
  • You have conditions that require professional, medical help. My coaching isn’t therapy, counseling, or psychiatry. I’m not able to help individuals with conditions like Asperger’s, Bipolar disorder, Schizophrenia, or depression as that’s not what coaching is meant for. If you’ve any of these conditions, I recommend that you consult a medical expert who’ll be able to give you more targeted help (if you haven’t already).

What I Can Help You With

One-to-one coaching

The coaching results was beyond my expectations. I rate it a 10/10. At first I was hesitant because I was not sure whether it was worth enough to spend on self development which I thought I could learn by myself.

But within the first 3 sessions, I found out what I knew was the theory on living my best life had actually never been applied into my life. My relationships with my friends and family are now better, I feel surrounded by love each day, and Now I smile happily to welcome my new day. Thank you very much Celes. 😀 ” ~ Name withheld for confidentiality reasons, Manager, 35

Over the past 6 years, I have worked with hundreds of one-to-one clients on all topics, from career, to business, to life purpose, to love, to living a fulfilling life, to finance, to very personal problems. While there is no limit to what we can discuss (I’ve clients discuss the most private of things with me, all held in 100% confidentiality), here are the most common topics I coach on:

  • Finding your life direction / Discovering your passion. One of the most popular topics people seek my coaching on, this is the first step to living a truly fulfilling life. Unlike what you may think, you’re never too young or old to discover your life purpose: I’ve had clients and course participants from as young as their teens to 60s working with me on discovering their life purpose. If you want to live the most fulfilling life of YOUR creation, this is for you.
  • Building self-confidence. Self-confidence is necessary to live a fulfilling life and to achieve your maximum results in any goal. Unlike what you may find with other coaches, I do not believe in “ra-ra” methods to boost one’s confidence. Rather, I’ll work with you to find root causes blocking you from being fully confident. When these roots are uncovered and broken, you’ll automatically be confident by yourself, without external aids.
  • Breaking limiting blocks. All of us face blocks in life; often times, these blocks are invisible and limit you on a subconscious level. Whatever goals you are pursuing, know that you can achieve greater results at a faster time. I’m here to help you do that and soar to YOUR true greatness.
  • Creating a successful business. If you’d like to start your business, I’m here to accelerate your progress. I have successfully transitioned from a corporate career to running a financially viable business in less than a year. Here’s a snapshot of my business growth:
    • Within the first 3 months, I was generating income
    • By the 6th month, I was earning over $1,000 per month
    • By the end of my 1st year, I was earning about $2–3k / month
    • By the end of my 2nd year, I had months where I was earning nearly $10k

    Note that starting a business isn’t easy, and you need to give it a good 18 months before expecting results. Don’t sign up for my coaching if you’re expecting quick results and fast money; what we’ll work on are solid strategies and long-term foundations that’ll help you to succeed in your business in the long haul.

  • Bringing your business to the next level. If you’re an existing business owner, I can work with you to bring your business to the next level. I’ve worked with successful business clients to stay accountable to their business targets, stay on track in their plans, brainstorm on ideas, strengthen their business fundamentals, and break past obstacles, and they’ve proceeded to make big waves of changes in their business and life (one example here)!
  • Creating/Building an A-List blog. I’ve been running PE for six years grew it from 0 visitors to over a million page views a month in 2011 (less than three years after starting it). Today, it’s one of the leading personal development blogs online and has been featured in CNN, Cosmopolitan, Channel News Asia, Asia One, CBS Business News, Business Insider, and more. Whether you’re a new or veteran blogger, I can work with you to create your A-List blog.
  • Cultivate life-long positive habits / Eradicate bad ones. Do you experience bad habits that you can’t quit, such as emotional eating, smoking, or alcoholism? Bad habits that are hard to break have their roots in our subconsciousness and possibly our childhood, and breaking them requires us to delve deep into your mind to uncover the source and to address the issue at the root. The results will not be overnight, but the change will be permanent.
  • Achieving goal breakthroughs. What goals are you pursuing now? How would you feel if you are to achieve 10X your ideal target? I’ve been setting and achieving goals for over a decade (being a Dean’s Lister, landing a Fortune 100 career in a highly competitive field, creating a successful business from scratch, building a successful top blog, losing weight, overcoming emotional eating) and am extremely familiar with what it takes to succeed in goals. Goal achievement is very much a science, and by knowing the strategies and steps for success, you can achieve any goal you wish. I can coach you in any goal you wish — weight loss, business development, career success, academic studies, relationships, earning more money/income — and help you to achieve all-new success in it.

