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“A life coach does for the rest of your life what a personal trainer does for your health and fitness.” ~ Elaine MacDonald

Is there anything stopping you from
living your best life now?

  • Passion. You want discover and pursue a career of your passion.
  • Career. You want to achieve excellence in your current career.
  • Self-confidence: You want to achieve maximum self-confidence.
  • Relationships: You want to to maximize what you can get from your relationships.
  • People skills: You want to gain mastery of your people skills.
  • Life direction: You need clarity in your life direction. You are looking to live a life of meaning and purpose.
  • Performance: You want to boost your performance levels and be at the peak of your productivity.
  • Goals and Dreams: You want to pursue your goals and dreams.
  • Happiness & Fulfillment: You seek more happiness and fulfillment in your life.
  • Health & Fitness: You want to be at the pinnacle of your health & fitness.
  • Decisions: You need clarity and help in an important decision you are making.

If any of the areas above apply to you, I’m here to help you achieve them. :)

Hi, I’m Celestine Chua, life coach and founder of Personal Excellence (the very site you are reading now). Since starting PE in 2008,  I have coached/trained thousands of individuals around the world to help them achieve excellence in their careers, business, life, relationships, health and personal growth. In 2010, I was named one of the Top 30 Coaches in the World by Coaching Gurus International, alongside renowned coaches like Anthony Robbins. Read more about me in my About section and my list of media coverage in the Media section.

Contrary to what some may think, coaching is not (just) about resolving “issues” or “problems.” In fact, many of my clients are extremely smart, capable and talented individuals (some directors and business owners) who recognize that working with someone on their goals enables them to achieve even greater results in a faster span of time than working alone. Many world-class talents like Tiger Woods (top golfer who has won 18 World Golf Championships), Mariah Carey (singing legend), and Michael Jordan have coaches to help them become better and push themselves to the next level.

Coaching is for anyone who wants to grow and break through to his/her next level in life.

Testimonials from Past Clients

Here are just a handful of testimonials from the many clients I have worked with in the past:

Life Coaching

“Dear Celes,

I had followed your blog on a few occasions but little did I expect that someday I would engage your services, and I am glad that I did. You had come into my life at the most crucial moment; at a point where I was going to make a transition in search of my authentic self.

I recall how excited I was as I anticipated our sessions which were fruitful, as I had seen much result in just the first session alone. I would like to thank you for guiding me into setting a target for my weight loss and bringing awareness to the amount of calories I consume in a day. After a lifelong struggle, I have finally found a way around it and I am seeing the results. You have helped me bust the myths and I am seeing progress. I am confident that I will get to my ideal weight eventually.

Our subsequent sessions took a different turn because the new job that I have embarked in did not seem as ideal as I thought it to be. During my state of confusion, thank you for allowing me to express myself freely. I looked forward to each of our sessions for I was always at ease with you. I felt free to commit for I knew I was not being judged and those sessions were special for I was the most honest to myself.

Thank you for giving me the confidence that I had power over my situation. My sessions with my superior took a beating on my self-esteem and I recall a night when I almost had a nervous breakdown because the negativities got so overwhelming. While I lay in bed, desperate to get myself out of this because I was new to the overwhelming emotions, I remembered what you had said in one of our sessions, “You have a good head over your shoulders.” That confidence snapped me out of the limitations that I was told about myself and revived me. I got up from my sorry state and did the dumping exercise that you had suggested. After that, I affirmed and meditated. All of a sudden, it became clearer to me as for why I was confused and had struggled so much. The most important realisation that gave me strength that instant was that there was nothing wrong with me and I had a good head over my shoulders. I was right on track.

Once again, thank you for being with me during those four sessions and in spirit thereafter. You have made the difference and now I am looking forward to embarking in a life that would lead me to the discovery of my authentic self.

Lots of love,
~ T

The coaching by Celes exceeded my expectations. I had eurekas almost every week! I got my life, which was eluding me for years, back. I didn’t only get it back; I improved on it. What I feel are the best things about her coaching are her Socrates coaching method, her genuine energy and dedication to see you through and her almost immediate SMS responses.

Celes is a great coach because she asks the right questions. She is a great coach because she is an enabler and a genuine listener. It’s amazing that, she is right all long – the answers are all within ourselves. I will definitely recommend her to other people!”

