21DFC Day 12 – Why Did You Join 21-Day Fitness Challenge?

This is Day 12 of the 21-Day Fitness Challenge (21DFC) for Feb 2012. View all posts made during the challenge: 21DFC Overview.


Hello and welcome to Day 12 (Feb 14) of the 21-Day Fitness Challenge! :D

Day 12 - Why Did You Join 21-Day Fitness Challenge?

Today’s question is: Why did you join 21-Day Fitness Challenge?

Each of us have different reasons for joining the challenge. Some of us want to lose weight. Some of us want to be healthier. Some of us want to be stronger. Some of us want to reacquaint with our past, glorious self that represented our prime in our health and fitness.

I created and joined the 21-Day Fitness Challenge primarily because I wanted to lose the excess pounds I had put on since my fast last year. Bad eating habits, driven by my underlying emotional eating issues (which I had since addressed towards the end if last year), resulted in my gradual weight gain. I’m glad to say that they are now swiftly sliding off my body with my daily rigorous fitness sessions. (It seems like a handful of you are reporting having emotional eating issues, which are subsequently thwarting you on your fitness/weight loss goals. If so, I highly recommend you read the 6-part emotional eating series. It may well give you that added insight to overcome your eating issues.)

The reason why I’m posing this question to you today is because it’s now mid-way through the challenge. As we pass the initial euphoria of starting on a new goal, of joining a new challenge, some of us may get sidetracked by other unimportant, mundane things and forget about our fitness goals altogether. Some of us may get overwhelmed by the aches, pains and sores of our exercises, and give up on exercising as a result. Some of us may experience an unknown, growing resistance towards exercising, and abandon our fitness goals in jest.

When that happens, all it means is that we’ve lost touch with our original reasons that got us on this path to begin with. In the words of Sydney Smith, “Obstacles are the frightful things we see when we take our eyes off your goals.”. It’s then merely a matter of reconnecting with our original motivations, of refreshing them in our mind. This is the fuel that ignited our engines; this will be the fuel that will keep us going on and on with our fitness sessions even way after the challenge is over.

Why did you join 21DFC? Do you remember? How can you keep this reason close to your heart as you progress on your fitness journey?

(PS: It’s Valentine’s Day today as I’m writing this, so Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! :D Don’t forget to workout even during this special day of the year! ;) )

Share Your Plans/Progress for Today!

What is your intended fitness plan for today? What physical activities are you going to do, and how long do you want to do them for? Share with us!

Update your progress as you go along. At the end of the day, review your progress and share your learnings.

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  1. cloudio says:

    Today 30′ yoga in the morning.

    in the afternoon I did errands walking in total about 8km according to “my tracks”, a new app I downloaded today for my new smartphone, based on gps, so theorically much more reliable than “pedometro” I was using on my ipod

    I joined the challenge because I knew it made me more responsible and committed to daily exercise, when I have to report every day. Moreover I like the fact I am reading reports from people who don’t exercise regularly, which gaves me a different perspective from what you can read in dedicated fitness community

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  2. Chrys says:

    I recently overcame an illness. I’m much more aware of my body. I want to take care of my body; eating more nutritious foods; incorporating exercise in my daily living. Daily walks, some jogging and yoga.
    Thanks for this forum. Keep up the good work! :p

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    • Kate Britt says:

      Hi Chrys,

      Congrats on overcoming that illness. Interesting that it made you much more aware of your body. This speaks to me because I’ve been there too in recent years with a 2-year illness battle. It wasn’t good at the time, but looking back at it, I am able to see that illness & recovery as a kind of gift:
      - it made me so very grateful to get back to good health and to truly appreciate what it means to be healthy
      - it made me honor my body so much more — both for its powers to heal and for how amazing it is when it IS healthy
      - and the above 2 things have made me devoted to feeding my body right, loving it full time, and appreciating every little thing I can do with it — just like you said above!

      And yay for us :clap: because now we’re here to help ourselves help our bodies get fitter and even healthier, right?!! :dance:

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      • Bette says:

        That’s great, Kate, I’m so glad that you emerged from that battle with the positive attitude about it. :angel: Gifts come in all varieties, don’t they…
        I was just thinking today about the body’s powers to heal itself! The body is/has such an intelligence…what a wonderful thing are the incredible complexities of the body, all working together, running smoothly.

