21DJC Roundup – How Has Your Experience Been?

This is the roundup post for 21-Day Journaling Challenge (21DJC) for Nov 2011. View list of tasks: 21DJC Overview.

Hi everyone – Welcome to the final roundup post for 21DJC!

We’ve finally reached the end of 21DJC. :D

Day 21 Review

As a quick recap, yesterday’s question was: “What is Your Biggest Wish for the Future?“. (Read the responses.)

Here are the wishes from some of the participants:

“My biggest wish for the future is to be healthy and happy. I also wish to be financially independent and strong!” – Iva

“To see myself on the top. I wish to be one of the best Graphic Designer in this world. And I know, sooner or later, I will be one for sure because I’m on the right track and I know what I want from my life.” – Kamal

“My biggest wish for the future would be…. to live every day with no regrets, love whole heartedly , spend each moment living to the fullest, striving every day to challenge myself and be more than the sum of my parts!!” – Raven

“My biggest wish would be for the population of this planet to wake up and stop following traditions that are damaging to the planet.” – Glenn

“…I would wish for a utopian world with peace and harmony …..I wish for a long life, health and happiness for my family and to be able to live an evironment that allows us to reach our full-potential.” – Charles

“For myself, and obviously this includes my lovely little family of hubby and two kiddies: to find/create a spiritually rich, healthy, fit, growing and environmentally friendly way of life that is sustainable for us in the long run.” – Aletta

“My biggest wish for the future is being able to live my life as my ideal self. I feel like I’m starting to make progress and that momentum is building up and it feels really good.” – Bryan

“I wish to be more fearless, have more belief in myself and what I am truly capable of. Love and respect myself for what I am.” – Vibha

“My biggest wish would be to see the world, or even my community, come together in peace and understanding. My biggest wish is to live in a world where love is the driver of society.” – Laurel

“I wish for so many things, and the priority level of each wish fluctuates, but I consistently wish that my children are happy and healthy, that my grandson is able to shine even though (or maybe because ) he has Asberger’s, that I remain happy and fulfilled in my life path, that I remain healthy and not a burden to my children.” – Julia

“My biggest wish is to buy a house with my husband, and have a studio (instead of just a corner in a room) where I can work on my paintings whenever I want.” – Kimberly

“My biggest wish for the future is to have a real impact and a legacy for people in my country.” – melita

If you must know, my biggest wish for the future is to see the world united as one. It’s something I’ve written about in Two Important Things that Led to My Discovery of My Real Purpose.

I believe all of us (humanity) are parts of a bigger whole, and we are currently living as fragmented beings, as part of our individual life journey (though we are still connected to the same subconsciousness). The day when all of us achieve the highest level of consciousnesses (Enlightenment or whatever it is), I believe we will become united as one single consciousness – and that’s when humanity can move to the next stage of evolution.

Thank You!

I’d like to take this chance to thank all of you for your active participation in 21DJC.

This is by far one of our most successful challenges to date, in terms of retention rate and consistency of participation, and it’s thanks to YOU. This could have never happened without you.

Thank you for selflessly sharing your answers here, for the challenge would not be as rich if not for your sharing.

Thank you for holding true to your integrity and following through every day of the challenge, just as you intended to when you first signed up on Day 0.

Thank you for treating the questions seriously and answering them with earnesty, vs. dismissing them as just another age-old, cliche question. Because while I can meticulously craft the questions with the best intentions, they do jack if you don’t bother to put thought into them.

Thank you for making 21DJC happen so beautifully. I’m extremely grateful to all of you for your participation, and words can’t express how I feel.

Your Feedback Needed

As usual with all challenges at PE, I need your help to provide me feedback on the course itself, which will help me in creating bigger, better challenges in the future.

Regardless of whether you completed the whole 21DJC or just did selected tasks, I want to hear from you. I would greatly appreciate it if you could take a few minutes of your time to answer the following 4 questions (in fact, the more detailed your feedback, the better it’ll be):

  1. How has the whole 21DJC experience been for you?
  2. What have you learned throughout the 21 days?
  3. Which question(s) did you find most meaningful? And why?

