21DFC Day 18 – Seek the Path of Highest Enjoyment

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Hello and welcome to Day 18 (Feb 20) of the 21-Day Fitness Challenge! :D We now have only *4* days left before 21DFC comes to a close!

21DFC Day 18 - Seek the Path of Highest Enjoyment

How do you normally approach your fitness activities? Do you ‘make’ youtself exercise even when you don’t want to? Do you pick exercises which you feel you *should* do, instead of exercises you like to do? Do you *force* yourself to exercise for X duration of time every single time, even when you want to work out for only Y amount of time sometimes?

Let me tell you a story. In the past, I used to approach fitness like a chore, an obligation, a “must-do” and a “should-do”. When I go workout, I would tell myself that I must work out for x minutes today. When I don’t exercise after X days, I would tell myself that I really should start exercising again. When I go running, I would tell myself that I should at the least cover Y distance today.

The result? I would successfully complete the workouts for my desired time frame and at my desired frequency a week. At first.

Gradually, I began to resist exercising. I would keep saying “I should really exercise today”, but more often than not, I would not. And on the days I did, I would have overeaten by a large margin prior, in anticipation of the workout which I would do later, because of the mental stress I had put on myself. (Which was a separate issue of emotional eating altogether.) Then after the workout, I would again eat, not because I was hungry, but because I felt I deserved reward for overcoming my internal resistance to do the workout. (The question, though, was why would there be resistance to overcome in the first place?)

I later realized exercise had become such a huge block to me because I had created so many stories surrounding it, exerted so many mental pressures on it, in my mind. In fact, I don’t recall *ever* thinking exercise/fitness as fun in the past. I had always seen it as something that *drained* me, that required *energy*, that required *exertion* in order to be accomplished.

And that, was what prevented me from adhering to fitness as an ongoing habit. While I was successful in *squeezing* the most out of my fitness activities at first, be it via calories burned, or time spent working out, or weight lost, these were merely temporary. In the long run, my self-imposing approach towards fitness backfired on me *big* time. Exercise had became such a (mentally) painful act in my mind that deep down, I didn’t want to do it anymore.

Has this happened to you before? Resisting fitness because it felt painful / exhausting / tiring to you? Giving all kinds of excuses not to do physical activities? Feeling pressured / worn out whenever you’re exercising, even though you have barely started?

Today, I use a different approach towards fitness. I do only workouts which I *want* to do. I workout for however long I want – be it 1 minute or 2 hours. I workout as and when I want to, without making mandatory only book.

The end result? I’m exercising every single day now without fail. I *voluntary* wake up early to go to the gym. I work out longer and *harder* than I used to. When I don’t exercise, I feel weird, empty almost. In spite of whatever aches and pains, I exercise all the same – and end up feeling better during / after the activity. I have *never* been so consistent nor prolific with my exercises before.

Chances are, the resistance you used to feel / might still be feeling towards fitness is not physical. It’s mental. And it’s because you have made fitness a chore, instead of something you *want* to do.

Your task today is to identify how you can make fitness (even) more enjoyable in your life. Do you feel any resistances toward your (daily) physical activities? If so, why? How can you start transforming fitness into something you truly want to do? What changes do you need to make to your current approach?

Share Your Plans/Progress for Today!

What is your intended fitness plan for today? What physical activities are you going to do, and how long do you want to do them for? Share with us!

Update your progress as you go along. At the end of the day, review your progress and share your learnings.

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  1. Celes says:

    Finished my usual 1 hour at the gym! :D Cycling plus knee presses. I actually wanted to do more but couldn’t because I’ve quite a few things planned for later which I need to get to. Looking forward to the gym session tomorrow.

    4 more days left everyone!!

