21DJC Day 6 – What Frustrates You?

This is Day 6 of the 21-Day Journaling Challenge (21DJC) for Nov 2011. View list of tasks: 21DJC Overview.

Hi everyone – Welcome to Day 6 of 21DJC! :)

Yesterday’s question was: “Who Is the Most Important Person to You in the World?“.

As usual, I had a lot of joy reading your responses. Some of you stated your mom as the most important person to you. Some of you said your father. Some of you said it was yourself. Some of you said your child(ren). Some of you said your spouse. Then there were other answers, including God / a higher power / spirit, your pet, your friends, etc.

There’s no right or wrong answer, because what’s important to us is relative. The same for all other questions posed in 21DJC – there is no such answer as a one, true answer. There’s only what’s true for yourself, and the objective of 21DJC is to invite you to reflect, connect with your inner self, and growing through the self reflection.

If you haven’t not realized, the very process of answering the questions for the past 5 days have helped to clarify your thoughts. Some people may look at the questions and think “Ah, I’ll think about it later” or “This is too much for me and I can’t be bothered to think”. But for these people, they feel resistant toward the questions because they’re in a mental fog. And this fog doesn’t go anywhere until they sit down and properly think about what they are resisting.

By thinking about who is the most important person to you in the world, it has helped you to gain awareness of who matters the most to you, and hopefully, made you realize how much you should treasure him/her. You live only once, so don’t hold back on your emotions towards this individual, thinking that you have “next time”. Be true to him/her and let him/her know of your gratitude towards him/her. Be grateful to the universe for bringing him/her into your life.

Me, the most important person in my life is my higher self. My parents are among the dearest to me in this life. So are my best friends, and good friends. And the same goes for all of you out there in this world; the very people whom I’ve dedicated my life to help to grow and live your best lives. There is no dispute that all of you are infinitely important to me.

But my higher self – the person who orchestrated my birth into this world, who has been watching me silently all this while, who has been supporting me in my life, who has been with me through thick and thin, who has always given me strength to carry on – is pretty much the reason why I’m even here, in this world. There’s still so much I don’t know; so much I have not done; so much I have to do, and I know that my higher self will be with me all the way till the end, to guide me, to support me, and to carry me whenever needed.

Because of her, I’m here. Because of her, I’m now living in alignment with my highest self. I’m far from being my highest self yet, though I’m working in that direction. The day will come when I will come full circle with her, and I look forward to that happening one day, soon.

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With that said, let’s now move to Day 6!

21DJC Day 6

After reflecting on the most important person in our life, today’s question brings us to a different emotion – but a very true one. Today, I’d like you to reflect on:

What Frustrates You?


Think about the times when you tend to feel frustrated. What typically happens in those times? What is it about those incidences that frustrate you? And why?

Put on your reflection cap and let your thoughts flow. Below is an empty form which you can use to write your answers to the question. Treat it as your private 21DJC journaling “room”, if you will. You will be seeing this form every day, for the 21 days of the challenge. There’s a button for you to keep track of your word count too, if you’re interested.

(Note you will not see the form below if you’re viewing this in your email client. Visit the actual post online to see the form.)

What Frustrates You?

Your Task Today:

  1. Reflect and answer today’s question. There’s no word limit – whether minimum or maximum. Write as few or as many words as you want. It’s all up to what you want to express!
  2. Share your answer. After you are done writing, copy and paste your answer in the comments area and post it there.
  3. Check out other participants’ answers. Other participants will be sharing their answers too, so feel free to read and reply to their answers. This is a group course, so let’s support each other in these 21 days.
Look forward to reading your answers! :D

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248 Responses | Share Your Results!

  1. Laurel says:

    This is a difficult one, not because I’m never frustrated, but because it’s hard to describe with words. Sometimes I feel frustrated when I working hard at my job and people constantly remind me about things that are already completed. Other times, I’m frustrated when I’m driving down a country road and the driver behind me wants to pass me, but can’t, so settles for tailgating. Or I could get frustrated when doing a school assignment and just when I turn it in, I find out there was this whole other part I forgot to do.