And in the spirit of 21DJC, here’s one final journaling question:

  1. What is one thing you’re going to do differently after having gone through 21DJC?

As a recap, here are the posts/questions for the past 21 days:

Comments Closure

Note all comments will be closed on Nov 30, Midnight EST. That’s only 2 days left, as of the writing of this post.

Post your entries to all 21 days if you haven’t. Reply to other participants. Wrap up your final thoughts and share them with the group. This is your final chance to post your replies!

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Share Your Final Feedback!

Please share your final feedback via the 4 questions above! Thank you – I look forward to reading your answers! :)

Once again, all comments for 21DJC will be closed on Nov 30, Midnight EST.

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70 Responses | Share Your Results!

  1. Elezhara says:

    Fisrt I will like to thank you, Celes, for this wonderful challenge. I really REALLY appreciate your hard work. Also I would like to thank all of you who have participated. I´ve learned so much from all of you and I can´t thank you enough.

    1.How has the whole 21DJC experience been for you?

    Just one word, AMAZING. I loved waiking up everyday and having a deep question to reflect on throughout that day. At the end of the day I would just sit down and put all those thoughts together. I loved reading all the comments and it made me feel happy and sorrounded by really amazing people.

    2.What have you learned throughout the 21 days?

    I´ve learned a lot about myself, about who I am and what drives me and motivates me. But most importantly, I´ve learned a lot about all of you who participated in this challenge. I look at people in a different way now, we all have these things that happen to us good/bad and we have to deal with a lot of things in life, and what we see of people is just the cover. I´ve learned to look beyon that cover and understand people´s actions through their point of view.
    Reading some of your answers made me smile and laugh, others made me cry, others made me think. Sharing is living. This challenge should be done in every workplace so that we can get to know others and ourselves.

    3.Which question(s) did you find most meaningful? And why?

    Day 15, about the most painful experience. I had never really thought about it. I knew what were the hardest things I´ve had to overcome so far, but there was one thing I had never thought about before and that had really affected me. This question helped me become aware and overcome that painful experience.
    Of course all the other questions were quite meaninful too!

    4. What is one thing you’re going to do differently after having gone through 21DJC?

    I will reflect more about things that happen to me and my feelings. I will also try to listen and understand people´s feelings more.

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  2. lotusbleu says:

    1. The whole 21DJC experience has been like scraping the tip of the iceberg.
    2. My job is to awaken what lies beneath that tip of the iceberg.
    3. Questions that probe relationships clarify what I lack in my life or what I’m not doing so well.
    4. Bring awareness to my daily living, justify my existence and question my thought process.

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  3. Borjana says:

    1. How has the whole 21DJC experience been for you?

    It was great it gave me an opportunity to start something good for myself and finish it.

    2. What have you learned throughout the 21 days?

    Well i can’t say i have learned much but i can say that i broadened focus to some of my goals, and thoughts…etc
    3. Which question(s) did you find most meaningful? And why?

    There were some meaningful questions that let me focus on my goals and my true desires like first few and there where some that i didn’t find as meaningful to me but i got their purpose and i am sure that it helped some people.

    And in the spirit of 21DJC, here’s one final journaling question:

    4. What is one thing you’re going to do differently after having gone through 21DJC

    I will use my time differently, i will try to make every second count and i will start journaling every day on my own which is great step forward to my book.

    So thanks a lot, It’s been a great one!

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  4. Toni says:

    Awesome! This challenge was a real stretch for me for two reasons. Firstly, I’m a very private person, so it was tough sharing so much of me. Secondly, in all of my previous journaling, I wrote about what I wanted to, not what I needed to. In participating in this challenge, I was able to access things I hadn’t allowed myself to think too deeply about, or that I had forgotten about. The most impactful questions for me were 13 and 20 because they bring my limiting beliefs into the light and show them for the ridiculous and stupid things they are. Seeing my thoughts right there on ‘paper’ brought clarity to a lot my thoughts, beliefs and behaviors and sort of gave me a task list of things I need to get about doing. I also have to say, I learned that there are many, many wonderful people all going through the same things. Thank you Celeste!

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  5. Jeffrey Q says:

    The 21DJC experience has been introspective in asking meaningful questions that I haven’t asked myself, or have avoided in answering. It has helped me find out more about myself by forcing me to think about and answer these questions meaningfully.