Limited Coaching Slots: Secure Yours Today

Guy on field with hands stretched out

“Celes, your coaching has been fantastic. You have been encouraging, supportive, and very kind. I’m now seeing more progress now in my goal than I have in the past 3 years doing it alone. You didn’t judge me or my goals. You genuinely cared about helping me. Your coaching is better than I could have ever anticipated. Thank you.” ~ Matt Leyva, 25

“I did not expect to see the results so fast. It is so magical! Celes is the best coach I have seen, no motherhood statement, no bluffs. She comes across as a very authentic and genuine coach during the coaching sessions. The best things about the coaching is that she is able to steer me to focus on the right issue and she never makes any judgment.” ~ Name withheld for confidentiality reasons, Business Woman, 44

Every year, I work with only a select number of clients to deliver the maximum results. While this means that I’ve to say no to many potential clients (and hence lose out on revenue opportunities), I prefer to build deep relationships with every client, know their ins and outs, and support them in achieving their maximum results, as opposed to a “touch-and-go,” “hi-bye” relationship with many people.

As such, I only work with clients who are ready to work for through my Holistic Transformation Coaching which consists of 8 sessions. While I used to offer one-off or 4-session coaching, and each client would walk away with breakthroughs, I prefer to work with a client intensively through a set of 8 sessions, spanning over nearly 4 months, to get the deepest breakthroughs and results. With only a few sessions or a short duration, the most you’ll get is an emotional high, a simple aha that helps you for a short while, and quick problem-resolution. Permanent, deep changes do not come this way. I’ve had clients tell me about how they used to paid a few grand for weekend seminars with renowned coaches or shorter coaching packages with other coaches, get an intense emotional high and a belief they can do anything, only to fall flat on their faces when they resume their normal life after a few weeks. This is not in my interest at all.

However, with 8 sessions, this will give us sufficient space to do a dive deep into you, understand your life ethos, dig into your childhood stories, eradicate bad patterns, and set the foundations for positive, permanent change. You’re not going to earn a million dollars or become the president in 8 sessions just to be clear, but it’s going to give us what we need to remove the invisible blocks holding you back and help you take essential, crucial steps forward in your ideal goals.

Remember, we’re not going for touch-and-go here. I want you to create deep, permanent results that sustain years after our coaching ends. My goal is to resolve bad roots and build solid foundations with you and create the deep results you deserve. If you only want a one-off or a few short coaching calls, my coaching isn’t for you. I recommend to research other coaches who offer hourly calls as they may work better for you.

Here’s what you’ll get when you sign up for my Holistic Transformation Coaching:

  • 8 x 2-hour coaching sessions with me (All sessions conducted online via Skype and Webcam; no in-person meetups, no special arrangements please)
  • Session frequency will be once every 2–3 weeks (This is a rough guide; we’ll decide as we go along since the experience is designed around your progress and your topics)
  • A dedicated life coach working with you on your goals over a period of about 5 months
  • Dedicated attention from me, someone who has been coaching and helping people achieve their highest goals for the past 7 years. A life coach who has seen many people through to success. A coach who is committed to your growth, believes in your real worth and ability, will not judge, and is ready to see you through to your highest success.