- Stevens, Assistant General Manager, 30

“I did not expect to see the results so fast. It is so magical! I am more confident to cope with life challenges. Celes is the best coach I have seen, no motherhood statement, no bluffs, she come across as a very authentic and genuine coach during the coaching sessions. The best things about the coaching is she is able to steer me the right issue to focus on, she does not make judgment and session is professionally conducted. I will recommend her to others.” -

- Name withheld for confidentiality reasons, Business Woman, 44

“Before coaching I was haphazardly trying to achieve several vague goals in my life. I was making little headway because I had no clear plan or schedule about how to achieve them.

Celes has given me a complete system for achieving any goal I want. She has guided me through my journey and showed me I can do anything. I’ve been learning about achievement and self-development for years but my coaching experience has been more influential and eye-opening than any book or motivational tape could be. Celes has truly surprised me by how committed she is to helping me.

I’ve been able to identify exactly what has been holding me back and limiting me in the past. I have never felt so confident about my ability to achieve my goals.

Celes, your coaching has been fantastic. You have been encouraging, supportive, and very kind. If you had not been around to support me, I probably would have given up on my goals a few weeks ago. I’m now seeing more progress now in my fitness goal than I have in the past three years trying to do it alone. I always appreciate when you are willing to spend extra time with me guide me and help me with problems. I am surprised and delighted by your enthusiasm and commitment to helping me achieve my goals. You didn’t judge me or my goals. You genuinely cared about helping me.

Your coaching is better than I could have ever anticipated. Thank you.”

- Matt Leyva, 25, US

“I’m extremely satisfied with Celes’ coaching. While I entered into the coaching with hopes but few expectations, what expectations I had were far exceeded. What worked was in the coaching was that Celes was able to get me go beyond in the obvious in seeing what my passions were. The obvious passions, past and present, were for sports, exercise, and using the computer. What wasn’t so obvious was a passion for learning. The realization of the passion for learning has heightened my awareness to continually examine how I can expand my life with learning experiences.

Celes has a passion and a natural ability for guiding people to discover their passion(s). She is an active listener, which involves not only listening, but responding with questions and observations. As a result, she was able to get me to view things out of the box, from a different perspective. I felt comfortable during the coaching sessions because of Celes’ flexible thinking. She goes with the flow. While she had observations, she never tried to impose her ideas or thoughts on me.

She was also constantly focused during our sessions. She was attentive in not only listening, but in probing to make me work harder to discover my answers. Like any good coach, Celes did not provide answers. She guided me professionally, without personal bias, to discover my own path. Thank you Celes.”

Larry Kahn, Teacher, 58

The coaching results was beyond my expectations. I rate it a 10/10. At first I was hesitant because I was not sure whether it was worth enough to spend on self development which I think I could learn by myself. But within the first 3 sessions of coaching, I found out what I knew was the theory on living my best life had actually never been applied by me into my life.

And Celes helped me to point out the past experiences and peoples’ opinion should not stop me to move forward and getting what I want. Now my confidence increased and I smile everyday happily to welcome my new day. My relationships with my family and friends are getting better and I feel surrounded by love more and more each day.

I can feel Celes’ energy and her passion on what she does as a coach, so I am very fortunate to get to know her, and her positive attitude as a coach really affected me. I know if she can, I can be as positive as her too.

I am surely will recommend her to others who really want to improve their life.

Thank you very much Celes. :D ”

- Name withheld for confidentiality reasons, Manager, 35

“In my quest to find my life’s purpose and direction, I’ve read books after books, blogs after blogs. 4 years has passed but I was nowhere near to an answer (or so I thought but the answer has always been within me). In fact I realised I was in another comfort zone where I got stuck AGAIN! Imagine my shock and dismay!

It was then that I decided to engage Celes as my coach. I was initially concerned about the fees but only because finances were tight at home. If I had to advise someone who is considering engaging her as a coach, I’d say, please GO AHEAD and engage her! The value she provides is worth wayyyyy more than the monetary cost. Besides, the extra time and effort to go through all the trial and errors are just not worth it. You’re better off using the time and effort working on your goals after you breakthrough your limits.

I enjoyed the sessions tremendously as she’s made me feel comfortable sharing my problems while giving me constructive feedback and suggestions on how I could go about tackling them. I feel empowered throughout the process and always end our sessions feeling hopeful and energized. The moments of breakthrough are priceless and I strongly believe that Celes is talented, passionate and dedicated in helping her clients achieve excellency. I’m especially thankful to Celes for helping me break some really hardy limiting beliefs that had been with me since childhood, it was and is so liberating to let them go.

