21DFC Day 8 – What is Your Favorite Fitness Activity?

This is Day 8 of the 21-Day Fitness Challenge (21DFC) for Feb 2012. View all posts made during the challenge: 21DFC Overview.

Day 8 of 21-Day Fitness Challenge!

Hello and welcome to Week 2 of the 21-Day Fitness Challenge! :D Today is Day 8 (Feb 10).

Throughout Week 1, I wrote about my pursuit towards a fitter life, obstacles faced in pursuit of that, how I overcame them, and reflections along the way. I hope you have found my logs useful in your 21DFC journey. :) Below are my journals FYR (for your reference):

Since my fitness regime will be pretty much the same moving forward, I’ll be using a different format for 21DFC as of today. For this week, Week 2, I shall present a daily question related to fitness for your introspection. One question every day, for the rest of the week.

The objective of these questions is to help you channel your natural passion for fitness, and use that to cultivate fitness as a lifelong habit. For all of us already have that in us – that’s what drew us in this challenge to begin with. I see my role (in the remaining 2 weeks) to be one where I enable you achieve your ideal fitness routine, by yourself, in the absence of the challenge and a support group. For the true objective of 21DFC is not to see who can work out the most in these 21 days, but to successfully cultivate fitness as a lifelong habit – one that occurs naturally without any force. That, is the best result anyone can hope to gain out of 21DFC.

On top of posting your progress in the daily posts, I invite you to seriously reflect on the question(s) for the day and share your answers with the group in the comments section. These questions may seem simple, but they can be powerful. All the answers we seek to life’s problems already exist in us – the key is about asking the right questions to invoke these answers.

Without further ado, let’s now proceed to our first question for Week 2! :)

Day 8 – What is Your Favorite Fitness Activity?

Knowing your favorite fitness activity / activities is important because fitness is supposed to be fun to begin with. It isn’t supposed to be a chore by any means. You’re not given your body to push it like it’s some machine. You’re given your body as a medium to do the things you love.

Me, I have a number of favorite sports.

One of my all-time favorite sports is definitely badminton. I’m not good at it (I’m a recreational player at best) but that doesn’t stop me from loving the game and playing it whenever I get the chance. I love how it’s so explosive and high-impact – I get such a good workout in every game!


I often initiate badminton sessions and invite my friends to join in, but that can be quite a hassle as I’ve to check others’ availability, coordinate the schedules, and book the court – which may not always be available. I’ve since adopted a different approach – I realize there are people who gather weekly / bi-weekly to play badminton, so I’m now joining them instead. All I need to do is turn up, put my best foot forward in the game, and contribute my share for the court rental – and in the process, meet new people!

I also like frisbee too. I was introduced to Ultimate Frisbee by a friend 3 years ago, and fell in love with the game.


For a period of time we got together almost every week to play Ultimate Frisbee, and in the process created a hub where new people would join each time, by way of word of mouth. I simply love the camaraderie built among the team members in each game – it’s such social connections that inspire me the most about team sports.

Swimming is another of my all-time favorite sports. I love the fluidity of our body from being suspended in water, and the surreality of navigating through it. It feels like we’re in a world of our own – with no one to step into it. I now swim 2-3 times a week as part of my fitness regime.


Some of you may have realized from my Week 1 fitness logs – Lately I’m falling in love with jogging, all over again (barefoot too, no less).


I find jogging to be an excellent form of meditation: As I jog, my mind empties itself of accumulated thoughts from the day/week – thoughts which I had not processed previously. My mind literally becomes freer – hence leading to more “spring” with each step I take. It’s a virtuous cycle.

Not only that, jogging presents itself as the most convenient sport for my lifestyle. I can go jogging alone without subjecting myself to anyone’s schedules, unlike group sports. I can also jog right away upon leaving my flat – as long as there is a pavement, it’s a plausible jogging path.

I’ve since made jogging a part of my staple – I now jog almost every day, either in the morning or evening, covering about 3.6km (2.2 miles). While it’s a distance I’m proud of, I look forward to pushing it a notch further in the upcoming  sessions.

I’m also interested to try out water sports, like dragon boat, sailing, and possibly even surfing, in the near future. I’ve never tried any of them, but it’s a matter of time before I do.

How about you?