Girl with balloons

Through the sessions, we will

  1. Work on 2 life topics of your choice (these will be selected by you before our coaching begins)
  2. Identify your limiting blocks holding you back from greater success in those areas
  3. Uncover the roots of your blocks, possibly tracing back to your childhood
  4. Break the roots of said blocks; replace them with new, empowering foundations
  5. Design your ideal vision for your life
  6. Create your life map: Set your 1-, 3-, and 5-year goals based on your ideal vision
  7. Create your quarterly, then monthly action plan based on your 1-year goals
  8. Build the foundations for long-term success in your goals; Re-work you from inside out
  9. Set you off to massive action!

(*The above is a standard flow for clients seeking overall life elevation; ultimately your agenda will differ and be tailor-made based on your current growth status, your needs, and your goals. I’ll work this out with you in our first session. For blog/business clients, the agenda will be based on your blog/business goals.)

As part of the coaching, you’ll get FREE:

  1. 11-page coaching welcome kit to set the foundations for our coaching and get you off on a strong start (Worth $100 USD)
  2. Unlimited e-mail exchanges during the duration of the coaching, usually responded within 2 working days (Worth $1,500 USD)
  3. Follow-up session (2-hour) approx 1 month after our coaching ends to check on your status, take stock, and ensure all is going well (Worth $400 USD)

Total bonuses worth $2,000 USD in total.

Your investment?

  • Cost of Holistic Transformation Coaching Package: $2,999 USD only (paid in $599.8 USD x 5 installments)
  • A Directed Life of Breakthrough Results and Realized Inner Ambitions: Priceless

“I just finished one year of coaching with Celes and it’s been really worthwhile. Celes has a knack for guiding you and inspiring you to move in the direction that fits you, and it feels like it’s coming from you all at the same time — which is great because you feel really committed to the cause. The sessions have helped me to stick to what’s important and this helped me achieve my yearly goals and it’s put me on track to fulfill my five year goals. Celes, thanks for being a top-notch coach.” ~ Joe, Business Owner, 30s

“Dear Celes, I had followed your blog on a few occasions but little did I expect that someday I would engage your services. Well, I am glad that I did. You had come into my life at the most crucial moment; at a point where I was going to make a transition in search of my authentic self. I recall how excited I was as I had seen much result in just our first session alone. Thank you for helping me realize I have power over my situations. You have made the difference and now I am looking forward to embarking in a life of my authentic self.” ~ T, Teacher, 30s

I rate my coaching with Celes a 10/10. Celes definitely walks the talk and knows what she’s talking about.” ~ Henri Junttila, Owner of WakeUpCloud.com

“Through coaching with Celes, I got the answers I needed — it’s quite amazing. She made me feel very comfortable and I could share openly with her. She took time to understand the issues/problems I am facing. Her questioning skill is also superb. Just by asking the right questions, she helped me gained the clarity I’ve been looking for. Thanks Celes, for all your guidance!” ~ R, late 30s

How a Client Evaluated 6 Different Coaches and Worked with Me as Her Coach

If you’re still wondering who to choose as your coach, perhaps this article by one of my clients, Anna, will help. In searching for her ideal coach, she spoke to 6 life coaches, including coaches from Paris, Nice, South of France and San Francisco, both male and female, and even took trial sessions from some of them! Here were some of Anna’s evaluation criteria in choosing her ideal coach:

Self-development-oriented: I’ve read few self-developments books; I needed my coach to be aligned with the concepts and ideas in the books. In France, coaches are often NLP practitioners or use transactional analysis. I don’t understand the benefit of those tools. I [even] met a coach who advised me to stop reading self-help books because I was over-thinking according to her. [Celes: During our sessions, you’ll never find me giving any judgment, because my coaching starts from the basis that YOU are whole and perfect. There is nothing wrong with you, and our sessions are meant as a sacred space for you to develop into your highest self and realize your biggest dreams. You have my word on this.]

