21DPC Day 1 – On a Scale of 1-10, How Happy Are You? And Why?

This is Day 1 of the 21-Day Positivity Challenge (21DPC) for Mar 2012. View all posts made during the challenge: 21DPC Overview.

21-Day Positivity Challenge for March 2012!

Hello everyone, and welcome to Day 1 of 21-Day Positivity Challenge (21DPC)!! :D :dance:

We have over *300* official participants with us now!! Are we in for a month of positivity or WHAT??? :D

To all of you who have duly signed up and helped spread the word to your social networks (or even via blogging about it, for those of you bloggers out there!), thank you. The challenge can only be a success through our collective efforts. The more people sign on to 21DPC, the better it will be for everyone, because hey – that means even more positive energy to go around. :D There is never a limit to how much positive energy there can be – abundance has no lmits.

For those of you whose friends / family read your message and decided to join in on 21DPC too, that’s fabulous. PE Challenges are always particularly fun when you get to do it with someone you know! You can keep each other accountable and learn more about each other in the process.

If you are doing it by yourself, not to fret. We have over 300 official participants here with us for 21DPC, and we’re definitely going to get more people joining us over the next few days before I close the sign ups. In the course of these 21 days, all of us will be doing 21DPC together as one, reflecting on the daily questions, sharing our answers in the comments section of the daily posts, and engaging each other in meaningful discussions.

This is a challenge to be done together as a community, as a group, as one Personal Excellence family, which is really the reason why PE is even here. So do not be afraid to share your answers openly and be fully honest with yourself here. There is no judgment here; anyone who tries to do that will be promptly barred from the site. The .co in the PE domain represents community, not individuality- always remember that whenever you come here to the site.

Important: Sign Up First Before Reading Any Further

If you’re new to 21-Day Positivity Challenge, or you have not signed up yet (your name should be in the official participants list), please read the announcement post and sign up first before going any further: 21-Day Positivity Challenge. All details on the challenge, what to expect, and how to sign up can be found at the post.

If you have already duly completed the 3 sign up steps, your name will be added in the next 36 hours. ♥ Thank you!

Update March 5: Sign ups are now closed now – thanks everyone for your amazing response! For those who didn’t get to sign up - you are more than welcome to participate and join us in the daily threads!

What To Expect for the Next 21 Days

1. Positivity Question

Changing Your Life, Starting From Your Thoughts

As you have read in the announcement post, I will be assigning you a positivity question every day, for the next 21 days.

The question may be simple, like asking “What is your favorite movie?” to something deeper, like “What is 1 positive thing you can share about your least favorite person?” There are days when there will be 2-3 questions combined into 1 (for example, today’s question) – you are expected to answer all the questions, and not just answer the first one and skip the rest.

The idea is to cultivate positivity in your life, via working on the root of it all – our thoughts. Asking ourselves the right questions will help us think in the right manner. And from there, the right actions, habits, and behavior will follow suit. As the saying goes:

“Watch your thoughts, for they become words.
Watch your words, for they become actions.
Watch your actions, for they become habits.
Watch your habits, for they become character.
Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.” – Anonymous

Your Honesty Required

My request to you is to be as completely honest with yourself in answering the questions. Because the more honest you are, the more insights you will unveil, the more you will grow. Think of it as it you’re in a dark room alone, by yourself, and there’s no one there to listen, comment, or judge. What is the first thing that comes to mind? What would be your most truthful response to the question?

This challenge is not about sugar-coated answers and creating an illusion of happiness and positivity to everyone out there. You are probably kidding yourself if you think we’ll be jumping around in these 21 days, skipping merrily, laughing like little kids and forcing ourselves to smile every day.

Don’t feel that there’s a need for you to write something positive just because this is a positivity challenge, because that’s totally untrue. As I shared in Principle #1 of How To Be Happy, part of being happy / positive includes airing out grievances, unhappiness, frustrations, anger, sadness, disappointment, etc inside of you – whatever they may be. These (negative) energies, when unaired, are merely *stuck* in your consciousness, with nowhere else to go.