  1. What is your favorite fitness activity? Why? (Feel free to list more than one activity if you have a few favorites!)
  2. How can you incorporate it/them into your life moving forward?

Share Your  Plans/Progress for Day 8!

What is your intended fitness plan for today? What physical activities are you going to do, and how long do you want to do them for? Share with us!

Update your progress as you go along. At the end of the day, review your progress and share your learnings.

Check out other participants’ responses and join in the discussions!

Images: Badminton, Frisbee

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62 Responses | Share Your Results!

  1. Amanda says:

    Hello guys, I’m heading for my 50 minutes swim (plus another 10 if possible!) soon. Update so far: had a mini-racing competition during school. Not the short one, a really long one, about a km or so. :)

    Then I stopped two stops earlier, and walked about 7.5minutes back home. Yay for a triple exercise today. :D

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  2. Raymond says:

    Day 1 Week 2 Spent 45 minutes on an elliptical and 15 minutes on a treadmill. My wife joined me to the gym. She is very happy to see me participating in the challenge. Because of this morning exercise I feel fitter when I start my daily chores. :dance:

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  3. Linh says:

    ^^ I’m quite happy that I did finish my plan yesterday ( aerobics )

    And today is great because it’s Friday :lol: I start my day happily and freshly :D because I get back to my morning shower and exercise

    I’m going for jogging now. I’m going to update after I come back :)

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    • Linh says:

      ^^ I said I’d update after I came back but I couldn’t connect to the Internet so here’s my late update . :)

      I went jogging for 20 minutes and did exercises for 20 mins before bed.

      And about my favourite activities, The first one that pop up in my mind is swimming :love: I love water. I learnt how to swim when I was very small. Actually, I don’t think it’s counted swimming at that time because basically I jumped into the pool and tried not to get drowned :lol: I love the feeling of being under water which is so cool and fresh. It’s so free and relaxing. :D It’s like I’m in a different world without any worries.

      I wasn’t into sport before so I don’t have many activities. However, after joining the challenge and starting jogging, I quite like it. I want to make it a routine and become a good runner. It’s gonna improve my strength a lot :mrgreen:

      I guess that’s it for day 8 ^^

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  4. Celes says:

    Day 8 – Went for my usual swim of 20 laps in olympic-size pool. I went swimming at 1pm where it’s the hottest, so I’m actually slightly sun-burnt now! My skin is reddish, and I even have tan lines where my swimming costume was. I’ll probably swim earlier in the morning next time or later in the evening, when it’s not so hot. Or wear UV lotion before I swim (which I’ve done before but never found to be very useful).

    On the upside, I felt very invigorated before, during, and after my swim. Planning a jog for tomorrow’s workout. Looking forward to it. :D

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  5. Madhu says:

    Day 1 week 2 – I went for a brisk 1 hour walk and it started to snow just as I was finishing up my walk. I am so glad I planned properly and got my excercise before the weather turned worse. I think my faviurite actitvity is walking since it is so easy to get a 1 hour walk in a day and no need to coordinate with others etc.. just need the will to get on the road and put one step in frontof the next :)

    I feel very refreshed and hope to soon replace my walks with jogging..

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  6. Michelle says:

    Just finished the 5K101 Week7 for the second time! I’m so proud of myself.

    Keep up the good work everyone!

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  7. mrs says:

    hi, Day 8, i did 45 minutes strength exercise with 10 deep breaths & some yoga pose also.

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  8. Susi says:

    I had a plan to go jogging around the park in the morning today but completely missed it by not waking up. Well, I think/hope I made up for it by intentionally getting off the bus 1 stop earlier and walking to my destination!
    Next time I’ll try to remember the yoga moves I usually do in the class and do some yoga at home too.

    And I have set my alarm to wake up tomorrow for my jog.

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    • zingfairy says:

      The getting-off-one-stop-early trick works better than most people might think! Good luck with tomorrow’s jog :dance:

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  9. Tina Davis says:

    Today I biked for 45 minutes, stretched for 10 minutes, and meditated for 10 mins. I’m still having my lack of movement during work hours and piano practice.

    1) What is your favorite fitness activity? Why? (Feel free to list more than one activity if you have a few favorites!)

    I love to run but I can’t do it during the winter (in US) when the temperature goes below freezing. I agree that it’s like a form of meditation and I love to be in nature.

