21DFC Day 0 – Pre-Work: Create Your 21-Day Fitness Plan!

This is Day 0 of the 21-Day Fitness Challenge (21DFC) for Feb 2012. View all posts made during the challenge: 21DFC Overview.

21-Day Fitness Challenge for Feb 2012!

Welcome to the pre-work post for 21-Day Fitness Challenge (21DFC)! :D We have over 120 official participants up for the challenge, and the announcement is not even a day old!! How’s this for an explosive month of February?? :D

Sign Up First Before Proceeding

If you have not signed up yet, please read the announcement post first, then sign up here, before proceeding. Signing up is required to be part of 21DFC. (Update Feb 6: Sign ups are now closed).

For the 120+ of you who are already signed up (refer to: official participants list), continue reading!

Pre-Work for Success

Today, we’re going to do our pre-work for a smashing 21 days ahead. As I mentioned in the announcement post, we will be working on our 21-day exercise plan. I have created a 21DFC pre-work template for you to fill out:

Download Now: 21DFC Pre-Work (word document, 280kb)

I’ll walk you through each of the sections.

1. Key Objectives for 21DFC

Here, you fill out your key objectives for 21DFC. What do you want to achieve in the upcoming 21 days? See this as an intention sheet where you write down what you want to see happen, before they happen. Everything is created twice in reality – first in the mind, then in the physical world. By writing down your intentions, you’ve brought them out of your subconsciousness, and it’s now a matter of taking action that aligns with your goals.

For me, my key objectives are:

  1. To exercise without fail for the next 21 days (at least 10 minutes)
  2. To lose weight, lose fat and gain muscle
  3. To have a more attractive and slimmer body at the end of the challenge

2. Game Plan

The game plan refers to what you’re going to do for the 21 days ahead. See it as a short summary of how you plan to achieve your key objectives in #1.

My game plan is:

  1. To vary between jogging, swimming, walking and other exercises – Since I’m easily bored by just 1 activity, and need a variation to keep my interest level. Also, varying across exercises help prevent muscle fatigue from working out the same area of my body.
  2. To time my runs as a personal measurement and milestone – Having a time records will help me see how I’m tracking and motivate me to do better the next time
  3. Not to see exercising as a chore, but as an activity to be enjoyed and relished in – This is the most important. There is no point doing something unless we truly enjoy it. I want to be exercising because it’s fun and because I ‘want to do it’, not as self-punishment. The latter is a mindset doomed for failure, while the former is more empowering – which is necessary if you want to get the best out of your exercises.

3. Obstacles and Strategies to Overcome Them

Here you see a table with 2 columns – the left side titled “My Biggest Obstacles”, and the right side titled “My Strategy to Tackle the Obstacles”.

Here’s what you should do – Fill the left side first, listing the things which you feel will prevent you from succeeding in 21DFC.

Then, after you are done, think of your strategy to overcome each of these obstacles on the right side. You should have at least 1 strategy to address each obstacle. Meaning if you have 4 obstacles, you should have at least 4 strategies listed, one for each obstacle.

Here are my obstacles:

  1. Rain jeopardizing my jogs/swims (which are done in open space)
  2. Feeling too tired to exercise
  3. Feeling bored with the exercises
  4. Feeling demotivated because not seeing results
And here are my strategies to overcome the obstacles:
  1. Use home aerobic videos as alternative
  2. Go slow – Go for quick walks on days where I really, really feel tired. Walk slowly for 1-2 minutes, or as long as I need without pressure, then let it roll from there.
  3. Toss up some variety – Check out community centers for other exercise classes
  4. There will be results from consistent action. Don’t use the scale in the 21 days.
For those who have listed laziness as an obstacle, laziness is always a symptom, not the cause. Long term readers of PE and past participants of Live a Better Life in 30 Days and/or Be a Better Me in 30 Days Challenges would know this. The sooner you realize this, the sooner you’ll overcome this blockade in your life. I recommend to check out the procrastination series to more insights.

4. The 21DFC Pledge

This is a pledge to solidify your intentions for the 21 days ahead.