In the end, they end up affecting you on a subconscious level, in more ways than you can imagine. The more (unhappiness) you release  through your answers in 21DPC (in a constructive manner, of course), the more happiness can flow your way.

2. Positivity Task

Most of the days will have a positivity task assigned. This task is linked to the day’s question, and usually comprises of a simple action that can be done on the day itself. Do complete the task as part of your 21DPC participation.

3. Positive Thing For the Day

Last but not least, you are to identify at least 1 positive thing that you got out of the day, for every day of 21DPC. If you can identify more than 1, that’s even better! The more the better! :D

Sharing To Help Yourself and Help Others

As with every challenge, I highly recommend you share your responses in the comments section of the daily posts with the other participants, to get the most out of your 21DPC experience.

If you’re not comfortable sharing your answers under your usual name/nick on PE, then create some fake, random nick (so no one will know it’s you) and post your answers under that nick (for the remainder of 21DPC, if you want). Replace others’ names (if any) in your answers with fake nicks as well. There is always something powerful about transparently writing your thoughts out there in the open, vs. keeping it to yourself in your little book.

Besides, do not underestimate the change you can make in others’ lives just by sharing your answers here. After all, have you not benefited in the past from reading honest sharings by others, be it on Personal Excellence, or on other websites? What would the world be if no one wants to share? Think about the people out there you can effect. By helping others, you are also helping yourself.

21DPC Day 1 Question

Given that this is a positivity challenge, for Day 1 today, I want you to think about how happy you are. Not just today, but as a person.

On a Scale of 1-10, How Happy Are You? And Why?

On a Scale of 1-10, How Happy Are You?

Share as much as you want in your answers, from a few words to a few pages long. Be honest as you can. Answer both questions, and not just the first question.

And if you did not give yourself a 10/10 for your score, I have one additional question for you:

Why Did You Not Give Yourself a 10/10?

Again, be completely honest in your response. There is no judgment here at PE. Only positivity and love.

While we’re on the topic of happiness, be sure to check out the related articles on how to achieve happiness (or unhappiness, as per the second article) at PE:

  1. How To Be Happy: 10 Timeless Principles for Lasting Happiness
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…and the manifesto versions:

  1. [Manifesto] 10 Timeless Principles For Lasting Happiness
  2. [Manifesto] 10 Surefire Ways To Achieve Unhappiness

Your Tasks Today

  1. Reflect and answer today’s question(s). Write as few or as many words as needed to fully express your thoughts. There is no word limit.
  2. Identify at least one positive thing about your day. It may be something small or something big – as long as you deem it as something positive, it counts. If you have more than 1 thing to share, then by all means, go for it!

Share Your Answers!

After you are done, share your answers in the comments area!

If you’re doing this at the start of the day, you can post your answer for today’s question first, then return at the end of the day to answer the 2nd part, on identifying at least one positive thing about your day.

Check out other participants’ answers. Pick 1-2 participants’ answers and make a meaningful reply to them. Engage in the discussions. This is a group course, so let’s support each other in these 21 days!

Look forward to reading your responses!

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456 Responses | Share Your Results!

  1. Miranda says:

    8 I’m happy when I hear the birds sing in the morning.I creat my own happiness,it’s takes work and effort.
    I’m thankful and grateful every day.

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    • stacey_dream says:

      Miranda, this is so short and so wise at the same time! :angel:

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    • Netta says:

      This is beautiful and the simple things in life that we overlook sometimes can bring so much happiness. Thank you for sharing.

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    • marie says:

      Being able to enjoy the little things Life offers is definitely a positive attitude to have…….I believe happiness lies in these tiny moments we create.

