21DJC Day 5 – Who Is the Most Important Person to You in the World?

This is Day 5 of the 21-Day Journaling Challenge (21DJC) for Nov 2011. Make sure you have read the announcement and are officially signed up as a participant before you proceed: 21-Day Journaling Challenge.

Hi everyone – Welcome to Day 5 of 21DJC! :)

Yesterday’s question was this: “If You Are To Travel Back in Time to 3 Years Ago, What Advice Would You Give Yourself?“.

All your responses were AMAZING. It certainly feels like many of you have grown and evolved immensely in just the past 3 years, hasn’t it? That while others may be sleepwalking their life away during that time, you have been making your life count. For that, I’m so happy for all of you. I’m so proud that all of you are here, at Personal Excellence, united as one community, one family. This feeling is indescribable. It’s sort of like I feel like I’m a big momma that feels protective of all of you, and there’s this surging sense of pride from seeing how far you’ve come these past few years.

So where was I 3 years ago? 3 years ago was November 2008. I had just quit my brand management job at Procter & Gamble, and was just starting my personal development business. I was full of fire and enthusiasm about my cause; I still am today and will forever be that way. It’s been 3 years running the business, and yet it feels like I just started it yesterday. Time certainly loses its significance when you are doing what you really love. :)

If I were to travel back in time 3 years ago, I would tell my younger self:

  1. Do what you’re doing now. You’re absolutely on the right track.
  2. Follow your heart and trust your gut instincts as you always have. It has never steered you wrong, and it will continue to bring you to the right place.
  3. Nothing has ever happened for you to lose faith, so there’s no reason to have doubts in anything.
  4. If there’s ever any one who is a cancerous agent to your path, let him/her go. There are 7 billion people in this world – For anyone who doesn’t resonate with your current consciousness, there will be ten thousands of people out there who do.
  5. Live. Love. Breathe.
With that said, let’s now move on to today’s question! ;)

21DJC Day 5

For today’s question, I decided to go with something close to our heart. This question can be found in #91 of 101 Important Questions To Ask Yourself In Life. Today, I’d like you to reflect on the following:

Who Is the Most Important Person to You in the World?

Important People

Is it your partner? Your spouse? Your mom? Your dad? Your brother? Your sister? Your child? Your grandmother? Your grandfather? A best friend of yours? A good friend? A work colleague? Your pet, perhaps? Someone you have never met? Or maybe yourself?

Who is the most important person to you in the world? And why?

(You may have a few people who are most important to you, but I’d like to challenge you to pick just 1 person, if possible, whom you feel is the most important to you in your life.)

Put on your reflection cap and let your thoughts flow. Below is an empty form which you can use to write your answers to the question. Treat it as your private 21DJC journaling “room”, if you will. You will be seeing this form every day, for the 21 days of the challenge. There’s a button for you to keep track of your word count too, if you’re interested.

(Note you will not see the form below if you’re viewing this in your email client. Visit the actual post online to see the form.)

Who Is the Most Important Person to You in the World?

Your Task Today:

  1. Reflect and answer today’s question. There’s no word limit – whether minimum or maximum. Write as few or as many words as you want. It’s all up to what you want to express!
  2. Share your answer. After you are done writing, copy and paste your answer in the comments area and post it there.
  3. Check out other participants’ answers. Other participants will be sharing their answers too, so feel free to read and reply to their answers. This is a group course, so let’s support each other in these 21 days.
Look forward to reading your answers! :D

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  1. Megan says:

    Who is the most important person to me in the world? Wow, that is one of the hardest questions I’ve ever been asked. Obviously a few people come to mind. I guess since my Papa is no longer part of this world, I can’t put him. If he were still alive, he would be my #1. This is a tie between my aunt and my sister. My boyfriend is extremely important to me, I love him with all my heart and I can’t imagine life without him. He’s given me (so far) the 3 1/2 best years of my life. However, when you’re talking about the most important person to you in the world, it should be family and someone who’s known you and been there for you since you were born, or at least since they were born. I almost feel that by picking one family member, it makes the rest of the family out to seem like they don’t matter or aren’t important to me, and THEY ARE. The most important person in the world to me should have a very close relationship with me though. While I love my other family members so much, my sister and my aunt both have close relationships with me that no one else could possibly understand. We can talk about almost anything, and the love there is just unconditional. A very close tie right underneath my aunt and my sister though, would have to be my Grandma Ann and my Grandma Bettye. They are two grandmas who anyone would be so lucky to have, and I’m so thankful that God picked me to be their granddaughter.

    Starting with my aunt. She has been there for me since I was born. She was actually addicted to some pretty hard core drugs when my mom was pregnant, and for years before that. When she found out she was having a niece and wouldn’t be allowed to take me anywhere with her, she decided it was time to stop messing around and get sober. And she did, and I feel like I was the main catalyst for that. If I was old enough to give a speech at her graduation I for sure would have. My mom hasn’t been there for me growing up the way a mother should, and along with some other family members, my aunt stepped in and has been almost like a mother to me. I know I can count on her for absolutely anything, and she can count on me in the same way. I would give my liver to her, one of my lungs, part of my heart, anything. She means the world to me, and I literally don’t know if I could live without her. Whenever anything good or bad happens, she is the first person that I call. Her opinions and advice mean the world to me, almost to a fault. To me she will always be one of the most important people to me in the whole world.

    Next, for my little sister. She’s a little less than 5 years younger than me. Almost out of high school. One of the most beautiful people I know. We both have the same mom, and grew up in the same dysfunctional house. There were some pretty dark times, growing up with a mom addicted to meth. Luckily we had our aunt, and papa and grandma, without whom there’s no way we’d be the people we are today. We were dragged from house to house to apartment to apartment, moving god only knows how many times a year. Whenever our mom would get a new boyfriend we’d end up moving in with him. To Benicia, Concord, Rohnert Park, wherever. When our mom would be sleeping for days on end and yell at us for so much as making a sound, we had each other. I always felt like her protector, like she was all I had when we were with our mom. And even though we had such an effed up childhood, we both came out of it amazing loving girls. No one will ever understand the things that my sister and I went through together. She was so young she probably doesn’t remember most of it. But I remember and she was my savior. I always felt so lucky to have her as my sister. And now that we’re getting older and getting along better and closer every year, I continue to count my blessings. For the rest of our lives we will always have at least 1 best friend guaranteed, no matter how hard or bad times get, because that’s what sisters are for. She can always count on me to be there for her no matter what. I love her with my entire heart, and she is also one of the most important people to me in the entire world.

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  2. Rahul says:

    Most important person in my life is ‘I’. Because I know if I can not serve myself then I can’t serve anyone. My most important responsibility in this world is towards me. Only if I am one with myself and true to myself can I spread happiness around to my family, son, wife, parents, etc. If I am not settled inside then anything I do (for others) would be superficial.

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  3. Emerita says:

    I consider God as the most important person in the world. I work and pray to Him a lot not only for me for but for others who are next in importance to Him: my family, my spouse and my 3 children followed by others like my siblings. They are all what makes my life challenging – working my way to making us all live well.

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  4. Ksenia says:

    There are three most important persons in my life: my sister, my grandmother and my mother. These women are the ones whom I love more than myself.

    That’s why it was very hard to shoose only one person… and I think it is my sister! This is a person whom I am afraid to lose the most. Yes, we argue a lot… but I still love her! Eventhough we are very different, and most of the time she does not understand me, neither do I, if she or me, we need each other, we are always near!

    Very weird, as with my sister I have the hardest relationship ever in my life! And it took me a lot of effort to find a way to her, meaning that she is a very closed person and she never tells anyone what she feels.

    But notwithstanding the above, she is the closest person to me and I also know that she trusts me like no one else and I trust her as well!