        Thanks for being here and taking such good care of yourself. I’m certain that the fitness habit and you will soon become one. It just “FITS” into the honoring of your amazing body, doesn’t it? Daily physical activity certainly is a way to love the body full time, isn’t it? The body embraces alignment and balance. :hug:

        And may you continue with bouquets of AH-HA! moments, :idea:, and seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary… :heart:

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  3. Kate Britt says:

    Why did I join this challenge? To get back in the HABIT of daily fitness activity. To accomplish this, I came here to get help and support with breaking my lazy cycle(s).

    I’ve been trying to renew this fitness habit for months, but my enthusiasm for it goes up and down — I get going on it for a while, but then it becomes interspersed with periods of laziness. Intellectually knowing how great regular activity is hadn’t yet led to my full commitment. So I came here looking for external motivation to tide me over until it’s a habit again.

    They say it takes 3 weeks of daily commitment before something becomes a habit. Wise Celes knows this and I’m sure that’s why she made this challenge exactly 21 DAYS! I had fun in a previous PE challenge and I trust Celes enought to absolutely know in advance that this one would help me too.
    Today I went to pick up my new custom orthotics, and I have high hopes they will help my body alignment and balance so I can entirely eliminate my hip/sciatica issue. That will be kissing my last excuse goodbye — which can only be a good thing, right?
    Now I’m headed out for today’s activity — my regular aquafit class. I don’t like swimming, I don’t like getting wet all over, I don’t like the chlorine, but I absolutely love this class. It’s such a great workout — aerobics, resistance training (the water provides great natural resistance), and all the while gentle on the body no matter how hard I push my workout there!

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    • zingfairy says:

      Hi Kate

      Hope you enjoyed your aquafit session!

      Well done for eliminating another potential excuse! (I need to break that same one myself and sort out an orthotics consultation with the podiatrist!)

      Hopefully you’ll find exercising a lot more comfortable now :)

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    • stuart says:

      Go Kate!
      i totally relate to the getting excited for a while then tapering off
      as for aqua fit…they offer it at my gym and I will tell you what: that class is hard!
      looks easy when you look in pool and see ppl. with the yellow water thingies …but those are hard to push and pull thru the water

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    • ASLO says:

      Thats awesome Kate,
      I like how you’ve worked and kept us informed on how you’ve countered all those excuses that stood up as obstacles….so excuses begone it is right? :clap: “wowzers” (if you can allow me to use your phrase which brings in bustling vibrancy and heartfelt…ummm…well heartfelt wowzers :D )

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    • Bette says:

      Kate, with your high level of enthusiasm and growing commitment, that durn laziness just doesn’t have a chance of surviving! ;)

      The aquafit classes sound great, as does the solution for the hip/sciatica issue. You are covering all the bases! :D

      With all the motivation you have given to others here, myself included, I am sure that motivation will accompany you in your journey! :angel:

      Go Mow!

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    • Celes says:

      Hey Kate, how did your aquafit class go? I hope you had fun! :D

      3 weeks of daily commitment, indeed! For sure, if we manage to make it through -consistently- in these 3 weeks, exercising every day/almost every day without fail, then we probably would have overcome at least 50% of the obstacles that’s stopping us from being physically active on a daily basis (for life). For it’s not specifically about the act of getting the exercises done, but about addressing *and* overcome those mental obstacles that arise mid-way which enable us to successfully cultivate this as a life-long habit. The first 2-3 days of a challenge is usually “no-problem” due to initial euphoria and rush, but for everyone to still be here, reporting their progress on Day 12 no less, suggests the soon-inevitable formation of this habit. I can definitely vouch for this myself!

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    • Kate Britt says:

      See what I mean? Each of us is getting so much support and encouraging feedback here, it’s almost impossible not to keep at it. Thanks, zingfairy, Stuart, Aslo, Bette, and Celes for all the encouragement! (Yes, the aquafit class was super-duper!)

      Chrys, as this thread started with your post, I hope you’re feeling the good vibes too!

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  4. Ahmed says:

    During 21DHL challenge… I was lacking behind in fitness area.. the most important thing which I learned during that challenge was the practical exposure of how a attitude can be changed and a new routine can be easily adapted if practised consistently for 21 days.. So for me the biggest motive and the expectation from this challenged is to maintain fitness related activities in consistent manner..