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      • Miranda says:


        Thank you for your reply.When I wake up in the morning and I hear a blackbird sing,I smile from ear to ear.But sometimes I feel also blue and gloomy,but Im human and not a robot so that normal.
        I wish you a lovely and happy day. ;)

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  2. Desiree Garcia says:

    I would rate my happiness, on a scale of 1 – 10, as a 6.
    I have been going through a stink of depression and it’s been affecting my personal life, my relationship as well as my time with my child. At times I feel I have to FORCE myself to enjoy the activities I am doing with everyone. I have good days. And being a mother will help with the good days. And i have bad days. The bad days in its own are enough to feel a whopping 1.
    I am taking this challenge in hopes of changing that number, or at least adding a 1 in front of it.

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    • Netta says:

      I can totally relate because I have suffered from depression and anxiety since I was in high school and I am now 35. My children are a joy in my life but I understand completely what you mean about depression affecting your time with your loved ones. Sometimes it helps to force yourself enjoy the activities because after awhile they don’t seem so forced. I hope this challenge helps you or at least helps that someone understands. Having a child can bring about a happiness. I like the idea to write down one positive thing about each day. Good luck to you. :hug:

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      • Desiree Garcia says:

        Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. I would love to see a turn around in my attitude.
        Thank you again!

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      • Squiggle says:

        I utterly relate to this, too. During the period I spent feeling very depressed, I just didn’t want to be around anyone – I felt so numb and could barely feel anything positive for them. Heidi’s right – even if it feels like you’re forcing yourself to do something, it IS worth the effort. People do care for you – and we’re all right behind you for the challenge, too :)

        You know what, actually saying to yourself that you are ready to make positive changes is a huge, huge first step, and you’ve just taken it, so huge congratulations! I know how difficult it can be, and how tempting it can be just to wallow in self-pity and believe everything’s ruined forever. Lots of respect from me, and all the best for this month. May it create lasting happiness for you :) :hug:

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    • Heidi says:

      Keep going Desiree – take steps to do “something” every hour or so. Sitting around will only make your depression fester. There are people who really care about you and love having you around. Nobody is perfect but if we keep trying we will always make it to the point of being the best we can be :)
      I look forward to reading about how much your happiness improves throughout the month :)

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      • Desiree Garcia says:

        Thank you! Thank you… These words are so wonderful! It’s so nice to know people care. It’s nice to be reminded. :dance:

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  3. Netta says:

    My happiness on a scale from 1 to 10 would be overall a 7/10. I did not give myself a 10/10 because there are many things that I need to accomplish for myself to feel I am doing my best to take care of myself and my children.
    I am blessed and happy because I do have my children in my life. I also have a few other close people in my life that I am very thankful for.
    The things that I need to work on that would bring me more happiness would be to finally get my fines paid off so I can have my driver’s license back. Not having a license has been hard and caused me to become frustrated. I am glad I am making some progress towards this goal however.
    I am working on many things that have caused me not to be as happy as I once considered myself.
    However, even doing these challenges, especially the last fitness challenge, has helped me focus more on myself and gain a sense that I can accomplish things.
    I know money doesn’t buy happiness but money has been an issue and enough to live comfortably would bring some less stress into my life. This is also changing though through work at organizing bills and daily expenses. My goal would be to give myself a 9/10. I’m not sure if a 10/10 is realistic since there are times when nobody can be completely happy.
    A positive thing about today: My dryer had went bad and clothes were piling up. Yesterday evening, my children’s grandfather helped get a new dryer and I am getting the clothes done and put away.
    I actually have two positive things about today: My 6 year old is going to the dentist to have a cavity filled. This is positive because when I was growing up, my grandparents could not afford to take me to a dentist. So I am very grateful to be able to get my two daughters the dental care they need because that is very important.
    Everyone have a wonderful day!! :heart:

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  4. Susanna says:

    On a scale of 1 to 10 my happiness level is 6.
    Mosly I have all the things to make one happy – a warm, loving home, chances to develop, freedom, family, friends; but I don’t have that one special person in my life with whom I could build a loving realtionship. I know that there is no guarantee that will make me completly happy but I just want it so much. What I really want the most is to fall in love :love: thats it.

