The Day I Got Married ♥, Part 2: Wedding Ceremony

This is part two and the last part of my wedding series featuring my wedding with Ken Soh. If you haven’t, check out part one first where I share pictures of my preparation in the bridal room before my walk down the aisle: The Day I Got Married, Part 1 ♥


Our Childhood & Relationship Montage [Video]

As I was telling reader Calae in part one, one of my goals of this series is to allow all of you to experience my wedding as if you were there with me on my big day. :D Really, if we could have our way, we would have loved to invite all of you to our wedding but it obviously wasn’t possible due to logistical constraints and privacy reasons!

So to make my iteration as true to life as possible, I now invite you to watch the video montage below, created by yours truly. :D This was the same video we aired to our guests right before my entrance with my dad. It depicts Ken and me individually growing from babies to adults, to getting together, to his proposal, leading to our big day. It took me a full week to make this video, but I was really happy with how it turned out! For those of you with no background of my relationship with Ken, this montage will give a nice quick overview.

Enjoy. :D

(If you can’t see the video above, watch it here:

Our Solemnization [Video]

Once you’re done, now it’s time for my march in and our solemnization — where we exchange our vows and officially become Mr. and Mrs. :)

Best watched in High Definition mode, full screen, and with no distractions.

Enjoy… ♥ :)

(If you can’t see the video above, watch it here: Video edited and made by myself. ♥ :) )

(IMPORTANT: Watch the videos first before scrolling down! They are the real highlights of the wedding series!)

Some Pictures from Our Solemnization…

Walk down the aisle

My dad leading me down the aisle :)

Audience clapping

Our friends and family welcoming us :)

Walk down the aisle

My dad and I ♥

Walk down the aisle


Ken smiling

Ken waiting at the end ♥

Bride hand-off

My dad handing me off to Ken ♥

Wedding solemnization

And our solemnization begins ♥

Ken reciting wedding vows

His vows ♥

Exchanging wedding vows

“… I promise to hold your hand and walk together with you till the end of time.”

Celes, long shot

“I promise to cover you with a blanket every night so that you will never be cold.”

Exchange wedding rings

“… As your friend, your soulmate, your lover, and your life partner, I make this vow in everyone’s presence. Today, I marry you.”

Celes reciting wedding vows

My vows ♥

Ken smiling

“When we met 10 years ago, we were mere acquaintances… I never thought in my wildest dreams that you would turn out to be my soulmate.”

Celes reciting wedding vows

“… I promise to always love you and cherish you through thick and thin… for as long as I shall live.”

Exchange wedding rings

“… Today, I give you my hand, my heart and my love. Two hearts as one, two souls as one, and two souls as one. Today, I marry you.”

Kiss forehead

Kiss ♥


We’re married!! :)

March in with flower petals

Re-entering as Mr. and Mrs. Ken Soh!! :)


More Photos…

And some more photos from our personal album… :)

Wedding speech

Addressing our audience

Celes and Ken looking out of window

Gazing into our future

Ken and Celes, married

Man and wife :)

Celes in bridal veil

To Ken: Before I met you, I didn’t know if there was anyone out there for me

Ken and Celes in bridal veil

After I met you, I realized that soulmates do exist, and you are my twin soul

Celes, unveiled

Thank you for always showering me with unconditional love, kindness, and support

Ken and Celes, in bridal veil

I look forward to spending forever with you :)

There are many more photos that I didn’t share here, such as of our beloved guests and the wedding banquet. After all, we have 300-odd photos — and that’s after shortlisting the best shots!

As such, I’ve shared them on my Facebook page instead. See all our wedding photos here: Our Wedding Day, Ken Soh + Celestine Chua :)

Special Thank Yous ♥

Putting together a wedding, especially one that’s meaningful and exactly the way you want it, isn’t easy. Believe it or not, Ken and I kept talking about cancelling our wedding event (the event with the banquet and guests, not our solemnization) because it was taking SO MUCH time and effort!!! The crazy part about organizing a wedding is that suddenly you get 101 opinions from everyone telling you how things should be done and bizarre situations that show you a different side of humanity. Honestly, we would have been really happy to have a quiet, private ceremony with just Ken, myself, the marriage officiant, and our two necessary witnesses, without any of the frills that come with a wedding event.