Here’s how the pledge goes:

 “I, _____________________, commit to exercise daily for the next 21 days, from Feb 3–23.

In these 21 days, I shall stay true to my 21DFC plans as much as possible; I shall push my physical limits to where it has not gone before; I shall be as physically active as I can without hurting myself; I shall report my progress on PE daily be it rain or shine; I shall render my support to fellow participants if they ever need it; I shall not beat myself up if I were to miss my exercises – but instead learn what got me offtrack and not let it happen again.

Throughout these 21 days, I promise to honor my body, my heart, my mind, and my spirit wholly, with love, kindness and respect.”

Fill your name in the blank area, then recite it. You can either read it to yourself (either inside your head or out loud), or read it to your 21DFC partner, if you are doing the challenge with someone else. Seriously, try to get a friend, a family member, or your partner to join in if you can, because it’s more fun that way!

5. My 21-Day Fitness Plan

Last but not least, the 21-day fitness plan! There’s 2 things you can do with this chart.

You can either plan out your exercises for the 21 days now, complete with the type of exercise you’re going to do and the duration. This is especially helpful if your days are very scheduled (you work/study fixed hours), and your exercises have to occur at fixed timings (say, gym classes, or in between breaks).

Or, you can just go with the flow and do whatever exercise you feel like doing for the day. So, no planning at all. But the definite thing is you will commit to some form of physical activity every day for the 21 days.

I’m using a mix of both approaches. I plan to take some gym classes, which will occur on fixed days at fixed timings, so those will be fixed in my schedule. As for the remaining days, I’ll do a mix of either jogging, swimming, or aerobic videos (if it rains on the day), depending on how I feel on the day itself.

I printed my 21DFC pre-work and pinned up the pages on my noticeboard. Check out my 21-Day Exercising Chart – makes it easier to tick/cross the days with the chart right before me. ;)

My 21-Day Exercising Chart

Check Out Other Members’ Pre-work

Many of you have done the pre-work within hours after I posted this, which is awesome! :D Here are some members’ pre-work which I feel has been extraordinarily done (right down to the 21-day exercising plan). Check them out if you’re looking for some reference / inspiration:

8 Tips to Succeed in 21DFC

As with all challenges, here’s my tips list on how to succeed in 21DFC:

  1. Focus on increasing physical activity, rather than “exercising” per se. The former is a permanent lifestyle shift, the latter is more of a fad that won’t last.
  2. Schedule your exercise sessions into your calendar, NOW. Even if you don’t know what exercise you’ll be doing, or what time you’ll be doing it, allocate a daily time slot for exercising in the next 21 days. That way, at least you already have set aside time for exercising.
  3. There are plenty of opportunities to increase physical activity every day. It’s up to you to find them. Be it doing some household chores, walking over driving to the convenience store, climbing the stairs vs. taking the lift, going to the gym for a quick hour during lunch or after work over that extra 1 hour of work which many times make little difference, joining that dance/yoga/aerobics class which you’ve always wanted to sign up for, etc.
  4. After you have filled out your 21DFC pre-work, print it out and put it on your noticeboard, right where you will see it first thing every day. Use the 21-Day Exercise Chart to track your progress – tick for the days you do exercise, cross when you don’t.
  5. I’m all for setting high goals and pushing yourself all the way, but if you’re setting targets that are so high that’s making you procrastinate and abandon the exercise plans altogether, then you should seriously revisit your plans. I rather you have something doable and which you stick to, then something that’s sky-high and which you do nothing of. Dump that all-or-nothing mindset and embrace “imperfections” as the new perfection.
  6. On days you feel tired, permit yourself to go slow – very, very slow. Then start from there. Soon you’ll forget that you were even tired to begin with. The point is to create the momentum.
  7. Regardless of what happens, report back on this site every day, to share your daily progress. Put a daily reminder in your calendar to post your progress here every day. I can’t stress this enough – You have to be part of the community for us to be able to help you. If you don’t log on here, we won’t even be able to reach you. Let us help each other.
  8. If you failed to exercise on the day itself, learn why, then share your lessons with everyone here. Then start over the next day. There’s plenty of new tomorrows to start afresh.

