Week 3 Update Post Launch

Happy New Year 2009 everyone! I trust that all of you had a wonderful new year celebration 😀 As I mentioned in my End of 2008 post, I spent my New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day with my friends at our annual sleepover event. It was awesome, as expected! 😀 This year, we ended up cooking a vegan dinner for everyone since I am a vegan. I felt slightly embarrassed about it; at the same time it was all good because it was a healthy meal for them for a change! :)

Today marks the third week since PersonalExcellence.co was launched 😀 I thought it will be good to give a summary post of how the site is doing thus far. I will likely continue with week-to-week updates in the near future – As the site moves beyond infancy mode and there is more clarity on the progress, the updates will reduce in frequency.

Traffic Spikes

The latest articles (specifically Self Discipline is Overrated, Are You Sleepwalking Your Life Away? and You Are the CEO of Your Life) seem to have struck a special chord with readers. Over the past 2 days, there have been new links and discussions springing up in Facebook, forums and Web 2.0 social bookmarking sites; 2 days ago, daily traffic increased by 3 fold to hit the 300 unique visitor mark, with 90% of them being new visitors! 😀 It is definitely very invigorating to know that the writing is stimulating the conversation and thoughts which I have set out to do as I was writing them.

If you are one of the new visitors who have found PersonalExcellence.co from those articles, welcome here! 😀 Please ensure you bookmark the site (control+D) and/or subscribe to the feed as new entries on self improvement are posted on a daily basis. Please also check out the archives and check out the ‘Best of PersonalExcellence.co’ articles on the side bar. The articles you will find on this site are timeless content which will provide deep value and meaning that is applicable to your life, regardless of who you are, where you are from, or when you read them.

Thanks to everyone who has received dugg/commented the articles (link # 1 | link # 2), voted/commented at reddit, submitted it to other bookmarking sites and shared it across facebook/forums/with friends!! 😀 If you have found them useful, please continue to share the site and articles with other friends so others can benefit from them!

What’s Coming Soon

New articles to expect

Here are some new articles to expect over the next 2 weeks:


I am planning to add Twitter sometime today. If you use Twitter, you will now have an option on to follow my updates via other mediums :)

Podcasts? To have or not to have?

I am considering adding podcasts after getting the core written content in place (which will probably be by end Jan, given my new entry/day target currently). This is also dependent on the user feedback and demand as well. Feel free to share with me if you have any thoughts/preferences with regards to podcasts :)