21DJC Day 2 – If You Are To Do Something For Free For the Rest of Your Life, What Would It Be?

This is Day 2 of the 21-Day Journaling Challenge (21DJC) for Nov 2011. Read the announcement and details on the challenge here: 21-Day Journaling Challenge.

Hi everyone – Welcome to Day 2 of 21DJC! :)

Yesterday’s question was an age-old question – “What would you do if you have one million dollars?” Many of you had interesting responses. Some of you wanted to buy a nice, large house. Some of you wanted to use it to invest and grow more money. Some of you wanted to renovate your current home. Some of you wanted to start up a charity / NGO / organization that supports a humanitarian cause of your choice. Some of you wanted to travel around the world. Some of you wanted to give a portion to your family and friends, to enable them in their goals.

Whatever it is that you wrote, know that they represent inner wishes that you’ve been wanting to fulfill,  but have yet to do so. Yesterday’s question was actually to draw out these innermost desires and bring them to your awareness.

And the interesting thing is, you don’t have to till you have $1 million before you can fulfill these desires.

What do I mean?

Goals represent your inner desires. One way to satisfy these desires is to achieve the actual goals themselves. However, you can only do that when you have $1 million in your arsenal (since it takes time to manifest). By having a goal that has to be deferred (i.e. you can’t work on your $1 million goals yet because you haven’t achieved $1 million), it’ll only disempower you and prevent you from living in the now.

The more empowering way is to (a) distill to those very desires and (b) find ways to realize them this very moment.

Look at what you wrote for yesterday’s $1 million question. Ask yourself – (a) What desires do these goals represent? (b) How can I realize these desires, right away today?

For example, say one of your $1 million goals is to travel around the world. In reality, you may not be able to travel to any country that you want now because of financial reasons.

However, remember that this isn’t the point. If you look at the desire this goal represents, it possibly reflects a desire to break free and take a breather, due to a prolonged period of not resting. The answer to realizing that then, would be to start taking breaks, even short vacations or just having the weekend off (see Habit #2 of 8 Habits of Highly Effective People). It may reflect a desire to be exposed to new cultures and grow from the multitude of experiences, of which you can already start doing now by getting out there to meet people of other backgrounds.

Another example – Say one of your goals is to allocate $X to your parents, as gratitude for bringing you up. You can already realize that now by sharing $Y every month, where $Y is a smaller amount than $X, adjusted to reflect how much you can spare for this purpose. You can be more generous toward them in your daily life. You can treat them to lunch/dinner/vacations, more so than you’re already doing now. Or if money isn’t a commodity at your disposal, you can do other things like prepare meals for them, write a card, spend more time to them, as acts of gratitude.

And so on and so forth the other $1 million goals.

There’s no need to put life on hold till [X event] happens. That’ll be to put off living. Think about how you can make your desires happen now. This is what it means to live in the now.

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Let’s now move on to the question for Day 2 of 21DJC! ;)

21DJC Day 2

Day’s 2 question is one of my personal favorites:

If You Are To Do Something For Free For the Rest of Your Life, What Would It Be?

If You Are To Do Something For Free For the Rest of Your Life, What Would It Be?

Would you sleep and do nothing? Would you pursue a certain passion? What would that passion be? Would you be pursuing a particular craft? What would that be? Would you be traveling around the world? Would you be blogging? What about? Would you want to pursue a humanitarian cause? What would it be? Would you be writing? What about?

Update: Some readers seem to have some confusion over how to interpret the question. Is the question supposed to mean what you would willingly do without receiving money for? Or is it suppose to mean what you would want to do because it does not cost anything?

My answer? The former. If I were to rephrase the question: “What would you want to do for the rest of your life if you are never paid for this work?” In other words, your life passion. Your life purpose. Hope that helps!

Put on your reflection cap and let your thoughts flow. Below is an empty form which you can use to write your answers to the question. Treat it as your private 21DJC journaling “room”, if you will. You will be seeing this form every day, for the 21 days of the challenge. There’s a button for you to keep track of your word count too, if you’re interested.

(Note you will not see the form below if you’re viewing this in your email client. Visit the actual post online to see the form.)

If You Are To Do Something For Free For the Rest of Your Life, What Would It Be?

Your Task Today:

  1. Reflect and answer today’s question. There’s no word limit – whether minimum or maximum. Write as few or as many words as you want. It’s all up to what you want to express!
  2. Share your answer. After you are done writing, copy and paste your answer in the comments area and post it there.
  3. Check out other participants’ answers. Other participants will be sharing their answers too, so feel free to read and reply to their answers. This is a group course, so let’s support each other in these 21 days.
Look forward to reading your answers! :D

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373 Responses | Share Your Results!