Share Your Pre-Work Now!

When you’re ready, share your pre-work with everyone in the comments section! Copy and paste your answers from the document, including:

  1. Your Key Objectives for 21DFC
  2. Your Game Plan for 21DFC
  3. Your Biggest Obstacles
  4. Your Strategy To Tackle the Obstacles
  5. Your 21DFC Pledge
  6. Your 21-Day Exercising Chart!

For #5, you might want to share it in the form of an image. Screen capture your exercising chart first (use the print screen button on your keyboard), upload your image to Photo Bucket or Imgur, share the link in the comments area.

And if you want to share your whole pre-work document, you’re welcome to do so. Simply upload it to Google Docs, enable public sharing so members who want to download and take a look can do so, and share the link here.

Get Ready for Day 1 on Feb 3!

The next post will be on Day 1, Feb 3 itself! Are you ready??? Here we go!!! :D

Last but not least, get your family, friends and partner to sign up if you haven’t! Sign up closes in 2 days time! It’s now or never everyone!

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81 Responses | Share Your Results!

  1. Monisha says:

    1. Your Key Objectives for 21DFC

    1. An attractive and slimmer body at the end of the challenge
    2. To exercise without fail for the next 21 days

    2. Your Game Plan for 21DFC

     Exercises to do: Powerwalking, skipping and jogging (Optional)
     Time my exercises (Optional)

    3. Your Biggest Obstacles

    It could be my dad not taking me out to exercise.

    4. Your Strategy To Tackle the Obstacles

     Wake dad up early and tell him you need to exercise

    5. Your 21-Day Exercising Chart!

    I think I’ll go with the flow and do whatever exercise I feel like doing for the day. So, no planning at all.

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    • Andi says:

      Monisha, I like your style! Good luck in the coming days. :) ~andi

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    • Monisha says:

      @Andi: Hey Andi, I saw your comment too :D, thank you :heart: and good luck :hugs:

      BTW, I changed my plans in my game plan. Those are not the only exercises I might do :D , I might do some more, so my game plan is no longer limited to those three exercises only.

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  2. Amanda says:

    1. Key Objectives

    1) I want to be fitter
    2) I want to break my record for my 1.6km run (for the fitness test in SG), from 8min 30sec to about 8min 15sec
    3) I want to improve my stamina

    2. My Game Plan

    I’ll be jogging around my house, running in the stadium (about 5 minutes walk from my house) and swimming in my condo’s pool. Swimming will probably be the most often because I like that the most, but I have to make it a point to really swim and not just play. ;)

    For running, I don’t have a specific length I want to run. It’ll just depends on my mood, energy level, etc.

    3. Obstacles & How to Tackle Them

    1) I can’t really tackle this obstacle – rain. It’s been raining about once every day.
    2) My energy level. I have to do homework, assessment books and work on my blog every single day. I usually feel lethargic by the time I reach home… I guess I just have to have a nap just before exercising.
    3) Time – It’ll not be hard to make 30 minutes for swimming, but to convince someone to go with me to the stadium will be hard (my parents insist someone follows me!) If I can’t get anyone to go with me to the stadium I’ll just make do with swimming or jogging.

    4. My plan

    I’ll be going with the flow. Depending on the time, my energy, etc., and of course – the weather. I still haven’t decided what I’ll do if it rains the whole day. :p

    Jog on the spot, perhaps? >.<

    Really looking forward to 21DFC… and do you realise it's short for December? :D

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    • Celes says:

      Hey Amanda, that sounds like a great plan! :D I look forward to seeing your progress on your 1.6km timings. Consistent action itself guarantees success, so I feel like you breaking your record is already a sure event, just a matter of how it’ll unfold.

      On rain, it seems like a very likely obstacle (as you’ve said, it’s been raining almost every day, though weather on my side of the island has been relatively okay), so you might want to have some ready Plan Bs to combat that, so your exercise plans don’t get thwarted when it rains. If you stay in a condo, perhaps the gym can be an alternative option? Or exercising right away when you get the opportunity, vs. delaying it till it rains and it’s not possible to exercise anymore (this happens to me alot).

