Update: Talkshow and Latest Media Coverage in Radio 938LIVE, Today and Lianhe Wanbao (Nov ’09)

Hey everyone!! My deepest apologies for not updating in the past 2 weeks! In case any of you are wondering, I’m NOT abandoning the blog, and I definitely have no intentions to do so. To summarize, it’s been a really exciting and adrenaline-filled 2 weeks with interviews/seminars/workshops/coaching. With the setting up of The School of Personal Excellence, there have been lots of big ideas flying around my head, and I’m just all too eager to get down to work and get everything rolling. More on that later.

2010: Starting My Talkshow

A few weeks ago, I was just thinking about the developments thus far since I started pursuing my passion last year. I started off with the blog in Dec ’08, expanded to 1-1 coaching officially in March ’09, followed by speaking after that. Just last month, I began to actively give workshops, reaching out to people on an even broader scale. Regional expansion is in the plans for the next year, followed by intentional expansion.

I pondered aloud on what are other things I could do in order to reach out to an even larger audience. This is when the idea of a talkshow hit me. Something that’s Oprah Winfrey / Tyra Banks-esque. With a talkshow, it’s going to allow me to reach out to even more people than whatever mediums I’m using right now (with the exception of the blog). Not to mention that people who can’t afford my 1-1 coaching or workshops can still have access to what I have to offer. I can only imagine this will be a more impactful medium than any other mediums I have been utilizing so far, and the thought of it just excites me thoroughly! 😀

Honestly, I have to say I’ve never had another idea that’s as vividly and deeply etched into my mind as this before! It’s been hovering my mind ever since it sprung in my head a few weeks ago.

At the moment, I’m letting this idea brew in my head as I focus on writing my book. For sure, this is going to be one of my top priority goals for 2010. LD One of my current ideas is perhaps to start it off as a blog TV, while working toward the end vision of a broadcasted talkshow like Tyra Banks Show (by the way, Tyra Banks is one of the few inspirational figures in my life). Of course, if any of you have any ideas, thoughts or even opportunities, please feel free to contact me as well!

My Latest Seminars & Workshops

If any of you are curious about my latest seminars, workshops or speeches, you can drop by The School of Personal Excellence website at TSOPE.net. All my latest engagements are updated in real time on the right menu.

Additionally, pictures of my latest events and workshops will also be posted as updates on the site (the latest being my workshop at Pioneer Junior College on 22 / 28 Oct). My intention is to use Personal Excellence as the medium to share my thoughts and perspectives on how to live our best life through writings and articles. TSOPE.net will be the channel where I share my latest updates, workshops, and developments at the school.

Quick update 2010: I’ve since focused on blogging for my business, so TSOPE.net now redirects to Personal Excellence at http://personalexcellence.co.

Latest Media Coverage

As the final update for this post, here’s a quick sharing of the latest media coverage I have received, in conjunction with the launch of TSOPE last month:


  • Radio 938 LIVE – Radio 938 Live is Singapore’s only news-talk radio station. I was interviewed in The Living Room with Stanley Leong, who is the programme producer and host in the 1 hour segment (about 20 minutes, removing the commercial and news segments). The topic was Passion and Money – my story of why & how I pursued my passion, my lessons along the way and tips for readers to do the same as well. Listen to the recording in my media section.
  • Today – This article is on the wired generation and how they’re taking business to the online platform. I was featured as one of the online entrepreneurs in the wired generation
  • Lianhe Wanbao – The Lianhe Wanbao feature covers my story and also my life coaching work. It referenced me as a female strategist “Zhu Ge Liang” – Zhu Ge Liang was a very prominent and intelligent military strategist from Chinese history. Definitely a compliment to be analogized with him 😀

Thanks so much to all of you for your continuous support and I honestly love every single one of you. One of the items on my bucket list is to arrange for a mass party/gathering where all the visitors of the blog can get together and know each other in a positive, consciousness-raising environment. That’s something I’ll work toward for 2010 (I gather a good portion of you are not from Singapore, so I’ll bear that in mind and see how I can arrange around that).