    And i do not really believe that 10/10 happiness exists. Well maybe for a little while but then you have to fall in some problem. Isnt it so?

    Positive today – I did running and I felt that I got stronger with every step and I build up my endurance. Thats what Im proud about today. ;)

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  5. Heidi says:

    I would give myself a 6 out of 10. I find that some of the time I allow other people’s actions to affect the way I feel. I don’t know why I do this. Logically I know that nobody “owes me” any particular behaviour. They are free to choose the way they behave and what they do or say has no relation to me just as my behaviour is decided by me and me alone. I am also a bit stressed about my financial situation – I don’t have any large debts (positive), but I also don’t have a steady job, although I am getting casual work on a fairly regular basis.
    Positive things that have happened today – well it is 6:25am so the day is just beginning, but already I am listening to music that I love and I am smiling in anticipation of going to the beach with my daughter and her class from school. It is the 1st day of Autumn which is a great season – I love the leaves changing and falling from the trees.

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  6. marie says:

    I would say 7/10.
    I am a happy person by nature, I love to look at life with a new eye everyday, to enjoy the little things. I have caring parents, true friends and a lovely husband. I am in good health.

    Not 10, because in my head it’s crazy, I have many ideas, worries, projects but I don’ t know where to start, what to do.
    I have a job I don’t like much. I have dreams I don’t realize because I am afraid.

    As for a positive thing today: I walked to work this morning calling my mum and grandma, I felt happy to talk with them about my daily life (abroad)

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  7. Ish says:

    I would give myself a 7 or 8. I have a great husband, and kids and l am surrounded with people I love. I do not have any health problems. I am passionate about my work, although it does sometimes get stressful, specially when dealing with people. In my daily life, I am basically a positive and happy person. I do sometimes get discouraged and have negative feelings, but quickly bounce back. I did not give myself a higher score as I sometimes feel there are some elements missing to be happy overall. For example, I spend too much time at work, and often feel stretched. I do not do enough things for myself or do things I love, e.g. as a hobby. I also feel guilty if I allocate time for myself rather than doing things for my family and for my mother who lives on her own. I also procrastinate about some aspects , e.g fitness.

    My lifestyle has greatly improved since I have done the 30DLBL. Daily meditation has helped a lot. Thinking about and writing down all the things I am grateful for in my life also makes me happy :dance:

    My positive point for today is having a session of a monthly discussion group with my work colleagues. It’s great to be able to discuss freely on non-work related subjects that we choose. Today we discussed Innovation :D

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    • Glenn says:

      Hi Ish, it’s great to see you here! Nice to hear that the meditation has helped you a lot too. That’s something I’ve still been neglecting.

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  8. ASLO says:

    I’d rate my happiness as a 7/10…
    I’ve loving kids, i have so much to learn from (books, podcasts, meditation content…), i have a life, a life to live, a life to love, cherish and endear…i have Celes, PE and all fellow PErs whose mere presence is enough to bring positivity and smiles to one’s face…..
    Though without ranting on much on why, i know that i’ve a remainder of 3/10, knowing that itself is happiness for me as I know and am proud that i know that i have to gain something in life….the ambition of how that sounds makes me happy…the promise of how 21DPC would help me to my ambition makes me happy….
    So therefore Joy, not sorrow.
    Laughter, not tears.
    Live, not fear
    Life, not death………..
    Love, happiness and positivity to y’all

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    • Bette says:

      ASLO! I found you! Hi!!! :hug:

      Gosh, I looked through all the pages (I thought!), and it was just now when I decided to go thru one more time (before i made a shout out to you in hopes you’d see me), and there you were, right here! :dance: :D

      I just soon ago made my Day One post nine pages away…on page 12!!..gosh! This is a lot of participants here, and a LOT of enthusiasm! :dance: :D

      I am so glad that you are here, ASLO!!! :dance: :hug: :heart: :D
      And wanted to tell you I am too!! :D I am glad to be here! :heart:

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      • ASLO says:

        Hey Bette, its so easy to get lost here right? though its all in a good way as on the way you end up discovering little gems of posts put up by the 21DPCers……in a way its like finishing high school (21DFC) then now graduating into university (21DPC)….anyways it’s heartwarming that you were here looking out for me….i too was looking out for you and it felt like am out in a packed crowd at a Brazilian Carnival (learning life a new way is a sort of carnival for the soul right?), and you are nowhere to be seen, i feel that was it mean’t to last till here only? NO then in the din, a voice resounds intimating that this is much, much more and there you are….right in front of me!!!
        BTW, too much imagery/metaphorism perhaps????

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  9. faiza says:

    3,4/10 or no scoring at ol cz m a pessimist,start of day was not good as hav to join duty,in ill state,beside that,nothng unusual happened,tried to b happy n ignorant to issues whch created trouble for me in past,,as ma exmz are near and no preparation for it so m alot tensed,plus the field i am in is none of ma choice dat keep me away from any progress,plus m coward person who dont want to excel in life..a bit happy cz covrd a lil sbjct of mi9,offrd prayrz,etc…gvn time to mom…bt still sumthng misng in life…

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    • Celes says:

      Hey faiza, would appreciate if you can share your responses in proper English (fully spelled words, not chat speak or short hands) because there are other participants who will be reading your response as well and it’s frankly quite hard to read nor understand what you’re trying to say. Thanks.

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  10. Ffion says:

    7. I give myself 7.

    Why not 10?

    Well, I didn’t give myself 10/10 because I have a constant underlying sense of dissatisfaction with my life. Not gigantic, but big enough to be a pain and make me feel not 100% happy.

    On the other hand however I think it’s also the driving force behind of a lot of what I do, I’m constantly seeking what I want and trying to get there, but I still haven’t found my path yet. I’m still young though, I have time. But often I worry that there’s so much I want to do and too little time to do it. I also often feel I’m not where I’m supposed to be.

    I’m currently not doing enough excercise, which bites because I’m usually a sports fanatic, and I feel stressed when I can’t excercise, but recently due to project work and a bad knee I’m doing too little.

    I’m also quite scared/worried/fearful of what’s going to happen after school. There’s big decisions up ahead and they’re a bit frightening. I am however going to sign up for a course to become a Feldenkrais teacher, which I think is more in line with what I actually want to do. I need to earn money somehow, but because of this extra course I don’t know if I’ll be able to get a good decently paying job because I’ll be on this course about 40 days a year and my first employers are probably not going to be thrilled to hear “oh by the way, I need 40 days off in my first year to do something completely unrelated to this job”.

    Because of this I have money worries, because I’m already in debt and will need more money to pay for the course. However I’m determined never to let lack of money get in the way of doing what I want. Ever.

    On a big plus side though I’m in an absolutely fantastic relationship with the most gorgeous man on earth and we’re very happy together. We must be absolutely revolting. ;)

    I’m also pretty emotionally stable at the moment, I have good friends, a cool family, a place to live, good food, running hot water and electricity. I’m young and healthy and I’m slowly but stubbornly working towards creating the life of my dreams. The next step will be figuring out my dream job and getting or creating it.

    I’m working on improving one of the central themes to my life, my creativity, which has been severely blocked recently, and it seems to be working. I’m using Julia Cameron’s “The Artist’s Way” for this, and though a lot of things in that book rub me the wrong way (I’m not much for religion) it’s been a big help. In March I’m going to be almost completely removing my biggest procrastination device (reading) from my life, in the hopes that I’ll instead turn to creativity, especially drawing, to fill the void. I read too much instead of focusing on the areas of life really important to me. I love reading and consider it a valuable past-time, but I over-use it to procrastinate on other things.

    I’ve seriously revamped my room recently, chucking out loads of books, magazines and tons of old paper, a lot of it stuff I liked but KNEW I would never read again whatsoever. So the parting hurt in some ways, but I feel a lot more free now. I’ve also cleared the top of my desk and decorated it nicely and put an inspiring quote up that I made a little card of.