  1. Jesse Barkume says:

    Hmmmm I love this question because to me it’s simply an add on to the first “million dollar” question. For me the first question “what would you do with a million dollars?” was implying that money had become no object and after we did or bought everything that we wanted then what next? For me it would be the same answer, I would help others to sing, dance, laugh and play for as long as I could In the form of creating Music, creating a dance, creating adventures and creating a laugh. Whether it be onstage, in a studio, or out in the wilderness I want to enhance other peoples experience through my own experiences. If I had to narrow it down to one activity I guess I would be a Musician/artist. I could definitely see performing for free for the rest of my life. Because for me that’s the whole purpose of existing is to create:)

    “Music is my drug, singing and dancing is my expression, fun and laughter is my medicine, and love is my reminder that it can’t get any better:)”

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  2. Julie Beille-Foltz says:

    I’ll for sure remain on the first thought that crossed my mind when reading the explanations following this 2nd day question : I would dance. I would love to feel and transform in gestures my emotions. Dancing makes me free, it gives me strength and energy for climbing up mountains . For me its like another language, another way to express myself. Human beings are made to communicate, to convey their feelings one way or another and if I had to freely express myself it would be thanks to this marvelous means: by putting my body into motions through dance.

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  3. Kamal says:

    If I have to do something for free for the rest of my life then I will definitely wish to educate the poor children of my country who can’t afford to go to school due to poverty. I will teach them for free thorughout my life.

    Also I would like to make the lives of our senior citizens secure. As now a days attacks on senior citizen who lives alone increased a lot. I will make arrangements to start an NGO for the help of the old. The NGO will not only guide the Senior Citizens on how to live carefully and securly but also make it sure that no Senior Citizen would be illtreated by anyone in the society.

    So, education to poor and a helping hand to old will be what I would like to do for free throughout my life. :)

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  4. Michelle says:

    I think If I was to work or offer something for free for the rest of my life, I would cook/ make breakfast in a hostel/Chalet or small hotel. This way I’d get to meet new people and I’d enjoy making food for them and as this duty would just be in the morning I would have the rest of the day to do anything else I choose.

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  5. David says:

    If it was free, no cares about subsidising an existence in this modern world driven by money and material posessions. I would do three things:
    1. I would create ART – the most insanely beautiful things that I could possibly imagine – paintings, prints, photography, sculpture
    2. I would live at the Oceans Edge – reading books, long walks, beautiful sunsets and sharing with the love of my life
    3. I would give of my time to the children of Africa not just South Africa where I live but across the continent
    This quesstion reminds me of something that I heard recently: Give your LIFE (Labour, Influence, Finances and Expertise) to help others – to often we think of giving as being defined by just material wealth being donated….

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    • This quesstion reminds me of something that I heard recently: Give your LIFE (Labour, Influence, Finances and Expertise) to help others – to often we think of giving as being defined by just material wealth being donated
      This reminds me of giving to receive as it is a better blessing.
      It also reminds me of how you can pay it forward to bless others.
      Wow, great ideas of inspiration… David Bravo~~~Jackie

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    • C Monnet says:

      Love the quote:
      Give your LIFE (Labour, Influence, Finances and Expertise) to help others

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  6. Elezhara says:

    After reading some of your comments I feel so happy, sorrounded by wonderful people who would like to spend their lives helping others, getting to know other cultures, studying, etc. I love this blog, I´ve never been around so many open-minded and incredibly nice people!! Thanks!!

    If I could do something for free for the rest of my live, I would do just what I´m trying to do now.
    - Learning about something new everyday, studying, studying and more studying, I just love it.
    - Traveling, getting to know other cultures and their views on society and life.
    - Working on my dream-job, being a criminal profiler, investigating crimes and the motive that drives criminals to kill people. I would love to work in the BAU (Behavioral Analisys Unit), I would even pay to do that!
    - I would dedicate time to help others, being there for people who need it.

    I would do almost anything for free, I can´t think of anything I wouldn´t do if I had the opportunity.

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    • 1. Learning something new each day is one of my goals too!
      2. I don’t travel but admire that you would do that.
      3. Working on your dream job, I would love to be a criminal profiler, investigate cremes etc…How would I do that?
      It’s crazy I was looking into online colleges last night about that…and what it all takes, with loans and grants and filing out a FASA to get the money to do it now… Now you really have me thinking if I am suppose to do this…thanks ~~~Jackie

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      • Elezhara says:

        Hi Jackie!
        I see what you mean. Criminal profiling is such a hard job, trying to think like a criminal does, and all the horrible things you see in this job.
        If it is your dream and you are willing to do anything for it, then go ahead. No matter how hard you have to work, how many loans you have to get, it will all be worth it in the end.
        There is a quote I really like “The journey is what brings us happiness, not the destination”. Believe me, I´m studying two careers, psychology and criminology and I also have a job. It takes a lot of passion and hard work, but the nights without much sleep are totally worth it, I´m loving every second of it!! If you have passion about this job, nothing will stop you, if you don´t, maybe it´s time to look for something else.

        I wish you the best of luck!

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  7. ilianaki94 says:

    I would read books , I would learn about our universe and laws that it consits of. I would play video games and have fun with the people I love. I would travel but in moderation .I would play piano . I would take pictures digital or film and develop them myself .

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    • Go ahead start learning and reading books now.
      Learn about quatum physics.
      Learn about LOA the Law of attraction.
      Video games will release your brain from stress
      Travel if you can now.
      Play the piano or learn it online.
      I am not a photo girl but I know others who make a living doing just that, go for it, iLianaki94!!!