    Today walking / running for 1 hour in evening. Stamina is improving consistently.

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  5. Linh says:

    :shy: Happy Valentine Day, everyone ^^ ( I’m a single but it seems like I’m also quite hyper about this day :lol: )

    I joined the challenge because I want to improve myself. I always feel like being fitter and stronger but I never take actions before. So by doing this challenge, I’m going to form a habit of exercises as well as enjoy physical activities. Luckily, I don’t have any problems with weights. Actually, I’m quite thin already ^_^ However, I feel that It’s not enough and I can become stronger. Moreover, being fitter and healthier is not only about the appearance and physical body but also helps to improve my mental health and clarity. That’s what I think. :love:

    My progress today is like normal with early wake up and exercise. To be honest, there are some resistances appearing these few days. I’ve become a bit lazy to do extra activities beside my normal exercises. So I’m really happy about today’s topic ^^ The question is like a wake up call for me. I’m gonna do aerobics for 30 mins later to push myself up @.@

    P/s: I’m so happy that I can update today :)) I was using my laptop to update day 11 and you can’t imagine how hyper I got after posting the comment without any problems :dance: I was literally praying that my laptop wasn’t going to die suddenly after my super attempt to start it.’ But It still died after 2 mins =.=” Finally, sorry for saying all ramdom things :p

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    • Linh says:

      Oh my goddess, when I post the comment, the screen shows Internet connection problem

      My face becomes T.T . But thanks god, my comment is posted when I come back to the page. Seriously, I’m gonna have a heart attack with all the posting and losing comments due to my laptop or internet =.=”

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      • Celes says:

        Hey Linh! How about copying, pasting, and saving your comment(s) in a text file first before you post the next time? Just in case something goes wrong. I wouldn’t want the efforts you spent to type up the comments to go down to drain!

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      • Bette says:

        Same here regarding what you said about the internet problem and losing posts, till I started to copy and paste like Celes mentions. Peace of mind… :angel:

        Congrats on being here and formulating new habits that will take you to new places!
        Now that you’ve had the wake-up call, all the benefits of forming new habits makes it all totally worth it, doesn’t it? :dance:

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  6. Nadia says:

    Day 12: :rolleyes:
    Today I didn’t exercise. No excuses! Just bad time management on my part ..but….I was abnormally busy today, because usually my schedule is practically empty. I did do some housework & chores though .. ok these sound like excuses so I’m stopping!
    What to do in compensation? With God’s will, tomorrow I’ll exercise like there is no tomorrow. (not sure if that makes sense :mrgreen: )

    Today’s answer: I joined this challenge because..
    1) It’s a PE challenge and I enjoyed the last one I did a lot, so I wanted to do this one too;
    2) Going to start a new chapter in my life soon, and I wanted to start with the right fitness attitude;
    3) If exercise becomes a personal daily habit, then so many (if not all) things in my life will benefit from it.
    These are all the reasons I can find with my conscious thinking, there are probably more on the subconscious level but I can’t tap into them ATM :)

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    • zingfairy says:

      good luck tomorrow Nadia!

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    • Celes says:

      Hey Nadia, just want to let you know that I enjoy your participation in the previous challenge (21DJC) a lot, and I was/am really glad you decided to join 21DFC too. It’s great having you here in our community. You have such a positive aura around you and you bring such incredible, amazing energy to the team. :D

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  7. zingfairy says:

    Happy Valentines Day everyone!!

    I joined the 21 DFC as I was about to embark upon my own 3-week exercise regime at the same time. I found the 21 DHL in January helped bring about some goodness (such as losing 3kg) and I wanted to take it to the new level and get into a fit state on top of being slimmer. After all, being fit really ups your zing levels!!

    Today I probably walked just over my minimum 4km (had to hurry home due to Valentines Day!) but after 3 days where I’ve not followed such a healthy regime (expected as I have had cake-making in the diary for last Sunday for months, and unexpected due to fighting off a cold) I feel I’m ready to take on the last week and make it count for as much as possible!


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  8. Mark says:

    I joined the challenge for 3 reasons; thie first was to lose 10 lbs before I go into hospital on 19th March. The reason for 10 lbs; well, even though I’m not to worried about my weight, I was fed up of being treated as if i was obese. (On the BMI scale, i am on the verge of obesity; however, having played hockey for 35 years, I do have more core muscle than most, which of course is heavier than fat. The BMI scale does not take heavier muscle into consideration).