    Usually, I try not to let it get to me. If I’m home, I look at calm pictures of trees on the internet, but if I’m driving, it’s sometimes hard to get it out of my mind.

    I guess the reason these instances frustrate me is because most of them have to do with impatience. I have a difficult time understanding this in other people because I’ve never felt that “rush-rush” impulse myself. Oh well, I suppose frustration is just another opportunity for self-improvement, and that’s something I’m passionate about, so bring it on!

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    • AH888 says:

      Dear Laurel,

      I think your feelings are shared by many. I definitely get frustrated when someone is tailgaiting me, or when they aggressively cut me off. You seem like a very grounded person and it sounds like you have a very healthy attitude about those things that come up.

      Best of luck,

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  2. May says:

    What is sad is that when I read this, I realize that everything frustrates me. The littlest things to the major incidents always frustrates me. I have a lot of pet peeves, I am easily angry at other people, I am OCD about some useless things I shouldn’t be OCD about. Then, when I am angry, I would rant to my closest friends. I feel like I am always ranting to them about the same things over and over again. Then I start to feel bad that I’m ranting to them, yet I do it again.

    It feels like a repeated cycle of frustration. Although I want to fix it, I can’t. I will reflect on that now that I’ve typed it all out. Communication seems like the best way to fix it as of right now. I need to communicate to people about why they are frustrating me.

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    • cloudio says:

      I feel you pain, I tend to be the same.
      Just a question, what is OCD?

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    • AH888 says:

      Dear May,

      Don’t get too down on yourself. Everyone has felt like you some way or another. Journaling is an excellent way to move the thoughts out of your mind and brings forth resolutions and insights that are meaningful to you. Also, finding a creative activity or physical activity that you enjoy is very helpful when I am feeling easily annoyed. And let’s face it, there ARE SO MANY things to get annoyed with

      Sending peaceful thoughts,

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      • May says:

        Thank you for the comment. It gave me a push to keep continue to journal and do things I love. Hopefully I won’t be so frustrated all the time now that I have ways to fix it.

        Thank you,

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  3. Mary Jane Hoover says:

    there are many things that frustrate me.

    People who want others to do their work for them.

    Leaches who cling on for what ever reason an drain the life out of you.

    when I can.t plan and carry out that plan because I lose motivation and perserverence. I am hoping that will change.

    Not having a routine for myself. I can’t follow a routine and would like to become self dicplined enough to finish what I start. I have a hard time planning because I
    just seem to keep planning and never really work after the planing, and find myself gravitating away from the task on hand. focus or the inability to focus if ad to the plan.

    I need to plan effectively make a plan and work the plan. Why does it seem as I just plan and plan, but when they come they are exhausted.and cant seem to do much more. I am tired as soon as I wake up.

    This frustrates me because I dont get anything done.

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    • Christina says:

      Mary Jane said: “when I can.t plan and carry out that plan because I lose motivation and perserverence. I am hoping that will change.
      Not having a routine for myself. I can’t follow a routine and would like to become self dicplined enough to finish what I start. I have a hard time planning because I
      just seem to keep planning and never really work after the planing, and find myself gravitating away from the task on hand. focus or the inability to focus if ad to the plan.
      I need to plan effectively make a plan and work the plan. Why does it seem as I just plan and plan, but when they come they are exhausted.and cant seem to do much more. I am tired as soon as I wake up.”

      I haven’t written my entry yet, but this is EXACTLY what frustrates me too. I’m great at making the plans, I’m the queen of to-do lists, but I have a terrible time actually doing the work. I guess we need to get to the bottom of why that is!

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    • Toni says:

      You may want to see your doctor. Those were some of the first things I felt when I was first hit with depression-especially feeling tired as soon as you wake up. It was as if no matter how long I slept the night before, my “battery” would never fully recharge and I’d be completely spent by 9am. One by one, other physical and emotional symptoms came on until I was in bad enough shape to visit a doctor. This could have absolutely nothing to do with your situation, but just in case, I thought I’d mention it.

