21DFC Day 10 – How Committed Are You To Achieving a Healthier, Fitter Body?

This is Day 10 of the 21-Day Fitness Challenge (21DFC) for Feb 2012. View all posts made during the challenge: 21DFC Overview.


Hello and welcome to Day 10 (Feb 12) of the 21-Day Fitness Challenge! :D

Day 10 - How Committed Are You To Achieving a Healthier, Fitter Body?

Today my question is your level of commitment. On a scale of 1-10, where 1 is the lowest and 10 is the highest, how committed are you to achieving a healthier, fitter body?

Your level of commitment will indicate whether you succeed or fail in your quest to make fitness a part of your life. 8-10 is considered high, and strong indication that you *will* get your daily fitness done majority of the time. 9-10 is supreme and sure guarantee that nothing will stop you in your way.

Anything below 8 is in the danger zone. While some may want to argue 6-7 is reasonably high, 6-7 is *exactly* what’s considered as an average score – meaning, while you have intentions to be fit, it is only at a “meh” level. Because of that, you *will* always have one reason or another *not* to get your fitness done. Be it “oh my feet hurts” to “I’m tired” to “I’m busy” to “It looks like it’s going to rain / It’s raining”, there will always be something to seemingly justify not exercising. Don’t take my word for it – simply look at your own history for fitness and make the verdict yourself.

When you are truly committed to your fitness, it doesn’t matter the situation. It doesn’t matter if you’re traveling, if the weather is too cold, if it’s too warm, if you’re too tired, if you’re too busy, if your friends are in town for a visit, etc. You will find a way to exercise, even in spite of those circumstances.

See, in the past, I wasn’t very committed to my fitness. I had some interest in the area, but not a *burning* desire like the passion I have for my work. I’d rate my commitment to fitness to be about 6 or 6.5 then. Because of that, I would not exercise more than half the time. I always seem to have a reason not to do it. They were not excuses to avoid fitness even – they were just reasons that kept coming in to fill the void because my level of commitment to fitness was merely 6-6.5. Fitness became an area which I would put on hold in my life. This led me to experience downsides that came with not exercising regularly. (e.g., flab, weight gain, less vitality, less strength, potentially increased risk of diseases in the future, etc) (Read: How Are You Faring In Your Life Now? and Are You Putting Any Parts of Your Life On Hold?)

Today, my level of commitment for fitness is now 9-10. Because of that, it doesn’t matter what the situation – I will find a way to work fitness in my life. Not enough time? Integrate productivity with my fitness sessions. Raining? Go to the gym then. Missed my morning work out? Work out at night. Going out with friends at night? Switch my fitness to the morning/afternoon. Muscles feeling worn out? Switch to a different exercise that uses different muscles group. Traveling? Turn to strength training exercises and/or home aerobic workout videos.

How committed are you to achieving a healthier, fitter body? Is it in the range of 8-10? If not, how can you increase it to a full 10?

Share Your Plans/Progress for Today!

What is your intended fitness plan for today? What physical activities are you going to do, and how long do you want to do them for? Share with us!

Update your progress as you go along. At the end of the day, review your progress and share your learnings.

Check out other participants’ responses and join in the discussions!

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63 Responses | Share Your Results!

  1. Lina says:

    Good morning! :)

    At the moment, my level of commitment is 9-10 I’d say. The habit of exercising has pretty much kicked in and now I feel like I should exercise everyday, it’s like I’ve always been like this. I really hope to keep it up after the challenge ends, too, I’m really determined to become a better me :D More physical activity, no emotional eating, no procrastination, no more hiding behind my shell!

    Today I used a jumping rope for about 10 minutes and then did some squats. Tomorrow I plan on doing a 30 minutes workout again. I’m pretty much alternating the workouts, using 3-4 different videos.