    I love to go hiking but again the cold is a factor.
    I love to canoe/kayak. I want to learn to ocean kayak one day. (I currently only kayak in a lake.)

    2) How can you incorporate it/them into your life moving forward?

    Move somewhere warmer ;)

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  10. Bette says:


    We made it to the Caribbean Sea, despite early morning errands. Apparently the dentist I finally got a # for, is not at her office on Fridays. :rolleyes: I still am not feeling my usual best, and I certainly hope my sore gum/toothache stays calm this weekend. Why oh why, when I really decide I need something, it is the weekend, and I have to wait till Monday!i

    ON A MORE ‘UP’ NOTE, we made it to the Caribbean this morning, despite pressing details and errands detaining our departure. REALLY glad and grateful to get in that swim and increase my fitness. The sea was rough, which make me work harder, and I really went for it! I KEPT MOVING in that water for over 1 and 1/2 hours! I am sore, and I can tell that I need to get more sleep, because I was nodding out when I was reading these posts!

    I have gone further with activity and fitness in this challenge than I have in 15-20 years! Committing to this challenge is great, but actually being CONSISTENT despite all the reasons why I could be less consistent is remarkable! I am definitely taking MUCH better care of myself. The fire is back in me. I am motivated and have the burning desire to be at my physical best. The “shift” has happened for me. THIS IS A GREAT AND WONDERFUL CHANGE IN MY MIND/BODY CONNECTION!!!

    It can only get better from the point on! :dance:

    Glad to hear others are having realizations, insights, are better focused, seeing fitter bodies, and FEELING more fit!!!

    Yea all of us!!!! :dance: GO TEAMWORK!!! :hug:


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    • Kate Britt says:

      oooooh Bette, here’s what I’m lovin’ about your post:
      —> Caribbean Sea [are you on holiday, or...?]
      —> “The fire is back in me.” Wowzers!!! What a fantastic thing for you! And inspiring for the rest of us to think about.
      —> “The “shift” has happened for me. THIS IS A GREAT AND WONDERFUL CHANGE IN MY MIND/BODY CONNECTION!!!”

      The latter is exactly like what has happened to me. See my today’s comment, where I posted about this mind-body connection being my own key to success in incorporating fitness back into my daily life. I’ll suggest adding “soul” to your phrase — we’re reviving our BODY-MIND-SOUL CONNECTION! :dance: :dance:

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      • Bette says:

        Kate, I surely will add soul…soul food for thought! Thank you for your reply! Your posts give me much to ponder too! :heart:


        I will say, though, that when I think of mind, I think of soul, of consciousness, of spiritual connection.
        Which is a whole different thing than the physical brain, which is an organ, right?
        Anyhoo, we are indeed on the same page here. And it is a great page to be on.

        Truly, I feel like my Inner Self, my Highest Self has taken charge here, in my focus on health and fitness and my burning desire to be all that I can be. Regardless of lifetime old habits or outworn patterns of thinking, this Highest Aspect of me, that is both the best my soul has to offer and the Divine…anyway, It has the Upper Hand here, and I am totally on board. I have called It forth, and It has responded with vim and vigor! Or has It always called to me, and now I am listening with all my heart and soul and every fiber of my being!?!! And not a moment too soon! It’s like I have waited all my life for this to happen, and for what is to follow….THE BEST IS YET TO COME. and yet, I am living with both feet and full heart in this very moment, aware and present IN THIS VERY MOMENT!

        The spiritual me and the physical me have hooked up in a way that I have never known. I have been tuned into my spiritual nature for decades, and yet, somehow throughout all those years, I just was not consistently, thoroughly connected to my physical self in the way that is occurring now with this health and fitness challenge. (was too complacent.)

        BIG THANK YOU’S to Celes, for listening to her guidance and intuition that then encourages and leads us so graciously in our own individual directions. We are seeing generosity of spirit in action with our Celes! :heart:

        I have given my physical being over to living a healthy, physically engaging LIFESTYLE, not a temporary program, just to lose weight, for example, been there done that!!! I truly am emerging from the “safe,” familiar cocoon, and flying more freely as my butterfly self.