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  4. Kamal says:

    I get frustrated when someone I know, try to take me for granted. Even after telling them that I’m busy at some point of time, they still want me to help them out of the way. I love helping others….but not at the cost of getting financial loss to myself. Such people who try to use me only for their good, frustrates me a lot. People who orders me instead of requesting, frustates me like hell.

    I also get frustrated when I see corrupt people around me. Yes, politicians in my country are counted in the top lists of corruption in the world. I hate corruption and always dreamt that my country would be corruption free one day.

    I get frustrated when I get lots of junk in my mobiles Message Inbox….Some of my friends keeps me sending unnecessary stuff through sms throughout the day, I told them not to send so many sms’s daily….but they keep on emptying their inbox by filling mine. :(

    I also gets frustrated when I see injustice with anyone…whether he / she is known to me or not….

    I always tried my level best to work on what frustrates me….and on a certain level I get success…..But there’s a lot to be done still. :)

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    • AH888 says:

      Dear Kamal,

      I can definitely empathize when people don’t respect your boundaries. Sometimes it’s tough to say “no” and stand your ground. Also, I think every government has their share of corruption. I am not a pessimist, but I know enough about human behavior to observe how power can corrupt an otherwise well-meaning individual. I take much solace in Ghandi’s wisdom to “be the change you wish to see in the world.”


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    • Ish says:

      Hi Kamal, I can relate to what you’ve written. I am usually willing to help people and I get very annoyed when people try to take advantage of this and impose their wishes as if it’s their due. Sometimes, a simple “please” and “thank you” can do a lot more.

      As for politicians and corruption, it’s very much present in my country as well, so much so that I am quite frustrated with them, both government and opposition alike.

      Best of luck for the future!

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  5. Emma says:

    every time, my performances were not up to my expectation. I felt frustrated.

    I know it’s just because I set too many goals for myself. Yet, we just live once. I need to take most out of it!

    I know if i can manage my time, every thing can be finished as planned!

    SO, i just want I can achieve my goals on time.

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    • Raven says:


      I am also very hard on myself in this way. I often set very high goals for myself and have high expectations for what I can achieve in a certain amount of time and then when I fall short I beat myself up and get so angry with me. I would feel awful when I had to call off work because I was sick, or tell someone no because I was too busy already. I am horrible at telling people no. But I am learning. We have to allow ourselves to be human, to be fallible, to be sick, to be ourselves without the pressure and the rush to do it all now. I also fight to find that balance and I hope that you are able to find it for yourself as well. Don’t be too hard on yourself :)


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  6. Ivona says:

    Hmmm…well this topic may be of most use yet, for me. Cause I never stopped to really think about it. Cause I can be moody. In fact my teachers used to describe me as ‘by her mood you can predict will she excel or be quiet and do the asignments badly’. That is quite a flaw – my behavior is very dependent on my current emotions. That’s also why I am not an excellent communicator – one day I can be the super friendly, funniest and most interesting person; next day I can be cold, cynical…like, in my own shell. I do believe emotions…I don’t know how to put this….I do believe that we live trough what we feel. Everything that happens is perceived trough our emotional impression, important persons in our life are important because of how we feel about them and in reaching goals, the emotional background is what pushes us forward.

    My parents constantly tell me that I don’t posses self-discipline. (actually they nag!) But lately I am starting to notice that I do have a certain weakness toward myself. And this is very bad. Not in the way that it stops me from functioning normally, but that overcoming that weakness could make me so much more. And I have a tendency to quit – I am a perfectionist and if something gets not-exactly-as-planned, I might as well trow the whole thing out of the window.

