21DPC Day 1 – On a Scale of 1-10, How Happy Are You? And Why?

This is Day 1 of the 21-Day Positivity Challenge (21DPC) for Mar 2012. View all posts made during the challenge: 21DPC Overview.

21-Day Positivity Challenge for March 2012!

Hello everyone, and welcome to Day 1 of 21-Day Positivity Challenge (21DPC)!! :D :dance:

We have over *300* official participants with us now!! Are we in for a month of positivity or WHAT??? :D

To all of you who have duly signed up and helped spread the word to your social networks (or even via blogging about it, for those of you bloggers out there!), thank you. The challenge can only be a success through our collective efforts. The more people sign on to 21DPC, the better it will be for everyone, because hey – that means even more positive energy to go around. :D There is never a limit to how much positive energy there can be – abundance has no lmits.

For those of you whose friends / family read your message and decided to join in on 21DPC too, that’s fabulous. PE Challenges are always particularly fun when you get to do it with someone you know! You can keep each other accountable and learn more about each other in the process.

If you are doing it by yourself, not to fret. We have over 300 official participants here with us for 21DPC, and we’re definitely going to get more people joining us over the next few days before I close the sign ups. In the course of these 21 days, all of us will be doing 21DPC together as one, reflecting on the daily questions, sharing our answers in the comments section of the daily posts, and engaging each other in meaningful discussions.

This is a challenge to be done together as a community, as a group, as one Personal Excellence family, which is really the reason why PE is even here. So do not be afraid to share your answers openly and be fully honest with yourself here. There is no judgment here; anyone who tries to do that will be promptly barred from the site. The .co in the PE domain represents community, not individuality- always remember that whenever you come here to the site.

Important: Sign Up First Before Reading Any Further

If you’re new to 21-Day Positivity Challenge, or you have not signed up yet (your name should be in the official participants list), please read the announcement post and sign up first before going any further: 21-Day Positivity Challenge. All details on the challenge, what to expect, and how to sign up can be found at the post.

If you have already duly completed the 3 sign up steps, your name will be added in the next 36 hours. ♥ Thank you!

Update March 5: Sign ups are now closed now – thanks everyone for your amazing response! For those who didn’t get to sign up - you are more than welcome to participate and join us in the daily threads!

What To Expect for the Next 21 Days

1. Positivity Question

Changing Your Life, Starting From Your Thoughts

As you have read in the announcement post, I will be assigning you a positivity question every day, for the next 21 days.

The question may be simple, like asking “What is your favorite movie?” to something deeper, like “What is 1 positive thing you can share about your least favorite person?” There are days when there will be 2-3 questions combined into 1 (for example, today’s question) – you are expected to answer all the questions, and not just answer the first one and skip the rest.

The idea is to cultivate positivity in your life, via working on the root of it all – our thoughts. Asking ourselves the right questions will help us think in the right manner. And from there, the right actions, habits, and behavior will follow suit. As the saying goes:

“Watch your thoughts, for they become words.
Watch your words, for they become actions.
Watch your actions, for they become habits.
Watch your habits, for they become character.
Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.” – Anonymous

Your Honesty Required

My request to you is to be as completely honest with yourself in answering the questions. Because the more honest you are, the more insights you will unveil, the more you will grow. Think of it as it you’re in a dark room alone, by yourself, and there’s no one there to listen, comment, or judge. What is the first thing that comes to mind? What would be your most truthful response to the question?

This challenge is not about sugar-coated answers and creating an illusion of happiness and positivity to everyone out there. You are probably kidding yourself if you think we’ll be jumping around in these 21 days, skipping merrily, laughing like little kids and forcing ourselves to smile every day.

Don’t feel that there’s a need for you to write something positive just because this is a positivity challenge, because that’s totally untrue. As I shared in Principle #1 of How To Be Happy, part of being happy / positive includes airing out grievances, unhappiness, frustrations, anger, sadness, disappointment, etc inside of you – whatever they may be. These (negative) energies, when unaired, are merely *stuck* in your consciousness, with nowhere else to go.

In the end, they end up affecting you on a subconscious level, in more ways than you can imagine. The more (unhappiness) you release  through your answers in 21DPC (in a constructive manner, of course), the more happiness can flow your way.