Coaching style that would fit me: I prefer a tailor-made coaching over a standard method. I went for a complimentary coaching session where the coach asked some guided questions that didn’t help me to go deeper in my reflection. The questions he asked were not related to my answers. After the sessions, he sent me a summary — I was disappointed to see a SWOT analysis. I didn’t want to fit in a structured method. I’m a complex person, so I think I deserve a bespoke and original approach. [Celes: Our sessions will always be tailor-made to your needs, which is why I do not adhere to fixed frameworks or techniques like NLP or EFT, but rather create customized discussions and solutions based on your goals and needs. What I focus on is YOU, YOUR needs, YOUR wants, YOUR goals, and YOUR life — and piecing them together in my self-developed coaching framework to help you soar to your highest potential. I believe a customized approach is the highest way to help you soar to your true potential.]

High level of consciousness: In my opinion, a life coach must reach a high level of consciousness and wisdom. I want to be inspired by my coach and believe that he/she is going to help me achieve my dreams. Even if one of the rules of coaching is that the coach is not supposed to give you advice, I need my coach to be able to guide me no matter how big my dreams are. [Celes: In every session, I’ll consistently guide you in the highest of consciousness. Nowhere will you find me giving fear-based suggestions or pressing you down with limiting beliefs — everything I do, ask, and say, is meant to guide you to your highest place.]

Holistic approach: I prefer a holistic approach where every aspect of my life can benefit from coaching and not one single goal. I met a coach who told me that she only worked with one clear goal. I didn’t have a clear goal to give her. Though I was unsatisfied with my career, I had a feeling that it was impacting other areas of my life like relationship and hobbies. I was afraid that if I work with one single goal, a part of the problem would be left out of the coaching. [Celes: Anna is right that the areas of our life are inter-related with each other. That’s why my coaching discussion with my clients are never be focused on one topic only (you pick two goals to work on at the beginning, and our session agenda will dynamically evolve as we work through the sessions). Our discussions will constantly have a big-picture focus on how your goals relate to your life on the whole. Ultimately our coaching is about YOU and your LIFE, and everything we discuss pertains to what it takes to be the best YOU and live your best LIFE.]

After Anna’s extensive evaluation of other coaches, she selected me as her coach despite no trial session together. Anna explains,

I didn’t have a complimentary session with Celes but her blog and everything she says made me feel so close to her story. That’s what convinced me to choose her and I was right: she is an authentic person, warm and generous person. [During our time together,] she dedicated all her attention to helping me. She always had the right questions or point of view. I felt extremely comfortable and confident with her. I’ve told her things that I’ve never told anyone before.

We have since completed an amazing course of my Holistic Transformation Coaching together. Here’s what Anna has to say:

I was extremely lucky to receive life coaching from the talented Celestine Chua, author of Personal Excellence.

Every session was amazing. After each session, I feel insightful, motivated and energized. Not only have I found my dream job, my life purpose, my passion, now I feel happy and in peace with myself. My life has improved and I’m transformed. I’ve revealed my true self [!]. I couldn’t have reached this so fast by myself. Switching from being lost and frustrated to happy, open, optimistic, and focused in my goals in no time: it’s really priceless.

Our coaching sessions are amazing. Celes has this power and wisdom that is really priceless. I have the lousy habit to see the cup half empty and criticize myself for not reaching a goal that I’ve set for myself. She told me that goals are only abstract ideas. I can adjust them. My goals should inspire me and make me want to reach out but not frustrate me. This advice helped me so much.

Once, I told her that I wanted to change my career fast because I couldn’t bear my work any longer. I needed the change to happen fast. So I was pressuring myself to find my life purpose and passions but it couldn’t happen in such a condition.

Celes just told me that my IT career today is simply a consequence of my past priorities. I wanted a safe, well paid job in the past [which led me to be in this job] but my needs have since changed. That’s why my job was not aligned with me anymore and it was causing stress. Even if it was hard to bear this in-between situation, I could build my reality, the life I’ve always dreamed of. My dream life will happen, at its own pace. This insight shifted my point of view. It felt easier to go through each working day and I stopped rejecting my job.

Celes has this talent and magic. It seems so natural to her. Her wisdom, clarity and intuition bring a higher dimension than just life coaching.