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      • Amanda says:

        Oh, my condo is actually a very old one, it was built in 1985…about 17 years old now. :) So there’s no gym. Anyway I can’t imagine myself going to the gym…?

        I’m in YCK, and it just rained a full day just now. :p

        Plan Bs…well, I guess running on the spot/around the house is my only option? Definitely when I have the opportunity for now, because once I complete my homework it starts raining. I can do my homework later… if it haven’t rained yet.

        Good luck to you! :)

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  3. Raymond says:

    My Key Objectives for 21DFC
    1. walk 10.000 steps each day
    2. climb 20 floors each day
    3. practice yoga each day

    My Game Plan for 21DFC
    1. To walk each day and go to the gym on Monday, Wednesday & Friday
    2. Do my daily Yoga exercises following the instructions in my yoga book
    3. Use fitbit, commit and runkeeper as tools to record my endeavors

    My Biggest Obstacles
    1. Staying in bed too long
    2. Laziness
    3. Feeling too tired to exercise
    4. Bad weather (snow) jeopardizing my walks

    My Strategy To Tackle the Obstacles
    1. Get up before 09:00
    2. Use Fitbit & Commit to remind me
    3. Go to bed before 24:00
    4. Go to gym on predefined moments

    21-Day Exercising Chart!

    I’ll be publishing my results at http://www.fitbit.com/user/22PTGT

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    • Celes says:

      Hey Raymond! Your plan looks great! :clap: How are you planning to measure your steps? Do you use a pedometer?

      On staying in bed too long, I can definitely see how that can be an obstacle for many people. Getting up before 9am sounds like a great idea – it seems more of an action than a strategy though. What is your strategy that will help you tackle the desire to stay in bed? For example, sleeping earlier the night before (as you listed in #3), having multiple alarms, hanging a poster of your ideal bod on the wall beside your bed, and so on. The reason why I ask is because the approach of sheer discipline vs. laziness can get us through a few days, perhaps weeks if one has high determination, but proper strategizing and channeling into our inspiration is what’s going to get us to seamlessly cultivate the habit in the long haul.

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      • Raymond says:

        Hello Celes,

        thanks for your feedback. You made some good points.
        I do use a pedometer. And I think on second thoughts I’ll delete Laziness from my list because it’s not really accurate in describing my obstacles.
        I’ll set an alarm clock on a sound level I can actually hear. ;)

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  4. Celes says:

    Just printed out my 21DFC pre-work and pinned them on my noticeboard. I included a screenshot of my 21-day exercising chart in the post if anyone wants to take a look. I encourage everyone to do the same too – Makes it easier to tick/cross the days for the next 3 weeks. ;) Editing it in graphics program (for the daily updates) and setting it as wallpaper works too.

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  5. VickiB says:

    1. My key objectives are to:

    Strengthen my ankles
    Lose fat
    Have less pain
    Breathe easily during and after exercise

    2. My game plan:

    Daily walk.
    Shiva Nata.
    Some gentle yoga.

    3. My biggest obstacles:

    Pain. Despite knowing that in the long run I will have less pain, in the short term, pain can stop me from doing these things.

    Not sleeping. Again, in the long run, exercise will improve my sleep but after a sleepless night, it is hard to have the motivation or energy to do any exercise. If my sleep pattern is badly disrupted, I’ll choose sleep over exercise.

    MrB or my mom needing increased amounts of care so that I have less time for self care.


    Resistance or rebellion.

    4. My strategies:
    If I have to shovel snow, I’m going to count that as exercise! I’ll stretch and maybe do yoga before I begin.

    I have some exercise equipment that I can use indoors if the weather is bad. I can also use it at night if I’m awake. Although exercising late in the day is not recommended, when my sleep pattern has been upended by something like spending the night in the ER, it takes a few days to get it back, and during those times, I’m as likely to be awake at 2:00 AM as at 7:00 AM.

    I can listen to music or audio books while exercising.

    I can use my cell phone for a “walk and talk” with my sister or a friend.

    I can pay attention to the pain and try to prevent it — e.g. muscle cramping due to lack of potassium. I can have something high in potassium, like tomato juice. I can warm up my muscles before I do anything vigorous.