    I’ve learned that I spend too much time thinking. The barrage of a daily question is a little much for me as I would probably have taken a few days to think over my responses to the questions. Being compelled to respond at a rapid rate pushes me to answer more instinctively though it makes me unhappy and uncomfortable with how my answer is not thoroughly constructed. I take a long time when making decisions and thinking through situations.

    I think the question that gave me the most food for thought and significance was “What is the Most Painful Thing You’ve Ever Had To Experience To Date?” I usually tell people that I’ve had knee problems, but I’ve never written it all out with all the details and the timeline. I’m not sure if it’s actually helped me, but it does feel good somewhat that I’m not thinking of the pain as just some vague memory.

    I think after having gone through 21DJC, I definitely need to be able to express my thoughts and opinions faster without being comfortable taking a few days to think things through. It’s one of my weaknesses in not being satisfied if I don’t take the time to do things perfectly.

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  6. May says:

    How has the whole 21DJC experience been for you?
    It’s been a nice and through journey. I am very glad that I got to be one of the people out of 420 (?) that had the opportunity to participate in this.

    What have you learned throughout the 21 days?
    I’ve learned many things actually! There is always hope and the world is not a dark and sad place as I thought it was. I also found out you don’t really know what you think (about anything really) unless you write it out (which actually really helps).

    Which question(s) did you find most meaningful? And why?
    If you were to travel back in time to 3 years ago, what advice would you give yourself: It has shown me how much I’ve grown as a human being.

    what frustrates me: This definitely helped me. As soon as I wrote it out, I knew what frustrated me, and I plan on finding ways to “cure” it.

    most important thing you’ve learned in life so far: (Not take anything for granted), this made me think a little and it was a mini life lesson all over again

    scale of 1-10, how much do you love yourself: This made me think too….how much self love do I have for myself? And what could I do to make my self love be a 10.

    what are your biggest goals for the next few years: <- My life goals have been realized…kind of, haha.

    And in the spirit of 21DJC, here’s one final journaling question:

    What is one thing you’re going to do differently after having gone through 21DJC?

    I think I'll start writing in my diary again, just because writing everything down makes me think better in a way. This was a great experience, thank you Celes for the challenge. I've read some really meaningful posts in this challenge.

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  7. Emerita says:

    The 21DJCexperience was my first as far as this kind of interaction is concerned. The opportunity to know how others responded to the questions helped in getting myself to reflect and ponder on things which I think have not been looked deeply into – things I have taken for granted as they seemed not as important as earning a living. The question, What Would You Do If You Have 1 Million Dollars? made me put a step backward and think of the real importance of money. I have concluded that I don’t need that much for myself – if I have that much, others who need them most must also partake of it.
    Being asked what I hold dear most, what limiting beliefs I had and what I wanted to attain the next few years are to me – are strong points to bring me on track to attaining my personal goals for myself and less for those who are with me in my life. Age, I think is a definer, but I know there are still a lot of things that I can do and can excel at and be the best at. I look forward to avenues like the 21JDC to make me more resolved to live a better life.
    I have learned that I need to participate and as I share thoughts and ideas, I also gain even more – inputs for my reflection and direction towards improving myself.
    What was most meaningful was the question was , If The World Came To An End Today, How Would You Feel? At my age, I am trying to finish everything I want to complete before I go on to retirement and finally the end. The question, reminded me that the years are numbered, and I have to prepare – not by moping but by being better for myself and for those I love. I believe that when I become better, those I love will also benefit by having a better model.

    What is one thing you’re going to do differently after having gone through 21DJC?
    I think I would love myself more, give myself a little more trust and say no when I think it is right.

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  8. cloudio says:

    How has the whole 21DJC experience been for you?
    It was good, except for the last few days, when I answered questions more as to fullfill a duty, that with real desire and pleasure.
    But during the central days I found it I was on a roll with the challenge, looking forward for next question.