While I’d love to be able to manage my own problems from now on, I will not hesitate to engage her again if I ever need help to get unstuck. To Celes: My heartfelt thanks to you for your companionship in this journey. It was an eye-opening and liberating experience for me and I feel empowered to make the changes in my life the way I want it to be.”

- Sharon Tan, 28

Dear Celes,

I’ve being an avid reader of various personal development channels to aid my growth and was connected to your personal stories shared on personalexcellence.co. I had being discovering for my own life purpose for a period of time but with much limitation, and your article Two Important Things that Led Me to Discover My Real Purpose deeply resonated with me.

Our coaching sessions were filled with authenticity and through your guidance, the process to uncover my life purpose was accelerated. But more than just discovering my life purpose, our sessions also uncovered the root causes of my fears so that my deep desires could flow naturally, swiftly and excitingly. One of the great impact of our sessions was the discovery of my role and impact to the universe–this lesson highlighted the importance of the existence of BOTH myself and other people, in that by living true and being the only unique version of oneself can we then live up to our highest potential and not short change our life!

Throughout the coaching, you provided excellent followup and would constantly set my mind on a different perspective so I could better relate to my challenges. I rate the sessions 100% Excellently Accomplished and I always feel my potential stretched after our sessions. I am very grateful to have been coached by you and will definitely recommend your service to others. I will not hesitate to re-engage your services again to further develop and stretch my potential.

- Sam Chong, 26

The coaching has given me a better insight into the things that drive me. Having the questions asked to every response I gave really pushed me to dig deep and think about the things that I really want in a way that I never did before. In fact many of my responses surprised even myself. Celes had an ability to draw out answers that were always within me but I think got drowned in the pressures of everyday life and the external expectations that I am always trying to live up to. The best part is how comfortable I felt with her from the very beginning and how able I was to open up and really reach within myself for answer.

I feel more empowered and able to take on life and to create a life that is consistent with me achieving my highest potential. There were many things holding me back from being fully able to let go and start living in a more empowered manner. In this way I felt that the coaching with Celes really helped me to understand some of the boundaries and limitations I was placing on myself.

- Name withheld for confidentiality reasons, Student, 24

“I’m very satisfied with the coaching by Celes. I learned quite a lot from it as well as skills I can use in the future. Especially the study techniques and how to improve my confidence level. Now, I understand the meaning of what is self-worth and I always think about the motivational techniques she taught me which keeps my momentum going. Thank you Celes for your time and your effort in teaching me. Really appreciate you for being here throughout these 2 months and helping me to endure during this tough period!”

- Albin Ng, Student, 18

Albin sought life coaching to achieve top grades for his A level exams. His grades transformed from BCDE (Prelims, before coaching) to ABBC for his A levels after just 2 months of coaching.

Blog Coaching

Celes, I really enjoyed your coaching for these specific reasons:

  • You took the time to drill down deep into what specifically I was looking to get out of it even prior to our talk.
  • You provided some kick-ass recommendations that went above and beyond what you should have known given that they were “vlog” rather than blog related.
  • You were direct and encouraging and I know that your intention is true and aligned with the kind of awesome work you post on your site.
  • You were extremely generous with your time and went above and beyond to clarify absolutely everything that I had questions on.
  • You were REAL and very honest.

I rate the coaching 11/10. It has only been a couple of weeks since you and I spoke but I have already put some of my learnings to practice resulting in some visible activity in both my traffic and engagement in my vlog. I loved talking with you and would recommend you to ANYONE looking to expand their reach via their blog.

- Bernardo (Blog coaching for Your Great Life TV . Com)

Celestine is such a blessing to me in my journey as a blogger!

I’ve been blogging for about a year and I’ve seen readership growing quite a bit the past few months and even started getting some companies approaching me to put up ad, do product reviews and even got invited to some events. All these surprised me and I felt very encouraged and wanted to explore how I could be a better blogger and to bring the blog to another level. Yet at the same time, I wasn’t sure if I want to continue with my current blog or to start something new. I felt lost and wanted some help.

For me, approaching Celestine was a natural choice. I’ve been reading her blog for a while. She’s such a success and her articles have always been so inspiring to me, I felt there’s no better person to approach. My gut feel was right.