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  2. Bette says:


    I LOVE THE WAY THE TITLE FOR DAY18 SOUNDS! :D Having “JOY” in all I do! :heart:
    Yes, attitude is really such a huge part of this mind-body-soul connection/ transformation for me. Which came first , the attitude of enthusiasm, or the enjoyment of the exercise? I think it is the attitude of enthusiasm and the mindset of being fit that delivers me to the doorstep of enjoyment. I am so happy to move my body now, and see the changes that are taking place every day! :D Yes, it was the nagging, mental attitude that exercise was a chore that WAS offputting, and now I see it as enjoyable, and I feel soo much better when I exercise (even if I am sore). I am energized and I am eager to exercise again!
    NOTE: Being on a nutritious food plan, consistently eating healthy, gives me the best possible basis for my being successful with my daily exercise. :D And being spiritually connected (tending to my inner life) makes everything in my outer life better. :heart: :angel: :heart:

    Take yesterday for example…I was in the ocean for 2 and a half hours, and I could have kept going! Most of the time I was moving, exercising, swimming. Maybe 15 minutes was not exercising! Hours later, i was already looking forward to the next time! It just keeps getting better. Of course, being out in nature is really a big draw for me, so that is important to know. Just being able to move and move better all the time makes the other exercises I do enjoyable. It helps that I notice changes in my body, and that I am feeling stronger, and have better endurance! Listening to music, or watching the videos that have music in them really makes the exercising more enjoyable, and I am learning new moves, so that keeps it interesting and challenging. I am glad to know that this new attitude of DAILY physical activity is now installed as my mindset that includes increasing mobility and fitness. :D :dance: :heart:

    Instead of feeling overwhelmed with my knee issues, I find that I am getting pieces of information about what I can do to strengthen the muscles in my legs and help support the knee joints. If I am indeed headed for knee replacement, I need to prepare myself with stronger muscles that will support my new knees. I am consulting with a Dr(s?) when I get back to NC in the Spring. It is all a bit daunting to me, (I have heard both good and not so good reports of knee replacement), but I trust I will be led in the right direction and receive the right help. Anything I can do now to help me later when I have post op therapy will make it that much better for me. :heart: So that makes it even more motivating to increase my muscle strength as I continue to decrease my body weight. :heart: I so look forward to standing my full 5’9″ once again, and to walk, dance, bike, hike,and sooo many other wonderful and fun activities to my heart’s content! :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

    :heart: EXERCISE MAKES IT HAPPEN! (a new affirmation inspired by ASLO) :dance: :heart: :D :heart:

    P.S. Have you seen “The Number on The Scale” post/ addition to Day 12 :?: :hug: :heart:

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    • Celes says:

      Hi Bette – Not sure if you’re addressing the comment to everyone or me specifically. Yes I’ve seen the reply! In that I saw your reply but have not read it fully yet. I bookmarked the comment because I want to read it when I have the time to properly read/digest/give it/your story the due attention it deserves. I’ll reply very soon!

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    • ASLO says:

      Hey thats great work Bette,
      also good luck with your knees, wishing you great health and happiness and pray that non of them (rather the lack of them) come in your way of reaching your goals….
      Thank you for mentioning me up there…in the true sense, the affirmation has been coined by you and that makes it happen….glad i could bring about the inspiration….. :hug:
      Posting my reply to the Day 12 addition right here….that was so nice of you to share your story like that Bette…am sure so much effort must have gone behind that and thank you for notifying me, reminding me to go back to that page….i really appreciate your writing and every bit of it is so heartfelt…no weaving tales or trivial issues, but straight to the core and that’s what makes it a beautiful piece…you laid out your soul there, or a Kate suspected, only a bit of the surface….and trust me i feel for what you’ve gone through, but what makes all that child’s play, is where you are now/aspire to be tomorrow…cruel people/times are like glass, not the transparent one, but the opaque one like a tea mug…its impossible to see through them, and when they shatter out of wrath, we see their evil content and suffer from their sharp cuts…but one who crosses the path of cuts of glass comes out a winner….am sure you are more than one….keep going Bette :heart: :heart:

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      • Bette says:

        I always get so much out of your posts, ASLO…and your words are very encouraging to me! :D :heart:

        Straight to the core, that’s me! Used to be, I would beat around the bush, hem and haw, and generally just kinda shrink back into the corner. Not all the time, but enuff to feel bad about not speaking up or standing up for myself…I stand up for myself today and say what I mean, and mean what I say!