Getting a life coach was one of the best decisions of my life. I’ve found meaning, purpose and passion. All the things I didn’t dare to hope just a few months ago. Since the coaching, I’ve made important breakthroughs thanks to her help. I’m so delighted that I found her and that we can work together towards my goals. My advice: choose wisely your life coach and enjoy the ride on the highway of change. :) [More of Anna’s testimonial here.]

Anna started the sessions feeling dissatisfied about her career and wanting more out of life/career. Through our sessions, she discovered her true passion and purpose, created her life map with her 1-, 3-, and 5-year goals goals, created a clear vision for her business goals, formulated her business action plan, and has since taken bold steps to pursue her calling.

She has already joined a professional certification course for her business, started her own business blog, has taken on her first trial client, and has informed her company about her pending departure. Her massive change is possible because she first took action to make things happen.

Update 3 months later: Anna is undergoing her certification course, has worked with her first batch of trial clients, and recently quit her job to now work on her business full time. This is a snippet of Anna shared with me in her update:

Hi Celestine, so many things are happening. :) It’s amazing. I’m enjoying every second of it. I am really living my passion. I wanted to tell you that I’ve been to my training course. I’ve found my tribe, my people. I felt like I was born fish and for the first time of my life I’ve jumped in the ocean to swim with my fish friends haha :).

Before [the coaching], my challenge was to quit my job — it’s not a challenge anymore. Thank you for everything Celestine. I know I could reach that thanks to your help and to our work together.

I am a big fan of yours. :) I didn’t dare at first to sign up for your coaching because you are so famous :) You inspire me so much. Thank you for everything. :)

Other Change Examples

There are too many examples for me to list (you can get more ideas from the testimonials in the next section), but here are just some of countless  positive changes of people I’ve worked with / helped before:

Looking for More Testimonials?

There are many testimonials I’ve received over the years, but here’s a small handful (on top of the others listed above):

“Dear Celes,

I had followed your blog on a few occasions but little did I expect that someday I would engage your services, and I am glad that I did. You had come into my life at the most crucial moment; at a point where I was going to make a transition in search of my authentic self.

I recall how excited I was as I anticipated our sessions which were fruitful, as I had seen much result in just the first session alone. I would like to thank you for guiding me into setting a target for my weight loss and bringing awareness to the amount of calories I consume in a day. After a lifelong struggle, I have finally found a way around it and I am seeing the results. You have helped me bust the myths and I am seeing progress. I am confident that I will get to my ideal weight eventually.

Our subsequent sessions took a different turn because the new job that I have embarked in did not seem as ideal as I thought it to be. During my state of confusion, thank you for allowing me to express myself freely. I looked forward to each of our sessions for I was always at ease with you. I felt free to commit for I knew I was not being judged and those sessions were special for I was the most honest to myself.

Thank you for giving me the confidence that I had power over my situation. My sessions with my superior took a beating on my self-esteem and I recall a night when I almost had a nervous breakdown because the negativities got so overwhelming. While I lay in bed, desperate to get myself out of this because I was new to the overwhelming emotions, I remembered what you had said in one of our sessions, “You have a good head over your shoulders.” That confidence snapped me out of the limitations that I was told about myself and revived me. I got up from my sorry state and did the dumping exercise that you had suggested. After that, I affirmed and meditated. All of a sudden, it became clearer to me as for why I was confused and had struggled so much. The most important realization that gave me strength that instant was that there was nothing wrong with me and I had a good head over my shoulders. I was right on track.

Once again, thank you for being with me during those four sessions and in spirit thereafter. You have made the difference and now I am looking forward to embarking in a life that would lead me to the discovery of my authentic self.

Lots of love,
~ T, Teacher, 30s

“Before coaching I was haphazardly trying to achieve several vague goals in my life. I was making little headway because I had no clear plan or schedule about how to achieve them.

Celes has given me a complete system for achieving any goal I want. She has guided me through my journey and showed me I can do anything. I’ve been learning about achievement and self-development for years but my coaching experience has been more influential and eye-opening than any book or motivational tape could be. Celes has truly surprised me by how committed she is to helping me.