In just one coaching session with Celestine, and I got the answers I needed – it’s quite amazing. Celestine made me feel very comfortable and I could share openly with her. She took time to understand the issues/problems I am facing in my blogging journey. Her questioning skill is also superb. Just by asking all the right questions, she helped me gained the clarity I’ve been looking for. She gave me a framework for my blogging and enabled me to gain a fresh perspective on how to manage the contents.

After the coaching session ended, I felt enlightened and totally inspired! Thanks Celestine, for all your guidance!

- Name withheld for confidentiality reasons (Blog coaching)

“I rate the coaching a 10/10. The coaching was great. I knew a lot about how I was going to proceed, but I still wanted input from someone who was a few steps ahead of me in terms of blog traffic and income. More than anything, the coaching gave me confirmation and confidence to keep moving forward. I already knew what I needed to do, but Celes helped give me that extra kick. And with more confidence, I’m going to move forward even faster.

Celes definitely walks the talk, and knows what she’s talking about. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone interested in taking their blog (or life) to the next level.”

- Henri Junttila (Blog coaching for WakeUpCloud.com)

“Discovering Celes’ blog, I was inspired by her clarity, unique point of view and her vision. Her enthusiasm, friendliness and obvious dedication to excellence made a strong impression on me. I wanted to learn from her how to brand my blog and develop a strong foundation for my blog.

The coaching process with Celes was very professional, helpful and educational. Celes asked very provoking and well thought through questions that guided me to ask in great detail and depth the function of my blog and where I wanted to go with it. By working with Celes I gained a new understanding the best way to brand for my blog, how to pick a domain name and how to post and position myself as a blog writer.

The best things about the sessions are the 1-1 attention from Celes, her thought provoking questions and Celes’ experience in blogging. I would highly recommend Celes services as a blog coach to any and all people who are serious about creating a successful, high-traffic blog.”

- Alison Miller (Blog coaching for Live Inspired)

My session with Celes was powerful. The power of her coaching lies in two very important skills: active listening and excellent questions. In just one session, I was able to clarify a crucial business decision I needed to make. I felt relieved and incredibly inspired to move forward with my new vision. Aside from her obvious talent as a coach, her calm and confidence inspires trust and comfort. I honestly enjoyed her coaching session and would absolutely recommend it to everyone!

Angelica Perez (Blog coaching for New Latina . Net)

Celes is awesome! She helped me to see possibilities for achieving my goals, where I didn’t initially see very many. It was so helpful to me to take the time to really think about my goals and how I was going to move toward them. While working with Celes I launched a web site for my own coaching business and created my first of several blog posts for my web site. When I had mental blocks or felt avoidance toward moving forward, she helped me connect with my emotions and dreams. I have also been looking for a new place to live, and she helped me brainstorm several different time-saving ways to approach this that I hadn’t thought of before. Working with Celes has been an amazing experience that has helped push me forward towards the next phase of my life!

- Christine Mattschei (Coaching With Christina)

What I Can Help You With

Here are some examples of topics I can help you in:

  • Finding your life direction. One of the most popular topics people come to me for coaching on, this is a critical topic which you need to address at some point if you want to live your most fulfilling life of your creation. And unlike what you may think, you’re never too young or old to discover your life purpose: I’ve worked with clients and course participants as young as their teens to 60s to discover their life direction. The result? A more directed life, driven by the purpose of their own creation.
  • Building self-confidence. Self-confidence is necessary for anyone to live a fulfilling life and achieve their highest potential in their goals. Unlike what you may find with other coaches or in other workshops/seminars, I do not believe in “ra-ra” methods to boost one’s self-esteem/confidence. Rather, what I believe in is in working with you to find the root causes blocking you from a full self-confidence, because everyone has the natural propensity to be fully confident. By finding those root causes and breaking them, you will naturally find your confidence returning to what it should be: a full 10/10.
  • Making a career transition to become a successful business owner. If you’re currently employed and you’d like to branch out to create your own business, I can help in this area. I have successfully transitioned from a corporate career to running my personal development business (creating it from scratch) and grew it a sustainable business in less than a year. Here’s a snapshot of my business growth in the first three years:
    • Within the first three months, I was generating revenue
    • By the sixth month, I was earning over $1,000 per month
    • By the end of my first year, I was earning about $2k ~ $3k / month
    • During my second year, I was hitting $5k/month months, and then by the end of my second year I was hitting nearly $10k/month months

    Note that starting a new business isn’t supposed to be easy, and you need to give it at least a good 18 months before you can expect to see any results. I had strong results in the beginning but don’t sign up for my coaching if you’re expecting to get quick results and quick cash for your business; I’m not about quick-tips and get-rich-quick methods. If you want to learn proper sound strategies and build long-term foundations to succeed in your business for life, then my coaching is for you.