    Each moment of our life we either invoke or destroy our dreams. ~ Stuart Wilde

    I’ve also put up art by myself and others.

    Doing this has made me feel my “personal space” is actually mine, and didn’t just happen by accident, and I can’t believe how much happier this has made me feel.

    I’ve also stopped warring hysterically with my finals project, though I still procrastinate way too much.
    So yeah, I’m pretty happy, but not quite there yet :)

    I’m doing this challenge (and keeping my own gratitude journal) because I feel so ungrateful. My life’s pretty good and still some part of me refuses to be satisfied, and that worries me. I just want to be thankful for what I’ve got once in a while and feel like I’m good enough the way I am and life is just la-di-da and great.

    Good things that happened to me today:

    My sister cooked good food.
    I made progress on my project.
    I’ve installed some plugins on my blog.
    I had a nice hot shower.
    I did not pig myself on chocolate even though part of me wanted to :)

    Wow. Big post.

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    • LaurenT says:

      I too, understand how confusing it is to be at the end of your studies, worried about money and what you want to do with your life. But I recently watched a Steve Jobs video where he urged graduates to not stop seeking for what they loved… never settle. He made me see that we are all great at something and we just need to be ‘stubborn’ like you to find it.

      It’s good to reflect on all the wonderful things we have in our life too, it sounds like you have a lot going for you and will have a great future!

      Good luck!

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      • Ffion says:

        Aw, I think possibly I’ve read that speech somewhere… it’s really inspiring. Thanks for reminding me, I’ll have to dig that one out again.

        Yeah, I guess these are fears many people go through at the big crossroads in life, but it gets a bit overwhelming sometimes.

        Thank you so much for your kind comment and encouragement :)

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  11. LaurenT says:

    Happiness for me is probably at about 8/9 out of 10.

    Why? Because I’ve experienced depression and have managed to work my way out of it, because I’ve had a very testing childhood and young adult life, and am finally in a period of peace, health with a bright future ahead of me. Because I’ve managed to overcome so many of my demons, physical (ie.family) and mental (ie. fears holding me back) and feel really in touch with myself – I’ve learnt how to just ‘be me’, as imperfect and annoying that can be. Acceptance has been key to my increased happiness…

    How to get to 10/10? I don’t really believe that 10/10 is achievable day to day… there are up and exciting moments, and there are trying, difficult moments… but they all pass. My judgement of my happiness is how I feel on a day to day basis, my inner peace and I’d say that 8/9 out of 10 is probably the best place I’ve ever been and where I will ever want to be!

    I’m in a happy place right now!

    It’s funny that we have to write positives as this is something I do almost every day in my private journal so here goes: – I got offered an internship and although I’m not sure if it’s really for me, I feel glad to be offered the opportunity because it’s given me more confidence in myself!
    - It was so sunny and beautiful in England today…. the warmth put a smile on my face and lots of people around me….
    - I had a super long sleep – 10 hours set me up for a good day!
    - I’m glad to start this challenge, I love exploring myself and my emotions and I really love reading the posts and articles on this website.


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    • Ffion says:

      What an inspiring post :) It’s so nice to hear you’ve come so far through dark times and are looking into the future with such optimism :) (The future always feels like such a scary place to me, though also very exciting of course…)

      I’ve recently read “The Gifts of Imperfection”… that’s something I hope to someday be able to do too, as you have done, just accept myself the way I am and stop improving myself, treat myself with more kindness…

      It’s so nice to hear from people who’ve reached that happy place of self-acceptance and love…

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    • Desiree Garcia says:

      I agree… Your post is inspiring. So wonderful to read that you have overcome small bumps in your life. This was great!