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  8. If You Are To Do Something For Free For the Rest of Your Life, What Would It Be?
    1. I would sleep and read as many books as I could.
    2. I would find a way to make a living reading and doing book reviews.
    3. I would offer a free web site to everyone who does not have one and help them.
    4. I would write, blog and teach others how to do it.

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    • Kamal says:

      Wow Jackie, reading could be the best of anything one could even think about. Reading helps us grow in different ways….It helps in concentration, it builds vocabulary….even reading can improve writing and speaking ability.

      Helping others by offering free website is also a great idea. :)

      Hope your dreams comes true one day. Wish you the best. :)

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  9. Cheryl says:

    First, I would do photography, especially for those who cannot afford professional services or products. Not only would I be giving the gift of memories, but also would be increasing my skills and enjoying every click of my camera!

    The other thing I would do is to obtain medications for patients, especially low income seniors, who cannot afford them. My experience in healthcare administration familiarized me with resources that provide free prescription drugs to qualifying patients. The problem is that medical offices do not have the time to do the required paperwork and in most cases, the general population is not capable of doing it. It is extremely gratifying to facilitate the receipt of medication at no cost that was previously cost prohibitive.

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    • 1. Giving the gift of memories is such an admirable trait in you~
      2. I hear ya on the medications for patients, and low income seniors in the USA it’s really getting bad. I wish I could help them too.
      3. Improving the healthcare industry is a must, great goals…or wishes,~~~Jackie

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  10. roand says:

    I would simply be involved with young children, whether it be as a volunteer teacher or child advocate.

    Young children have such an innocent view of the world that I find their frankness so refreshing and heart warming.

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    • roand you have such great inspiration to help children or be advocate: that is a thing I cannot do so you are so gifted now with that one wish. Great post about doing it for free! ~~~Jackie

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    • C Monnet says:

      Children are our greatest resource. Investing in their development is crucial to world peace.

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  11. Anand V says:

    Can we ever find what we would like to do?
    There is a never ending list of things that we would like to do. Also we have a need to keep searching for what we should be doing. Sometimes searching is just what we want to be doing and hate to settle down on any one thing.

    What would give us aesthetic or intellectual pleasure (or even a sense of achievement)?
    We learn late what is worthy of achievement and find beauty accidentally. We need to do something sufficiently complex or all-encompassing to eventually feel fulfilled.

    A lifetime pursuit?
    Learning is something that will be the pursuit of a lifetime. This is also what many others here have suggested. Have you seen the film ‘Groundhog day’? – that was a good approach to learning.

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  12. aileen says:

    I *have* been doing art for free essentially as a hobby. I show at art galleries and do some free art projects. I can’t imagine not doing art though the craft might vary in medium and format.

    I would pursue school even more than I have been. I love to learn.

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  13. Kate says:

    This is a tough question for me. Women already commit a lot of their time doing things for free. A quick list of things I do for free and have done for free for the past 20 years:
    I clean the house
    I do the laundry
    I cook
    I am the family chauffeur
    I am the postmaster
    I am the dog walker
    I am the vegetable garden
    I am the beekeeper
    I am the holiday organizer
    I am the family baker

    I do some of these things for others, and some for myself, I couldn’t live in a dirty house, so I would do that job even if I were alone.

    However, I think you mean, what would I do for free for the rest of the my that I would enjoy dong for the rest of my life. My answer would be writing.

    I already blog and do research and web content for four websites and I would continue to do that, and expand on upon my writing, with poetry, short stories and more even if no one paid me. Writing fulfills a creative need. It’s more like a calling than a job or even a passionate hobby. If I didn’t have a computer, or a paper journal I’d probably write on the walls. Kate

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  14. Julie says:

    I would like to just BE without having to do something else all the time. I would love to sit in rooms of people from different cultures and places and just absorb all that is happening. I would like to become part of communities and make a contribution to people’s lives. I would love to have all the time I want to sit,just enjoying the presence of everything around me. I would write and write and write as I got the urge. Books, stories, reflection essays, research articles. I’d love to sit in libraries or lectures or browse the internet and just absorb new ideas and information

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  15. Brian says:

    If I had to do something for free for the rest of my life I would help others in some way. I might combine my passion for technology and help others to learn about computers or get involved in helping people in third world countries.

    If I had complete freedom I would spend my life searching for that passion that would fill me with so much happiness, joy, and excitement that I would do it whether I was being paid or not. Unfortunately I have yet to find what that is, otherwise I’d easily have written down here.

    It’s the not knowing that drives me crazy. “Follow your passion” seems to be the most common advice for a number of different situations and I wholeheartedly agree that following your passion is a great thing. If I knew my passion, I’d follow it in a heartbeat and be able to figure out a way to making a living out of it. How do I go about finding that passion? Or maybe I need to quit waiting to find my passion and simply be happy and live in the moment with what I have now.

    There are no clear answers in life, but I wish I had the clarity and intuition to be able to find or recognize what my passion is.

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