        I have crossed “the path of cuts” and now I keep my eye on the goal!
        Thank you, friend of the heart and soul….. :heart: :hug:

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    • Lina says:

      “Of course, being out in nature is really a big draw for me, so that is important to know.”

      Somehow I feel like it’s our own nature, as human-beings part of this bigger world, to be attracted to outdoors, especially for exercise. For centuries, human species has been made up of hunters&gatherers who had to find their own food, crossing great distances in the process. I love doing outdoors activities, too, ranging from sports (volleyball and badminton mainly) to gardening :D

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      • Christine Aicken says:

        I have found that to excersise has been a lot easier to do & look forward to when U are one with nature, makes you want to do the excersise because it doesn’t feel like a chore!!!!

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  3. Monisha says:

    In order to make fitness fun, I guess I need to find fitness activities that I enjoy. To explore other fitness activities I need to gain my parent’s permission to go out and do so, I guess.

    Update: Today I did something I didn’t schedule for exercise. Today was supposed to be either my rest day or I will stretch. But I walked slowly today and for 8 minutes or some more seconds.

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  4. Amanda says:

    This isn’t a problem – it’s really good for me actually – I don’t consider ‘exercise’ as ‘exercise’. I love swimming so it isn’t really exercising – it’s having fun. :D

    Day 18 – Despite the rain that lasted more than 2h I went down for a swim. It was freezing cold but I enjoyed it and managed 30 minutes. Now I don’t know how I feel about PE because I got stomach cram for 3 whole days after doing sit ups. Hopefully the teachers will teach us the proper technique tomorrow… :p

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    • Celes says:

      That’s awesome that you’re already doing fitness activities you enjoy, Amanda. :D Sounds like it has been raining a fair bit on your side of the island? It’s nothing but sunny (like scorching hot) over at my area.

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  5. Lina says:

    After returning from school I had a 40 minutes advanced Pilates workout and it was INTENSE! I thought there were no more new muscles for me to discover :lol: Seems I was wrong – my arms and calves definitely have some muscles which can be worked even more.

    Back when I was fat, I used to be bullied a lot by classmates so I exercised because I wanted to be slim and accepted by them. Therefore, my view on physical activity was a dreadful one, whenever I knew workout time is approaching, I would feel like I’d rather catch a cold and drop right there. Over time, I exercised automatically, without thinking about it as neither pleasurable, nor a chore (it was just something I had to do). Then I took a 2 year break during which I haven’t exercised at all. Now, since I’ve discovered PE and joined 21DFC, exercising seems a natural thing to do in order to be healthier and it’s actually bringing me tons of satisfaction (I’m fitter, slimmer, more energetic, etc.). I particularly enjoy aerobic and Pilates; as for outside sports, I like volleyball and badminton (and I can’t wait to be able to practice sports outside! :D ).

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    • Celes says:

      Oh wow, that sounds like you had a total transformation there in terms of your relationship with fitness, Lina! Congratulations – I’m so glad you’ve achieved so much in these past 2-3 weeks! :clap:

      On those muscles, oh yes I know what you’re referring to. I had my first kickboxing class last Wednesday and I thought it would be a piece of cake for me since I’ve been working out so much with 21DFC. The leg workouts were fine, but when it came to the crunches, push-ups and planks – GOSH. My hands were aching for the whole of Thursday and Friday. -_-

      And not that it would matter anymore I guess, but shame on those people who bullied you. Bullying reflects unresolved issues on the bully’s end, so it speaks more about them than you.