    By the way, Celes, I would like to ask you a question and, hopefully, you’ll be able to provide an answer.
    I live with my parents, I’m 19-years old. The thing is I’m working really hard to attain a healthier life style and this question is related to food. I’ve been trying for the past 4 years or so to eat healthier food, but my parents have their own tastes and they say I’m picky whenever I tell them food is too oily/salty/deep-fried/etc. I’m not making an excuse now, just presenting the situation a bit. During those 4 years I’ve managed to convince them to put less oil in food, for example, or to choose different side dishes for mains but still I feel like there’s still room for improvement. Usually, during the week, I choose what to eat and I go for boiled foods, fruits, yogurts, cereals, etc. but in weekends my parents prepare a meal to eat together and they usually choose something fried(some combination like fried pork with french fries). I don’t want to seem rude by refusing to eat what they cook but, on the other hand, many times I’ve broken my habits of eating healthier because of these circumstances, until I would eventually realize I’ve went down the junk-food-slope again. My question is, how could I talk to them about my views on food without seeming rude? How could I adopt the diet I wish for even though they pay for everything? Have you ever been in such a situation? Thank you in advance! And sorry for the incredibly long post, lol.

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    • ASLO says:

      9-10 is awesome Lina, we should all now work to a 10/10…. :D

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    • Kate Britt says:

      Hi Lina, I hope you don’t mind if I put my 2-bits in, responding to your food dilemma. First, I’ll answer is coming from my role as a parent of 2 adult boys and step-parent of 2 adult girls. If I’m buying all the ingredients and I’m cooking the meals, it’s my decision what we eat, though I do like to be open to suggestions and help from the family. It’s good that you have put in your requests for certain things, and also tried to help them learn about healthier ways of eating, and it sounds like they’ve cooperated to some extent. If you need to have a completely different menu for yourself, there are several of solutions. Move out and then you’re in charge of your own food all the time. OR offer take over some of the food duties in your parents’ house. Offer to cook X number of meals a week, including buying the groceries for those meals. I can be pretty sure they’d like that idea. With this plan, you can gradually increase the frequency of everybody eating your types of foods and they’ll gradually come to appreciate that eating healthy food can taste great.
      On the other hand, you do absolutely have a right to eat healthy food, just as your parents have every right to eat what they want, especially in their own house. It will always be tough, as long as you remain living with your parents. Good for you for trying to help them learn what you’re learning about healthy eating – people can get set in their eating ways and not be up on all the latest info about what’s healthy. Keep at it. However, I’d recommend that you back off being critical (as in telling them that their food is “too___”) or refusing to eat things they prepare. That will just nurture resistance because they’ll feel like you’re being ungrateful. Instead, keep it all positive. Help them learn gradually by introducing this and that to the home, making sure that it’s not only healthy but very tasty. Talk the talk – for example, if they cook with olive oil instead of butter, compliment them on the change. Perhaps offer something like, “I’ll eat that ___ if you’ll try eating this ____ with me.” Make it a team effort, a positive-only thing, so that it’s more like a food adventure than trying to push change upon others.

      It may sound a bit harsh, but if you’re not paying room and board yet, and if you want to participate in food options as the adult that you are, you’ll need to step up and take over some of the food-prep activities. If you do it in a way that shows that you appreciate being fed, being cooked for, etc. and that you want to start returning the favor, I’m sure they’ll enjoy the idea.

      :clap: You’re awesome to want to help change your parents eating style to more healthy ways, because that will benefit all of you in the long run. Good luck. Tell us how it goes, ok?

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      • Ezza says:

        Hi Kate,
        I believe your advice is very sound and not harsh just blunt. I wish in the past I had someone make the observation to me and help me step into someone else shoes for a moment and see it from their perspective.
        My husband eats the same way as Lina’s parents do and I encourage him to eat healthier by living the example and showing the results in the way I cook, eat, say thank you and making the choices better in the way that we are both happy. Sometimes you do have to make sacrifices for others and yourself. I hope Lina takes your advice with heart and good intentions. xx

        @ Lina: I do encourage you to keep going, stay positive and learn from adversity. It will only make you stronger, wiser and more ever grateful. Also congrats on 9/10. KUDOS!!

        Make it a wonderful day.
        xx Ezza xx

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      • Lina says:

        I really appreciate your advice, Kate!
        Especially the part about getting involved in the cooking of the meals, I’ll really try this out. I love cooking for that matter but my mom has no idea since I’ve never actually cooked a whole meal before, so she kind of keeps me away from the kitchen, thinking I’ll burn the food or something, haha. Thank you, Kate! :D

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    • Celes says:

      Hi Lina! Thanks for your question and I’ll be happy to share my thoughts.

      Actually your situation sounds the same as what I had been going through for many years, up until the past year. What I did is I just told my parents what I wanted to eat, which is basically vegetables, cooked with no oil, no salt – basically no additives at all. I know they want to cook for me if they can, and I do want to eat with them / as part of the family too – so it was important that I opened up to them about my desires.