However, we pushed through because ultimately, we didn’t want to let our guests down. I was especially touched by my overseas guests — Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, and as far as London — who booked their tickets the minute I invited them. And not forgetting some of my precious guests, particularly PE supporters, who contacted me on-and-off checking if I needed any help and selflessly offering their assistance even though I never asked for it. Your kindness and generosity truly touched my heart. :)

In the end, we pushed through — and ultimately we are glad we did, because it has given us the opportunity to share this very special moment of our life with our guests… and now with all of you here at PE. :) To you reading this, thank you for reading our wedding series and watching our wedding videos. :) I’m very glad to share our happiness with you and I’ll continue to share more of myself, in an unadulterated and unfiltered form, in the years ahead.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank…

  • Shangri-La / Cindy Cai. If you are having a Chinese banquet for your wedding, consider Shangri-La. Look for Cindy Cai at She’s quite possibly the BEST wedding manager you can ever get ANYWHERE, and I’m not just saying this. Cindy goes OUT of her way to help her clients and meticulously support them in every way – more than what her job requires her to do. Wedding preparation is extremely hectic, and Cindy really made it a less painful process for us. Thank you, Cindy — I hope you get raises year after year for your awesome work!
  • Our photographers. Our wedding photos have been shot by three crews, who are…
    • BlackcurrantWorkz, our official wedding day videographer and photographer. We had various custom requests and they were really accommodating with them! Kenny, the co-founder, is awesome and extremely friendly. 80% of the photos in the wedding series were shot by him (albeit with additional minor edits by myself). Blackcurrant delivers great quality work and offers extremely affordable rates to boot. I highly recommend them for your wedding. If you check them out, tell them Ken and Celes sent you! (No I don’t get a commission, but you may get a good rate! :) )
    • James, our secondary wedding day photographer. James is Ken’s friend and he was responsible behind the filming of our proposal! He took many great shots for us on our wedding day, some of which can be seen in the wedding series. Originally I thought it would be redundant to have a secondary photographer, but after seeing his photos, I really appreciated James being there to take extra photos from alternate angles. Thank you James!
    • Yikeshu. All the shots where my hair is tied up (as opposed to flowing down) are from a different photoshoot by Yikeshu photography. The founder/photographer, Eagles Soo, is a very nice guy with black humor. We found them by chance from a Groupon deal and we are SO glad to have tried them out — we got some timeless shots from our shoot together! The last five photos in this post were by Eagles, and I l-o-v-e how they turned out!
  • Fanny, my make-up artist. If I ever need a make-up artist again, I’ll definitely get her. Fanny is so friendly, down-to-earth, and meticulous in her application. Her rates are extremely good as well. Let me know if you want her contact!
  • Dr. Kwoh Chee Keong, our Justice of Peace / JP. It was a freak accident that we could get a JP as awesome as Dr. Kwoh because we only contacted him last minute due to sudden changes. The only reason why Dr. Kwoh wasn’t booked yet was because he originally blocked May 25 out for personal leave – but he promptly voided that and agreed to officiate our marriage after receiving my request.

    Why is Dr. Kwoh awesome? (1) He answers calls right away; if not returns them the second he can; (2) He’s 100% on the ball. He will actually send you and your partner a Google calendar invite the second you confirm the date/time with him – which JP does that?!?; (3) He’s readily available to discuss solemnization details if you need to; (4) He replies e-mails like RIGHT AWAY or within 24 hours, and he’s an associate professor so it’s not like he’s not busy; (5) He’s super friendly; he injected a lot of fun energy into our ROM (though this wasn’t important to me); (6) He’s humorous while cutting right to the chase, so there won’t be lengthy speeches at your ROM; and (7) He arrives ahead of time and doesn’t delay your event.

    Forget “celebrity” JPs — Dr. Kwoh is the real deal. No airs, no drama, no sudden MIA treatment. He’s a free thinker too, so perfect for non-religious ROMs. Reach him at / 6790 6057 (his office line). (You can tell him that Ken Soh and Celestine Chua said hi, though I don’t know if he’d remember us since he probably administers many weddings each year!)