I’ve been able to identify exactly what has been holding me back and limiting me in the past. I have never felt so confident about my ability to achieve my goals.

Celes, your coaching has been fantastic. You have been encouraging, supportive, and very kind. If you had not been around to support me, I probably would have given up on my goals ago. I’m now seeing more progress now in my fitness goal than I have in the past three years trying to do it alone. I always appreciate when you are willing to spend extra time with me guide me and help me with problems. I am surprised and delighted by your enthusiasm and commitment to helping me achieve my goals. You didn’t judge me or my goals. You genuinely cared about helping me.

Your coaching is better than I could have ever anticipated. Thank you.

~ Matt Leyva, 25, US

“I’m extremely satisfied with Celes’ coaching. While I entered into the coaching with hopes but few expectations, what expectations I had were far exceeded. What worked was in the coaching was that Celes was able to get me go beyond in the obvious in seeing what my passions were. The obvious passions, past and present, were for sports, exercise, and using the computer. What wasn’t so obvious was a passion for learning. The realization of the passion for learning has heightened my awareness to continually examine how I can expand my life with learning experiences.

Celes has a passion and a natural ability for guiding people to discover their passion(s). She is an active listener, which involves not only listening, but responding with questions and observations. As a result, she was able to get me to view things out of the box, from a different perspective. I felt comfortable during the coaching sessions because of Celes’ flexible thinking. She goes with the flow. While she had observations, she never tried to impose her ideas or thoughts on me.

She was also constantly focused during our sessions. She was attentive in not only listening, but in probing to make me work harder to discover my answers. Like any good coach, Celes did not provide answers. She guided me professionally, without personal bias, to discover my own path. Thank you Celes.”

~ Larry Kahn, Teacher, 58

The coaching results was beyond my expectations. I rate it a 10/10. At first I was hesitant because I was not sure whether it was worth enough to spend on self development which I think I could learn by myself. But within the first 3 sessions of coaching, I found out what I knew was the theory on living my best life had actually never been applied by me into my life.

And Celes helped me to point out the past experiences and peoples’ opinion should not stop me to move forward and getting what I want. Now my confidence increased and I smile every day happily to welcome my new day. My relationships with my family and friends are getting better and I feel surrounded by love more and more each day.

I can feel Celes’ energy and her passion on what she does as a coach, so I am very fortunate to get to know her, and her positive attitude as a coach really affected me. I know if she can, I can be as positive as her too.

I will surely recommend her to others who really want to improve their life.

Thank you very much Celes. 😀 ”

~ Name withheld for confidentiality reasons, Manager, 35

“In my quest to find my life’s purpose and direction, I’ve read books after books, blogs after blogs. 4 years has passed but I was nowhere near to an answer (or so I thought but the answer has always been within me). In fact I realised I was in another comfort zone where I got stuck AGAIN! Imagine my shock and dismay!

It was then that I decided to engage Celes as my coach. I was initially concerned about the fees but only because finances were tight at home. If I had to advise someone who is considering engaging her as a coach, I’d say, please GO AHEAD and engage her! The value she provides is worth wayyyyy more than the monetary cost. Besides, the extra time and effort to go through all the trial and errors are just not worth it. You’re better off using the time and effort working on your goals after you breakthrough your limits.

I enjoyed the sessions tremendously as she’s made me feel comfortable sharing my problems while giving me constructive feedback and suggestions on how I could go about tackling them. I feel empowered throughout the process and always end our sessions feeling hopeful and energized. The moments of breakthrough are priceless and I strongly believe that Celes is talented, passionate and dedicated in helping her clients achieve excellency. I’m especially thankful to Celes for helping me break some really hardy limiting beliefs that had been with me since childhood, it was and is so liberating to let them go.

While I’d love to be able to manage my own problems from now on, I will not hesitate to engage her again if I ever need help to get unstuck. To Celes: My heartfelt thanks to you for your companionship in this journey. It was an eye-opening and liberating experience for me and I feel empowered to make the changes in my life the way I want it to be.”