      It took quite a while though before they fully understood I meant literally what I said – a part of them thought I was not serious, or the dish would taste better with XYZ ingredients or cooked in a certain way, and so on. That’s natural since we’re talking about going against deeply set beliefs and routines. I merely repeated my desires, while preparing my desired dishes myself just in case they didn’t cook what I wanted for the day – so there was always a fall back option for me vs. eating something I didn’t want and triggering the start of a junk food mania. Them seeing what I wanted to eat before their very eyes helped to solidify in their mind what I was trying to tell them as well.

      Once they finally understood/registered what it was that I wanted, it became seamless.

      Today they always cook a plate of vegetables just for me (sometimes they have some of it), while they continue to cook whatever stuff they normally cook for the family. I’m happy, they are happy, everyone’s happy. And I’d like to think that that 1-2 plates of no-oil, no-salt vegetables they cook every day is helping to improve the family’s health in a small way too. (Even if they don’t eat it on the day, seeing it is a reminder of the kind of healthy food they can be eating instead?)

      I’d recommend that you let them know that you appreciate their efforts, and that you are on a healthy diet which comprises of X, Y and Z food. Tell them if they’re open to the idea, you’d like them to cook X food during your meals together in the future – or you can cook them yourself and share them with the family during meal times. This will help them to gradually accept your ideal diet, which may lead them to include these dishes in their cooking next time. Sure there will be resistance as you try to talk to them about this topic, but the resistance is already a given as per what I mentioned above. The question is about addressing that vs. eating something you don’t want, which as you said, would lead you to slip on a junk-food-slope because it’s not what you want to have.

      I think Kate’s reply is fantastic – it helps you to consider the perspective of your parents as you approach this issue.

      I hope my reply helps on some level, Lina! And let us know how it goes for you! :hug:

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      • Lina says:

        Thank you very much, Celes!
        As I replied to Kate, too, I’ll approach my parents in a different way than I’ve done until now and I’ll try sharing my opinions on food with them (what I prefer), expressing altogether my appreciation for their efforts to bring food in the house and cook. I’ll also get involved in cooking in order to show them I’m determined to live a healthier lifestyle, eating certain types of food just like you did with your parents& Kate suggested :)
        Thank you once more. :hug:

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  2. Mirna says:

    Woah, nice question!
    I would say my level of commitment is a 5. Which is probably why I keep missing my workouts, and being very severe towards myself about it.
    Today I will try another type of exercise, since I am bored with the ones I’ve been doing. Hopefully I can go up to an 8 by the end of the challenge. That would be ideal^^.

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    • Mirna says:

      Just to update: I ended up thinking a lot about todays question and it was very motivating. So even though I missed my morning workout I did a 1 hour aerobic workout in the evening. Well worth it :)

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      • Celes says:

        I’m glad the question got you thinking, Mirna. :hug: When we start thinking about things we used to gloss over, is when things start to change.

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  3. Celes says:

    Running for my usual run in a bit. :D Seems like today is a slow day for most of us – it’s evening time in Singapore but we haven’t had as many participants fall in as for previous days (so far). Hope everyone’s doing good! :hug:

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  4. Monisha says:

    How committed are you to achieving a healthier, fitter body? Is it in the range of 8-10? If not, how can you increase it to a full 10?

    Currently, 7 maybe . Currently, I do not intend to increase my commitment actually. I have some interest in this field.
    Today I did stretching, chair dips and push up with leg extention, time taken is almost 9 minutes, yeah lesser than usual :/

    BTW, on day 8, I weighed on the scale and noticed that I lost 2 kilos total within the 8 days :dance:

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  5. ASLO says:

    A 9-10 definitely…..i’m sure committed to seeing myself as slim as i was before, don’t want to picture myself in the sorority that i see my peers suffer due to the ill effects of osteoporosis and other malicious diseases which they could have avoided but simply gave their life out for other reasons hence calling the curtains to their health albeit the fact that they earned a reputation for being self-less at that time, now i see them as “self-only” with only themselves to bear the pain of what they suffer with
    I am simply loving the new ear-phones i got – they are called dr dre’s beats – and today with their help i took a 35 minute walk-jog-run without realizing it…i was jumping up and down much like a sugar-addicted kid craving for a candy…it was fun, if walking was my best fitness activity till date without the fun i experienced today, now its more-so-ever…..it brought the inner child out of me….its the first time i felt so blissful at the end of exercise….later, i followed it up with 15 mins of cycling…
    I got a couple of quotes i’d like to share
    “A moment on the lips, forever on the hips” — this is from Adnan Sami, an Indian SInger who lost a whopping 130 kilos in a year….we learn from him, how not resisting our urges to eat unhealthy, can lead to purges in our body and health, also
    “Those who don’t make time for exercise will eventually have to make time for illness” and “What you resist will persist; what you befriend, you will transcend.” – By Robin Sharma….
    When I first started following the path of spiritual enlightenment, i started by reading out Chicken Soup, i didn’t understand the meaning of taking inspiration from others’ stories, i didn’t really know what inspiration is, then came Louise Hay and the likes, i got from them what is the true meaning of changing how we live and think…then came Celes and the power of blogging and of forums….its finally now, that i get it how we are meant to learn from others experience, learn to heal with their pain, learn to revive with their rise, learn to lean to their support, learn to invoke from their experience and learn to smile with our growth….
    wishing y’all love, peace and fitness……..

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    • Lina says:

      Nice and inspiring quotes, ASLO. Thank you for sharing :D

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    • Bette says:

      “…We are meant to learn from others’ experience, learn to heal with their pain, learn to revive with their rise, learn to lean to their support, learn to invoke from their experience and learn to smile with our growth…”

      Now THAT’s what I’m talkin’ about!
      See what I mean?
      It’s just a beautiful thing, ASLO, just a beautiful thing! :angel:

      I receive your wishes for love, peace, and fitness and send all of them to you as well! :heart: Bette

      P.S. Well done, your level of commitment , and your physical activity!

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    • Kate Britt says:

      Wise and true, Aslo, everything you’ve said here. Good going on your activity, especially feeling so energized that you wanted to do more. Inspiring!

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  6. Jaleen says:

    If I would to rate my commitment to achieve a healthier, fitter body, I would rate as 7 for now.

    Why? Because I still can hardly control on my diet. I’m committed to do exercise everyday since the first day of 21DFC, but in term of diet, I still need to put in more effort to control it.

    I guess I will need to start on tracking what I have eaten through out the day again like what I did during the 21DHL previously.


    Today, I didn’t go for sweating exercise, I just finished my 30 minutes of body stretching. It’s late now, so I don’t want to take bathe again, just do some body stretching.

    It’s already 11:55pm…Time to go to bed.

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  7. Nadia says:

    Not sure whether to measure the commitment level based on how long I have been trying to be fit or how hard? It seems like the second option though. I feel it is very high like an 8 or a 9, but there needs to be more work.

    According to the fitness website I’m using these days, my current commitment level is “Dedicated”. (which is level 2 out of 5) And I can’t argue with that!

    Day 10: My first jog in ages.

    One of the goals for this week in the challenge was to jog part of the time while on the walk. I walked for 35 minutes and jogged for only 5 minutes (divided) because it was so hard. But I’m happy :D

    Have a nice day everyone :hug:

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    • Monisha says:

      Good job on the jog, Nadia :)

      Thanks for your good thoughts on my comment on Day 7, I wasn’t able to reply there to you due to some Internet problems that day :/

      Good luck! :hug: :hug:

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  8. cloudio says:

    Today my usual Parco di Trenno jog-walk of 32′, that according to my pedometro was 2,7km, while according to google maps it’s almost the double (as always the truth is in between I guess).
    Then 30′ of yoga

    I am commiited 10 and always has been. Sport has been the biggest passion on my life, and although with this I meant much more time in watching, reading, studying and for some years reporting than actually playing it, I always made case of trying. And when I was a kid until the end of my teenagers years I played a lot, especially football. (which I kept playing in a team and then as a referee until I was almost 30)

    The fact that fitness and bodycare has always been important, while my results in taking care of myself are overall good, surely way above the average person, to me have been disappointing.

    The great thing I discovered so many new things in the last couple of years and also came back in a shape I honestly were not expecting after years of sedentary life.