    And I don’t know if others get those feelings, is it hormones, puberty, PMS or do I simply have a bad personality, but every few weeks, there comes a period when I want to get out of my skin (don’t know if you understand me, this is a phrase in my language, not sure if there is an equivalent in english :) ). Period that I feel bad, I become cynical, and I can’t stand the world, but mostly I can’t stand myself.The word FRUSTRATION pretty much sums up how I feel. Just went trough a few of those days, then when I waked up feeling good again this morning, it was such a relief. Like my creative, positive, happy energy was turned back on again.
    There is a concept of ‘flow’. When everything goes smoothly, your mind is clear and calm like water, you are in control of everything, and that control comes natural, there is no struggle, just a perfect peace, productivity and the ability to handle everything, perfectly. Without fuss. I feel like that 10% of the time. And it is such a great feeling. It’s the ideal.
    Than there are normal days. You feel mostly happy, positive, confident, something gets you angry, but it passes, and overall you feel good. 65% of the time. An okay phase. Not the best, but perfectly comfortable.
    Then there are days when I feel totally unmotivated, lazy, even envious, I become harsher to others, and I can’t get myself moving towards my goals. It makes my physically inactive too. I feel like skipping college, not seeing friends, but just plopping down in front of the TV and eating comfort foods. I may also feel inferior, boring, not smart enough, ugly, fat, etc. That period usually lasts 3 days to a week, so let’s say 25% of the time. But it sometimes feel like eternity. Guess time really is relative :) And than one day I just wake up feeling good again.
    That same way, I just suddenly enter in flow, or over the course of a day everything becomes gloomy and I’m in my bad phase.

    What frustrates me in life are two things:
    1. me generally not holding enough power over myself
    2. that period when I am become the bad person

    So what I need to do is slowly gain more control over my motivations, feelings, behaviors. I think introspection is an important step. It clear’s out the mental fog. Many people think that is a waste of time. But there is a proverb – If you give me two hours to to cut down the big,deep rooted tree, I’ll spend the first hour sharpening the saw. Since most things are in our head, and certainly have started in our head, i think that’s a good place to start cleaning out bad behaviors. As that man in the Peaceful Warrior says ‘Take out the trash.The trash is up here’ *and he points the finger to his head*

    I write a lot. I am one of the people who has the highest word count on the board. But to me personally, it is the whole point of journaling and introspection. I transcript my words exactly, from my head to the screen, and it comes out faster than I can really criticaly think it over in my conscious mind. So I write things down, and I think, wow, this is how I really feel about that and than. I didn’t realize it before. And that’s the worth I get from all this. My thoughts sharpen, get clearer. The fog is cleared out.

    There are many things that I can say are frustrating, around me, like politics, sleepwalkers and decaying off good values. But continuing in the spirit of yesterday’s question, I am focusing on me. Other things are out of areas of my influence. Therefore, it’s pointless to give them a thought. I can only strive to be the best me, give my best to the world, and then maybe it can improve the world itself. And that’s the only thing I can really do about the outer world :)

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    • Chandan says:

      Hey Ivona,

      I can completely relate with what you have stated and admire you for doing it so precisely. It’s the same situation with me too and it’s very frustrating as one loses control of their mind. I get up most of the time full of positive energy raring to face the challenges and then there are days when I feel I can do nothing right and my behavior towards everyone changes significantly.

      Lately, I have been able to reduce the occurrences of such days by doing a simple activity. As soon as I realize that it is one of those days, I take some deep breaths and start praying thanking the God for blessing me with one more day to live (I could have died in my sleep last night) and for my current state of being which is still a lot better than most of the people out there. I try to put up a mental block (consciously in the subconscious) that by not cherishing this gift I am daring to insult the gift of life bestowed upon me. In the next few minutes I think of the positive things I had done yesterday and how I felt at that moment. After 5-10 minutes, I feel a surge of positive energy which sustains me the whole day and infact those days become more productive than usual.

      I do fail at times but with renewed conviction that I can succeed, I am able to reduce the occurrence of such bad days. You can try it too.

      all the best :-)

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    • Bob says:

      Hi Ivona,
      Here’s a simple suggestion. On the 25% days when you don’t feel good, have a list of activities (prepared) that make you feel good and work on them one by one. That should help get your positive emotions flowing and therefore leave no space for negative ones. By changing your activity you change your focus.