I also want to thank all our 100 guests for being present on our big day — thank you for gracing us with your presence. :)

Thank you to my overseas guests for flying all the way to Singapore just to attend our wedding ceremony… Sulthana, Rashna, Fenix, Sarah, Rita, Alwin, and Alyssa, you guys are the best. :) Special shoutout to Tatt from Thailand… he had booked his ticket and hotel, but couldn’t come at the last minute due to the 2014 Thai Coup d’état where there was a nationwide curfew. Tatt, thank you for sending us a wedding gift despite not being able to attend — we really appreciate it and have been using the crockery pieces in our household! :)

Thank you to my special PE readers and supporters for coming to our big day. :) Thank you to Sam Chong for your BEAUTIFUL one-of-a-kind wedding collage book — it’s very special to us and quite possibly the best gift Ken and I could ever get as a couple! As I mentioned to you the last time, it’s in our living room now along with our wedding photo guestbook as our special keepsake. :) Thank you to Cherene for your beautiful Thomas Sabo wing necklace — I’ve hung it at a special spot on my “PE-dedicated” noticeboard and am waiting for a special occasion to wear this statement piece! :) Thank you to Roxanne, Wanxuan, Alyssa, Sharon, Hilda, Stanley, Eric, Sam, etc. and all of you reading this for your long-time support of my work. Your support means a lot to me and you inspire me to create more great things for all of you. So, thank you. :)

New Course: Soulmate Journey, to Attract Your Highest Love!

It has taken me many years of inner work and pursuing my personal “path” for me to realize that soulmates do exist and my soulmate is Ken. I’m launching an all-new Soulmate Journey course soon where I wish to work with those of you serious singles in finding your inner light and attracting your highest love that you deserve. For this course, I’m incorporating my best lessons from my years of coaching and conducting online courses to design a one-of-a-kind course experience so that you can get your maximum breakthroughs and results.

Read more here! Soulmate Journey Course, to Attract Your Highest Love!

Share Your Thoughts and Wishes (if any)!

Which are your favorite photos? Did you like the wedding montage videos? How did you find the solemnization? Did you see the secret clip at the end? (That one caught me by surprise — I only saw it for the first time last week when I was sorting through the raw video files!!) Do share!

If you have any well wishes for Ken and myself, you’re welcome to post them in the comments box as well! :D Thank you for reading our wedding series, and I look forward to sharing more of my life with you guys! :)

  • Odete

    So beautiful! It made my heart melt with all the love radiating from the pictures. Marriage is a previous thing and I so glad to see you guys honoring the way you did :-)
    Odete in RI

    • Celestine Chua

      Thank you Odete!! :)

  • May Chang

    I teared up watching the videos as they were incredibly heart-warming! So ecstatic for you two. ^_^

    • Celestine Chua

      Aw thank you May!! ^_^ Many hugs to you from Ken and I!! <3

  • Roxana Staton

    Oh, how beautiful, Celes! your solemnization brought tears to my eyes! :) thank you for sharing this special moment with us all. I wish you both many blessings and may you keep growing together in the years to come, deepening your love and respect for each other. Lots of love, Roxi

    • Celestine Chua

      Aw thank you Roxana!! Lots of love from Ken and I to you!!! :)

  • Lina Snow

    I got teary-eyed watching Ken react to your vows. You two are great together. And once again, you made a beautiful bride, Celes.

    • Celestine Chua

      I got VERY teary-eyed multiple times myself when I was playing back the video of his reaction and doing the video edits this week!! Thank you for your kind words, Lina!! :)

  • Moonsparkle

    Beautiful videos and photos! Watching the ceremony is kind of like going to a wedding! :) Beautiful vows. I like Martine McCutchen’s Perfect Moment song, that’s a nice choice for a wedding. Thanks for sharing. :)

    • Celestine Chua

      Thank you Moonsparkle! I love that song too. :) It was one of the songs playing in our wedding BGM; the song that we played during our march in was the Pachelbel in Canon D song as played in the wedding video and for our march out/in (as a married couple) was Shania Twain’s From This Moment as played in our relationship montage.

