The Book of Inspiring Quotes (Free Ebook With Over 400 Quotes!)

101 Inspiring Quotes of All Time Ebook (pdf)

Having published 3 4 articles in the 101 inspiring quotes series, it’s time to put all of them into a ebook. 😀

All articles in the inspiring quotes series to date (Sep ’11):

I’ve compiled all 300+ 400+ quotes into a 53-page ebook, aptly titled Most Inspiring Quotes of All Time. These quotes have been carefully handpicked by me over the years, and they range from quotes on life, pursuing your dreams, setting and achieving goals, confidence, dealing with failure, achieving success, persistence, love, happiness, and many more. Consider this your personal handbook of quotes. 😀

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Update Sep ’11: The book has been updated and now contains over 400 inspiring quotes!