2. Positivity Task

Most of the days will have a positivity task assigned. This task is linked to the day’s question, and usually comprises of a simple action that can be done on the day itself. Do complete the task as part of your 21DPC participation.

3. Positive Thing For the Day

Last but not least, you are to identify at least 1 positive thing that you got out of the day, for every day of 21DPC. If you can identify more than 1, that’s even better! The more the better! :D

Sharing To Help Yourself and Help Others

As with every challenge, I highly recommend you share your responses in the comments section of the daily posts with the other participants, to get the most out of your 21DPC experience.

If you’re not comfortable sharing your answers under your usual name/nick on PE, then create some fake, random nick (so no one will know it’s you) and post your answers under that nick (for the remainder of 21DPC, if you want). Replace others’ names (if any) in your answers with fake nicks as well. There is always something powerful about transparently writing your thoughts out there in the open, vs. keeping it to yourself in your little book.

Besides, do not underestimate the change you can make in others’ lives just by sharing your answers here. After all, have you not benefited in the past from reading honest sharings by others, be it on Personal Excellence, or on other websites? What would the world be if no one wants to share? Think about the people out there you can effect. By helping others, you are also helping yourself.

21DPC Day 1 Question

Given that this is a positivity challenge, for Day 1 today, I want you to think about how happy you are. Not just today, but as a person.

On a Scale of 1-10, How Happy Are You? And Why?

On a Scale of 1-10, How Happy Are You?

Share as much as you want in your answers, from a few words to a few pages long. Be honest as you can. Answer both questions, and not just the first question.

And if you did not give yourself a 10/10 for your score, I have one additional question for you:

Why Did You Not Give Yourself a 10/10?

Again, be completely honest in your response. There is no judgment here at PE. Only positivity and love.

While we’re on the topic of happiness, be sure to check out the related articles on how to achieve happiness (or unhappiness, as per the second article) at PE:

  1. How To Be Happy: 10 Timeless Principles for Lasting Happiness
  2. Are You as Happy as You Can Be? 10 Surefire Ways To Be Unhappy in Life

…and the manifesto versions:

  1. [Manifesto] 10 Timeless Principles For Lasting Happiness
  2. [Manifesto] 10 Surefire Ways To Achieve Unhappiness

Your Tasks Today

  1. Reflect and answer today’s question(s). Write as few or as many words as needed to fully express your thoughts. There is no word limit.
  2. Identify at least one positive thing about your day. It may be something small or something big – as long as you deem it as something positive, it counts. If you have more than 1 thing to share, then by all means, go for it!

Share Your Answers!

After you are done, share your answers in the comments area!

If you’re doing this at the start of the day, you can post your answer for today’s question first, then return at the end of the day to answer the 2nd part, on identifying at least one positive thing about your day.

Check out other participants’ answers. Pick 1-2 participants’ answers and make a meaningful reply to them. Engage in the discussions. This is a group course, so let’s support each other in these 21 days!

Look forward to reading your responses!

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456 Responses | Share Your Results!

  1. Nhi says:

    I feel my happiness score below average level. I always feel I have not revealed my true nature, I always do things according to someone else not me because I have always been affected by someone else. I always locked myself in a cover because I’m afraid people will know my weaknesses. But more and more concealed it more clearly. I feel my life very tired. I always wished that one day I will be confident to express myself, regardless of others thoughts. I really want to live like that. I think it is my life. Now it seems like I’m living the life of another person.

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  2. Vasundhara says:

    How happy I am and why?
    I am happy because my parents have given me good health, education and taught me values of life. Secondly I have been gifted with such a good husband who is fully emerged with positivity which helps me to guide through my tough times and he is also a humorous guy which comforts me to get rid of stress time 
    Reason for not giving 10/10
    I can give a rating of 6.5 to 7 out of 10 to myself as I need to still work on few characters like Accepting the person as they are, Not complaining, Not blaming others.
    Last but least I am currently looking for a job change which suits to my profession. Right now only this thing is bothering. Looking forward for worthy change in my career 
    One Positive thing about the day
    Because of celes question I had an opportunity to think about the positive aspects in my life, because there is lot of people out there in the world without having even the basic amenities. This in turn motivated me stay positive thorough out the day and also made me to visualize how will I look if I consciously put more efforts to work on the positivity and the other characters which I have stated above which might in turn will help me to achieve the IDEAL VASUNDHARA !!!  