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  7. Glenn says:

    What Frustrates Me?

    There aren’t too many things I must say.

    The main would probably be unimportant things that I know will require time to deal with. A good example being the weeds in the garden that are always out of control. I can spend hours removing them, but within a week, and even more so when it’s been raining, they’ll be back again. Removing them consumes the time I could be using to do something else more important. But I am looking into better ways of dealing with them.

    I should also mention clients who don’t want to pay me for the work I’ve done. There was one guy yesterday. I shot and edited two videos for him and he told me he’s not happy with either of them, and without giving me a proper reason why? With any work I do, I offer a revision to make any changes that need to be made. I rarely have to make changes, and can only think of two previous videos where the clients weren’t happy with their video. But in those cases it was due to how they came across appearance wise in the video, so it was no fault of mine. This guy yesterday though wasn’t even willing to have any changes made, wants me to give him the files, but still tells me he won’t pay me what’s owing for the work done. I told him no. The only possible reason I can think of is that he doesn’t have the money, so is making out that I’ve done a bad job as an excuse not to pay. It’s happened before too. When these people are broke for whatever reason, but still want the work done, they’ll look for any reason they can use as an excuse to try and get out of paying. I’m sure this happens to many other small businesses. I’ve already decided to no longer do that kind of work, so hopefully I will never have to deal with these kind of people again.

    Narrow minded people can frustrate me at times too. But overall, I’ve learnt how to deal with them, so they don’t really concern me anymore. In a way, I now expect that attitude from a lot of people by default. I know there’s nothing I can do about it. The problem lies with them as a result of how they’ve been programmed, either through the media, or other narrow minded people who may be their family or close friends.

    Bad drivers used to frustrate me also, but thankfully they don’t really bother me anymore either. If I see an idiot in traffic now, usually I’ll forget about them within a few minutes.

    Bills all appearing in the mail at the same time can be frustrating too. Looking at them and thinking ‘we have to pay this, this, this and this all by the end of the month’. I should be used to them by now though :)

    And that’s about it. I could probably think of a few other insignificant things, but they honestly woudn’t be worth mentioning!

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    • Bob says:

      Hi Glen,
      Regarding your customers, you will find that it is a question of percentages. For example
      20% are great customers no problems,
      80% are then divided into several categories
      slightly above average,
      customers who pay late
      customers who never pay and are never satisfied

      As you work this out you will discover where you have found your best customers, ie. word of mouth, recommendation on a website etc. When you have done this then you can start creating more of your top clients. Hope this helps.


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      • Glenn says:

        Hi Bob,

        Thanks for the reply. Yes, I think you’re right here! Although to be honest I’m probably a bit better off than that. Most clients I don’t have any problems with at all. If anything, the biggest problem is the material they give me to work with doesn’t always inspire me that much. If I took that into consideration, the 20% rule would definitely apply :)

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  8. Fiat says:

    Interesting question, for the past 2 years, I’ve try not to frustrate and focus on what I really want. Nevertheless, upon reading the question, a voice in myself said am I really never feel frustrated or did not want to admit the frustration.

    Well, the frustration is there, but concealed for my will to focus on what I really want. To answer the challenge, I have to admit, what frustrate me is when I didn’t reach my goal and I’m demotivated after several tries. Then starting to find some excuse and procrastinate all or some action needed to be taken as a process to reach my goal.

    (hmm, typing and admitting it makes me feels relieve. strange :) )

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    • Nadia says:

      Feeling relieved is one of the many benefits of this challenge! Good for you :)
      It really does make us feel better once we let out bottled up emotions.

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  9. Engine2 says:

    Many things frustrates me but among them the most frustrating ones are:
    1. Knowing what needs to be done and yet not being able to get it done even though I had tried.
    2. Trying to do something well but in the process somehow lost track and didn’t come back to it .
    3. Not able to do something as good as I want to be.
    4. Start off with a lot of hope and enthusiasm but along the way lost the energy and will to continue
    5. Feeling sorry for myself.
    6. Feeling powerless and helpless.
    7. Knowing its in my gene and can’t correct it, ie a character issue
    8. Being fearful.
    9. Not being true to myself.
    10. Not speaking my mind.
    11. Not expressing well.
    12. Afraid of showing others who I truly am.
    13. Afraid of being judged or criticized.