        I am being carried forward by the Grace of this Greater Momentum, burning desire fully intact, and I am committed to cooperate, doing whatever I can, which turns out to be even MORE than I think I can do!!! I am definitely in the flow of a whole domino effect of ‘WOW” moments.

        In the moment of WOWDOM, :hug:

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        • Celes says:

          Kate and Bette, I love reading your comments every time. They are so BEAUTIFUL and RICH in wisdom! May I say that the soul-mind-body connection is also a big a-ha for me lately – it hit me 1 day before 21DFC started. I was listening to this audio book (A Course in Weight Loss by Marianne Williamson) and realized that the physical manifestation of my body is merely a reflection of my spiritual self. Body, or our current lifestyle, is merely effect, no cause. Thereby begs the question of – What are the mental beliefs causing us to maintain our current lifestyle today, and what can we can to change that around? Once we change MIND, BODY will naturally change to reflect that.

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          • Kate Britt says:

            Celes, absolutely, I believe our mental beliefs can be either limiting or freeing. If we’re open to exposing our beliefs (even to ourselves!) we’re able to adjust them, change them, and grow from the process. And let’s also remember to not be too critical of ourselves in the process. Let’s honor where we are and where we’ve come from as much as feeling joyful about where we might be headed.

            A dear friend taught me years ago about how much connection there is between our internal selves and the physical manifestations around us. Not just our physical selves, but the people and things and events in our lives can all be understood on some level as a reflection of our spiritual selves.

            Right now in this challenge group we’re looking at our bodies and what we do with them, to them, and why. It’s one amazing way we can each give ourselves a mirror to look inside.

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        • Kate Britt says:

          Couldn’t have said it better, Bette! Well let’s keep the insights coming, because now that we’re on a roll, we’re *really* on a roll! :angel:

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  11. Rosa says:

    Today I did ten minutes of walking, and twenty minutes of Chi Gong/Tai Chi.

    As for my Favorite Fitness Activity, swimming is on top of my list. But I haven’t done so in many years, because I never could make time for it. And I moved to a new state last year, so finding a well-maintained pool will probably take a while :( I’m hoping I can finally swim again during 21DFC, but it’s unlikely..

    Martial Arts is also a favorite. I’ve learned Kung Fu and Tae Kwon Do.. It’s fun to learn how to kick butt :cool:

    Tomorrow I’m really gonna go try Pilates and/or Yoga again. My body is 95% less sore now :shy:

    See you guys on Day 9!! :hug:

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    • Bette says:

      Sounds like you ARE kickin’ butt!!! ;)

      I too have swimming on the top of my list for favorite fitness activity. I hope you soon find the right pool!
      Before I came to Puerto Rico for the winter months, I tried Pilates when I was in North Carolina (where I will return to in April). I really liked it. I also have done some hiking in my day, and really love to trek like that out in nature. More reason to stay on this lifestyle this challenge has led us to, so I can again hike! (Right now, and for some time now, walking is very difficult. I need a new knee, probably 2 new knees…daunting, but I’ll go for it after I drop some more weight, if that is what I must do for more freedom to be active in many ways.)

      Anyway, I’m glad to be here, and I’m glad you’re here too! :D

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      • Rosa says:

        Hello Bette! I’m sorry for the late reply :shy:
        Hiking is something I’d like to try someday soon.
        I’m really sorry to hear about your knee(s). Mine aren’t in great shape either after working in Retail for a while :( I hope when you eventually get surgery, it will lead to you to a better life :hug: See you around (and thank you for replying) :heart:

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  12. Ozum says:

    Today I only did 25 min. of elliptical. I was aiming for 30min but I felt nauseous so I stopped.
    I also couldn’t do my strength training because of that.
    I have been enjoying mostly the strength training I think. It might be because I’ve started seeing improvement on my body.
    As I said earlier I also want to do some yoga, and learn to run (can’t run).

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    • zingfairy says:

      Well done for listening to your body; if you’re feeling nauseous then it’s time to stop! Strength training is great for fitness so it’s good to hear you’re enjoying it :)

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    • Celes says:

      Hey Ozum! Great job on your strength training! :D I might have missed out on your earlier comments if you mentioned this before – Why can’t you run?