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      • Lina says:

        Thank you, Celes! :D

        Yeah, haha, I totally relate to that. I guess it’s because we don’t put our arms to as much effort as our legs for example, so when you finally kick in with an intensive workout in which arms are engaged, it feels like you’ve just discovered you have muscles on your arms xD

        I wish I could tell that to my 11-year-old self, so that I would know things would change in better. It was very nerve-wrecking back then, but now – after years- I’ve come to realize that listening to the bullies was only a waste of time. I like to believe that I’ve grown and I’m more mature than I was then, therefore I will never allow anyone else to discourage me and make me feel bad about myself. :)

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        • Bette says:

          Thank you for saying that, Lina….And I continued that line of thinking with…


          Lina, I like how I feel when I read that statement…it is a beautiful thing all right!!! I love letting it sink deep down. What I am learning, is that it is about taking care of myself and knowing who i am. Then, if someone is discouraging or disparaging, I know that the comments are about them, not me. No longer do I “wear” other people’s issues on my body or have them hanging around in my head!!! :clap: No more sabotage, no more being the scapegoat!

          I am glad we are in a good place with this issue, selective about who and what is in our lives, yes? Yes! Let’s remember who we are, no matter WHAT happens, deal? ;)

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          • Lina says:

            “What I am learning, is that it is about taking care of myself and knowing who i am.”

            Indeed ;)

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      • Bette says:

        It still flips me out, Celes, that bullying story you shared. What an absolute f-r-e-a-k o-u-t!!
        I am still amazed at how centered you were, in that b-a-d situation! (even tho you were terrified!) And how, in the face of all that lunacy, you did not react. Everything/all your plans were on the line, and you were clear who you were and what the facts were.

        The immigration official’s behavior speaks volumes about him…and makes me think of why humanity as a whole is at the adolescent stage in its evolution of consciousness! It’s a wonder that when they invaded your personal items, found your friend’s # and called that # for validation of your story, that they didn’t question/suspect that the contact was a set-up! What a mentality! :rolleyes:

        It is sad and disappointing that you had the encounter with just plain stupidity, esp upon entering the U.S. for the first time. Someone like you of all people, one who is so honest and straightforward, a citizen of the world, with the highest ideals and generosity of spirit! You know where that story takes me is to what Marianne Williamson said about “Love brings up anything unlike itself to be healed.” That is what comes up for me.

        Thank you again for being so passionate about achieving your highest potential, and living your best life, helping others to reach theirs, and living consciously “in truth, love, and power.”
        You/your life truly inspires me.
        :heart: :angel: :heart:

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  6. Linh says:

    I just want to update my progress today firstly. Then I’ll comment about the topic later when I have to time to read carefully.

    I just finish a 30 mins workout. I’m gonna go out to have a walk for half an hour in the afternoon :dance:
    The weather in Bath is so much greater than in my school ( :lol: I think I did mention it before )

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    • Linh says:

      I walked over 4.5km yesterday. It was actually a bit tiring. However, I enjoyed going out and getting some fresh air :D

      And thanks for your story, Celes. But I really want to ask a question. Is the ” want to do ” mindset really going to work? Because for example, A person hardly never exercise and isn’t into sports at all. And it’s not highly possible that this person would want to do exercises which may be essential for her/him. Moreover, I come across some ideals which believes that the ” have to do” mindset makes people more committed and more possible to achieve their goals.
      Well, I’m not so sure what mindset should I go for. ( it’s for other situations as well) uhmmm :?:
      In terms of fitness, I think that I’ve created an enjoyment. Now I want to and love to go out and do exercises. It’s relaxing and joyful to do some favourite activities such as swimming and walking. :dance: What’s more, I look forward to my activity sessions instead of being reluctant to attend them. This is quite an interesting feeling for me since I hardly enjoy physical activities before. :love:

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      • Celes says:

        Hi Linh!

        My belief is that in our highest, highest self, all of us want to be the best we can. And given that body (our physical body) is one of the 4 core aspects of us (mind, body, heart and soul), that would include being at the optimal condition for our body. Such as keeping fit, eating the right foods, being physically active, all of which are crucial for living a healthy life.

        Also call me biased, but I truly can’t imagine someone who refuses to do any physical activity at all, and stuffs him/herself with junk food is 100% happy? They usually are the ones with sluggish bodies, leading to sluggish minds, leading to sluggish/blocked hearts (literally and metaphorically) and sluggish souls. And probably a good dose of self-hate brewing as well. It’s a matter of time before their real self inside decides to break free and get them started on transforming their life around.