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  5. Mick says:

    At first thought, I would have to say the most important person to me is my fiance. I feel this should be the most important person, but after reading some other posts, I do feel as though I am maybe just saying this because I think that is what I should say, rather than what I feel. This said, of course she is of major importance to me – I spend most of my time with her, and spend nearly all of my leisure time with her. My parents are also very important to me, and my brother.

    I wouldn’t have said myself, until after reading other posts. Maybe I should be the most important person in my life? Too often I let things happen to me at weekends, rather than being in control of my weekend and doing the things I really want to do. I think I should start to think of myself as the most important person in my life, and make sure I am happy before thinking of others?

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  6. Yinka says:

    Most important person to me is God the alpha the omega my source without whom i would have been nothing

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  7. Caitlin says:

    I’ve had a few days to think about this question, and no time to sit at my computer and write. But I have found a few sweet moments, so here it goes.

    My first thoughts when I read this question went to my sister Sarah. She is by far one of my most favorite people in all the world. She has been with me my entire Life, and I don’t know what I would do without her. I feel like I can literally tell her anything, and have her understand without judging. In high school she was never “too cool” to hang out with me, and we’ve had lots of adventures together. As we’ve gotten older we haven’t lived near each other, but when we do get to spend time together we are right back on track. I could talk with her forever. She is truly inspirational, a great musician and a fantastic mind. She is very conscious of others and the earth, and the future of our world. I strive to be like her in raising my own consciousness.
    I hope that one day we can live near one another again, and be right there to support one another daily. She is definitely one of the most important people in my Life.

    Of course, this year, my daughter has come in to the world, making her a VIP in my Life as well. I will do anything for her! I figure that kind of goes without saying, as we look to the future. But over my Life as a whole, my sister Sarah has definitely made a huge impact on who I am, and who I’d like to be. I love her!

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  8. Magdalena says:

    I´ve been thinking for 3 days, what should I write and I ended up with an answer that wont fullfeel the expectations of the excersise.
    I cant say I just have one most important person in my life, since I have three daugthers, in justice I have no preference for any of them. I could say each one is unique and adorable, and each one is in her escens the most important person in the world to me.
    I´ll explain why:
    María; 25 years old, she is a free spirit, inteligent, independent, intrepid and kind of crazy..! Loving kid, who shares a very important part of her life with me, constantly inviting me out with her pals. We share our passion for the art, in various forms, since Opera to architecture, paintings, etc. We also share our love for mother nature and like hiking too, we love good food, so we cook together the most excentric and fantastic meals, why not, with a glass of chamaign just because we love each other, chears…! It Is a delight to hang out with her.
    Ana; 22 years old, she is extrimely active, honest, authentic, independent, inteligent, loyal and great partner, and great to have long conversations with. We also hang out together and she is the helping kid, who goes with me to the boring errands, like groseries, etc. Allways taking care of me in her very own way. She is not loving but I know she is allways present for me, she is proud of her mom and tell´s me so, that feels good…!
    Carla; 18 years old. The little one who is sometimes is the grown up one. Talking with her about all themes is amazing. She is extrimely spiritual and deep in her recolections. Travel with her is the best expirience ever, she is funny, adventurous, never gets tired of having new expiriences, has a great sence of humor and knows how to take advantage of every event in life. She is beautifull inside and outside. I also share with her the art themes as well as going shopping, She has been with me in the most difficult part of my divorce, she was and is with me, even she is not loving I know she is like a gardian angel who wont leave my side.

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  9. joyous says:


    I’m the only constant.

    Plus I’m too selfish to have children, too independent to live on the same continent, let alone same city, as my parents, and too honest to maintain long-term lovers.

    When I say “too” it makes it sound like these are negatives instead of positives, so I should re-phrase to ‘I’m selfish enough, independent enough, and honest enough” to do all these things.

