Overview for 21-Day Meditation Challenge, Oct 2011 Run

This is the overview page for 21-Day Meditation Challenge (21DMC) October 2011.

21-Day Meditation Challenge for October 2011

21DMC was conducted in an exclusive 21DMC sub-forum in Personal Excellence Forums.

Below is the list of all official posts made during 21DMC, as posted in the 21DMC Official Announcements forum.

During 21DMC, our participants had their very own 21DMC journals, where they journaled their 21-day meditation journeys, including but not limited to their daily meditations, types of meditations they did, experiences of each meditation, benefits experienced, and insights and revelations gained from each meditation. Each journal contains a plethora of ideas and inspiration for your own meditation journey.

Check out the group journals below (grouped by first letter of their usernames):

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