“Live a Better Life in 30 Days” Challenge in December

Note from Celes: All pre-orders for 30DLBL Book have been sent out! To those who have pre-ordered the book, you should have gotten your copy by now. Enjoy!! Let me know if you haven’t received it! :D

In just 34 days, 2010 is going to come to a close. Are you ready for it? Are you ready to step into the next year?

For some of you, 2010 may have gone by in a flash.  You may have been busy the whole year, moving from one thing to the next, switching from one focus to another. You may have been unconscious of how fast time has gone by. You may not have realized that 11 months, yes 11 whole months, have gone by since you said hello to the start of a new year. You may not be aware that in a matter of just one month, another year would have gone past you, and it’s going to be the start of yet another year all again.

If you feel that way, you’re not alone. Most of us are so busy that we’re not conscious of how time is flying by us. The time we leave for our reflection and personal growth is so little that it’s a wonder how we manage to keep everything together. And then when it’s end of the year, we look back and feel like yet another year has gone by without having done much vs. our expectations.

But guess what – it’s not the end of the year yet. There is still one month left, and depending on how you choose to spend it, you can either make this the most impactful month ever, or you can let it slip by like other months before. It’s up to how you want to make out of it. In taking conscious action, you’ll get huge changes, never to be the same person again. If you do nothing and continue status quo, you’ll get nothing different from what you’ve been already getting. Are you okay with that? Or do you want round up your year with a big bang?

Live a Better Life in December Challenge!

This is why for the month of December, I’ll be conducting a Live a Better Life Challenge, for all of us to close off 2010 on a huge bang.  This is where we’ll get down and look back at how the year has gone by. This is where we’ll map out our biggest goals and dreams forward. This is where we’ll look at the areas of life we’ve been neglecting on before and take action on them. This is going to be the best month ever yet in our growth journey. :D

If you want to close off 2010 with a big bang, join the 30DLBL in December! This will be exclusive to those who have gotten a copy of the 30DLBL Book, as the December 30DLBL will be based on the all new upgraded 30DLBL program in the book. Also, this is part of the bonus initiatives exclusive to those in the 30DLBL Circle, which you’re automatically a part of after getting a copy of 30DLBL Book. The Dec 30DLBL will be the first of the many 30DLBLs we’ll be doing together in the future. :D I plan to organize 1-2 30DLBLs annually (or more depending on demand), so everyone can get together and get a boost in their growth journey. See it as being part of one big family passionate about growing and living in excellence!

To participate, simply post your comment expressing your intention! (In the email section, put in the email you used during your purchase (if you used Paypal, that’ll be your Paypal email) so I know that you’re part of the 30DLBL Circle.) I’ll then send you an email with the instructions on what to do next! We’ll be doing Dec 30DLBL in the forums – I’ve created a private Dec 30DLBL forum which will be our central venue for the challenge. If we’re able to gather 10~20 responses, we’ll be going ahead with it! :D

Update 27 Nov ’10, 3am – Nearly 20 responses in just 1 hour of posting the announcement – we’re definitely going ahead with the challenge guys!! :D

Dec 6 ’10 – Registration is now closed, and we have over 130 people who registered! For those who have gotten your welcome email, get your account and you can start posting away in the forums!

Get your girlfriend/boyfriend, partner, family members, friends, colleagues etc to join in even! The more people we do this with, the more committed we’ll be to our change. Note that each purchase of the book gives you one access pass, so if someone you know would like to join in, simply get a copy of the book!

Separately, if you have not gotten your copy of The 30DLBL Program, you should get yours! The “live” 30DLBL we are having now is a special initiative for those in the 30DLBL Circle, which one gets into after getting the book. It’s a thank you to those who bought the book and for them to put what they got in the 30DLBL Book into action. The 30DLBL run itself is based entirely on the book, while the “live” aspect comes from the forums, where members share their results, comment in one another’s findings and support each other.

IMO, the 30DLBL book is actually a great investment, because we’re going to be doing 30DLBL runs regularly at least once a year, plus the activities in the book are timeless. It’s like an online course, with support from other members and myself included, but free. The tasks in the book are timeless, and can be done again and again, in your own time without the group too. Members who have done the 30DLBL have all reported great results from them and I believe the testimonials speak for themselves. You can read more here: Live Your Life in 30 Days Program

Are You Ready to Live a Better Life in December?

Reply to this post now with your intention to join in Dec 30DLBL! I’ll reply to you with the instructions and details right after that! :D 4 days left before December comes!!! Here’s to an AMAZING December ahead guys!!

Dec 6 ’10 – Registration is now closed, and we have over 130 people who registered! For those who have gotten your welcome email, get your account and you can start posting away in the forums! For those who have missed the run, don’t worry – get your 30DLBL copy and start your 30DLBL journey now!