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    • P.Callychurn says:

      Hi Engine2,
      A very realistic and sincere assessment of the areas and reasonsof frustration Awareness is there, remedy may automatically follow. Good experience sharing.

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  10. Cyndi says:

    I find myself impatient and even frustrated when people seem to take longer to finish their tasks than it seems to me it should. This can be anything. If it takes too long (according to me) for a car to turn right, for my son to finish his homework, for my husband to pick out a product at the grocery store (he reads all the pricing labels for comparison shopping), I tend to get impatient or frustrated.

    Other things that frustrate me are when people, who are supposedly in charge (e.g., a manager), fail to do their job. Of course, I think I know what their job is and think I could do it better:-) I also get frustrated by people who fail to do what they say they will and when people don’t clean up after themselves.

    In general this feeling of impatience or frustration generates physiological changes: I clamp or grit my teeth and tense up. I sometimes don’t even notice that I’m frustrated until I notice these physiological changes. The best thing for me to do when I’m feeling this way is to take a deep breath and remember that I can’t control other people. I can only control myself and my reactions. Then I try to find a more positive and patient reaction.

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    • Denise says:

      This is so me. And it is so unfair on other people. I do it to myself too. I am so frustrated when a project takes longer than it ‘should’. It seems I am too focussed on things being done and not enough on the doing. My ex is the opposite. He is so much more patient when doing anything with my son. On the other hand, he is chronically late to/with everything. Maybe I need to find a happy medium.

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  11. aileen says:

    Wasted potential.

    What frustrates me is people who do the bare minimum and don’t put in the extra effort. They do not value hard work or see a need to be excellent. I see this especially in the younger generation (and I am only 33!). It is extremely hard to find good help even when jobs are scarce. You think people would step up their game to get hired by working harder, taking risks and putting themselves out there. But even when they are handed an internship, for instance, they do not value the opportunity and see the potential for advancement.

    I am extremely saddened by classrooms where the teachers are trying very hard just to get their students to achieve the bare minimum — and teachers get blamed for their students’ poor performance. So not fair.

    Entitlement frustrates me. Laziness frustrates me. Stupidity frustrates me.

    People skating by doing just the bare minimum with no higher aspirations is very, very sad. Why be alive if you aren’t going to *do* something with your life?

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    • AH888 says:

      Dear Aileen,

      Wasted potential – for sure! Imagine if everyone regardless of their social status were given the best education, including trade schools and apprenticeships. Imagine what a beautiful world if no minds were wasted or neglected. Oh, that is my dream. I hope the generations to come are inspired to figure out a better way to educate our society in a healthy and positive way.


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    • Jitender says:

      Well said dear aileen :cool:

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  12. cloudio says:

    I am definitely too frustrated.

    On an ordinary day, everything bother me.

    Opportunistic and superficial people, the ones who refuse help, when I don’t meet my goals, that I haven’t learned yet to let go of things easily. Being intimately so unforgiving and tormented, while outside I appear the opposite.

    That sometimes I see something is true with my mind or my heart, still I can’t adhere,

    Like believing the first and maybe only step for remove my frustration is just accept what it is, nevertheless I forget this too often.

    Whatever, thanks also who posted before me, I feel better now :)

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    • AH888 says:

      Dear Claudio,

      Isn’t it amazing the power of writing down your thoughts when you’re in a bad mood? I always feel better, too. I get frustrated with opportunistic and superficial people too. Then I remind myself that underneath that facade is a beautiful spirit in a human shell. I try to see these situations as opportunities to show them that they don’t have to act that way, just by being very my sincere self. I’m not always succsessful at connecting with them, but at least I know that my own spirit had a chance to shine through. And I can tell by your post, that your spirit shines through, too!