    There have been plenty of important people in my life, don’t get me wrong. In fact, I think I’ve been unusually blessed in that I’ve always had at least one person near me who is a radiant angel of sanity and support and protects me. But only I have been around since I was born.

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  10. Terrye says:

    21DJC Day 5 – Who Is the Most Important Person to You in the World?

    This is indeed probably the most challenging question to date in this series. My mind is thinking I should make myself a priority, the most important, but if I think that way, what good am I alone? It’s not a life I want for me so why pick me? If I make me more important than anyone else, it could make for a very lonely life, no thanks …

    I recently lost my puppy of 12 years and I thought I was going to die of lonely and sad for a while. I guess that is all normal and part of the path.

    I think of my grand-children and they are the world to me. I would jump in front of a train for either one of them. I am certain as most grand- parents would willingly admit, I would trade my life for theirs if I had to make that choice.

    I will admit however that when I ask myself who is the most important person in the world to me, I ask, who would affect my life the most by not being in it? That would have to be for me my husband, my best friend, my playmate. I share so much of my everyday life with him, his absence would create such a void, and it is a terrifying thought.

    I take care of me well. I give myself lots of good exercise, I eat well. I take care of my mind, body, soul. I take care of me so I can take care of others so it’s not like I am not important to me, I am. If I had to choose my life or my husbands, I would choose to lose my own. I know in my heart, in my soul, I don’t want to know what life is like without him, my grand-children or my children.

    I pray God as I know God will take care of all my family, friends, those I love dearly.

    That’s a tough question!

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  11. Kimberly says:

    The most important person in the world to me is my husband. He means everything to me. When I was struggling to get away from the family conflict in my life four years ago, he helped me make it on my own. We have fought for everything together and have built a wonderful life for each other, and I cherish every day with him.

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  12. Michael says:

    Right now, the most important person in my life is my personal mentor and teacher. He has teaching me to understand the importance of patience, caring, and giving. Without honing in on those values, life can become quite miserable. He has also taught me that to obtain higher levels of achievement in the field of medicine, you must constantly put yourself out there for the benefit of the community. To rightfully become a medicinal healer, you have to become the protectorate of people by being fearless against illnesses that threaten the sanctity of the health of those that come to seek your help.

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  13. It is not possible for me to choose just one person for this. I must choose two because they are so much a part of my life. Both of these young women are amazing, and I am lucky that they are my daughters.

    Skye just turned 22. At 18 she moved away from home, 5 hours up north. We hardly ever get to see her. I have only been able to stay with her 3 times since she moved, and she has not been able to be here often. She had a rough patch in her life, and got into a little trouble. She has paid her dues and is now on the right path for her, working and living up north. She is always willing to work, and loves kids. She has ‘adopted’ nieces and nephews that belong to friends up there, and helps to take care of them, because she has a great love for children. She has the potential to be a great photographer, and spends time taking photos of people, places and nature.

    Zowie is 19 and attends college nearby. She lives on campus most of the year, taking courses for Psychology and Peace studies. She also loves children, and would like to help them after graduation. She works very hard at her studies because things do not always come easy to her. She fights for her beliefs, and she is in a charity based sorority. If she is not busy, she is not happy. Zowie truly enjoys helping people, and will be a great asset to any community she lives in throughout her life.

    Both girls have decided, upon their passing, that they want their bodies donated. Anyone who needs an organ or a bone can have it. And whatever remains can be donated to science.

    These two amazing young women have great potential and very bright futures. I can’t wait to see what they will do. They are the most important people in my life.

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  14. La la says:


    This is not a fair question really.

    My family, my friends, my circle, they are the most important people in the world to me, all for different reasons. I’m also important to me because I know that when all is said and done, I need to rely on myself. There’s not really one person in the world that’s “most important” to me as there’s not “one” person in the world that fulfills me, but rather a combination of all of my relationships (including the one with myself) that helps me be complete.

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  15. Sailingawaytoday says:


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