    I can write out moves from Shiva Nata and from physical therapy and from other exercise information and make little routines that I do for a few minutes throughout the day.

    I can use rewards, e.g. stickers and treats.

    If resistance or rebellion becomes a problem, I don’t have a plan for that. I think I’ll post something in the comments and look for help from other participants.

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    • Jen says:

      It sounds like you have some serious obstacles to overcome, but we are here for you, and I believe you can complete the challenge! I think you have some great low-impact focus areas to work around your pain, and it sounds like you know how to manage it pretty well. I’m sorry to hear about the serious medical issues you seem to be facing with your family; it is certainly not easy to fit in exercise while dealing with something like that. A quick sun salutation in the ER, however, may be just enough to keep you moving and help you lower your stress level. Just a suggestion. :)

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  6. Kristen says:

    Your Key Objectives for 21DFC
    1. Do some form of physical activity for 21 days
    2. Make a dent in my goal to eventually loose 7kg
    3. Aim for doing about 20 minutes of exercise per day (not including the time of rest)

    Your Game Plan for 21DFC
    1. Swim at least once a week
    2. Use the Wii Fit for at least 15 minutes
    3. Use a watch to keep track of time

    Your Biggest Obstacles
    1. Physical disability
    2. Asthma
    3. Thinking I don’t have time to

    Your Strategy To Tackle the Obstacles
    1. Choose activities that aren’t too hard on my feet/legs
    2. Take things slow and remember to breathe

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    • Jen says:

      Hi Kristen,

      Kudos for focusing on swimming, which is a great no-impact activity that works with your disability! You are really working with your body to get a full-body aerobic workout. Awesome!

      I am fighting a foot injury myself, which is why I am participating in this challenge. Since I stopped running, I’ve lost all motivation. I’m focusing on one day of impact aerobic activity then filling in the other days with low-impact exercise and restorative exercise — like Yoga — to get back into shape.

      Good luck with the challenge!

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  7. Bilal Kamoon says:

    Exercising was one of my plans for 21DHL earlier in January. Unfortunately, I didn’t stick to this particular plan, so this is my chance to catch up.

    My Key Objectives:
    1. To exercise or to increase physical activity for the next 21 days
    2. To lose fat and gain muscle (gaining some weight would be good too)

    My Game Plan for 21DFC:
    1. To run daily at least for half an hour
    2. To incorporate physical activity in my daily chores

    My Biggest Obstacles
    1. Lack of time to exercise
    2. Not being able to run (rain, no time)

    My Strategy To Tackle the Obstacles:
    1. Increase physical activity when possible
    2. Do home aerobics

    My 21DFC Pledge:

    “I,Bilal Kamoon, commit to exercise daily for the next 21 days, from Feb 3–23.
    In these 21 days, I shall stay true to my 21DFC plans as much as possible; I shall push my physical limits to where it has not gone before; I shall be as physically active as I can without hurting myself; I shall report my progress on PE daily be it rain or shine; I shall render my support to fellow participants if they ever need it; I shall not beat myself up if I were to miss my exercises – but instead learn what got me offtrack and not let it happen again.
    Throughout these 21 days, I promise to honor my body, my heart, my mind, and my spirit wholly, with love, kindness and respect.”

    download my pre-work from google docs: https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B0sPLhF_0ReFZTU2OWFmMmQtYWViOC00OTk1LWExOWItZTM4ZWU2NTQ2OTNm

    Can’t wait to get this started :mrgreen:

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  8. Jen says:

    Thank you for setting us up for success with this template! It is incredibly helpful! I have posted mine to Google Docs, so I can access it from anywhere, and so I can share it with you all. The link is https://docs.google.com/document/d/1A3wxD0x9E0xPCsRo1iovtIPgQA91NCcc76r5h45JCyA/edit. Cannot wait to get started!

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    • Celes says:

      Your 21-day exercising plan looks so awesome, Jen! I’m sharing your pre-work with the group in the pre-work post, if you don’t mind? :D

      (By the way, very small quibble – I noticed the footer signature link for PE says ‘personalexcellence.com’ for some reason, but it’s actually supposed to be ‘personalexcellence.co’. Just in case others see the link and can’t get to the site!)