    Thank you So much Celes for the beautiful and thought provoking question on the first day of DPC itself. Looking forward for the coming POSITIVE days….. 

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    • Celes says:

      Well, thank YOU Vasundhara for taking part in this challenge. You’re making such big waves in your life just by being a part of this community and being here with us. :hug:

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      • Vasundhara says:

        Heh Celes,

        Didn’t expect a reply from you. Thank you so much for the reply.

        To be very frank, for your age (noticed from your FB profile – as i am also of that same year of birth) u look so matured. I feel sometimes that am matured in some areas, but after reading your PE blog there are lot more things to develop.. u inspired me a lotttt… :) Thank you so much once again…

        You know, even though the the topic ‘Be Better Myself – BBM ‘ has got over i was going through the same and have developed the character board for myself… When ever i see that it keeps reminds and saty focused to develop the skills which i want to achieve..:) :D :)

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  3. Max says:

    I made my own first stuff toy today.. yeah..!!

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  4. Carmen says:

    On a happiness scale of 1-10, I’d say I’m about a 6-7. I think this seems fair for where I’m at right now. It has been higher in past and lower as well—just like life. Am basing this score on knowing that I can contribute more in life, that there’s much I want to do.

    Right now it’s 6-7 because I’d love to have more discipline and structure in my life (want to go walking, running, biking &/or do yoga at least 5x/wk). Want to work on my creative projects more often. Want to network more. Want to have more business coming my way. Want to travel more.

    To me 6-7 is a good thing for now because life is about enjoying “life’s ups” and keeping your spirits up during “life’s lows/downs.”

    Positive thing for me today: talking to my dad on phone (from personal perspective) and working on biz proposal (work /career perspective).

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  5. Heidi says:

    Positive things about today: Going to the beach and: running up the sand dunes, then jumping back down, looking in rock pools, finding the best sticks, playing at the playground, sandcastles, eating fish and chips and doing all these things with my five year old daughter :) What a great day :)

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    • Vasundhara says:

      Wow Heidi… That’s really cool..:) On seeing the comments.. i am really feeling excited.. Have a great and fun filled day ahead..:) Rock on.. :dance: :D

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  6. Sunil says:

    I give myself 8 out of 10. I am very happy because I love life, enjoy family, friends and all that wonders of nature.
    I am 2 points away from 10. One point if for sometimes not accepting the things the way they are and second one is for getting irritated for small things.

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  7. Kylie McNamara says:

    I would give myself a 10 out of 10 on the happieness scale. I am fairly positive and optimistic at the best of times, and try to find the good in every situation.

    I am fortunate enough to have amazing friends, family and career. Most days I wake up smiling excited for the day ahead and am grateful for all the blessings in my life.

    There are so many great things that I love about today, my good health, the sandpaper kisses I recieved from my cat this morning, my family are all happy and I am successful in my career.

    Today is a great…no…today is a blessing and I’m loving every minute of it!

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  8. Charlotte says:

    6/10 I plan to change my job into a more fulfilling one. I wanted to become a much better designer or illustrator but this job did not allow me to have any creativity and is low-paid. I am struggling with my own ability to create and design. I am a bit stressed out and I am not that good with pressure handling.

    But reason I am happy is because I did realize the job is not suitable for me and decide to take action to change my job to create a better furture.
    Today I will go to a French Illustrator talk and get inspired. I can see myself become more motivated and joining this website is a prove. It just make my day when I take action to fulfill my dream.
    (Not a native English speaker, but willing to practise my English :D)

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  9. fiuona says:

    i rate my happiness a 5/10. I am my worst enemy and set extremly big standards for myself. I am very positive and encouraging to everyone but not to myself. Its my goal to begin to celebrate every good step that I take, and stop letting others tear me down.

    An encouraging moment was compliments I received and someone going out of there way to help me.

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  10. alfred says:

    On a Scale of 1-10, How Happy Are You? And Why?

    I would say 3.