  • Setting up a passive income business. Who doesn’t want to be financially free? I know how draining it can be to tie your income to money, which is why I set out to create a passive income business in about 2010. Within two years, over 90% of my income was passive, which means I do not have to trade in my time to earn money anymore. The result is a more fulfilling and holistic life, where I spend time doing the things that matter most to me: helping others grow, meeting new people, fostering relationships, and pursuing my personal interests. If you want to learn to set up your passive income business and be financially free, I can help you in that.
  • Blogging:
    • Creating/Building/Running a popular web blog – From setting foundational pillars, content creation, to traffic generation. I’ve been running Personal Excellence for six years now and grew it from 0 visitors to over a million page views a month in 2011 (less than three years after I started the blog). Today, it’s one of the leading personal development blogs online and has received multiple prominent media coverages the likes of CNN, Cosmopolitan UK, Channel News Asia, Asia One, Straits Times, Today, Sun-Herald, Radio 938 Live, Simply Her Magazine, Singapore Woman’s Weekly, etc. Whether you’re a new blogger or an experienced blogger, I can coach you on important strategies on what it takes to create a top blog.
    • Creating and launching successful ebooks/eprograms. I’ve created and released multiple e-products including e-books (Personal Excellence Book), e-programs (Live a Better Life in 30 Days and Be a Better Me in 30 Days), and online video courses (How to Achieve 10/10 Self-Esteem—for Life!How to Stop Stress Eating Program, Anti-Procrastination Program, Passive Income System, etc.). For each product, I’ve personally led the whole process from start to finish: designing, formatting, content creation, sales page creation, marketing, pre-launch, launch and post-launch. I can coach you on how to successfully launch an e-book/e-course/e-product from content creation right to the marketing and sales.
  • Successful goal achievement. For any goals you are pursuing in your life now, I can advise you on how to create even bigger breakthroughs for yourself. I’ve been actively setting goals for the past decade (academic goals, landing a Fortune 100 career in a highly competitive field of Marketing, setting up a business from scratch and turning it into a sustainable platform, building a successful top blog, achieving high media awareness for my work, losing weight) and am extremely familiar with the mechanics and what it takes to succeed and achieve breakthroughs in goals.Goal achievement is very much be distilled down into a science, and by knowing the right strategies and steps, you can succeed in any goal you wish to. Here we will be discussing on goal achievement dynamics and frameworks vs. the specific content of the goal. Goals can be anything and include weight loss, business development, career success, academic studies, relationships, earning more money/income, project management, and more.
  • Academic success. If you’re currently pursuing your studies, it’s an area I can advise on. I was on the Dean’s List for every academic year I was in university and eventually graduated as the top student in my specialization. During graduation, I was awarded with accolades for being the most outstanding student. I also secured a Fortune 100 career among 1,000 applicants 2 years before graduation. I’m able to share my best advice on what it takes to excel academically and position yourself for long-term future success in life.


Sessions are conducted online via Skype and Webcam. This is the same for local and international clients.

(For local clients who only want the coaching to be done in person, in-person coaching option is available at 15% surcharge.)

Book Your Session Now

Life coaching is not a miracle that happens over an hour or 90 minutes. Rome was not built in a day, and there’s no reason to expect miracles from one call — though there can be mindset shifts that happen as early as the first session. I’ve clients who received deep emotional shifts right from our first session, though it can take longer for others — different people, different journeys.

Coaching is a process, and that’s why I recommend my clients to work with me over a package as opposed to a one-off session. It works better for both you and me as we can work together to create the maximum change for you: starting by uncovering the bad roots, weeding them out, and creating the right foundations to create your best future.

If you’d like to work with me to live your best life, here’s what to do:

Step 1: Select Your Package and Make Payment

I have three coaching package options – (1) Holistic Transformation Package, (2) Goal Breakthrough Package, and (3) One-Off Direct Consult. Read through what each option offers as outlined below, evaluate which will best fit your coaching needs, and then select your package and make your payment.