        Also note that we’re talking about being physically active and being fit. Exercises and sports are but just some ways to be fit. Dancing, blading, walking, skating, etc are not exactly “sports”, but keeps one fit all the same.

        As for people who adopt the “have to” mindset, they usually get success in the short-term, but not in the long-term. Like what I mentioned in my write-up for the task. I had the “have to” mindset and I was oh-boy great at keeping in line with that. At first. In the longer term my subconscious started to rebel – I just began to resist doing it, and I wasn’t even aware of it. As opposed to today, where I *WANT* to exercise. I even go through lengths to reschedule my activities to *make* it work. That’s a true shift from the past me where I kept pushing exercising to later, and later, and later, in the day/week/month, and eventually never get to it at all.

        Ok this is a fairly long reply – I hope I have answered your queries? :D Let me know if you still have any other questions.

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        • Linh says:

          Thanks Celes, your answer is really helpful :D I think I still need to understand more about myself to truly know what I want and develop a ”want to” mindset

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  7. Raymond says:

    Day 3 of Carnival that is celebrated in several southern parts of our country. Gym is closed :-(
    Most shops and many businesses too.

    I went for a 8 km walk with my wife :hug: . I enjoy these walks. You can talk, enjoy being outside and it’s healthy as well.

    Lost 2,4 kg’s since february 3. :)

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    • Lina says:

      A Carnival? Sounds interesting :)

      Well done on the weight loss :D Every kilogram counts ;)

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    • Celes says:

      Come to Singapore, Raymond!! The gym here is open! :twisted:

      On a more serious note, congratulations on your 8km walk! That’s so sweet that you and your wife did the walk together. :hug:

      And congratulations on your weight loss!! 2.4kg is a LOT! :clap:

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    • Jaleen says:

      Hi Raymond, congratulations for losing 2.4kg!! :)

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  8. ASLO says:

    A few days ago, i checked out a link from Bette, who had gotten it from Netta (sorry if i got the name wrong), it involved a intense session of exercise….rather intense….its something i so wish to try out and would be getting on with as of Friday…something new to look forward to when this 21 day Carnival :!: calls the curtains….. :( …..then there when Celes asked Monisha about burpees, that invoked curiosity from my side too and i ended up youtube-ing it…they say curiosity killed the cat…for me i hope it’d be curiosity kills the fat :!: :p ….so thanks to Bette, Netta, Monisha, Celes and of course the ever amazing Youtube….(Early P.S – please feel free to reply with links of more Youtube videos for exercise, you know that a bit of a variety provides a mix-bag which would attribute to the theme of today Seek the Path of Highest Enjoyment…)
    Thank you Celes, for sharing your story and letting us learn from how you amended your ways to lead to a better you …..it makes us just know how important it is to enjoy our exercises if we are to make it a life long process…also it makes me re-firm that thinking of fitness a chore/duty/obligation is a big no-no and i should go out of my way to see to it that i never go in with such a mindset before exercising……
    For today, had 35 minutes of walking and then 20 mins of cycling…
    Awrite then, Love, Happiness and Fitness to you all :angel:

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  9. Jaleen says:

    I completed my workout of 20 minutes today. It is not a long workout, but as what Celes mentioned, choose the workout that I want to do. This weekend, I will plan for swim most probably, or maybe got for hiking if possible. :)

    Love the workout, then only we can keep it going. :)

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  10. Christine Aicken says:

    Squeezed in 3+ hours of walking enjoying the sited on our holiday, then spent 7+ hours riding around the island on a scooter, don’t no if you can count that as excersise but I’m sure a sweated off some kilos going around all those hills & turns, all in all I no I have earned my sleep still had time for 1 more hour of walking around the night market!!!!

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  11. Tina Davis says:

    I have felt this way before. To me, exercise is something that makes me feel good in the long run. That is my motivation for doing it. I try to change up my routine every few months to challenge myself and to decrease boredom. Sometimes, even if you enjoy something, it can become boring if you don’t tweak it now and again.