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  9. Sami says:

    Key Objectives:
    1. To increase my level of physical activity for the next 21 days so that I am more energized.
    2. To have slimmer and even more attractive body that is more toned and defined.

    My Game Plan for 21DFC:
    1. To change up my daily workout routines so that its more of a fun task than a daily routine
    2. To make a conscious effort to move around more – even when I am chained to my desk

    My Biggest Obstacles
    1. Time contraints
    2. Long work days

    My Strategy To Tackle the Obstacles:
    1. Reevaluate my calendar obligations and remove the fluff!
    2. Leave the office when its time to go home!

    My 21DFC Pledge:

    “I, Sami G, commit to exercise daily for the next 21 days, from Feb 3–23.

    In these 21 days, I shall stay true to my 21DFC plans as much as possible; I shall push my physical limits to where it has not gone before; I shall be as physically active as I can without hurting myself; I shall report my progress on PE daily be it rain or shine; I shall render my support to fellow participants if they ever need it; I shall not beat myself up if I were to miss my exercises – but instead learn what got me offtrack and not let it happen again.

    Throughout these 21 days, I promise to honor my body, my heart, my mind, and my spirit wholly, with love, kindness and respect.”

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  10. Taban says:

    Yes this template is awesome! So here’s my google doc:


    Can’t wait for Friday! :dance:

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    • Celes says:

      Love what you’re done with your pre-work template, Taban! Like with Jen’s, I’m sharing your pre-work with the group in the pre-work post, if you don’t mind? ;)

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  11. Bette says:

    My Key Objectives:
    Exercise/increase physical activity for next 21 days, with the intention of cultivating this habit beyond 21DFC
    Lose fat, build and strengthen muscle, increase skin tone
    Let go of unwanted pounds and clothes that are not fitting me right or I don’t like

    My Game Plan:
    Swim/do water exercises 3x week
    On alternate days, exercise with my bands, do stretching, do other exercises that target muscle-strengthening, and overall fitness
    Do skin-brushing, daily, for better circulation and healthier skin
    On the 7th day, rest from scheduled exercise/increased physical activity, if I so choose

    Biggest obstacles:
    Disability/inflexibility w knees, back pain
    Not starting, feeling overwhelmed
    Feeling tired, achey, too heavy to move
    Feeling lazy/procrastinating

    Strategy to tackle obstacles:
    Just START to move slowly at first, warm up to the movements, and gather momentum
    Do some slow, deep breathing, focusing on the Best in me, and seeing my goal
    Read posts here, read inspiring material, post here, all helping to tweak motivation to get started, or to continue onward
    Chart progress/tape measure/scale
    Get adequate sleep and rest
    Take vitamins, stay on my weight-reducing Food Plan

    :heart: I LOVE the feeling of moving in the right direction, and making progress, doing tasks that lead to the success of accomplishing my goals!!!

    Thanks, Celes, for your focus and guidance, and encouragement! :hug: And all the best with realizing your 21DFC!

    All the best to everyone! Let’s DO this! :dance:

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  12. Susan Parker says:

     My Key Objectives for 21DFC(3 Feb – 23 Feb)
    1. To lose 6 pounds
    2. To get healthier and feel better
    3. To accept the discipline of a challenge to exercise at least 10 minutes every day for 21 days

     My Game Plan for 21DFC
     To walk with Bruiser (my dog) every day it’s not raining or too cold
     To get back into Wii Fit and really enjoy it
     To do the prescribed back exercises at least 3 days a week

    My Biggest Obstacles

    1. Thinking of exercise as work and something I don’t want to do
    2. Rain and cold weather
    3. Rebelling against the discipline
    4. Losing motivation

    My Strategy To Tackle the Obstacles

     Use music and buy new workout clothes; find my pedometer and use it
     Use the Wii or walk in the mall
     Gold stars on the calendar; remembering this is what I want to do
     Reaccess goals and progress along the way; draw strength from other participants

    As far as the calendar goes, I’m not going to fill it out ahead of time. If that does not seem to be working, I’ll change strategies.