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  9. Linh says:

    I couldn’t update my day 9 because I’m in a boarding school and the school internet blocks some websites @.@ ( The day 9 page was considered offensive and tasteless according to my school’s weird internet protection :lol: ) So I guess my update in day 9 has to be postponed for a while until I find the way to access to the page =.=”’

    And well, today I ran 2.5km. :dance: It was a practice for my school’s cross country next Wed ;) The real round is actually about 1km longer :lol: And well, I guess now I’m just gonna update my extra activities such as swimming or running. My morning and night exercises are repeated everyday.

    @.@ My commitment level is about 6-7, I suppose. I’ve been regularly into exercises, however, I feel that I’m still quite far behind what I really want to achieve. I still have a long way to come to become really sporty and fit.

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    • Kate Britt says:

      That’s hilarious, Linh – ya, I guess it’s pretty offensive and tasteless to talk about our #1 obstacles to becoming fitter. :twisted: Makes you wonder what criteria they’ve set up for blocking sites, doesn’t it!

      With that long run PLUS your extra exercises every day, I’d say your commitment level is way higher than you estimate. It sounds like you’re rating how close you are to your goals, but really, I’d say you’re at a 9 or 10 :clap: in terms of your commitment to keeping at it in order to reach them!

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      • Celes says:

        What Kate said! It sounds like you’re rating how close you are to your desired fitness Linh, but Day 10′s question is about how *committed* you are to fitness. How committed are you to your fitness goals, Linh?

        And that’s hilarious regarding Day 9′s page being blocked. It’s funny that they block specific pages and not entire sites too. They probably have some tool which auto-searches pages for offending keywords, after which they get auto-blocked.

        Amazing work on your 2.5km run. :D Please continue to update us, even on your regular exercises! We love to hear them all. You don’t know how much it may inspire the fellow participants in the challenge too.

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  10. Mark says:

    I would say my commitment is pretty high, probably 9 out of 10. The reason for that is simple. All my goals and targets in life (and I have many and some pretty grandiose ones) are worth nothing if I don’t have my health and fitness.

    What is the pint of having that goal to build a great business if, due to failing health, you are unable to enjoy the journey and have real fun in your life? Most everything becomes meaningless if you let your health and fitness go (in my opinion, of course).

    So, even if you do a little every day and just managed to raise your heartbeat by 10 -15% every day for 10 -15 minutes, that will keep your health ticking over and really add years to your life.

    That’s all I can really do at the moment but I know, especially after my ankle operation, i will be able to do more in the future. You have to remember that pushing your heart rate to it’s limit is actually not the best idea. 60 – 70% of your max heart rate fro 20 – 25 mins, 3 times per week is thet best place you can be. ANY steps toward this must be beneficial over sitting on your couch watching TV.

    That’s why this challenge is really good. We all do what we want or can and try to add just a little more each day but no-one is asking anyone to push themselves out of our limits. That pushing is down to us.

    live long and prosper as a famous alien said many times ;)



    P.S. I managed about 15 mins of walkig and stair climbs today but I have scheduled more gym trips for next week.

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    • Celes says:

      All my goals and targets in life (and I have many and some pretty grandiose ones) are worth nothing if I don’t have my health and fitness.

      That’s why this challenge is really good. We all do what we want or can and try to add just a little more each day but no-one is asking anyone to push themselves out of our limits. That pushing is down to us.

      Well said Mark, well said. :clap:

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  11. Raymond says:

    Hi guys,

    today I didn’t reach my goal :( (nearly 75%). But I did have a fabulous day.

    Spent it with my wife and son (celebrating his 19th birthday) in Rotterdam at a football match Feyenoord-Vitesse . Our team won 3-1 :dance:

    https://twitter.com/#!/RaymondLeBlanc/status/168805971475435520/photo/1 (Karin & Vincent)

    http://twitpic.com/8j3rhr (me waving at you all)

    Tomorrow aiming for 125%. I am committed. 8 1/2 out of 10

    take care!

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  12. Tina Davis says:

    I’m at a 10. I am committed to increasing my physical activity and keeping up with my exercise plan.