~ Sharon Tan, 28

“Dear Celes,

I’ve being an avid reader of various personal development channels to aid my growth and was connected to your personal stories shared on personalexcellence.co. I had being discovering for my own life purpose for a period of time but with much limitation, and your article Two Important Things that Led Me to Discover My Real Purpose deeply resonated with me.

Our coaching sessions were filled with authenticity and through your guidance, the process to uncover my life purpose was accelerated. But more than just discovering my life purpose, our sessions also uncovered the root causes of my fears so that my deep desires could flow naturally, swiftly and excitingly. One of the great impact of our sessions was the discovery of my role and impact to the universe–this lesson highlighted the importance of the existence of BOTH myself and other people, in that by living true and being the only unique version of oneself can we then live up to our highest potential and not short change our life!

Throughout the coaching, you provided excellent followup and would constantly set my mind on a different perspective so I could better relate to my challenges. I rate the sessions 100% Excellently Accomplished and I always feel my potential stretched after our sessions. I am very grateful to have been coached by you and will definitely recommend your service to others. I will not hesitate to re-engage your services again to further develop and stretch my potential.”

~ Sam Chong, 26

“I’m very satisfied with the coaching by Celes. I learned quite a lot from it as well as skills I can use in the future. Especially the study techniques and how to improve my confidence level. Now, I understand the meaning of what is self-worth and I always think about the motivational techniques she taught me which keeps my momentum going. Thank you Celes for your time and your effort in teaching me. Really appreciate you for being here throughout these 2 months and helping me to endure during this tough period!”

~ Albin Ng, Student, 18

Albin sought life coaching to achieve top grades for his A level exams. His grades transformed from BCDE (Prelims, before coaching) to ABBC for his A levels after just 2 months of coaching.

Celes, I really enjoyed your coaching for these specific reasons:

  • You took the time to drill down deep into what specifically I was looking to get out of it even prior to our talk.
  • You provided some kick-ass recommendations that went above and beyond what you should have known given that they were “vlog” rather than blog related.
  • You were direct and encouraging and I know that your intention is true and aligned with the kind of awesome work you post on your site.
  • You were extremely generous with your time and went above and beyond to clarify absolutely everything that I had questions on.
  • You were REAL and very honest.

I rate the coaching 11/10. It has only been a couple of weeks since you and I spoke but I have already put some of my learnings to practice resulting in some visible activity in both my traffic and engagement in my vlog. I loved talking with you and would recommend you to ANYONE looking to expand their reach via their blog.

~ Bernardo, Founder of Your Great Life TV

Celestine is such a blessing to me in my journey as a blogger!

I’ve been blogging for about a year and I’ve seen readership growing quite a bit the past few months and even started getting some companies approaching me to put up ad, do product reviews and even got invited to some events. All these surprised me and I felt very encouraged and wanted to explore how I could be a better blogger and to bring the blog to another level. Yet at the same time, I wasn’t sure if I want to continue with my current blog or to start something new. I felt lost and wanted some help.

For me, approaching Celestine was a natural choice. I’ve been reading her blog for a while. She’s such a success and her articles have always been so inspiring to me, I felt there’s no better person to approach.

My gut feel was right. I got the answers I needed – it’s quite amazing. Celestine made me feel very comfortable and I could share openly with her. She took time to understand the issues/problems I am facing in my blogging journey. Her questioning skill is also superb. Just by asking all the right questions, she helped me gained the clarity I’ve been looking for. She gave me a framework for my blogging and enabled me to gain a fresh perspective on how to manage the contents.

After the coaching ended, I felt enlightened and totally inspired! Thanks Celestine, for all your guidance!

~ Name withheld for confidentiality reasons, late 30s

Celes is awesome! She helped me to see possibilities for achieving my goals, where I didn’t initially see very many. It was so helpful to me to take the time to really think about my goals and how I was going to move toward them. While working with Celes, I launched a web site for my own coaching business and created my first of several blog posts for my web site. When I had mental blocks or felt avoidance toward moving forward, she helped me connect with my emotions and dreams. Working with Celes has been an amazing experience that has helped push me forward towards the next phase of my life!