    What have you learned throughout the 21 days?
    Nothing come in my mind that I learned from scratch in this challenge, but lots of confirmations, some twistings and in general better understandings.
    The cathartic power of writing for instance, that was particularly clear in the question 6, what frustrates you.
    I also caught my general insecurity in looking and wishing for “likes” in my answers instead of much more instructive “replies”

    Which question(s) did you find most meaningful? And why?
    More than a question, what I found most meaningful was a participant. Amanda, 10 years old. She could be my little daughter and I would be very proud of her. At the same time I find it somehow worrying that someone so young can be so self conscious.
    I hope you are doing this playfully, Amanda. Adults forget how important is playing in life.

    What is one thing you’re going to do differently after having gone through 21DJC?
    This sounds like question 4 of the challenge, so I am going to answer the same. Just kidding.

    I think I have to work more to understand my real limiting beliefs and how to deal with them.

    Anyway the challenge close in two days on this website, but I am certainly not done on reflect with the questions.

    It may be one of the deep reasons why on these last days I couldn’t focus on the challenge, apart I had a busy weekend. My subconscious was tellying me “ehi, it is not so easy, you gave an answer, but it is like the beginning. Don’t take it for granted, if you think it better you can come with a better answer”.

    That apply for every single question and for the challenge in general.

    I want to thank Celes for her passionate work on this challenge and on the website, and all the participants. :clap:

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  9. Peggy says:

    How has the whole 21DJC experience been for you?

    Interesting. I wondered if I’d stay interested and keep up each day and I found I actually looked forwardto it. Some of the questions were hard, Some were thought provocing. Some were fun.

    What have you learned throughout the 21 days?

    That we humans are all pretty similar in our wishes and desires and our hurts and our hopes.

    Which question(s) did you find most meaningful? And why?

    The question that sticks with me is the one about what is the most painful thing you’ve experienced. I keep thinking I’ve mostly dealt with that pain, but I could barely write those three words without crying. I’m not over it and maybe I never will be.

    What is one thing you’re going to do differently after having gone through 21DJC?

    Not sure I’ll do much of anything differently, but it was an interesting experience for sure.

    Thank you for putting this together.

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  10. Monisha says:

    Hi Celes. I was able to answer only 16 of the questions, I did not answer some of them for some personal reasons.

    How has the whole 21DJC experience been for you?

    Well I participated for 16 days and they were lovely. I liked the challenge as it was creative. After the experience, I noticed that I

    What have you learned throughout the 21 days?

    Actually, in the 16 days of participating, I learnt that after bringing certain things to my awareness, it changes my attitude and behaviors a bit. I avoid doing certain things and I do certain things.

    Which question(s) did you find most meaningful? And why?

    Day 6 – What Frustrates You? (The answer to this question helped me a little to be aware whenever that thing which frustrated me appeared)

    Day 9 – What Drives You? (This question helped me a lot because I have become more aware of what drives me to do things. I learnt why I do certain things.)

    Day 16 – What Makes You Happy? (This question helped me because I want to do the things that makes me happy)

    Day 18 – What Matters Most To You? (I think this is a very, very important question and help us a lot in life knowing what matters the most)

    4. What is one thing you’re going to do differently after having gone through 21DJC?

    Well, after the 16 days of participating, I think one thing I am going to do differently is be more serious about raising my consciousness.

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  11. Matt says:

    How has the whole 21DJC experience been for you?
    I enjoyed it immensely. I thought the questions were well chosen and enlightening. The format of the program was very simple and that was great. Just answer the question and write as much or as little as you like. When it was first anounced I didn’t think the blog comments were a good place to have the challenge but after the first day I realized it really was the best format.

    What have you learned throughout the 21 days?
    It was mostly that taking time to answer a certain question for yourself is the best method for learning more about yourself.

    I journal maybe 3 or 4 times a month on 750words.com and just brain dump. My writing isn’t focused on any one subject I just write whatever I feel. That method can be helpful but I think journaling can be more powerful when you take time to answer an important question for yourself. I think I will take time to answer questions like “what did I learn today?” or “How can I do an even better job at XYZ tomorrow? I may come back to the 100 Important Questions post and answer a few of those questions over the next few months.

    Which question(s) did you find most meaningful? And why?
    Day 15 and 16.I like that we took some time to consider what in our lives we had found most painful. We should all be conscious of what really breaks our hearts and brings down our spirits. Then we all looked at what made us happy and what brings joy into our lives. It was nice seeing that for so many people it was family and friends.