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  1. Celes says:

    Hi guys!! This is to share the list of official participants for December’s Live a Better Life in 30 Days Challenge :D

    Registration is now officially closed, but you can still get The 30DLBL Program and do the 30DLBL by yourself

    The 30DLBL Program: http://personalexcellence.co/challenges/30dlbl-program/
    Get your copy right away: http://personalexcellence.co/30dlbl#downloadnow

    133 Participants in total (6 Dec 2010):

    1-10) Ish, Carribean Princess, Anne, Anna, Stefanie, Carol C, lalaine, Ângelo, Katie Warner, Beverley
    11-20) Olaia, Andrea Parker, Maria, Nelson, Christine, Angelica, Matt, Ann, Sly, arnaud
    21-30) Andreea, Vicki, Charles, Jackie, Tracy, Kathi, Magdi, Rolo, Mari-Liis, Ashley, Anu
    31-40) Anne, Glenn, Ruthie, Ad, Hanna, Tom, Venessa, Shellan, Angie, Emmy
    41-50) Carole, H, shyla, Karin, marisa, romila, Siska, Carrie, Kim Ying, Vault
    51-60) Holly, Kay, Joann, Tam Fry, nezha, katgarden, Adrian, Danyel, Nina, Kirsten
    61-70) Rachel, Rainer, Justin See, elinjanne, Micha, Phyu Phyu, Steve, Mnemosyne, antoine
    71-80) Dave, Gee, Lauren, Jodarna, Crystal, Vibha, Himitsuko, Jim, Imelda, RobynBryant
    81-90) Negar, Cheryl Smith, Bob, Lianne, John, Axel, John #2, Shaz, Molly, Ted
    91-100) Gloo / George, Adrienne O, Josephine, soraya, Ganesh, Carl Chan, Rich Ord (ORD), Holly, Mad Grad, lakshmi
    101-110) Kat, Atif Munir, Ela, nicole, EC Myers, Ellie, yellowwolf, Chestnut, Caitlin, steph
    111-120) Deirdre, Frankie, Vrajesh, Aidan Morris, Gloria, Eda, Leslie, Kathy Brophy, Masta
    121-130) Anuj, Maripat, MJ, Akshay, Momina, strawberrybiscuits, Jo, Andy, Qin Tang, Iris
    131-140) Tatt, Vibha, Cal

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    • Molly says:

      Heading home from work in a few minutes Celes and I’ve got tonight’s homework printed and ready! I did a life wheel a few months ago and I’m interested to see how much it’s already changed! Thank you for everything!!!! :mrgreen:

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    • Akshay says:

      Hi celes… Ur blog is awesum ..
      Enroll me in….
      Take care..

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    • Vibha says:

      Hey Celes! I just ordered and downloaded the book…am I still an official member…Oh please dont say i can’t be :((( That will be the saddest thing ever!!! Please do reply :?:

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  2. Ish says:

    Hi Celes, count me in :mrgreen:

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    • Celes says:

      Fantastic Ish, welcome onboard!! ♥♥ Your reply is of record speed! :mrgreen: I’ll be sending you an email with the details and next steps :D

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  3. I would LOVE to participate. However my schedule for the first 2 weeks in December is manic with conferences, tutorials, teaching and the lot ( I am a doctor). Can I still take part if I cant do challenges every day?
    I have printed out my workbook!

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  4. I would LOVE to participate. However my schedule for the first 2 weeks in December is manic with conferences, tutorials, teaching and the lot ( I am a doctor). Can I still take part if I cant do challenges every day?
    I have printed out my workbook! :)

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    • Celes says:

      Hey Caribbean Princess! :mrgreen: Don’t worry about it! Even if you can’t do them every day, try to just spend 5-10 minutes just reading, browsing through the forum updates by other participants, and keep yourself in the loop! Do the best you can, and post/participate where time permits. Simply catch up during the times when you’re free and you’ll be up to speed.

      Welcome onboard!! :mrgreen: Will be sending you the welcome instructions now via email!

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  5. Anne says:

    Hi Celes,
    Okay, I”m in!

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  6. Anna says:

    Yay! Can’t wait! Fantastic way to end off 2010 and start 2011! :)

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    • Celes says:

      Welcome onboard Anna, and thanks for getting a copy of the 30DLBL Book! :D Check your email in about 15 min for the welcome instructions!! :D

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  7. Stefanie says:

    I’m in :-D

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  8. Carol C says:

    I am so in! I participated in the last challenge and had the attitude that some of the exercises didn’t apply to me. By the end of the 30 days Celes and the other participants convinced me that the areas that I was most resistant to are probably the most important areas for me to work on. I will be having surgery the 2nd week but maybe the meds will help with some of the resistance :mrgreen:

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  9. lalaine says:

    yes.. pls count me. i am very interested to join this challenge… ^^

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  10. Ângelo says:

    Hi Celes, lets make this month a start of an amazing start of personal growth :)
    I´m in :)

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  11. Beverley says:

    Count me in, too!

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    • Celes says:

      Hello Beverley – I just sent the mail to you! Welcome to Dec 30DLBL, and here’s to an amazing end off to 2010 for all of us!!! :D

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  12. Olaia says:

    Hi Celes!!

    This will be a big challenge for me!!

    I think I am one of those people that you call `self-help junkie´… I just read and read but don´t do much… Anyway, I´ll take some action here!!

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    • Celes says:

      Hey Olaia, I think taking part in this challenge is a huge action step in itself, and extremely commendable one at that! I’m really proud of you for taking the step forward and you should be proud of yourself too! Just sent the welcome mail to you – please let me know if you didn’t get it :D

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  13. Andrea Parker says:

    Sounds great!

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  14. Maria says:

    I would like to partecipe me to, but I don’t speak very well English.
    I read a few your fantastic post but I have a difficult to uderstanding everything.
    I don’t order a book but I think to do soon. (I have problem with credit card.)
    I have to improve my english for write in a forum!

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    • Celes says:

      Hi Maria! Your English is totally fine and understandable – don’t worry about it, really!! Let me know when you’ve gotten your copy of the book, and I’ll mail you with the welcome instructions for the Dec challenge :D

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