    2nd reason is that i do have a bit of a ‘stomach’, which I want to flatten.

    3rd reason is that afetr my op, I want to ebe able to easily slide in to the discipline that this challenge is building in me.

    I still have so much i want to do in my life that I want to live, in fitness and health, for at least another 40 years. Now, I realise that is not all in my control but there are many factors that i can do somethign about. excess fat, high chloresterol, weak heart, poor lung capacity etc.

    All these things I’m doing can only help my body be as fit as I can make it. So, thanks Celes, for the 21 DFC.

    Today, i spent 45 minutes at the gym after work; 20 mins rowing, 20 mins cycling and 10 mins mild weights. A fantastic warm shower at the end. I do love a good shower. It is a great end to a great day. :)

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    • Celes says:

      Thanks Mark, for being a part of 21DFC. :D I appreciate your participation – and you’re doing so amazingly well, might I add! Keep up the great work. We have about 1 week left, so let’s make the best out of it! :D

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  9. Rosa says:

    I mentioned this a few days ago, but I mainly joined 21DFC because even before joining the challenge, I felt that I really need to make a serious change to my lifestyle. I haven’t exercised in years (but I’m not obese), and 21DFC really popped up at the perfect time for me :)

    More Pilates for me today (10 minutes). It kicked my butt again, but it’s fun :D :shy:

    See you guys on Day 13 :clap: :hug:

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  10. stuart says:

    today was 45 min of spinning

    I joined the 21 DFC to institute new habits. I have never been able to sustain regular working out. Last year I did great for ½ the year with diet and exercise but fell off the horse around June 2011. I hope to loose 30 pounds this year. I was 204lbs Jan 1st. Now I am 199. My goal weight is 170. I would be thrilled to reach 180 however! This goal will never work unless I stick to a better diet which I have been doing since Jan 15th . I already see my tummy is a bit slimmer since starting the challenge.

    I have been stagnated in my career for the past 2 years. I stand in my own way often because of fear. That fear has prevented me from moving forward in my job search. I also suffer from depression. Not working at something I believe in (I do have a job now but I don’t really care about) has been rough on me– I have lost focus. I know that no one can fix this situation but me.

    I am hoping to see what is possible in just showing up each day to the challenge and seeing what opens up (physically, mentally)in doing a task like this every day. I believe regular exercise can really help depression according to many reports and also to friends.

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    • Bette says:

      Stuart, Have you heard about fear…?
      False Evidence Appearing Real

      And over the years, I heard different reports about zinc, St. John’s Wort, and B complex are helpful with fortifying one’s mood. And that sugar wrecks havoc with one’s brain/body chemistry, especially those who are challenged with/have a tendency toward depression.

      Thank you for showing up here for this 21DFC. Exercise definitely helps our bodies and mood, with all those endorphins being released!

      My hope for you is that you again find your focus, have a job that you enjoy, and that you feel better and better and better. I do believe that there are solutions for the most puzzling issues. Keep searching and keep on keepin’ on, and may you find brighter days ahead!

      Congrats with the slimming and dropping those pounds!!! :clap: :D

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  11. Bette says:

    DAY 12

    Despite the pouring down rain, my friend and I headed off to the Dry Forest Park on the Caribbean (a 40 minute drive for us, each way) late afternoon. Here lies one of our favorite places to swim. Surely, it would be clear there, where it is always hot and sunny!
    It wasn’t!
    I knew I would go in and swim, regardless.
    Often times, when we go that extra mile, the rewards are too numerous to mention.
    Being in the water is soo therapeutic…what else was in store for us?.

    In a nutshell, the ocean was calm and as clear as a fluorite crystal. We decide to grab the masks and snorkles and check out the reef. It was clear enough to see some fish with colors and shapes neither one of us had ever seen before! What a great opportunity to be at the beach with noone else there. (it was misting) So beautiful, healing, refreshing to workout there today! The air was sooo deeply fresh and clear and clean. I did some very deep breathing to take in as much of it as I could. Most probably, unless I was really focused on getting in my workout, I would not have been so intent on this swim today. It’s like I am on “automatic pilot”! :angel:

    I was in the water for about 1 and 1/2 hours, and I really did alot of swimming, tuning into my muscles working and the strokes of my mermaid swimming body! :D I certainly did give my body a workout, which is certainly a gift to me. :heart: I will sleep great tonight!

