[Manifesto] Top 12 Signs It’s Time To Move On From a Relationship

Second manifesto is Top 12 Signs It’s Time To Move On From a Relationship, part-4 of the popular 2010 series on How To Move On From Relationships. This particular article has been a hit, with many readers sharing on their Tumblrs since it was written in March 2010.

Top 12 Signs It’s Time To Move On From a Relationship, Manifesto
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Read the full article: Top 12 Signs It’s Time To Move On From a Relationship

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And if you’ve never read the moving on series, where have you been? :D Here is the series for easy access:

  1. How I Moved On From a Heartbreak – Part-1: My Journey With Love
  2. How I Moved On From a Heartbreak – Part-2: Heartbreak and Sadness
  3. How I Moved On From a Heartbreak – Part-3: Forgiveness, Closure and Moving On
  4. Top 12 Signs It’s Time To Move On From a Relationship
  5. 10 Steps to Move On From a Relationship

Update: A couple of readers have feedback that the red background may be too harsh for reading black/white text. I’ve since updated it with a more neutral tone of red.

  • http://avene.org Glenn

    Hi Celes, I just noticed this appear after posting my comment on the last one.

    This one, I don’t like. The red background along with the contrasting black and white text make my eyes not want to read it. If it was just white text, that woud probably be ok, but the black is a bit hard on he eyes. I think the white backgrounds are fine with black text, but you could highlight those parts either in red text or as bold. Maybe even a larger font size?

    • http://avene.org Glenn

      But other than that, no complaints about the content :)

    • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

      Hey Glenn, thanks for your feedback! I originally had the highlighted text as red on a white background, then opted a white highlight on red background look as I prefer the latter combination. I hear you though – will see what the others think first before I make a verdict.

      • http://avene.org Glenn

        Celes, apologies if my comment sounded a bit negative! :hug: It’s just when I look at it, my eyes are drawn to the white text only. In fact, reading the white text only makes it seem more like a poem actually. :mrgreen:

        • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

          Hey Glenn, no not at all! I didn’t think it was negative at all – I thought it was a very constructive, objective feedback. I like bold and bright colors a lot (PE is in a red theme, my trench coat is bright red, one of my lip sticks is cherry red, etc) – and I recognize these aren’t necessarily colors others feel comfortable with. So it’s good to know what the others think.

          And please continue to share your feedback on the other manifestos too – I would love to know what you think about them.

  • Vero

    I must say i don´t like the combination of red,black and white,but that´s my personal taste! (I don´t like red at all!) I prefer purple,the shade of oranges,turquoise… May be red is usually used to say “STOP” like in traffic signs,or other prohibitions,and you might have wanted to express that …
    All the same,your tips are just great,and very useful!
    Take care!

    Vero from Buenos Aires

  • Praying Mantis

    Maybe, you could leave the top half with the tittle in red and then the other in whitish color. That should help with toning it down. And maybe a black boarder. :D

    This a great idea you are doing with making a quick view to touch others that won’t/can’t take the time to read. Do you mind if I share them on FB?

    • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

      Go ahead, please! That’s one of the key reasons why I’m making them too – so it’s easier for all of you to share (on FB or otherwise) with your families/friends.

      Thanks for your suggestion on the colors. I’m actually doing that for the next manifesto – you already one step ahead of me. :D

      What do you think about the colors as they are in this manifesto, though? Is the use of red as the background too bold for you?

      • Praying Mantis

        I like blue because it means truth. But the red is fine to me. It tell’s me to stop, read and think. And I am pretty sure thats what you are going for.

        • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

          Awesome. Thanks for letting me know, PM. :D

  • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

    To everyone – I just updated the image with a more “neutral” tone of red that’s less bright than the first version. Hopefully this one looks better!

  • Tanya

    I really like this manifesto idea :)
    I especially love this one because of the color.

    • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

      Awesome! Thanks Tanya – I’m glad you love it! :D

  • http://BredouAlbanBrice.com Alban Brice

    Really, I love it!

  • AH888

    The content is super A+!

    • http://personalexcellence.co Celes

      Thank you, AH888. ;)