~ Christine Mattschei, Founder of Coaching With Christina

“If there is one word to sum up my entire coaching experience with Celes, it’s this: ‘Excellence’! My personal growth during our sessions was phenomenal. I gained a profound sense of freedom — something that I had not experienced before. My sense of self-awareness and self-knowledge has increased by multiple folds. This came from recognizing the self, developing relationship with my subconscious and also clarifying, resonating and aligning with my life purpose, values and visions.

What I loved about Celes’ coaching was her dedication in coaching, authenticity in communication and brilliance in her responses. What I resonated with Celes was her emphasis in living our life purpose, aligning ourselves with our higher values and being virtuous.

I felt very grateful for following my intuition to sign up for Celes’s coaching. My life has been positively impacted beyond my expectations and I strongly believe I will continue to grow and live my life according to my own terms. Therefore, my dear friends, I would recommend Celes’s coaching wholeheartedly. Sign up and I am very sure you won’t regret it.

Celes, it has been an amazing period working together. Thank you so much for going to the extra mile, even though you could have chosen not to. Thank you very much for your patience in answering my numerous questions, even though you were not obliged to do so. Thank you very much for your genuine sharing, insightful guidance and continuous support.” ~ Roxanne, 26

Want to learn from the best?! Work with Celes. She is powerfully productive and gets you results no matter where you are in your business. She goes above and beyond each session to help you be your best self, so that you can live your best life.

Before I started with Celes, I wasn’t sure where to start to build momentum with my business, and by the end of our 8 sessions, I have not only grown my readership and traffic to my website but also have a clear strategy to continue my progress.  I would highly recommend her for anyone looking for a coach, be it in personal development or business.  She will be a light to help illuminate you in achieving your goals.

Celes, thank you so much again for EVERYTHING! You have made a difference in my life! :)”

~ Theresa Ho, Founder of Rejuvenate Your Essence

Ready to invest in the most important asset in your life — YOU?

If yes, here’s what to do.

– Update: I’m not taking new clients anymore as I’m fully booked and I wish to be focusing on other projects in the upcoming term. Please check PE Courses for my on-demand courses. Thank you! :)

– Do not sign up if 1) You are in financial constraint, 2) You are not ready to act on your life, 3) You expect coaching to be a miracle pill. (Coaching is a process, not a magic switch.) –

Step 1: Make Payment

For international clients, make your payment via the Paypal button below.

  • $597 USD x 4 monthly installments
  • First installment will be upfront, with the other installments automatically billed every month

For local clients, please pay by interbank transfer. Note that the exchange rate is 1 USD to 1.35 SGD. Contact me for account details.

Step 2: Contact me to confirm on session timing

Send me an email to notify me of your payment and sign-up, along with:

  1. A brief background about yourself
  2. The two topics you’d like to consult on in the session
  3. When you’d like to have our first session (as well as your time zone). Our subsequent sessions will be recurring on the same day of the week for every week to biweekly, to be adjusted as needed.
  4. Your skype ID as we’ll be doing the call via Skype + Webcam (applies for local and overseas clients)

I will reply within 72 hours to get started!

——– IMPORTANT: Terms and Conditions ——–

  1. Prices are nett (excluding credit card fees that Paypal charges if you use credit card); there’ll be no discount. Please do not sign up if you’re financially constrained!
  2. Each coaching package of 8 sessions is valid for 4 months from the date of first payment. Any sessions not administered within this period will be forfeited.
  3. There will be no refund for payment made.
  4. All information shared through the course of the coaching are private and proprietary data of Personal Excellence. Sharing, copying, or distribution of any information shared in any form through the coaching is not allowed.
  5. Any changes in coaching dates/times must be made at least 48 hours before the session. Personal Excellence reserves the right to forfeit a session if changes are made within 48 hours of its intended date/time.


Thank you for your interest and I look forward to working with you to achieve your goals and dreams! 😀