    The ocean water and ocean air gave us a wondrous Valentine today, and we love Mother Nature for those precious gifts! :angel:

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  12. Glenn says:

    I start writing my reply here last night, but fell asleep.

    Exercise and fitness aren’t really a big part of my life, so I thought this challenge would be a good opportunity to make a habit of exercising daily. Plus, I’d decided to postpone my one week fast I was going to start after my birthday on the 2nd due to commitments. So it felt like a good time to do something like this.

    Day 12 went well. I finally got to do a long walk in the afternoon, and will probably go for another long walk when I finish writing here. My walk lasted close to 2.5 hours. It was the first time I’d gone for such a long walk in my Vibram 5 finger shoes too. No complaints there, except that water got in my feet from walking through some muddy grass, after all the rain we’ve had. During my walk at Shelly beach, I saw an Eastern Water Dragon (local lizard), and a dead snake that had been eaten away by ants. I was really small though. I’m guessing when alive, it would have been around 50cm. But yeah, I’d rather not see a live one!

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    • Celes says:

      Hey Glenn! I thought that was quite funny (?) that you fell asleep while writing at the computer (?). I always find that amusing for some reason when it happens to me/someone – It’s like the spirit wants to go on with the day but the body is shutting down! I hope you’re well rested? Don’t over-exert yourself!

      Congratulations on your long walk. :clap: 2.5 hours is long! Have you been continuing your exercises with the rebounder?

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      • Glenn says:

        Haha, I didn’t fall asleep as I was typing. I’d started writing, then rendered a preview of a video and fell asleep on the couch waiting for that. I actually fell asleep on he couch last night too.

        Just taking a break from the rebounder for a few days to do the long walks instead. I see a lot of people power walking along the beach (on the pathway), and although I’m not quite as fast as them, I probably travel a lot further and climb more hills :)

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  13. P.Callychurn says:

    As a senior citizen, I have made it a point ,to be very modest in what I can achieve. My objective is therefore very precise and simply defined. Keep fit through brisk walking. When I think about how many times I have started a number of activities to abandon them at some point ,I feel already fulfilled that I am going about this 45 minutes walking habit with consistency and determination. The real test will be when the challenge is over.Also,At one point I realised I may not be able to walk really, and was scary about being mobilised the rest of my days. If L have been able to start now and succeeded in many ways, the simplest of concern will be to continue. Although, in the course of this challenge I have lost a modest 1.5 kg.I take it to be more significant because Ha dI not participated in the challenge I would have probably added maybe one kg. Add to it the fact that other members of the family have joined, it augures well for a culture to set in the family and, so consolidationg further the famity unit which is presently seriously at threat. This reminds me of the younger days when, in my official capacity We used to sensitize the public towardsa fitness programme,’Jogging in Family’ And I still recall the words of those ladies, who would say,’At home we used to feel the chill of the winter. And there you are! Once you leave the comfort of your home your feel energetic and the cold disappears.’

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    • Bette says:

      “Once you leave the comfort of your home you feel energetic and the cold disappears.”
      LOVE that!
      Reminds me that once I make the initiative, and start moving, I can build on the momentum, and before I know it, I have been physically active for 20-30-40- minutes or an hour or so!!!!
      Walk On, P.Callychurn!, Walk on! :clap:
      Let’s hear it for a lifetime of mobility! :dance:

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  14. Mike says:

    I join 21-Day Fitness to try and get back into the habit of daily exercise. Since I had an injury about two years ago, I haven’t been able to do much fitness in the time being. Now that I believe my injury is all fixed, I wanted to try and kick start myself into daily activity. I also wanted to encourage my over-weight younger brother to try and come out and exercise with me. This was a great way to do that.

    My exercise for the day was a 20 minute set of intervals (one minute run/ 1 minute walk). We then stretch afterwards for 10 minutes.

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  15. Komal says:

    I joined this fitness challenge b’coz as it is known that if we want to make a habit we need to do that thing for 21 days without any break. than that thing will be converted in to your habit.I want to work on that.
    I want to develop habit which is good for my health. My fitness will improve my health,my personality and confidence in me.

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