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  12. Dawn Hays says:

    I would rate my happiness at 6/10.. the reason being i am still searching for what my life is about.. I am self critical silently and very quick to encourage other people… i dont know why i cant do that to myself.. i have a great family, husband, grandkds, friends etc… I am searching for my passion in life as far a carreer.. I am 49 i hope one day i can make a difference in other peoples life.. I feel sometime i am idling along and just going withe the motions… i also feel like i am spread thin and at the end of the day i cant say i have completed something on my “to do” list… i am highly energetic , quick to help people, and very intuned or sensitive to what others may go through.. I pray alot … i know i have alot to offer.. i am just trying to figure out what it is that i want to conquer… 49 and having the “what do i want to be when i grow up” thing going on.. Today what i did positive, was start reading a book on how i can help someone who is grieving.. i have several friends that have lost a loved one recently and i dont want to be the person who says “well let me know if there is anything i can do to help”… or I am so sorry.. i want to read and understand and actually help… i dont like to see people hurting so today i have started reading that to give me some great ideas to help!Looking very forward to learning more about myself .. I just love your challenges!

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    • Bazik says:

      Oh, I could really relate to your post! It’s funny, at some point I was thinking that 28 is a bit too late to decide “what I want to do in life”, but the more I think about it, the more I understand that first of all, there are always different periods in our lives, and we evolve, and for every evolutionary step we need to redefine ourselves, to continue to live life to the full with passion and purpose. It is soo easy to fall in a trap of a routine, where you continue with the momentum that you got many years before that when your values and experiences were completely different, and as far as I can see not too many people ever wake up from it, they just carry on until their energy completely dissipates. We should always challenge ourselves, and keep ourselves busy and alive. There are so many things to learn, and it is so great that what you are taking up is aimed at helping people go through a hard period with your empathy. This is truly inspirational. :clap: I am also going to try and be more understanding and perhaps even study psycology to be an actual therapist.

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  13. Ama says:

    i would say 6/10…because im blessed in so many ways but at the same time i worry alot..1 positive thing today was having an okay day,being alive

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    • Ffion says:

      I totally sympathize with you. I worry a lot too, I get that from my mum. I’m just glad I don’t go all red in the face when I get nervous ^^

      What helped me quite a bit was the book “How to stop Worrying and Start Living” and “Feel the Fear and do it Anyway” was also great. Maybe they might help you too? Especially asking yourself “What’s the absolute worst thing that can happen to me in this case?” often helps ease my mind a little.

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  14. Elezhara says:

    Well, I would give myself a 9/10.

    I´m very happy with my life right now. I have great friends, an amazing family and I´m doing what I want to do in life. I feel free to make my own decisions and I feel in charge of my life.

    The reason I didn´t give myself a 10/10 is because there are many things in my life I want to get better at. I know I need time to change habits, create new ones, and I know so far I´ve been working as hard as I can to achieve my goals so I feel happy about that. Giving myself a 9 in hapiness means that I can still be happier, I can still grow and that gives me hope for the future.

    The positive thing about today is that I went with a friend to donate blood. We had a good time, got a ticket to eat a free lunch at our university´s cafeteria and our blood will be helping someone who needs it. :heart:

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    • Bazik says:

      Well done for donating blood! :clap: This is a really commendable thing, and in my experience, it is also very rewarding. The main thing is of course this good feeling that you have, thinking that part of you directly will be helping save someone’s life, I don’t know of many pleasures that give you a bigger high than that. But there is also a physical effect that I have noticed – your body starts producing more blood and it sort of refreshes itself, gets cleaner, and thus you get more oxygen and have more energy to do more good things :) I used to donate every 3 months, but lately I havent been doing much of it. Oh well, another thing to start again during this positive month! In any case, I hope you feel those wonderful effects of being a donor and your happiness gets even higher!

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      • Elezhara says:

        Thanks for your comment Bazik! This was my first time donating blood, but I will definetely do it again :) It was a great experience and I met some really nice people while I was there too. :heart:

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  15. Cheryl says:

    What great posts! :clap:

    The most positive thing that I have done today is definiely signing up for this challenge! I’m really looking forward to the 20 days ahead!

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