  • Anna Chen

    I feel touched when I sawthat Ken got emotional when you said your vows. When I got married, my goal was to make my husband cry hahaha. His eyes was slightly teary :P
    I loved the proposal video. He’s so cute all trembling and all ! “It’s my first time doing it and my last that”. you guys look so in love and happy. So obvious <3 Wish you many many years of infinite and passionnate love.

    • Celestine Chua

      Thank you so much Anna!! I wish the same for you and your husband too! ♥ That’s really sweet that your husband’s eyes were teary; it reflects his deep love for you!

  • Jenny Leow

    You are photogenic and very pretty, girl. Tons of congratulationssss !!

    • Celestine Chua

      Thank you Jenny! :D

  • Calae

    This was beautiful! <3 Sorry I didn't reply sooner; I actually watched/looked at/read everything soon after you posted, but for some reason I didn't respond right then!

    Your vows (both you and Ken) were beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing that video with us all! How sweet of Ken to get so emotional, it shows how much you love each other. =')

    Another curiosity question! In one part of the video, I remember part of what was said being in English, and the other part being in what I think is Chinese (so sorry if I get the language wrong! Dx). Is there a reason for that? I figure there is but just curious!

    Anyway, thank you again for sharing! I got teary-eyed myself watching the videos and looking through the photos. =')

    PS: Best of luck with your Soulmate Journey course! While I am happily in a relationship, I know that it will be an amazing course for your participants! Honestly, I was a tad curious even while not being single because I'm sure there's so much to learn about being complete as an individual, and then finding/being a great partner! I mean, I think I'm doing a good job, but there's always room to learn more! xD

    • Celestine Chua

      Thanks Calae!! :D I knew that someone would ask about the English vs. Chinese thing, and I’m glad you did!! :D Yes it’s in Chinese, and the only reason is because we requested the Justice of Peace (JP) to conduct the ceremony in both languages as there are some people present (like the more senior people, my parents) who don’t know fluent English. I didn’t expect he’d carry it in both languages by asking Ken in English then me in Chinese, but in retrospect it is good/smart because it takes up less time. (As opposed to speaking to Ken in English AND Chinese, then speaking to me in English AND Chinese.)

      Aww that’s so sweet of you Calae to get teary-eyed!!! :~~~~) I don’t know if this sounds good but I was really looking forward to comments from the PE regulars such as from you, since sharing my wedding is more like a personal thing here that I’m doing. So it’s like sharing something personal with people you know, and you look forward to what people you’ve come to know personally (like yourself!!! :D) have to say about this joyous/important occasion in your life. I think there are PE readers who come and go throughout the existence of the site, and there are the regulars like yourself who remain and I’ve come to have a special space in my heart for! :D I’m really glad you returned to post this comment, and I want to let you know your words and well-wishes mean a lot to me (and Ken of course).

      Aww thank you for your kind words on the Soulmate Journey course!! I’m super excited about it; I’ve always been excited to help others find love so it’s really great to be able to put everything together in a structured regimen to help singles work through the phases of attracting their highest love. I think there are some who are stuck in the age-old (limiting) belief that love should happen “naturally” and all that stuff, so I’m planning a new post to address this.

      Calae, I’m again very happy for you that you’re in such an amazing relationship now (I recall you mention that you guys got together in the same week I posted my soulmate series in Sep 2013), and so happy to see you guys together growing stronger than ever! :D

      • Calae

        That’s very cool about how the JP chose to do both languages! I’ve always been interested in that because you’ve mentioned at times the difference with the older generation speaking Chinese, and if I recall correctly, you don’t speak it quite as fluently. But in the videos you’ve posted, everyone usually speaks English. I guess I just find it interesting because I only know English, and while I know people whose parents can speak other languages, it seems that in Singapore the younger generation is gravitating towards English as a whole. That’s a lot to guess from a few videos, sorry. ^^;