    Today I did my laundry, cleaned my guinea pigs, vacuumed my house, and baked for an office event. I was on the go for 4 straight hours. Pretty good :dance:

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  13. Rosa says:

    I would say I’m about 8~9. Even though I’m not overweight, I haven’t exercised properly in years, and being in my late 20′s, I really wanted to change.
    And just when I was thinking about setting up a plan, I saw your tweet about 21DFC, and signed up without a second thought :) I honestly was afraid to add my comments (because I’m shy/loner), but it has really helped me stick to this. I can’t believe I haven’t missed a single day (even though I could’ve done better/more exercises on some days) thanks to this Challenge :shy:

    Today I did another 30 minutes of Chi Gong/Tai Chi. I know it’s not anything like aerobics etc, but it really is difficult to master :(

    Tomorrow I will be trying Pilates and Yoga again. Hope I won’t get too sore this time :shy:
    See you guys on Day 11! :hug:

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  14. Bette says:

    Hi Everyone! Day 10

    My ocean swim workout today was awesome! It was like I was swimming in a crystal…cool, clear, turquoisey-blue under bluest of skies. I was swimming and doing water exercises for 1 1/2 hours. The ocean’s deep rocking finally got to me, or I might still be there!! ;) So beautiful…

    I really do enjoy swimming, water exercises, moving in the water. It is fun and increases my strength as well as my joy. Being out in nature like that is, unbeatable. I am noticing overall changes for the better in my body too…dropping more pounds and inches is very encouraging!

    As for the question for today regarding my commitment level to living a healthier, more fit me…
    I’m in the 9-10 range. :D I really am on fire with the desire to be the healthiest and fittest that I can be. I am in it for the long haul, as they say, but the way I am approaching it is on a moment to moment basis. Just being aware in the moment, staying awake (alert, mindful), and doing my best with each moment.

    Any encouragement that I receive beyond my own self-cheering, is a bonus! :angel: :heart:
    And being here, and reading and posting, and participating in this 21DFC is really encouraging me to keep doing my best. I’m in great company here! Lots of potential for great things to open up in a group that is in agreement to live their healthiest, fittest best lives, isn’t there!

    There are so many things that emerge from being committed to the daily awareness of being fitness-oriented, because so many things are more possible once the decision is made and follow-through is in place. When I make all those little choices to live better, life just keeps getting better. I have to reach deep down inside to access the will to do my highest and best reach, and my soul rejoices! Once I’ve made the decision and taken action to move forward, it’s like my soul and Spirit step in the picture to propel me forward. Like they have my back. as I move forward. ;) :heart: :angel:

    I’m a happy camper,
    grateful, and on the move!
    onwards and upwards!

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    • Celes says:

      Hey Bette, can I say your high commitment shines through in your daily postings? You are definitely on fire in your fitness goals, with your daily ocean swims and all! And I’m so happy to have you here with us in 21DFC. :hug:

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    • ASLO says:

      Out at the ocean? oh i soo envy you, i am miles away from the nearest ocean, yet one of the things i desire is owning a beach condo….especially now as i’m into jogging and now would love to feel the grains of sand thump under the soft thud of my bare feet as the sloshing of the ocean works its magic like meditation music….then the dip….into the cold numbing water at dawn which raises your pulse then slowly as the body adjusts to the warming the return of the feel into the body senses and then drifting away further and further away from the sight of land as you are cajoled into another canopy of life by the pulsating waves of the ocean……bliss……
      And i so love the interpretation you give of how the cogs of the mystic ways of life work to bring about positive things into your life…… :angel:

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      • Bette says:

        Ahhh…”feel the grains of sand thump under the soft thud of my bare feet…..drifting away…..as you are cajoled into another canopy of life….bliss….”
        Oh ASLO….ALL of that plus what is in between….just heavenly, and yet so evocative of the sublimity of nature and our senses to enjoy our life in nature and the nature of life!!!! :heart: that!
        so beautiful…
        and I love the way you express that last line..means alot to me, thank you! :hug:
        positive love and energy to you, ASLO, :D
        and have a beautiful day!

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    • Linda Moran says:

      Congratulations!! There is something so wonderful about being around water. I don’t always swim, but if I can walk near water, I can walk for hours! Pat yourself on the back (a yoga move) for your progress! Linda

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      • Bette says:

        Thank you, Linda! I appreciate that. Yes, indeed, I feel so good being around bodies of water, too! Hope you can get in some of those walks by the water that you enjoy so much.

        Hey, and I am patting myself on the back physically, (the yoga move) as well as patting myself on the back figuratively. Thanks for the reminder! :D

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  15. Madhu says:

    I ama level 9 or 10. I am totally committed to fitness nad am giving this priority for the past 10days. I hope this commitment level does not change.

    Today I went for my regular walk but only for 45 minutes. But I was running around doing so many chores all day I hope that also counts :)

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