Books to Achieve Personal Excellence

Personal Excellence is where you’ll get the best resources to achieve your highest potential and live your best life. Besides the regular blog posts and challenges that will help you move ahead in your growth, I plan to write and release high value and content rich books to jump-start your journey in personal excellence.

There is currently 1 book series (Personal Excellence Book, below), with more to come in the future.

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Personal Excellence Book: The Very Best of PE

Personal Excellence Book is a collection of the very best articles from Personal Excellence plus new, bonus content that has never been published before on the blog. There are currently 2 volumes available for download, with each volume containing 101 in-depth, solid articles with the best lessons there are to be acquired in personal development.

Do not estimate the power of the content – the articles have helped many to:

  • Discover their real life purpose and embark a life of their highest living
  • Discover goals which they truly want for themselves
  • Take action on their goals and dreams and start living the life they want
  • Quit jobs they dislike to pursue what they truly love
  • Learn and apply goal achievement strategies which gave them real results
  • Become more productive, effective and efficient
  • Quit bad habits, cultivate new habits and revamp to a better lifestyle
  • Face and overcome life’s obstacles
  • And many, many, more

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