    I know! That is why I am so so excited about this challenge and looking forward to upping my score for happiness. I suspect my rating got alot to do with my upbringing, my character, my self image and most importantly my mindset!

    I look forward to working on 21DPC, hearing everyone’s thoughts and contributing mine as well and helping everyone to always enhancing their P !! :dance:

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    • Yikai says:

      You will get a much high score on Happiness after this challenge. I can see that !

      Like: Thumb up +1

      • alfred says:

        tks! I am already feeling the FORCE! :D

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        • alfred says:

          Identify at least one positive thing about your day.

          I managed to create a tool which will help me in my work not just for today but for my entire process moving forward. Feel so happy and positive about it! :dance:

          It gets me one step closer to one of my goals! :D

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  11. mlgLA says:

    On a Scale of 1-10, How Happy Are You? -I would rate my happiness level at a 6/7.

    And Why? -My basic needs are taken care of (shelter, food, fairly steady income), I have a loving husband, a loving extended family, and a handful of excellent friends. However, I’m not happy with myself. I don’t love who I am, the way in which I can be judgemental and rigid, the way in which I’m not always as supportive as I could be towards my friends and family, the hundreds of little opportunities I miss daily to be a better person, my lack of discipline…The list could go on, I suppose! I’m working on these things, working on loving myself and being a better person with the people around me, and I think that participating in this challenge will help me. I want the positive energy I begin to generate in myself to flow outward, and flow into and around the circumstances I am in. I want to share the love!

    Identify at least one positive thing about your day. -Today, I did a good deed for my husband, by making an important phone call that could have a positive effect on his, and our, future. Good deeds rule.

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  12. Fencingprincess says:

    I would rate my happiness at this time a 8/10.

    Why I rated myself an 8/10 is because I am pretty happy right now but as many people have mentioned there is always room for improvement. I am working in a job I love, am succeeding in my goals, and have great friends.

    The reason I did not give myself a 10/10 is I do not have the best relationships with all of the members of my family, and I am having to make some difficult decisions regarding my education and health.

    My positive thing for today was when I was coaching kids and seeing the look of pride on their faces when they succeeded.

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  13. Trisha says:

    Over all I’m gonna go with 4, been pretty overwhelmed lately, got a lot of court cases coming due….

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  14. May says:

    I’d rate my happiness 7/10. It’s been a hard week, I’m not doing so well in school (well I am, just not up to my expectations). I see all my friends around me and I think, “Wow, they’re so much smarter than me, they’re going to be so much more successful in life. I’ll probably end up as a waitress at a restaurant or a hobo on the street.”
    I’ve done the journaling entries a few months ago and I believe this was also one of the questions? I try to look on the positive side of things now, so it’s nice for me to say that my happiness isn’t something like 1/10 or even 0/10.
    I’m trying, even today, to think and appreciate what I have right now. A home, food, violin, music, singing, books, my psp (haha), etc. I find it easier to be happy when you try to think positive thoughts and do the things you like. I’d say the song “My favorite things” from Sound of Music, would really suit the situation ;)

    Now some things I did today? I helped out a classmate in choir class a measure of the song she wasn’t sure on.

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  15. mrs says:

    hi celes, on a scale of 1-10 i give 9 to myself out of 10.i am happy because i have health,love,family,parents & siblings,& things that i love..actually all of us not want huge things to be happy.not noble prize nor oscar award.when you think deeply you realize that our happiness lies in our health, family,love, & sufficient money to buy things that make us happy.things make you happy if you already feel happy. why not i gave myself 10-10?because all of us have some dreams …so my dream is to move Australia where i got job & drive my own car & express my attachment with my community( here i m not free to express our true attachment to my community which i belong)so when i will move there i will be completly happy.

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    • Sue says:

      It’s great that you are happy and feel so positive! I’m not sure that I agree with you that ‘things make you happy’. I believe lasting happiness is a state of mind and comes from within but doesn’t come from material things. Might be something to ponder on!

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      • mrs says:

        hi sue,nice to see your comment, i like & also believe that lasting happiness comes from within.actually i said same like this if you read my comment again ..material things only give you satisfection when you already feel happiness from inside..i also believe that some how material things add happiness in your life.

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