For international clients, make your payment via Paypal. For Singapore clients, please make payment via interbank transfer – contact me for account details. All prices below in USD. For those of you in Singapore, please use the exchange rate of 1 USD : 1.25 SGD.

– Update Oct 2014: I’m not taking any new clients at the moment as I’m fully booked. Thank you! –

Option 1: Holistic Transformation Package (8 x 90-minute Sessions) — Most Popular!

  • This package will give you holistic coverage to rework you from inside out, moving from goal discovery, to values identification, action step planning, to action taking. This is the most comprehensive package to transform your life and move it to the next level.
  • Best package to work on deep topics like finding your life purpose/direction, discovering your passion, and reconstructing your life or if you want a coach working with you full-time on your goals. I recommend selecting two topics for maximum results.
  • If you’re a business owner / entrepreneur who wishes to work with a coach on an ongoing basis on your (business) goals/plans, stay accountable to your plans, be on track in your goals, and break through to a new level of success for your business, this package is for you too. I’ve created this coaching option after popular request from my entrepreneur/business clients, and they’ve proceeded to make big waves of changes in their business and life (one example here) through the course of our coaching!
  • Sessions will be weekly or bi-weekly, unless otherwise arranged.
  • Your investment:
    • $2776 3 x payments of $659 USD for eight sessions (Save 29%!)
    • Only $247 USD per session
    • Plus, (1) Free 30-minute welcome session for me to understand more about you and to kickstart our coaching ahead (this will be combined with our first session), and (2) Free 11-page coaching welcome kit to help us get the best results ahead!
  • Installment plan option:
    • 3 x installments of $659 USD
    • First installment will be upfront, with the other installment being automatically paid three weeks after your first installment.

Option 2: Goal Breakthrough Package (4 x 90-minute Sessions)

  • If you have one core area of your life you want to work on (e.g., weight loss, business, blog development, people relationships, etc.), then the goal breakthrough package will work well. Over the course of the four sessions, we will assess your current situation in this area, create your ideal vision, break your key blocks hindering you at the moment, and then create your action plan to create your maximum success moving forward.
  • If you’d like to work on deeper topics like finding your life direction, living your ideal life, etc., the Holistic Transformation Package (Option 1 above, 8 sessions) will be a better fit.
  • Sessions will be weekly or bi-weekly, unless otherwise arranged.
  • Your investment:
    • $1388 2 x payments of $594 USD for four sessions (Save 14%!)
    • Only $297 USD per session
  • Installment plan option:
    • 2 x installments of $594 USD
    • First installment will be upfront, with the other installment being automatically paid two weeks after your first installment.

Option 3: One-Off Direct Consult (1 x 90-minute Session)

  • I personally don’t prefer one-off sessions because there is limited time to create impactful change. However, if all you have is a couple of questions that you want quick answers to, pick this option.
  • Note that you’ll not be able to get in-depth coaching with a one-off call and the time constraint will not allow us to do any deep-dives, deep exploration, or deep belief rewiring. We’ll also not be do followups that arise later on. If you wish to achieve a deep exploration and more holistic coverage on your goal(s)/life, Options 1 or 2 will definitely be better.
  • Your investment: $347 USD per session

——– IMPORTANT: Terms and Conditions ——–

For all coaching packages, please note the following terms and conditions:

  1. There will be no discount or price revision from the prices stated above; all prices above are nett (excluding credit card fees that Paypal charges if you use credit card). If the cost is an issue for you, I recommend not signing up until you’re in a financially comfortable place. FYI you shouldn’t be getting coaching if the cost is financially a concern for you.
  2. All coaching sessions have to be administered within (3) four months (for Option 1), (2) two months (for Option 2), and (3) one month (for Option 1) of payment. Any sessions not administered within this period will be forfeited.
  3. There is no refund or exchange for the payment made for the coaching.
  4. Any changes in coaching dates/times must be made at least 48 hours before the session. Personal Excellence reserves the right to forfeit a session if changes are made within 48 hours of it’s intended date/time.

Step 2: Contact me to confirm on session timing

Send me an email to notify me of your payment and sign-up, along with:

  1. What you’d like to consult on in the session
  2. When you’d like to have the session (as well as your time zone)
  3. Your skype id as we’ll be doing the call via Skype + Webcam (applies for both local and overseas clients)

I will reply within 72 hours to get started!

Thank you for your interest and I look forward to working with you to achieve your goals and dreams! :D