        I feel honored to be one of the people you were looking forward to hearing from! <3 I feel close to you as well, especially with all the advice you've given me over the years! I think it's very brave of you to share something so personal online where not only your friends can see, but everyone. =)

        I'm looking forward to your post about love happening naturally! =) And as always, I'm impressed by your memory of when my boyfriend and I got together! It's definitely been a journey, with me adjusting to living on my own and having a job in the "real world," and with him going through medical school, but like you said we just keep getting stronger and we're both there to help each other do our best. =)

        • Celestine Chua

          Hey Calae!! Everyone in Singapore pretty much knows English, and English is the first language here (though people who haven’t been in Singapore don’t really realize that). Just that if we are talking about say, folks in their 60s and up, then yes, some of them aren’t fluent in English. My mom/dad can understand basic English, they can speak some of it, but they can’t rattle off in Queen’s English like a newscaster can if that makes sense! But otherwise everyone here knows English, and are very bilingual. For example I’m Chinese, so I can speak Mandarin and English very fluently — it’s what I use to communicate every day. It’s Hokkien (a Chinese dialect, totally different from Mandarin) that I don’t speak fluently, which I think is the one you’re referring to!

          I always feel it’s such a wonder to have you as one of the regular members of the PE community. I always feel you “light” up the space here with your comments too! I don’t know if you ever feel this way, but just want to let you know that you should never feel obligated to post a comment, only when you want to! (Just in case I was giving that feeling with my earlier comment.) It’s most important you use PE in a way that enables you, because that’s what it is created for.

          I feel like your relationship with your current boyfriend seems like a very conscious and healthy one, and I’m really excited for both of you and what’s ahead! :D

          • Calae

            Ooh, all that about the languages is so interesting! I was confusing Mandarin and Hokkien, you’re right – I’m not even sure where/what I was remembering, but thanks for clearing it up! Sorry if it’s weird I find it interesting. ^^;

            Oh, and no worries! I pretty much always want to comment. I didn’t feel obligated to at all by your comment. =) I’m so glad that you find my comments so meaningful! <3

            And thank you! I'm excited to see what comes as well! =D

  • AnnaBee

    Oh Celes, what a lovely video of your wedding day! I kept my eyes dry until Ken started getting teary during your vows and then that was me snuffling at my desk. I haven’t even met you guys, so it must have been an overwhelmingly joyous occasion for your friends and family :) May you two have lots of love and happiness xx

    • Celestine Chua

      AnnaBee, thank you for your lovely words!! :D It was indeed a very joyous occasion for my family — reviewing the photos now, it was really heartwarming to see how happy my dad/mom were the day. Never seen them smile in such a special way before! I’m planning to create a special album for them as keepsake of the day, as a gift.

      Lots of love to you from me and Ken, Anna! :))) <3 *hugs*

  • Monisha

    When Ken cried when you were reciting your vows. I wish I get a hubby like that!

    • Celestine Chua

      Aw, you will one day Monisha!! :D

  • Laurel Anne

    So pretty, and you can really see the happiness in your faces :)

    • Celestine Chua

      Thank you Laurel!! :D

  • Anirudh Nayar

    May you fully support each other, in the journey of your life!
    Let your lives be one, one soul residing in two bodies.
    May your lives be woven together, with a strong fabric of, love, harmony and peace!
    Wish you a prosperous married life

    • Celestine Chua

      Thank you Anirudh!! :D

  • Khushwant Singh

    Wish you a very happy wedding life. From India.

  • Chris Simonneau

    Wish you the nicest couple life possible !

    • Celestine Chua

      Thank you Chris! :D

  • Sara Stein

    Wow Celes, everything you put together here has captured moments that would otherwise have only been felt by the hearts of those who were physically there. You found a way, as always to include us in a time that is precious beyond any mere words. So happy to hear that someone like you who has inspired and helped so many others, has found a mate every inch as wonderful and priceless as yourself. Many many years of wedded bliss and good fortune to your family. <3

    • Celestine Chua

      Aw thank you Sara! You sound like such a sweet soul and it’s my joy to be able to share my wedding day with you and everyone. Thank you for your well wishes and I wish you many years of happiness in your personal life too. ♥