      In spirit,

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  13. Peggy says:

    Stupidity frustrates me. Useless paperwork frustrates me. Drug and or alcohol abuse that steals life and joy frustrates me.

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  14. AH888 says:

    I have health issues and complications that I am dealing with right now, so those things frustrate me the most. The side affects of medication. The time spent waiting in doctors offices. The stigma around my conditions. The feeling that there’s something “wrong” with me.

    Some doctors are wonderful, but I get frustrated with the doctors who condescend to me. I’m frustrated with how my health condition has taken over my life, every aspect of my life from eating to sleeping has been altered. I’m frustrated because I want my life back! I want to be able to do everything I used to do before without any problems. I want to be able to enjoy going to dinner with my husband again. I hate these new limitations. I want to be healthy again.

    My message to all of you: Don’t take the little things for granted. Appreciate your body and all the things it can do!

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    • cloudio says:

      Dear AH888
      your may have health issues, but your Spirit is holding greatly.
      Maybe even shining more!

      Good luck, may you regain soon your physical strenght too.

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    • Raven says:


      This was my answer as well. I understand how you feel and wish you continued strength in your current situation. I can be strong so many days and then one day something like wanting to take a walk outside, my friends going out to lunch when I can’t, someone eating a sandwich, wanting to drive into town to run a silly errand, eating out, holding a job….anything like this will make me so frustrated and angry like I’m broken or faulty or failing somehow. I am proud to say those times come less and less where I give in to the frustration.
      You are still a person. You still have worth. You can still contribute of yourself to others! You still matter and love and are loved. Hang in there!! You will be in my thoughts and wishing you all the best.

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    • Kamal says:

      Dear friend, many of us get health related issues at some point of time in life. But as Cloudio also said, you have a great Spirit. Keep it up and live your life to the fullest.

      Wish you the best!


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    • syndee says:

      Dear AH888
      I’m with you 100% I know I’ll never get back to me. but I’m hoping you’re condition is more treatable, and hopefully curable, Best of luck going forward!

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  15. J says:

    Only have time for stream-of-consciousness, so here I go…

    My only real frustrations are big-picture things:

    Am I living up to my potential? (Or at least getting mildly close?)
    The years have gone by, but where have I gone? I’m blessed to have a very good life. Good career, good finances, good fitness, at least. But should I push for a great life? I know the answer inside.

    How can I stop holding back? There’s so much more of me I can bring to my life, but I’ve repressed it b/c I fear what it brings — success, but also the pain of making bigger mistakes along the way. It’s like I’m afraid to step out onto the dance floor. (Literally, too, but for good reason in that case ;-)

    I’ve chipped away at this problem in recent years, mainly by stopping erosion and gaining full, deliberate management over the important areas of my life. But I’ve mastered too much small stuff, as a distraction. I’m making progress, but the years are moving by, too. I need to move more quickly.

    I actually feel better about my life as I’m writing this. These things were probably truer years ago — and b/c I haven’t tapped this vein since then, they were my first answers as I wrote — but I’ve got a good grip today. With a family to feed and care for — which is fulfilling to me — I have to be methodical. So I’m doing well now, although I do want to “go for it” more deliberately. I play it too safe. Need to be around more people who push me.

    I get frustrated when I think that I could have been much more.. not just in an outward way (though that, too) but in how little of myself I’ve explored and foist upon the world. I feel like I’ve been held back by a simple flaw of mine that a good confidant could have corrected early on.

    But everybody has something like this, to some degree. I can’t dump like this without returning to a place of gratitude. My life is wonderful if I think about it the right way, or even most ways. I enjoy what I give, and have enjoyed God’s path. And that’s nothing to be frustrated about in the end.

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    • Zita says:

      I hear you. I feel so blessed and doing well…but do know I’ve been in busy/productive okay zone….but definitely not to my potential.

      Still not sure how to move on to that higher platform. I’m glad something’s clicking for you.

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