Books to Achieve Personal Excellence

Besides video courses, I have created premium e-books to help you achieve your maximum results in life.

Live a Better Life in 30 Days Program

30DLBL Guidebook + Workbook

Live a Better Life in 30 Days™ (otherwise known as 30DLBL) is an intensive life transformation program to live a better life in just 30 days. Also known as “personal growth on steroids“, 30DLBL is packed with 30 high-impact tasks to be done one per day and will change your life by the end of 30 days. Over 1,200 copies have been sold since its launch!

The 30 life development tasks in 30DLBL are specially designed to trigger self-awareness and to move you forward in your journey of growth. Some tasks are introspective tasks with high-level questions — questions which we should be asking ourselves long ago but don’t because we’re so caught up with daily life. Some tasks are action-driven, where you take certain actions to achieve a certain result. Some tasks are exercises designed to open your mind to new ideas and experiences. Some tasks involve conscious planning to create your best future ahead.

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Be a Better Me in 30 Days Program

30BBM Guidebook + Workbook

Be a Better Me in 30 Days™ (otherwise known as 30BBM) is an intensive, character transformation program to become a better YOU in just 30 days. While 30DLBL is a life transformation program (working on your life areas and living a better life), 30BBM is about character transformation — working on your traits and becoming your highest self.

30BBM is packed with 30 high impact tasks to be done one per day, from unrooting your undesired traits, embodying your ideal traits, upholding virtues,switching limiting thoughts, exploring your annoyances, working on forgiveness, and many more. Each task has been specially created and designed to trigger deep realizations to aid you in evolving into your highest self. You will be doing some really deep, serious, inner work in the 30 days ahead – which will undoubtedly transform you into a better, more conscious, more aligned person – both to yourself and to others around you. 

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10 Rules of Super Productive People

10 Rules of Super Productive People

My book, 10 Rules of Super Productive People Book, published with Lifehack

10 Rules of Super Productive People is about the 10 underlying tenets of productivity that differentiate the super productive people from less productive people. If you want to know how to be more productive, how to stop procrastinating, and how to do more in less time, this book is for you!

At 259 pages long, I consider this to be anyone’s one-stop manual to achieve super productivity:

  1. High-level productivity strategies. Many productivity blogs/books talk about productivity “hacks” like installing website blockers and timing yourself with alarm clocks. While useful, these are low-level “hacks” to create a minute change in your productivity — not changes that will dramatically transform your life. What you need to make a monumental change in your life isn’t low-level tips, but high-level productivity strategies. I’ve filled Super Productive People with transformational high-level strategies in productivity that will make permanent and deep-rooted changes not just in your productivity, but also your life.
  2. Practical how-to’s and advice. From relatable examples, to practical tips, to step-by-step exercises, this book is chock full of tips that anyone, from a college student, to a corporate executive, to an aspiring entrepreneur, to a grandma can immediately apply. I’ve written this book to be easily understandable, practical, and transformational at the same time.
  3. The result of years of personal development. Having been a Dean’s Lister, the top Marketing student in NUS Business School (one of the top business schools in Asia Pacific), a corporate employee in a Fortune 100 firm, a multi-tasking business owner, the owner of one of the top personal development blogs in the world, and one of the Top 30 Coaches in the World who has coached many to greater success, I’ve learned much about productivity in my life. This book packs my best advice on personal productivity so that you can achieve similar (if not greater) results for yourself.
  4. Applicable for everyone. Whether you are a business owner, a corporate employee, a busy parent, an aspiring entrepreneur, or a student who wishes to get more out of your days, there’s something in this book for you. Likewise, regardless of whether you are a heavy procrastinator or a high-speed multi-tasker, there’s something for you here too. This book is about the universal principles of productivity that anyone can apply at any stage of their life to supercharge their productivity. No matter how productive you are already, there is always room to be better and to supercharge your life.
  5. Timeless advice. As with my articles at PE, I’ve written this book to be timeless. This means that no matter when you are reading this — be it now, five years later, or 20 years later — or which phase of life you’re in, the advice will still apply.

By applying the principles in the book to a tee, I guarantee that you will increase your productivity at least 10- to 20-fold, if not more.

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