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  13. Kate Britt says:

    My answer to Day 8′s question: My favorite fitness activity is WALKING.
    - My main reason is similar to Celes’s reason about jogging—walking is like meditation for me. It’s like a two-in-one activity; I get my fitness in as well as my meditation session.
    - Also, walking is an easy, convenient, & inexpensive activity.

    I want to share a HUGE INSIGHT I’ve had for myself. I wrote it when responding in a thread that 3 of us are having in the Day 6 comments. Now I want to share part of it here because it’s a real lightbulb-going-on thing for me! :idea: :idea: :idea:

    Here it is. ***For me to stick with daily fitness after this challenge is done, I absolutely need to focus on the benefits that fitness provides for my spirit, joy, energy, mood, etc. I do believe in mind over body, in belief leading to action. “If the spirit is willing, the body will follow” — is that the quote? Anyway, it turns out that, for me, this challenge is less about doing something physically active each day and more about incorporating into my daily thought processes a deeper realization of the obvious influence that increased activity has on everything internal.***

    Getting that insight has begun my change. Resistance is decreasing. Enthusiasm for activity is increasing! YAY! :dance:

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    • zingfairy says:

      great quote, Kate! – “If the spirit is willing, the body will follow” I will have to remember that! Thanks for sharing :)

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  14. zingfairy says:

    Favourite fitness activity…

    Well, the first one is unusual and not one I get to practice every day – live action roleplaying. That is, dressing up like Lord of the Rings in, say, cloaks and pointed ears, going out into the countryside far away from civilisation, and having battles with latex swords and the like. It’s invigorating!

    I also like walking, as it’s so easy and pleasant and still counts as exercise!

    Dancing – love swirling around and doing funky moves.

    Running – when my knee is healthy, this is great, as it doesn’t feel like much effort (unlike other gym activities) and for me, burns the maximum amount of kcal in the minimum amount of time.

    Today I estimate I’ve walked between 6.5 – 7km. In celebration of meeting my husband 5 years ago, we went out to a vegan restaurant this evening and I’m so full now that I don’t think I can manage any stomach muscle exercises tonight :D But at least I resisted the temptation to snack during the day, especially considering the unhealthy well-presented free snacks that were on offer!


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    • zingfairy says:

      Ooh! Just remembered I used to love the ‘Body Combat’ classes at the gym I once went to. (There’s a whole series of ‘Body Attack’, ‘Body Pump’, etc classes). In this one we got to throw punches and kicks at invisible opponents to music: super fun!

      Sadly I haven’t found a local gym that I can afford that offers these classes any more!

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    • Kate Britt says:

      Wow, I’m impressed at your walking nearly 7k. One day I’ll get there…..

      Happy anniversary. I enjoyed your story about your celebration. Hey, you ARE using your stomach muscles tonight — LOL, first you stretched them out, and now you’re using them to digest food. :twisted:

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    • Celes says:

      Hey zingfairy! Oh my, you are married? And you met your husband 5 years ago? For some reason I’ve been thinking that you are a teenager / adolescence (it must be the youthfulness and energy radiating from your replies!! :D ) How old are you, if you don’t mind sharing ??

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      • zingfairy says:

        Hi Celes! People who meet me “in real life” do always seem to think I’m in my mid-20s and indeed that’s how old I feel, but I was actually born 33 years ago! I suppose it does sound a bit odd for a fairy to be married but I guess it’s just another kind of fairytale :D

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  15. Cloudio says:

    Today 30′ yoga in the morning and 30′ in the afternoon.

    Another freezing day, the coldest I felt in this crazy spell. Since I didn’t have any obligation I left home for a walk, but after going around my block I came back immediately

    My favourite activity for many years has been playing football. Now I become very detached about it. Although I would like to play it again once in a while, I don’t watch games anymore, after I did it for so long, before as a fan, then as a sport journalist.

    It’s almost 4 years my favourite activity is yoga. I reached to a level where I developed my personal routine, which is a combination of not only different styles of yoga, but also different for of exercise, like stretching, tai chi, dancing and every day I experiment trying to incorporate whatever I learn.
    This way no practice is equal to another and I don’t get bored.

    I also love walking. Not only in the nature (I enjoy as much walking on the beach or in the mountain or in countryside) but probably the setting I enjoy the most is in cities. I love go to a new place wonder around, get lost in the streets, watching at people.

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