    The only time I will not exercise is if its my rest day (to avoid injury), I’m sick, or if I’m injured. I have tried to exercise through illness and injury; trust me when I say its a bad idea. You just end up worse off then you were before.

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  12. Kate Britt says:

    About 25 years ago, I began working on eliminating the word “should” from my vocabulary. It still pops up now and then, but now I always hear it and correct myself, transform what I’m saying into an “I want …” instead of an “I should…”

    So Celes, as I read all the “I should” sentences in your description of your former attitude toward exercise, I completely get it. You’ve transformed them to “I want” sentences. Though these semantics seem to be a small thing, it really does make ALL the difference.

    In spite of my work on “the shoulds”, I’ve realized during 21DFC that I’ve somehow let them ride in the area of fitness. Constant media updates and medical professionals saying we ‘should’ exercise regularly, we ‘should’ exercise… like every day, or 3x/week, or 30 minutes a day, or 10,000 steps a day, or blahblahblah.

    I’ve realized that my attitude toward exercise has become resistance-based because of hearing all the ‘should’ talk around me.

    So this month I’ve been working on eliminating this fitness ‘should’ thing. For me, catching myself in what I say and how I say it is a huge part of the battle. So now, for example, if I catch myself saying something like “I should do a workout before I….”, I’m now transforming it to something like “I want to [insert activity here] first, and then I’ll do that.” :dance:

    I’ve learned that, for me, self-improvement and self-transformation all begins with correcting the language I use. Transforming how I speak about it, which soon transforms how I think about it, and what follows naturally will be a transforming of how I act upon it. :angel:

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    • Celes says:

      Hey Kate! :D For me it was a little different (in approach), in that I just kept delving into what I wanted to do, after which I would go with that desire. The change in language / choice of words (if any) came as an aftereffect.

      I know some self help gurus emphasize a lot on overtly changing vocabulary to change one’s outlook (like an outside -> in approach), but that was never an approach that resonated with me. I prefer more of an inside (understand the root issues and resolve them, after which the outside factors will automatically reflect the change (like behavior, demeanor, language, reactions, etc)). It’s sort of like language/behavior/demeanor is a reflection of something deeper, and weeding out the seed (internal) that gave rise to them will naturally lead to the change in the external.

      But I believe there are merits in all approaches though (or else people wouldn’t be using them!), and everyone should (here’s a should, lol! :lol: ) just do whatever works for them! I recall you talking about how being conscious of your language has been beneficial in your growth back in 30DLBL, and I think it’s really awesome. Being conscious of our language / choice of words definitely can provide a lot of insight about us.

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    • Bette says:

      Oh Kate, it was about the same time as you that I stopped “should-ing” on myself!!! I love that you supplant it with “want.” Sometimes I use “intend.” Speaking in the affirmative IS so powerful. You really say it here so so well.

      Well spoke!

      In studying NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), I found that the brain sifts thru negatives, “no, never, not,” and “n’t,” and zeros in on what remains! Hmmm… It sure gave me alot to think about as I was learning to become “impeccable” with my speech, (well, becoming much more aware of the words and phrases I choose…) After all, WHAT I SAY IS GIVING A MESSAGE TO MYSELF AND TO THE WORLD. Language, semantics does matter. How about, “That “whatever” is “to die for.” Really? To DIE for?!? Now, I know that person would probably not die for the “whatever” but how does the brain/body know the difference?

      What kind of mixed messages am I giving to my body/ the world? If it is not my intention to die for that “whatever” so, why then would I be speaking the words that I would? “My feet/head are/is killing me.” Really? Okay, they hurt and maybe they really hurt aLOT, but are they/is it really “killing me”?

      Language can get really tricky, but I desire to have the kind of language that gives my body and the world messages of love and healing, not negatives, or death sentences.