    One thing that will be difficult for me is posting daily. Another challenge!

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  13. Andi says:

    Your Key Objectives
    1. To exercise 20+ minutes per day for 21 days
    2. To lose 5 pounds, & to gain stamina
    3. To re-establish the lost habit of running daily

    Your Game Plan
    1. To walk / jog & do push-ups & sit-ups
    2. To time runs & track improvement
    3. To faithfully follow through & record / report results daily

    Your Biggest Obstacles & Your Strategy To Tackle the Obstacles

    1. Not feeling like exercising –> Play my “go mode” music, the play list that drives everyone else crazy but makes your feet tap & your body move.

    2. No clean workout clothes –> Do a load of laundry every night… you know, like you’re already supposed to be doing?

    3. Fear of the treadmill –> Play around with it & figure it out. It can’t be more difficult than giving a presentation at work. Conquer. It’s just a dumb machine, & an old one at that.

    4. Not enough time –> Not a valid excuse since I quit my job; just go do it. Don’t be such a whiner. Abbie doesn’t get off the bus till 4pm, so WTH are you doing all day?

    5. Guilt that I should be writing –> Make & actually follow a schedule:
    (8:30 a.m.) Get Abbie on the bus.
    (8:40 a.m) Exercise for 20+ mins.
    (9:30 a.m.) Shower & get dressed.
    (10:00 a.m.) Get some writing done.
    (noon) Stop for lunch & plan dinner. Check email. Call sister & mom.
    (2:00 p.m.) Do some housework.
    (4:00 p.m.) Get Abbie off the bus, have a snack, help with homework, & set table for dinner.

    This isn’t rocket science. Stop making excuses.

    6. Depression &/or resentment –> Not an option. Take your meds, drink water, & totally get over yourself. Do the work, or else you don’t get a vote, & non-voters don’t get to complain. You want to be allowed to complain, right? So get your butt in gear & earn the right to be such a whiner.

    21-Day Exercising Chart:
    Flexible, but mostly looking like I’ll take a bite out of the Couch-to-5k workout, somewhat:

    5-minute fast-walk warm-up

    2-minute jog
    3-minute fast- walk

    2-minute jog
    3-minute fast-walk

    2-minute jog
    3-minute fast-walk

    5-minute slow-walk cool-down

    5-minute stretch

    20 minutes within which to complete sit-ups & push-ups. Which I will hardly be able to do at first, because it’s only been about 13 years since I did this stuff on a regular basis. But when you are starting from the bottom, there’s no where to go but up, right?


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  14. Jaleen says:

    >> My Key Objectives for 21DFC (3 Feb – 23 Feb)
    1. To exercise for at least 10 minutes without fail for the next 21 days.
    2. To reduce my weight for at least 3kg.
    3. To increase my stamina to run

    >> My Game Plan for 21DFC
    - Do stretching or self massage for at least 5 minutes every day.
    - Cycling for at least twice a week.
    - Swimming for at least once within these 21 days.
    - Go hiking with friends / family at least twice within these 21 days.

    >> My Biggest Obstacles
    1. Laziness
    2. Rain when I plan to go for outdoor exercises
    3. Lack of time to exercise after working hours
    4. Too tired to exercise

    >> My Strategy To Tackle the Obstacles
    1. Keep reminding myself to exercise, even for only 5 minutes
    2. Do home aerobics / jump ropes / run at place as a replacement of the outdoor exercises
    3. Wake up earlier to do 10 ~ 20 minutes of exercise before go to work
    4. Walk for 5 ~ 10 minutes at home

    Here is my google doc :dance:

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    • Ezza says:

      Well Done Jaleen!

      Your 21 Day Fitness Plan is fantastic. I am inspired to keep going and I hope I can inspire you keep going and see your results in 21 days. :D

      I can relate to feeling lazy, having lack of time to exercise and being extremely tired after work and daily routine. I believe this maybe my biggest challenge yet, but I am totally up for it as I am looking forward to being a size 10 again!

      I wish you all the best! You have my support and love! :dance:
      Ezza :love:

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