    What is one thing you’re going to do differently after having gone through

    I will be journaling more often and will be focusing my writing on answering questions that will help me improve my life. Probably not everyday because I don’t think it’s always neccessary for me personally.

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  12. Ellen says:

    1. The overall experience has been good;
    2. I´ve become more aware of some insights I already had. The fact that there is a certain pressure/expectation/something outside myself helps to put focus on myself. Therefor I am considering the 30DLBL.
    3. For me that was the question about the limiting beliefs. That came on the right day and really gave me some aha-experiences.
    4. I am going to try to ask more of my questions instead of just thinking them 

    Celes, are you interested in getting feedback about the challenge?
    Because I guess for you a question like:
    ‘What ways are there to improve a challenge like this one?’ could benefit you and I reckon that everybody would like to give you input to help you help others 
    Other than that I think you are really good at marketing! Respect for that!

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  13. Bilal Kamoon says:

    21DJC Round-Up: How Has Your Experience Been?

    -How has the whole 21DJC experience been for you?
    The 21-Day Journaling Challenge has been a life-changing experience for me. It made me get to the habit of daily journaling which I’ve been helplessly trying to cultivate lately. It also helped me craft many drafts for future posts for my blog, all while genuinely connecting with friendly like-minded people.

    -What have you learned throughout the 21 days?
    The 21Djc has made me learn a lot about myself, others and life in general. It provided precious life lessons that would take years to figure out otherwise. It also proved to me that introspection is the only way to learn more about yourself, and about others too.

    -Which question(s) did you find most meaningful? And why?
    Day’s 5 question (Who Is the Most Important Person to You in the World?) made me realize that I don’t have much important people in my life (other than myself). So that’s an area I should be working on in the future.

    -What is one thing you’re going to do differently after having gone through 21DJC?
    Now that I’ve gone through all 21DJC questions, I’m never going to underestimate the power of journaling and introspecting for learning about yourself, that’s for sure.
    I’ve also decided to allocate at least half an hour each day for writing and journaling.

    -Last Word:
    Special thanks for Celes for providing such a lovely community where everyone can fearlessly open up and share their deepest sadness, happiness, frustrations, fears and desires. Without fear of being judged or laughed at.

    Thank you Celes! And keep up the good work (:

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  14. fufu says:

    How has the whole 21DJC experience been for you?

    It was fun and mind opening. I liked how relaxed I felt when I journaled and I think I will continue to do so every now and then with the questions from Celes’s article.

    What have you learned throughout the 21 days?

    That there are still many scenarios I’ve yet to consider my reaction to and there are still many more things I have yet to discover of my inner self. I also learned it’s sometimes OK to be negative as long as I get up after letting all out and plan out baby steps to deal with the problem. One very important thing I’ve learned of myself is that I should follow who I am and what I believe is right according with my values and beliefs.

    Which question(s) did you find most meaningful? And why?

    The end of the world question because it reminded me of my mortality and all the things I had yet to do. It made me realize I was not living life to the fullest and am doing barely nothing to achieve my dreams.

    What is one thing you’re going to do differently after having gone through 21DJC?

    Plan out my passion for writing stories more seriously. :) This was my favorite challenge up till now by the way. It’s like a diary but better. Thank you Celes for your time and patience with us on the 21DJC challenge. For those who will participate in the next challenge I wish you the best in the world! :hug: :heart:

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  15. Kamal says:

    How has the whole 21DJC experience been for you?

    It was my first challenge, so its been an AWSOME experience for me. :)

    What have you learned throughout the 21 days?
    I got to understand myself better then before. Some questions really forced me to think and learn about where I stand in this world. :)

    Which question(s) did you find most meaningful? And why?

    Day-11 question : Out of Your 5 Senses, Which is the Most Important to You, and Why?

    This was the most meaningful question to me, because it made me aware about how each sense is useful to us for living our life. This question made me ask myself of how much do I care for my senses? :)

    What is one thing you’re going to do differently after having gone through 21DJC?

    Not going to do….but already started….I started writing my daily journal after doing this challange. :)


    And many thanks to you dear Celes for organising such a useful “challenge”, which helped many of us in different ways. :)

    I really Appreciate and Salute you for all your efforts and time which you put into this for us. :)

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