      Does this seem extreme, or just too whatever to give attention to it? Am I just too serious and mirthless and unaccepting to go on like this? Is it too “over the top” just too cra-zy to be so careful with one’s speech? I think not. (now there is a negative- “not”- so the brain zeros in on “I think.” ;)

      What do you think?

      Thank you for pointing out/realizing your being resistance-based when you hear all the “shoulds” out there. Makes perfect sense to me. And for transforming how you speak, which leads to the transformation of your thinking, and what you DO, as a result of all the above! :hug: :heart:


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      • Kate Britt says:

        I agree, Bette. I, too, notice those phrases that have crept into today’s lingo. Sometimes I try to find their origins to understand better. Have you seen the urban dictionary? It’s hilarious, really.

        We’ve certainly become a society of speaking extremes. I think it says more about the world we live in than about the speaker — we all try to fit in to some extent, and the current-ness of our lingo seems to be part of that.

        Nope, I don’t think it seems too extreme for you to feel that way, as long as the focus on the lingo doesn’t take over the focus on the message being transmitted. I work on correcting my own language because I know it affects me, but for the most part I don’t worry about other people’s language unless they’re directing it at me (as in giving me the shoulds, LOL).

        The only thing that bugs me about other people’s language is grammar. But that’s just coming from my 30-year devotion to word-craft as a copy editor and technical writer. For example, I get bugged (let myself get bugged) about the current use of “hopefully”. As in something like, “Hopefully the sun will come out tomorrow.” Well, yes, I hope it’s going to be sunny, but grammatically, that sentence says that the sun is hopeful. :lol: Grrrr. But I know that’s just an obsessive bug of mine, an opportunity for me to lessen my judgementalism and lighten up a little.
        “Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly.” :angel:

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  13. Mark says:

    Walking again today, about 30 mins more than I normally would.

    Spot in about making exercise enjoyable. Chores get avoided; joyful experiences add a spring into your day. So, when you truly enjoy something, you do really want to do it and keep on doing it. I love walking and I would do much more of it if my ankle would allow me.

    For me, being in a warm and sunny climate definitely helps.

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  14. Kate Britt says:

    No workout today. My sciatica took a giant leap for the worse after yesterday’s workout, so I didn’t want to wreck my hip any further. Instead of a workout I went to my chiropractor, who says it’s time to get an x-ray, so I’ve made an appointment with my Dr. to ask her to order up an x-ray. Anyway, I guess I did keep busy today on the topic of my personal fitness, just not by actively working out. :rolleyes:

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  15. Glenn says:

    I don’t actually feel any resistances towards anything I’m doing. But if I tried to force myself to do sit ups for example, it wouldn’t happen. For me, it’s just best to do whatever is enjoyable to stay fit. I’ve never been to gym, ever, as I don’t like the idea of paying money to stay fit.

    Plus, I remember watching that video on Ted about the blue zones around the world where most people lived to be 100. Apparently something those people had in common was that they never did any kind of exercise just for the sake of it, such as going to gym or doing push ups. Some would go for a long walk around the hills, but that was just for enjoyment. But they stayed active doing their own gardening and any other similar jobs that needed to be done.

    Day 18 was roughly the same as always for me as far as my progress goes. Another 25 minutes on the rebounder :)

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    • Celes says:

      In all honesty, I did think of the gym as a very contrived idea in the past (like, construction of a facility specifically to “push” ourselves to work hard – not much different than some cage with rats running in wheels). When I think gym, I think “ugh”.

      But now I think it’s an incredible invention. I can’t believe I would ever say this but going to the gym is really fun for me now. Like I seriously look forward to it (I’m heading to the gym right after I finish this comment, in fact, and I can’t wait). And it’s a huge value-add because I get all these equipment to work out whatever parts of the body I want, all in one place.

      So while I think majority of people today approach the gym with a negative mentality, I do believe there are a handful who benefit tremendously from having it around and truly gain from its presence.

      (The reason why I’m writing this is because I don’t want others to start creating a negative association with gym, because at the end of the day it’s just a neutral tool – up to how we use it. It does have its tremendous value; just a better of whether it matches one’s agenda and preference.)

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